Mavado - Everything Lyrics

Jah, Jah, mi owed you everything
A nuff a dem no know the king
But a you protect us all
Dem never si mi fall

Jah know, Jah, Jah, mi owed you everything
A nuff a dem no know the king
But a you protect us all
Wi firmer than a wall

[Verse 1:]
10,000 shall fall at my right hand
20,000 on my left hand
And none shall come against me
Jah show mi my enemy
Cause dem might a si yo fall
Careful a yo life cause dem wi set it up
You couldn’t believe seh a yo friend a try fi wet yuh up
True yo meck a money and yo mama house yo set
When yo survive dem have yo name a try fi dutty up
Because dem never waan fi si yo crown king
No, dem never love yo fi a thing
Yo elevate and you go win
Tell dem dutty badmind is a sin

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Ghetto youths you should be sitting on a seat with the most high
Don’t fraid to sit and smoke a spliff with the most high
And beg him please don’t stay far, stay close I
One psalms a day my enemy could never ghost I
Because the battery is made for the swift
But who can endure it
Each time dem fight am singing more hits
Music is life, people adore it
To every youths fi meck the jail house a own it
This is my testimony, my ghetto story
Mi no haffi fight because a Jah gimmi the glory
Mi no owed no man Jah tek mi through the struggle only
Jah, Jah, mi owed you

[Repeat Chorus 2X]

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Mavado Everything Comments
  1. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    I love this. More real track this ☝️☝️😁❤️✌🏾

  2. Adam Samuel

    Mavado quoting Psalm 23 after Kartel quote Psalm 127. At least Dancehall have some gospel in it. These are the songs our youths need to hear more on radio not a diss about someone.

  3. Lainz Kush


  4. Andre Ingram

    god I owe you every thing up dhatt a tru

  5. dwayne baljit

    who listen to this hit like big up to movado fans

  6. andre miller

    up up gully

  7. Dippydidan

    The person that made the comment calling this song a garbage ...needs help because how can u call a song like this garbage. I've noticed that as an artist when they sing songs giving glory to guns and killing they get all the recognitions, but when they sing songs giving praises to the almighty they get bashing for it.


    I've notice that too, how many times i wanted to give up on life and i have been listening to this song, it gives me hope, i follow through each word and beat and now instead of me running the streets, I'm studying and trying to work towards on my first place, fuck all those who are hating on this song

  8. itz a bitch savage 21

    Loving this song

  9. ilovereggaemusicinja

    Substance (Mavado) over Hype (Kartel)

  10. Ricardo Myrie

    Good one

  11. Dadess Darys

    The only one the king of dance hall is gully gad dem most no

  12. choletastic

    gully\../ a me seh gully from you seh gully you the best

  13. Kersha Newman


  14. Kersha Newman

    i love this song GOD COME FIRST IN  EVERYTHING

  15. Ricardo Stewart

    Brap , Brap !

  16. keron serrette

    this song jus connect me on so much levels smh jah jah thank you for life and everything, need you jah, ( PROTECTION) gully side to di fullest STR88 <3

  17. Amv Crazy

    what ryhdim is this? rhiddddim


    +Amv Crazy it seems to be just a single

  18. MistaThrills

  19. mykspice

    All thanks and praise to Jah. Mavado keep the fire burning

  20. Zymotic Zymotic

    Wul di fucker them me artist mavado me say

  21. Wizzle Gully


  22. Prince Solomon

    boi mavado da song ya mek mi sit and reason with god enuh, u kno how fi mek u song dem connect,  ya really one of the great pillars of dancehall

  23. Jasmin Smith

    love mavado love how mavado sing love the song need a video for this song

  24. Padietje

    ohh nicee

  25. benz d'immortal


    Andre Ingram

    benz d'immortal up up :)

    benz d'immortal

    aisha haidara mad ting!!!!..👏

  26. Vincent Peter

    mavado everything  gully yute gonna be there with you man 

  27. Amanda George

    second VERSE BAD still 

  28. Andre Salmon

    Gangsta for life!!!!

  29. charles farrington

    wicked tune Gully god respect.

  30. GARRICK McCalla

    Jah kno di man auh deep pon deh one yah... all killa affi love it... jah alone

  31. Shane Dj Spirit Allen

    Song really touch mi. We owe God everything

  32. Mical Jackson


  33. dwyght reynolds

    mad rasss true true 

  34. Damir Wiggan

    Gaza me say fi lyphe bt jah knw Vado diss bad....

  35. Lord Clarke

    BLOODCLAT dis Song Speak to mi Soul, ah true Seh ah Jah mi owe everything but it's crazy how Mavado release at least 10 Songs like this each year and people Seh him need fi do more but ah well crafted Song like dis never reach a million views

  36. TROOPA V

    Song weak nursery rhyme di only reason y ppl a listen to dis cause him call up jah jah name n him a judas

    Miahgoh Singah

    if you a seh trow words a words without much thoughts then it is automatic and then likely its from the heart no need to play with words too much when we mek song suh weh yah seh? and like me seh enjoy the bloodclaut song or keep quiet cause then it means the song annuh fe you


    @MrSample Dee idiot everyting him a sey ina di song a himself gully pad a talk clown him a judus


    @MrSample Dee Lmfao like garbage if him neva a sey jah jah r god di lyrics a garbage

    Miahgoh Singah

    bredren me caan talk tuh yuh yah me tell yuh who de song fah and yuh still a gwaan a way


    @MrSample Dee suh clown a u guh stop mi frm talk it seem like di tru hurt u feelings nigga gully pad guh call flex fi write u sum songs wid real lyrics lmfao dis garbage

  37. Musa Tunkara

    Gully gully side love Yuhh man respect jajajaja🙏🙏🙏🙏

  38. Hydrah HQ Official Page

    nusic is life............

  39. Killah I

    Jah is EVERYTHING to who mi owe everything

  40. BigManTv1


    Everton J

    The of the moment mavado👍

  41. Chinell Herbert

    Love it👌👌👌👌


    gully god is the realist

  43. Dippydidan

    Seriously Why did this song get 7 thumbs down

  44. Baller skill

    Up up! Gully side!
    Give Thanks to the Most High Jah!

  45. Kingsley King

    jah jah i owe u everything u take mi from nothing to something that mean i owe u an only u everything u are the king thanks again mavado for another up lifting song u are the best

  46. Tashoyalee Kerr

    Jah jah

  47. Tashoyalee Kerr

    Jah jah


    Jah Jah everything mi owe Jah knows!

  49. kemar Johnson

    tune bad a swear long time yuh fi low out fuckry and hold some a dem medz yah me G up up up up up...... Most sensible dancehall me hear since year

  50. Shotta Puss

    Gully gaad them caan stop u the next bob marly

  51. Miguel Crawford

    Real medz!!! Gully tr8!

  52. oshane campell

    gully fi life

  53. dejahnae hamil

    way up up up big chune

  54. Crystal Malbon

    Lawdd dis rell badd boi

  55. Stulla-Glen

    jah know di tune big me naa lie real voice production everything tun uppp!! me see few dislikes doe and me know seh a busy signal and bounty killer me not even did waa call dem name but a suh it go mavado dem cyaaa stap you youth #gullyside  w#wethebest

  56. Loren Humes

    Gwaan mi artist get dem up up up

  57. Kenric chambers

    yea yute tell them nuh mek  bad mine whole you dne 

  58. Oj Samedi

    Mavado stay pumping out those golden tracks

  59. SyndicateEntourageTV

    Yow mi juss love dem type a music ya, Dancehall need back balance... everybody deh pon da freak summin deh... NEED this REAL MUSIC!!!!!!

  60. Mark B

    People's Champ fr 05, all when the rest a run down the hype n deny it.. No other dancehall artist nuh connect wit the ppl with ghetto stories like Movado.. Fr born n raise, eden rise, dying, fly again, again n again, kill yuh fi yuh things, hope n pray and the list goes on n on.. Keep pushing the boundaries mi artist, only badmind seh yuh sellout, real gully fans see that ur helping to expand dancehall just like Jr gong collaborating a entire album with Nas, Sean Paul with all his international features etc... GullySide train cah derail  


    you forget a nex one papa a big one to jail housee 

    El's Baking and Cooking

    ^^me nuh haffi seh nun^^^^

    Prince Solomon

    if ppl say vybz is dancehall king i call mavado the dancehall champion, him tek dancehall to a  level outside of jamaica, levels that only big grammmy award winning artisre could accomplish, like sean paul, shabba ranks etc, mavado is the voice of jamaica and him a  di boss

    Prince Solomon

    Give it all too me, bet premier, 8 million veiws becoming 9 mil , Caribbean girls , and take it which made him da first ja artiste ever to av his music vid premier on billboards so.....


    @Dhuhon Solomon and The First Dancehall artiste to shoot a video at his own mansion. Nuff artiste would have to rent a house to do that. Remember Teacha's Pet House? Mavado house bigger than that. 
    Remember how kartel sing "Corey a our building so the light can turn off" and Corey Todd lock him out after the dispute. Nobody never say nothing bout dat.
    Remeber When him say a him own Vibes rum and after that Corey Todd Take him off. Nobody nuh say nothing bout dat.
    Mavado never sing bout nothing wha a nuh fi him and boast bout it. #Gullyside

  61. Rekeem Joseph

    to hell with bad mind GULLY STR8

  62. FreedomOfSpeech

    big tune ah big tune

  63. Gullyside GSP

    Battybwoy Gary aka busy never defend killa when kartel a rub him gully god alone dweet n a bring the alliance killa did me artiste but a now me a see how di man fck up Gully keep on rising silasihi

  64. Ali Gumaneh

    Big up gully god first ever see bless

  65. Aundre Griffith

    top tune

  66. Ian P

    keep it mature pan a higher level than them, dont make them rejoice over yuh.

  67. Ian P

    yes mavado fight dem with jah same way, dont let them mek police haul and pull yuh.

  68. carllion bramwell

    something bout da yute yah voice him ave it, song shottt still...

  69. freshmusic

    Jah u owe mi boss u nuh owe no battyboy nothing

  70. Primus supreme

    Mavado you keep on staring no matter what

  71. Ronald Grant

    mavado is back
    yessss youth

    u and geniuss have a wicked chemistry

  72. ravardo

    mavado at his best !!!

  73. Demour Wallen

    Yeah vado yuh mature youth...gwaan eat food.

  74. streckle18

    mavado said its money making season!!!


    King David at them. Your works shall prevail, yesterday you were defending them today the have forgotten.

  76. Ramone Rousseau

    dweet gully gad

  77. delanofoster

    Yow gullyGad u talk the realest tings.

  78. dprinceh2O

    mavado , still stand up 

  79. Our City

    them cant stop the dj

  80. Marcia Williams

    Wicked mavado god bless

  81. beckford james

    sick one vado 

  82. ioctane brown

    Mavado honestly u have a special gift carrying messages tru the almighty. Sickkkkkkk piece a song for the world to love and embrace.

  83. francky jean

    jah jah mi own you everything only you caz you protect me through all bad mind who  don't love.


    Get out a here Hatton

  84. Andre King

    jah  me owe u everything