Matty Mullins - My Dear Lyrics

I created you piece by piece.
I made you in my own image perfectly.
I see your face & don't regret a thing, so why would you?
There's not a thing about you I don't adore,
so I paid the price that you could never afford.
All I ask is that you trust me now & watch my plan unfold.
There is so much in store!
Hold on to me when you think you're sinking.
Run to me when it feels like you can't go on.
My dear, cry to me when life is unfair.
Your voice is the sweetest sound to my ear.
Just look to me when you can't see clearly.
Don't be afraid when you feel my spirit near.
My dear, be still & know that I am here.
I've always loved you & I always will.
I've never taken my eyes off of you.
I hold your hand in every trial that you go through.
You've never been alone.
I carry you through all the highs & the lows,
so don't let go now there's so much in store!
Hold on to me when you think you're sinking.
Run to me when it feels like you can't go on.
My dear, cry to me when life is unfair.
Your voice is the sweetest sound to my ear.
Just look to me when you can't see clearly.
Don't be afraid when you feel my spirit near.
My dear, be still & know that I am here.
I've always loved you & I always will. Be still my love.
When it's too much to bare, know that I’ll always be there.
I hear you when you call my name.
I am the answer you've been searching for.
I'll be your refuge, your shelter from the storm.
I am everything you need & more.
I loved you before you were born!
Hold on to me when you think you're sinking.
Run to me when it feels like you can't go on
My dear, cry to me when life is unfair.
Your voice is the sweetest sound to my ear.
Just look to me when you can't see clearly.
Don't be afraid when you feel my spirit near.
My dear, be still & know that I am here.
I've always loved you & I always will.

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Matty Mullins My Dear Comments
  1. Rhys Randall

    Thank you recommendations Totally forgot matty's solo songs

  2. Amir Ahmad

    2019 ❤

  3. Jagg Lion

    Love the sound. Hate the message.

    Bill J

    Why do you hate the message? It's a song about God's never ending and unchanging love for us. How could anyone hate that, especially with all the craziness that's going on in the world right now? I've always made it a point to tell my Niece & Nephews how much I love them, and how it will never change no matter what they do. It's a promise that's easy for me to keep because I know how much God, and Jesus, love me, even after all the stupid things I've done.

  4. Vinicius Andreoni

    4:27 someone know that band? i cant click on the screen because ytb is ytb

  5. LiaWasHere

    Found this song on Spotify and interpreted it very differently from the original intent...

  6. Pop Punk

    This song for the child to our parents 🇮🇩
    I love you

  7. Jack Ward

    This would be a good police tribute song!!!

  8. Ank Tulga

    why yall relating this song with religion ?

    Guy's Workout Channel

    Cause the writer is a strong believer in Jesus

    Bill J

    More importantly, being a Christian and believing in God & Jesus isn't really about being religious. Jesus himself said he hates religion, and wishes to have a relationship with us. He doesn't want us to offer Him sacrifices or kill ourselves by doing good works in an effort to earn His love, he offers it free of charge. Even to those who don't believe. He wants us to choose for ourselves to believe because only then will it truly mean something.

  9. Platønic Plagüe

    This song still makes me cry it is so beasutiful.😥💜

  10. Jo Naga

    Jesus is for all of us, so stop questioning about this music. Every person have their own style to praising Jesus. And i trully believe that Jesus will always listening your prays and praises in every genre you play as long it is about Him. Because everytime we praise him, our praises will be the sweetest song to His ear.

  11. Ignite The Ego

    Oh i loved you before you were born. This best part i think. Agree?😊

  12. Trinitol

    Makes me think of my girlfriend all too much, it's so perfect a song to describe my relationship with her, she means everything to me.

  13. Alerry Layog

    2018 🎧🎧

  14. Alexa Gordon

    rev 22:13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

  15. Mikael Fernando

    Oh Arzzy.... Por que me deixastes

  16. Siti Fatmala

    Kangen tahun 2012 klo dngr lagu ini

  17. The Musical Clover

    This... this... brought me to tears. I can't even tell you how close to home that hit me. God, that's so powerful... Thank you so much Matty for this song. I absolutely love it. 😢💔❤🖤

  18. Mirelli Paula

    Desde a data de lançamento até hj, é uma dos meus álbuns preferidos e essa é uma minha músicas preferidas ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. Simone Perfetto

    can anyone just enjoy the song instead of complaining on religious matters all the fucking time😅😅😂?

  20. Gian Mendez

    it's 2018 and even now... when I listen to this song it always brings peace to my soul and gives me faith and out of no where even tears come out. Even tho I'm going through a lot of pain... physically, mentally and emotionally I hold on to you my God ❤

  21. Cyn Andrew

    I'm a satanist now but this song is still nice to listen to once in a great while.

  22. █████

    My firt love was hip hop but im over dirty style so yea this guy make rnb relevant now a days....but over all his a beast with his craft.

  23. Taurat Myrzakhmet

    This song is beautiful.
    I am an atheist btw

  24. Demon SwordsMan Crona

    I can't say i'm religious, that does't change that this song is good.

  25. kimmy

    Whenever I feel like God isn't there, I listen to this and instantly know He is. Thank you Matty for making such a personal and touching song. It strengthens my faith every time.

  26. Justin Springstun

    I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST! I feel this is written from the point of view of Jesuses, (The Christ"s) perspective of watching over and guiding us (Humanity) through our life's. An atheist may consider it to be written from ones "Higher self" point of view. And the more spiritual view, it's akin to our personal Angle who lives and dies for our sins, And guides and protects up. This song is beautiful Brother God bless you.

  27. Zombie Man R.S.

    I'm crying. This song is what I needed. This song I will play for my child so that they know they are not alone. I'm hurting and this song lets me cry it out even though I always feel all alone this song tells me I am not. So thank you for this song. I love it so much.

  28. Leather Pants Guy

    Fuck this gay ass christian bullshit

  29. Angel Marrero

    Great song, very lovely.

  30. David Jones

    Why are we bashing religion? Why not just enjoy the music? Me, personally, I don't care what kinda faith an artist is. I look at the artist as an artist. I wouldn't say I'm very religious, honestly I don't even know if I believe in God, but anyway I like these people because they're artists. And because they're singing about what they want. Doesn't matter if I'm Christian or not - the music is good, therefore I'll listen.

  31. Pika35

    for all the people talking about the song beimg related to god you ca also think about it bein a relationship song with the guy telling the girl how much he loves her

  32. Kawaii Neko

    I love this song so much it makes me think of my amazing boyfriend and I love the video the lyrics look so awesome!

  33. CsB SkEpTiC

    Ok well here I go, I don't have a religion. not even Atheist. I don't want any part in these wars of religious believes. But believe me, if you're going to come up to me I'll give you all ears. But the instant you try to make me. believe it I'm out. It's not because I hate believers or because religions are fake but because I don't want people changing who I am. If I need help to clear my way I have my own crutch. All I need to make sense of my life is music. I bet everyone here can agree with this. Music is not some way to make a couple extra bucks. This song had a purpose. wether its getting a point a cross the audience or its putting fear and faith on the line of everyday life. We as the people of this world made music so we had a creative way to express ourselves in a non-hostile way that even the people that don't understand the meaning can get some enjoyment out of what they hear. Music is made to express who and what we are. Don't think just because you're different you're not loved. My whole family is Christian and they all say stuff like you NEED to believe in God or God loves you, and that's where it gets me. you can entertain me with the lyrics and believe me I understand music but don't tell me I have to believe in God. I'll set my own future and I'll walk that road alone if I have to to be the person who I am. Like this comment of you agree and show your support if you believe everyone is their own person who can express themselves no matter what the issue is through music.

  34. Paveena V

    No wonder this song has million views. This song brings me evn closer to God. Amen

  35. Lud Santos

    tem brasileiro aqui?

  36. elviscow

    she never watched my plan unfold, instead it went as they all told, now im here alone until i grow old, for my soul is already sold

    Don't ask XD just had to

  37. bondslave of YAH

    The LORD used this song to save me from ultimately committing suicide. I remember when i was in my season of severe depression, I thought maybe this is the day I'll commit suicide. The LORD told my friend Draden to tell me to hear this song and when I heard it I cried HARD. It told me that my life matters and The LORD loves me VERY MUCH. This song is truly a love letter from The LORD.

  38. Abby Hustwick

    As an Athiest let me say this. Matty Mullins and his music is a blessing. <3

  39. William Silph

    H O P E

  40. Guido Cabezas

    your voice is the sweetest sound to my ear

  41. Kenzie J

    That's amazing!!! ❤

  42. Dylan L

    keep up the great work matty!!!!!

  43. Dylan L

    Im a Christian and I don't believe you should bash people for there believes!! I don't look down on people because they have different beliefs because that's between them and God!!

  44. Matt Roybal

    I love this song not for the fact of religion or a female but the kid I never got to meet. When i first heard this song I imagined being able to sing this to my child when they couldn't get through it alone. I loved you before you born sweetheart.

  45. ATrain

    Excellent job my friend i knew i taught you well

  46. Rene Vargas

    I hope my ex sees my comment..

  47. bondslave of YAH

    This explains me clearly, as if The LORD wrote this song himself to me and all of y'all who feel pain and is searching for refuge. The LORD is the only one to ALWAYS be there for us when everybody else has abandoned us, he is the only one to understand are TRUE pain. He is are creator afterall.

  48. Joshua bove

    I want to know who this song is about because lyrics like "I've loved you before you were born" sounds a little bit like a pedophile

    Justin Walker

    Joshua bove it's supposed to be the point of view of god/Jesus whatever the hell people believe in these days, talking to everyone. im not religious but hey. to each their own.

  49. Joey Chavez

    First time hearing this song. I believe that God used Matty to talk to me through this song.

  50. Clayton Scruggs

    I was a Christian all my life but eventually got to a point where I didn't know what was right and stopped believing for a while and I hated to hear things about God or Christianity. I was sitting in church and decided to try one more time to pray to God and He immediately answered my prayers through someone who came up to me out of no where and told me how much God loves me no matter what, he told me exactly what I needed to hear from Him. It wasn't random, I know that God was speaking to me there after I thought He left me for so long. The lyrics to this song are very similar to what I heard, this song is what I needed for a long time.

  51. Past The Verge Official

    I think about this song when I see my girlfriend. We just recently started dating again after knowing eachother for 3 years

  52. Connor Caple

    Our Heavenly Father wants that one one relationship. He knows us He created us! But He wants us to know Him! Spending time reading his word talking to Him!! ❤️❤️ He's our everything

    miguel velasquez

    this song sounds like our loving God is talking to us about all the problems we're facing in our lives.This song honestly touched my heart and, i just heard this song and it helped me realize that I shouldn't give up on what I want to accomplish in my life.No matter if it's going to be tough or upsetting, because in life we all have problems yeah, sometimes it's going to be like what I said tough or upsetting; but we can over come those problems we are facing in our everyday lifes. so if you feel like giving up just remember that you have someone to go to when you feel this way. Because the amazing man in the sky above us is always going to be here for us. like he always been.

  53. riley the bucky barnes lovebot


    Tyler Watts

    all time riley Funny thing is that it isn't about a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc. Its Matty singing what God says to us.

    riley the bucky barnes lovebot

    Tyler Watts i commented this before i knew the meaning, it was just my take that it made me think of a loving relationship

  54. Dana Limas

    :c And watch my plan unfold

  55. Mårtÿ Glock

    I love this song  and I love matty mullins

  56. Rose Ann Muzones

    This felt like God talking to you!😍❤❤❤

    Cata Sonistrelle

    is the first time i hear this song and think the same!! did Matty said something about it? like it's written about God or something? it's so beautiful!!

  57. Jasmine Hamilton

    I submitted this song to be played for my Friday bible study! Praise God!

  58. BigTime

    The intelligence level in this comment section is ridiculously low. I don't care what your beliefs are but if you can't grasp the fact that this song was written from the perspective of God then you're an idiot.... Literally you can figure it out in the first 10 seconds

    NujaVes NujaVes

    Let’s talk about the first track you’ve released, “My Dear.”

    A lot of people want to be in love with God, they want to have that
    fire, but they focus on the rules and the “religious” part of it. “I
    have to do this and this to earn this and that.” Let me tell you
    something about the Christian religion: It’s the only religion in the
    world that claims you don’t have to do anything to earn your place with
    Jesus. He created you. He defined you. He earned it for you. He came
    down and paid the price. God doesn’t want religion. He wants a
    relationship. “My Dear” is my perspective on who God is and about
    deciding to trust Him.

    NujaVes NujaVes

    that was matt mullins said on AP's

  59. Kim Smith

    Happy birthday Matty. 💘

  60. Balat ng Kendi

    Thanks for this song matty👍👌

  61. mummus Kurniawan

    i hear you when you call my name !!! MY EX T-T

  62. anthony ellis

    I know this isn't about a kid but I sing it to my baby all the time I get so emotional during this song it's so touching and heartfelt


    Omg that's so sweet!

  63. OWM

    I am just about to go out and preach the gospel full-time, leave my family and my home and all that I see that makes me comfortable. As I am getting doubts and fears from the enemy God uses this song's lines to remind me, I can sit and be comfortable with what I know. Or trust Jesus to lead my life and see things that some men only dream of.

  64. o Pi

    Fav... from the album <3

  65. Dōmiru

    it is cool song! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  66. Erikas Uzumedskis

    Everyone relates their own memories or events to his music so how about instead of arguing about religion and god we all just listen to the song and interpret it in our own way? And i'm not Christian but i'm not gonna bash someone over what they believe. Everyone just go and mind your own business

  67. Rae Rae

    this song has helped me so much is so little time, this song is literally one of the only reasons why I'm here, +I'm her Batman, I love you so so much, thank you


    Every time I hear this song I burst into tears. Because when I was born, I had some complications and I've felt different my entire life because people have made fun of me for it my whole life and it made me so self conscience that I missed out on a bunch of stuff. I had actually gotten to the point of considering suicide. I finally opened up to my brother about how this had been bothering me, and he's now helping me work through it and things are getting better now. But the same day I opened up to my brother, I actually listened to this song and it has made such an impact on my life. Thank you Mattie! God bless!

  69. Jeff Chang

    what song's on the last part?

    danny pack

    The Early November - In Currents

  70. Irregular Naomi

    Matty's lyrics are always extremely fantastic.

  71. Justin Soliday

    Many here have said that "there is no God." or "I know there is no God." or "Christians are wasting their lives." If I end up wasting my life in the end, so be it. But, "What If" We are really following something true? "What If" what we stand for is reality? "What If" it is you that is wasting your life? I'm not here to push my religion onto anyone, I'm just here to make a statement. I'd rather "waste" my life here on earth for the chance of something greater.

    not really olivia

    And you are not wasting anything. God appreciates you sticking by him despite everything others say. Just let your heart follow him and your belief won't ever be a waste. Trust in me. I'm not anyone special to you, but trust in my words. You are doing what you are suppose to do. Just be the best person you can be and trust in him and all those that work for him from heaven and from earth.

  72. Xi Kaze iX

    is Matty a solo artist now?

    Justin Soliday

    +Xi Kaze iX No, he just really had the urge to do a solo album to get some things he wanted to do done, without tampering with MMF's signiature sound.

    Xi Kaze iX

    found that out already but thanks for telling me anyway man :)

    Justin Soliday

    No worries :)

  73. Nicole Paige Hoffman

    This song gives me chills, I'm agnostic but I feel like God is answering my prayers after so many years of self-hate and feeling like a nobody. My life has been a little better for a few months now.

    Thaise Rien

    You mean the world to God


    I mean this in the nicest way possible, and I love that you are praying, but, how are you agnostic, and praying? Wouldn't that mean that you are a believer? Making you not agnostic?

    Angry Amy

    @Lyzza66 I'm obviously not the original commenter, but no. In my experience, I have prayed many, many times and not believed that I'm actually being heard, not believed that there's a God, etc.

    Andrew Magaña

    don't ask God why life isn't better
    thank Him that it isn't worse

    Sean Bassham

    Amy K I mean this in a really nice way, so please don't take offense to this, but if you aren't getting results by praying, it's because you haven't asked Jesus into your heart and become a child of God. God still responds to prayers from non-believers sometimes, but He tends to be more responsive to the prayers of believers.

  74. Deriam Felix

    I just finished to listening to broken cross by architects(UK) totally opposites

  75. Hunter Chaffin

    My heart exploded with love for him after i played this song 😭☝🏼🙂

  76. Jojo Hart

    In love with this song!!!!!!!!!

  77. SincerelySarah

    Matty, thank you so much for all that you do, I have fallen deeply into dark situations that are beyond my control, and in your music I keep your tracks on repeat daily, you have inspired me and uplifted me to grow closer to the Lord so that one day when people ask me how I am I'll be able to say I'm doing fine. God bless you Matt!

  78. KaylaAnne

    You don't have to be religious to love and relate to songs. I'm not religious and I could listen to Matty Mullins and other Christian bands all day. If you don't like it, don't comment and don't listen to it. You're not the one that's singing it so pipe down.

    Xi Kaze iX

    +KaylaAnne Preach

    Tom Cawley

    I'm not religious but this song and the positive message behind it makes me so happy


    +KaylaAnne Believe it or not I'm muslim yet most of my fave bands are christian XD I'm not that religious tho so I don't care.


    good grief every Christian song sound exactly the same what does it take to get some originality or at least a poetic approach to these songs I mean I think religion and god is bullshit but still these people don't even try to make decent lyrics


    @Mariah Gaston technically yes it would be Christian music it doesn't have to be all about god and the bible to be Christian what I consider generic are these Christian bands that no matter what always include some kind of bible script or passage in there lyrics you can be discrete and not have full on bible references or even have god in the song something along the lines of the devil wears prada that's not obvious in your face Christian that's what I look for and devil wears prada actually is a Christian group they said so themselves          

    Mariah Gaston

    @Reality Check ( skylar rain ) But in order for something to be "Christian" it would have to profess matters that are Christ-like... That's what makes it Christian, so it HAS to revolve around that somehow... And about TDWP: that's what I was talking about - they're a band that isn't so obvious about it, but their music revolves around references to The Bible.


    yes their music revolves around "references" of the bible but it doesn't blatantly stick it in your face and it really comes down to what you consider Christian and what you consider to be Christ-like because there are many interpretations of it but my main point is you can still have a Christian song without making it blatantly obvious that it is one I and I just don't care for these generic songs that not only sound the same in terms of each and every genre a song is created but all use the same or similar lyrics it all sounds the same and its just boring to me        

    Mariah Gaston

    +Reality Check ( skylar rain ) +Reality Check ( skylar rain ) I thought your point was that every Christian song sounds the same.


    that is my point I started that multiple times already they all sound the same to me and its boring to listen to granted I do listen to other Christian bands that I don't have problems with but every time I try to look for bands like them I get these generic cookie cutter bands that being said I don't know why you even care what my opinion is I'm not trying to make everyone think these bands suck so why do you care? 

  80. FunkyChic

    I allways loved her and i allways will..
    just what im feelin right now

  81. Chance Medley

    I miss you, Ethan. < 3

  82. Da marshmallow Jillybean

    this song is gonna be for my children or my husband (in the future :])

  83. Belle Brazell

    If you say we (Christians) are brain washed fuckers,why do you care? We believe in something bigger than ourselves. Why should you care what we believe?


    +Belle Brazell because what you believe causes oppression to other people for things they cannot control and tries to force itself into our government and make itself law that's why

    Justin Soliday

    +Reality Check ( skylar rain ) Likewise could be said to non believers. Stand firm for what you believe, but do not sham others for what they believe.


    @Justin Soliday this isn't a religious debate nor did I intend it to be I have respect for other peoples belief but that doesn't excuse them from being criticized same goes for music

  84. jorge duran

    Wow people could think and judge because the way u are or the way u get dress but at the end what matters the most its the type of heart im a beliver and be proud of being Christian amazing song i like a lot all the material from matty of MMF u guys rock

  85. oh humanity what a shameful existence

    my fav clean screamer

  86. Rayne Miller

    This is amazing.

  87. When The Lights Die

    Great song Matty !!

  88. Stefan van Jaarsveld

    Inspirational see that a musician as talented as Matty profess how great our God is. (and yes the song is obviously not about his relationship with his daughter, but his relationship with GOD). This song should inspire all Christians to use the gifts God gave us to better his kingdom, even if just one person is inspired to pray to God and ask Him to come into their heart it was worth it. AWESOME to see so many Christians stand up for what they believe in. Its not easy in this day and age. Jesus loves you, and always will.

    God bless~!


    +Stefan van Jaarsveld Yeah mannnnnn!! :) God blessss


    +Stefan van Jaarsveld hail satan

    Jordan Ridley

    +KaleidoscopeSims no he does not have a daughter the little girl in the pictures with him is kellin quinns daughter

  89. joshua collins

    praise God !! if you dont like this comment its obvious you're in the wrong place..this is a christian song

    Tyler Smith

    +joshua collins Yeah, Cause there definitely weren't any Atheist Comments Stating specifically That they're Atheists and fans of MMF earlier (now including myself)..........Just Waiting on my cue to run screaming from someone so close-minded, they aren't even able to perceive the full scope a single Comments thread.

    _ MyM4 _

    Lol yes, because that's exactly what Matty Mullins wants, is for us to drive away those who don't believe. Well done, we are supposed to welcome, not tell them to leave. This frustrates me so much. God loves everyone, so everyone shut up.

    Seeker OD

    That shut up at the end was completely unnecessary, the first part was 10/10, but when you're trying to talk about god then don't be telling people to shut up.

  90. Austin Luciano

    why does everybody have to fight about something as pointless about religion like really everybody needs to grow up oh my he doesn't believe in the same thing as me its a great song am an atheist but i think fighting about religion is dumb to each their own

  91. Ximena Melodeath

    If this song is about God or whatever I don't give a really fuck. If Matty believes in god and he writes songs for him.. then good for him. I'll dedicate this song to my future husband :'@@

    Da marshmallow Jillybean

    same here :')

  92. Oliver Syko

    Too many brainwashed fuckers u-u

    Jerry Mouse

    A song about the love that your creator has for you and the only true hope for this world found in Jesus and you call it brainwashed? Look at the trend of the world and its evil in which you follow, along with the indoctrination since your birth to believe that you're an accident and just another animal with no value and tell me which is brainwashing.. You know God exists, don't decieve yourself.
    You have intrinsic value, and you live with value for yourself. You're not just an animal. You live as if someone cares for you, why do you think that is? Your whole life you're searching for love and acceptance, why? That makes no sense if nothing matters, but you know that it does. Jesus sets you free and gives you joy, coming from a former agnostic. Question everything but hold on to what is good.

    Mark T

    +karin trif speak for yourself. the brainwashed.

    Oliver Syko

    I wasn't calling the song... I was talking about humans

    Tyler Smith

    +Jerry Mouse the only love and acceptance I'm looking for is the love and acceptance from myself caused by me Learning to understand and accept myself for who and What (yes that includes the FACT that We are all Animals) I am. Instead of just hoping that the invisible man in the sky that I've been devoting my life to, is actually real. I can not say I know that there is no God, But I can say that I find that possibility highly un-likely.

  93. urbaniak123

    kataryna hojna-Urbaniak

  94. Fulckkckc /

    beautiful song

  95. victor felix

    this guy is now Christian wow amazin bless you matty

    Scott Bitz

    +victor felix Now? Matty has been a Christian for a long while (probably since childhood) and even MMF lyrics reflect it.

  96. Kyra LYELAK

    Matty Mullins is a very good example of a good man of faith.

  97. sithstarker

    you know i like this song because it kinda reminds that if you are having a bad day or had made so mistakes along the way god will always forgive you regardless of what you have done and people who hate Christians i pray for you and i thinks this is a really powerful song and i cant wait to see him on tour and tell him that i hope to see what he has in store for his next album.

  98. Joey Dawn

    I really like this song. Although some of the lyrics are slower than they should be x.x

  99. blastergun60

    No matter what religion you are this song links with all of them <3