Mavado - Don't Give A F#ck (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
My style my flow a the hardest
Reaping the fruits a the harvest
Si mi pon the stage dem cyaa test
In a mi full white, mi mic cordless
Fi reach my level a the hardest
Gully Gaad a lock it regardless
Mi sting like wasp, so mi chop like grass
Fi go buy allot a gas is a hard press
F cold style mi been you
Block the crowd from mi intro
Learn from what I’ve being through
What I’ve being through, what I’ve being through
So mi rise to the top, and a me him cyaa stop
So mi rise to the top, ain’t looking back

Unuh waan si mi stuck, but wi no give a f
Unuh waan si mi bruk, caw wi no give a f

[Verse 2:]
Hey the bwoy dem waan si wi death
Waan out man like cigarette
Dem a pree anyweh mi deh, everyweh mi go
And a watch every dollar sign weh mi meck
Gully Gaad seh a bay millions wi fi get
Sufferation time real tugs no fi get
So any bwoy try stop mi food right now
Bullet dem fi get
All a mi link dem circom step
Wi no tek talk from soup or spec
Mi a mi own boss last time me check
That’s why dem a pray fi mi fall and wreck

Any bwoy weh violate get bullet in a neck
That’s why dem vex when money meck
No ramp

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3:]
We don’t give a f about you
We don’t really care what the f you wanna do
Have allot a haters and a me that
Anywhere I catch you that’s my killing spot
Wid the hottest girls
Gully Gaad wid the hottest verse
Mi stay on top and si Genesis
Mi never fall off like water surf
Mi true to the game like genesis
Real pain, real works
Now they wanna see mi in a real hearse

[Repeat Chorus]

Jamaica if you love the Gully Gaad you know
Am the baddest thing you ever si and everybody know
And we don’t give a f

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