Mavado - Can't Happen Lyrics

Stand up in a life loyal fi the ones who stand fi yuh
21 gun salute fi every soldier wah die fi yuh
Is a blessing when yo daughter cry fi yuh
Tell some people pray fi dem self
Don’t pray fi yuh

Cause wah pop down, mash up ina life
That dem waan happen
But that cyaa happen
No that naw happen
Yow man a come from nothing to something
Now man a live ina castle
Dem waan coffin, but that naw happen

[Verse 1:]
That’s why pick up mi blessings an count dem
Jah meck mi high like a mountain
Pure like water from a fountain
Play wid haters like token
Every ghetto youth fi have a bible
Read that when yo feel idle
Beg Jah fi bless up an guide yuh
Take weh the evil ways wah inside yuh

Wake up this morning an, beg Jah protect me from my enemies
Dem nuff like beas
Dem naw go see mi fall
Dem waan mi lock down, by the police
Badmind a the worst disease

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Once is dem waan coffin
A rotten den man fi rotten rich den
Mi fly hard get a broom fi the witch dem
A walla wist dem, yuh no si a snitch dem
When dem want a thing bout mi rich friend
Man a set a program fi things turn
Dem sit down an dem waan man fi burn
Gully mi born so a nuff things mi learn
Untouchable a man straight like perm

Wake up this morning an, beg Jah protect me from my enemies
Dem nuff like beas
Dem naw go see mi fall
Dem waan mi lock down, by the police
Badmind a the worst disease

[Repeat Chorus 2X]

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Mavado Can't Happen Comments

    Gully God touches my soul🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♥️

  2. Ackeem Haughton

    Gully world big up mi dads🔥🔥🔥

  3. Hezron Netia

    2019 it can't happen..

  4. Edrisa Sankareh

    King of jungle


    2018 gully side for ever



  7. Maree Kimani

    bad mind adi worst deases.

  8. Faith Kisangi

    legendary music!!!!

  9. Javis Kerr


  10. Chad Spencer

    Dat cyah happen

  11. Ronnie Allicock

    Real tun 2017

  12. DJ Addo

    August 2017 bad mad

  13. Alicia Walker

    dem nah go see me fall

  14. Timeless0627

    Who watching this in 2017

  15. Young Prince


  16. Deon Goodchild

    yeah mavado keep it blazing like the sun red hot

  17. Deon Goodchild

    yeah mavado keep it blazing like the sun red hot

  18. Deon Goodchild

    yeah mavado keep it blazing like the sun red hot

  19. Deon Goodchild

    yeah mavado keep it blazing like the sun red hot

  20. Deon Goodchild

    yeah mavado keep it blazing like the sun red hot

  21. Taps

    mad tune fam

  22. yung healer

    gully syd we 're represent

  23. Karen Sealy

    man ah set a program fi things turn dem sit down an want man burn... badmind ah d worst disease

  24. dwayne baljit

    big up big up big up the gully gad beg Jah fo protect me from my enemies

  25. Tazzie Medz

    Big up Mavado. Thats why mi say gully. The realest songs you make. Clean heart we say

  26. Tyrone Roberts

    big up mavado tell some people pray fi dem self

  27. John Baptist

    ready again for them🔥

  28. John Baptist

    My daughter is my everything.

  29. Myflowbeats

    Sounds good. I like this. Check out this Reggae beat with a hook called A little on my channel.

  30. mavo miller

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  31. Carmel- Wayfinder

    Bun weak Hart!!!

  32. Audius Masamba

    gully gully

  33. thug-life Gaza me say

    Im a 100% Gaza fan but this song from Mavado was well received pure fact in this western hemisphere system of things and it cant seem to be changing the worst thing about it is when a youth rise from the slum and makes in life 100% fair and square them envy him and show him fake love is like we not to come to nothing but on the flip side when we don't make it them call we cruff so im clearly confused 

  34. alexia hamer

    it can,t happen , 4 real

  35. RudyHauxtable

    wake up to some badmind people inna mi life how dat fi happen 
    fire bun fi dem doe , dat cyaaaaaan happen mi beg jah fi protect mi from my enemies

  36. Ramone Rousseau

    real song dis

  37. Eric Williams

    I listen to this song all day every day and the song with him and Nick minaj and the rest of them

  38. Paidamoyo Zvirikuzhe

    nature protect me from my enemies

  39. David blackbreda

    A man come from nothing to something now living in a castle and u hate ass wan him dead!

  40. Ulaynah Leote

    Me deh on the gully side

  41. Janto Pee

    ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over youtube
    / \ so he can take over
    and return the old comment section

  42. vikmegha

    Gully side me seh!

  43. Relissa

    mel brought me here

  44. Shant Gayle


  45. destini bardowell

    Mforde thnk u

  46. Netta Puu

    @mforde11 brought me here :)

  47. mar mar

    tell some people pray fi dem selves dnt pray fi ya

  48. Malika Chanel

    But dat caan happen

  49. lambert thug

    ir's ah blessing when ya daughter cry fuh u

  50. tyke141

    pop down mash up inna life that me right there lol

  51. dale simmons

    4 real

  52. Corren And Munchie

    you comment had me, too

  53. Smiley bobb

    this is the shit***

  54. omar richards

    love the sony

  55. dwayne joyles

    yh gully gad big up self wey dem wa happen nuh happen

  56. DonSix murray

    this man is a singer...the prime minister sent him yo the Olympics to sing....he represent his country like no other

  57. Miossoty Johnson


  58. Uwison ThirdYears

    love this check out this young upcomig artis SHANHILL HOW U HURT ME


    its mad how much difference a good mix can make to a tune

  60. suzette clarke-chin

    big tune, tell dem gully god!

  61. bradley stevens

    @ top comment mi smell bullshit

  62. Don Corleon

    look nuh...

  63. Jimmy Dan

    this man level is beyond the stars

  64. Demron Anderson

    1 side an a gully side vado luk nuh hahahha am out.............


    i love that song....mavado is the best.....

  66. Damion Ellis


  67. Natacha Paulo

    Loveeeeeeeeee it !!!

  68. samuel francois


  69. TrinimanBanton

    dis chune hard like concrete

  70. Natalee Lewis


  71. launchable

    Tell some people pray fi dem self don't pray di u!

  72. Klokay Baauce

    Dont pray fi yuh

  73. Di Rebel Record

    GullyGad tu di wurl !

  74. Edger Liabaya

    @mavado-cant happen rock me men!

  75. nana114106

    I really love him!!!!!!

  76. leon francis


  77. Sha Tii

    Tht nuhhh happen!!

  78. JamRock Voice10


  79. Latoya Brown

    tune madd

  80. Tammy Moore


  81. mar mar

    dis 1 tun up tun up tun up

  82. Sibongobakhe Nombebe

    thy want to kill me caus mi
    seh gully

  83. Ian Hudson

    dj chin i like this mavado

  84. Edinson Olave


  85. mitta don unruly

    tell dem pray fi dem self doh
    pray fi yuh gully side

  86. eric moran

    role trend mad vado

  87. whyteline VEVO

    the best song of the year an it just staRT ...LOL HAHA :) GO HARD SAM WAY ME GENARAL GULLY TO THE FULLEST .. DAT CAHHH HAPPEN :)


    gully nah ga na other side #MOVADO

  89. Michael Hendrickson

    gully for life me link striat

  90. slickstar96

    This tune makes u soo proud 2 say gullyside

  91. One Nation

    Real song...Syrahdo seh dat,yer dat!!!!!!

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    big tune gully fi life mad

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    Only de gully god mad!!!!!

  95. Redline2695

    Ridding to MADD