Matty Mullins - Right Here, Right Now Lyrics

I know I’ve made mistakes but I’m only human.
I guess I learn the hard way more than most.
I used to feel the pain, now I’m so used to it.
Time passes by, things come & go, let it be so.

Step by step, one day at a time.
I know whatever comes my way I’ll be fine.
I don't need anything more than right here, right now.
So I’m living in the moment & never looking back,
cause I know that this too shall come to pass.
I don't need anything more than right here, right now.

Yesterday’s regrets can't hold me down.
The sun came up today & I feel redemption in my bones.
I won't fear tomorrow’s unknown cause I know that
It's all out of my control & that's beautiful!

Step by step, one day at a time.
I know whatever comes my way I’ll be fine.
I don't need anything more than right here, right now.
So I’m living in the moment & never looking back,
cause I know that this too shall come to pass.
I don't need anything more than right here right now.

In your perfect timing I know
I’ll find everything I’m searching for & more.
Only you know what's in store.
Your promises define me.
In your presence, I know I am home.
I can feel you say I’m right where I belong!

This time I’m taking it step by step, one day at a time.
I know whatever comes my way I’ll be fine.
I don't need anything more than right here, right now.
So I’m living in the moment & never looking back,
cause I know that this too shall come to pass.
I don't need anything more than right here, right now.

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Matty Mullins Right Here, Right Now Comments
  1. Hey Ooo

    this album is so good. i think this is my absolute favorite song from it

  2. Ethan Averett

    What's the ending song

    Jake sOner

    Click on it.

    Chloe Lynn

    Doesn't work on phones if that's what one is using, though.

  3. Samurai-Shogun Toriyama-Gin

    How could a song influence and connect with a demon to me. It's her she changed me to who I am I hope she reads this and know I am thankful to her for making me strong. Thanks for giving me strength. Maybe one day she'll know I am referring to her. Thanks Matt you now inspire me along with her.


    This is so deep My friend.

  4. Cody Malcom

    soo happy Matty

  5. DolliLolipop

    I don't actually like this song too much. Love his voice. Could someone suggest one? I guess I'd like something like Voices by Crown the Empire, kinda.

    Angry Amy

    I know this comment is old so you've probably found what you're looking for by now! Either way, I don't know that song, but Matty has a whole album, perhaps one of his other songs would suit? Or check out Memphis May Fire if you don't know them, the band he's in. They're a post-hardcore band similar to - but better than, in my opinion - CTE :)

  6. Zak Taylor

    what band is playing at the end and song and album

    Matt Lynard

    +Zak Taylor
    hands like houses, new album

  7. sithstarker

    this is song is so well writing and it kinda reminds even if you you have been bulled and have made some mistakes i have made i know that god will always be there for me and even if i feel broken and trying to commit suicide i know that god can make me feel better regardless of what people say about Christians and that i am really glade to be a christian and people who hate Christians i pray for you.

  8. Collin

    i like music

  9. Natalie Colombo

    every morning I turn this song on it is literally my pump up song for the day to ignore all that everyone says

  10. Darcy

    I used to feel the pain, now I'm used to it.

  11. Kelli Lunsford

    I love Matty's solo album just as much as I love Memphis May Fire. I personally think Matty is one amazing vocalist. I also love that no matter if I'm listening to Memphis or his solo stuff, I'm listening to something with a positive message. I don't have to worry about my 5 year old listening to something that she isn't supposed to. His solo album is great when I want something more slow paced and Memphis is what I go to when I want a genre that is harder. I honestly can't wait to hear more of his music .

    Stephen Morgan

    Thank you!! Atleast someone knows what there talking about! Matty is the best the sweetest dude you could ever meet his music is so inspirational

  12. Yong Kian Tan

    Why does this have only 78 000+ views?!

    Carlos Altamirano

    Because people might not like it being sort of religion based and or religious i believe its still amazing though

  13. Alexa Styles

    what's the ending song?

    eyana rose

    Darude - Sandstorm

  14. John - 117

    I wish people could understand us. I was broken, so I'm no saint. I understand what it's like to feel relief in a razor blade, to have a girlfriend on the brink of suicide, to be drugged and pass out, to have sex so much that your legs burn, to listen to bands and idolize people like Oli Sykes because we feel as if they're our only relief. I used to ridiculize Christians and mock them. Now, I'm on the other side of a coin and knowing that God is not just some deity, but that he loves me regardless of my past and my countless mistakes. He has been my best friend, my lover, my father, my counselor, my provider, my healer. I'm still pretty broken, but I know he's mending me. He uses the most broken, shattered people: people like me. People that don't have a voice, people like Matty Mullins. And he makes them his masterpiece. God is the most amazing one I have ever met, no relationship, no pill, no music, no car, nothing can take the God-shaped vacuum you feel in you. There will always be that splinter in your mind, knowing there's something or someone else out there. In my pit of shame and despair, God demonstrated tangibly his love for ME. Not for humanity, not for righteousness, not for love itself, but for ME. One thing I have learned is that even temple ruins point to an architect. I hope you guys , all of you just as broken as I am, will get to know him the way I do. And in 10 years, we will rejoice by reading these comments together admiring how far he has brought us. God bless you guys.

    eyana rose

    And I thank the world for people like you. :]

    Genesis Anguiano

    Amazing testimony (:


    I been their with all of it. Before then I was a Christian and I backslide but one day I realized that I couldn't do it on my own and I got rebaptize and I came back to a God that showed grace to me. He loved me soo much even when I sinned he'd forgive me. He didn't have too and probably shouldn't have but he did and he first love me!!! I know he's my savoir and I'm a sinner and must repent daily and I love him. God bless all.....


    +Alan Trujillo I love you.

    Angry Amy

    I needed your comment today Alan. I hope I can come to him as you have, and be mended, and find my rest. Thanks for that.

  15. Yahshua THE CHRIST

    CHRIST HIS  the best

  16. Prinz Alocelja

    Amazing voice, Amazing lyrics, Amazing God

  17. David Dalessandro

     this song is what keeps me going everyday. this song defines me and makes me want to push myself to heights i never though possible! 

  18. r9o2b0e2r1t7o

    Such an amazing song, i really liked it! ;)

  19. Jude As3

    I was having a horrid day at work today and I listened to this song during my break. It was just wow "I used to feel the pain now I'm so used to it," that was just perfect it tugged a heart string in me. I Thank you God for Matty Mullins seriously!

  20. Julia M

    How does this have dislikes? I can't stop listening.

    Bullpup Shotty

    +Julia M Chorus is so damn good

  21. Gaby Jimenez

    i really like this ! <3 

  22. ItsCJ

    So happy that he has his own stuff out finally. funny thing is why this makes me happy is because he has the voice to do it and I told all my friends that he would bring his own stuff out one day, and here it is!

  23. misha

    I am actually am very surprised, a lot of front leaded singers that do a solo career, they're albums sound horrid, but Matty. I just. I give him props, this is better than most solo albums out there. *applause*

  24. markus0213

    great lyrics. I love matty mullins. He's the best

  25. Ruby Marquez

    I like this band👍😁

  26. anthony del vALLE

    What are the other so songs at the end


    It's hands like houses there's two versions that was he new one playing listen to both. It's called the "Tale of outer suburbia" by hands like houses

    eyana rose

    Darude - Sandstorm

  27. ThiVids

    I love the lyrics, but only 75% of how it was executed overall. Still going to be a special song for me.

  28. Asitokia

    Amazing song :3
    Amazing singer
    Awesome band I just found *_*

    Evan Porter

    @Justin Bryant Is that the Black Mass tour with Black Veil Brides?

    Justin Bryant

    yep I'm really exited to be able to go

    Evan Porter

    Thats a really good show! I went to it but it was Falling In Reverse instead of Memphis May Fire. Black Veil Brides was SOOOO good.

    Justin Bryant

    yah im really looking forward to it i hear bvb is great in concert

    Evan Porter

    They are amazing.

  29. Abby Johnson

    Matty I'm so proud of you. You've really been a truly great artist. you've stuck by your faith, family, and friends. You're a true inspiration <3

  30. FMei


  31. blue. elfx


  32. Angie Rangel


  33. Deissy Ocampo

    Congrats, Matty. This album is perfect (In my opinion). Your voice and the lyrics fit so good.