Matty Mullins - More Of You Lyrics

I'm living proof that my best isn't good enough.
So wrapped up in myself, I get caught up in all the storms that I go through,
but instead of giving up I’m gonna give it up to you!

Just show me where to go.
I'm giving you control.
I'll follow where you lead.
I'm loving you because you first loved me.

I have to step back & check my priorities.
Sometimes I hold on to this life I need to lose when I take my eyes off of you.
I'm not sure I’ll get it right, but I know you love me despite my tendency to lose.
I know I’m not enough & that's more than enough for you.

Just show me where to go.
I'm giving you control.
I'll follow where you lead.
I'm loving you because you first loved me.

On my knees I’m crying out for more of you & less of me.
This is how it's supposed to be & now I see it all so clearly.
I'm chasing after your heart with the desire to be more like you are.
Give me the life that you want.
When we meet face to face I just want to hear you say my name & run into your arms.
Show me the way to your heart.

Just show me where to go.
I'm giving you control.
I'll follow where you lead.
I'm loving you because you first loved me.

On my knees I’m crying out for more of you & less of me.
This is how it's supposed to be & now I see it all so clearly.

Just show me where to go.
I'm giving you control.
I'll follow where you lead.
I'm loving you because you first loved me.
On my knees I’m crying out for more of you & less of me.
This is how it's supposed to be & now I see it all so clearly.

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Matty Mullins More Of You Comments
  1. Britt Adams

    Still listening in 2018! ❤️

  2. preyfan


  3. Jean-mathieu Gauthier

    I love this song ❤

  4. aaron boies

    Jesus, I'll follow where you go. I'm giving you control. You are the Way to the heart of God. You help me see clearly. Now I'm loving you because you first loved me!

  5. Timmy gilmore

    whos the female singer on this?

  6. Kathy Chernoff

    I love u Matty and I worship JESUS Christ

  7. Adelie Joyce

    Love, love, love this album :D

  8. C Red

    Thank you Jesus is right. Why you would die for someone as worthless as me, Ill never know.


    +C Red Because He created you in His own image, friend

    C Red

    +Shane McCullough Thanks man :)

  9. Adam Stone

    Thank you Jesus ❤️

    C Red

    Always and forever

  10. Travis Day

    To all the atheist fans not happy that he is talking to God in this song, spoiler alert: God wins

    Aaron Stanley Stanley

    *gasp* A song about god?? That atheists like??? no. way.

  11. Drummer Alpha

    I've fell in love with this song!!

  12. Gabriel Ali

    I like this song the most from the album. It's makes me smile when I hear it. To know that god is my way to happiness, his gives up his own son to save all humans. Not just the good also the bad and wicked. Doesn't that sound like god is so loving and merciful.

  13. Nikki Lynn

    This doesn't even need to be used in a religious situation. Just saying. Happy jamming!

    Greg Nowell

    +Tim Kearney I really feel the kinda love he is talking about is bigger then a human type love. If u really feel that way about a person, its like to me ur headed for a lot of disappointment because in all seriousness we all fall short. I understand the fact ur saying that lyrics can be interrupted differently then some. The fact is Matty Mullins is so straight forward about his faith its amazing. Don't discredit that because that is what he is trying to put out. Not starting anything but that is his mission in music now to express God's love he has towards people. not religion but a relationship.


    +GlitterAndGucci you can litteraly relate this to a girl you love or dude you love.

    Nikki Lynn

    @IndianBoi Lol that's what I'm saying!


    @Nikki Lynn music can always have more than one meaning it depends on how your outlook is or what you have been through

  14. Borderline_B

    I wish there were more people like Matty <3

  15. Kelli Lunsford

    So amazing!!

  16. jasperfolks 2000

    i hope matty will make songs with good lyrics like that with the sound of memphis may fire. 

    IMPACT Media & Highlights

    Have you read Memphis Mayfire lyrics? Just as good

  17. killer1one1

    Yo mad props to Rise for putting out this album! I'm sure it "offended" many hardcore (or ignorant) fans but hey, Matty is incredibly talented and they let him put this out even though it has nothing to do with 95% of other Rise records. You don't have to like it, I'm just glad it exists. \m/

  18. Scott Mars

    And the truth is, this is a christian album.
    So the lyrics are gonna be pointing to jesus.

    Me as a christian, love this album.
    But for some who are not, might not
    Like it but music is music, we have our
    Ownt tastes and everything.
    Just enjoy the song and if you don't
    Then their might be another song on here
    That you will like.
    And just try new things and you'll porbaly like em.

    Matty did say he use to got to christian concert
    With bands like Jars of Clay, Newsboys and music in that genre
    So I think that will be one of his influences.
    And he's christian so he'll put his faith inhis music.

  19. Isaiah Patil

    Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. elizabeth 0

    Best album !!! <3 so powerful! Love this sm! :)

  21. Maks Dixon

    Amazing song!

  22. Marshall Bromhead

    This is an Amazing song! So glad matty has gotten to share the part of his life that is most important to him! And is most important to me as well.

  23. Doria Klobučar

    Favourite song on the album,I love his voice and the lyrics :D

  24. HTMLrulzd

    Does it really care, how or which religon you belive in? I think not, I'm christian but I say everyone can like everything. I love this album and everthing matty does, but I also love thy art is murder's hate.

  25. Armies & Oceans

    Love the fact that a well known artist knew he was going to get bashed for doing these Christain songs but went all out anyways! He stayed true to himself and didn't sell out to please others. #inspiration #Respect

  26. Julia M

    This is my favorite song on this album

  27. peaceloveskillet

    love love love this song!

  28. SomoKRoceS

    Matty is an awesome dude and very talented and interesting (Ya I've met him), but his solo materials are medium and a bit disappointing :( 

  29. Rohan Büchner

    I love MMF... but this in't any good... Unless you like emo whining the whole time... I'm so depressed after 10 seconds of this emotional harassment ...

    And what the hell is this cliche bullshit?
    "Just show me where to go. I'm giving you control. I'll follow where you lead. I'm loving you because you first loved me." Jesus, cry me a river already. #jtpun

    I mean more power to Matty for finding something he wants to live for, but damn son.. I don't know.. I might be missing the point of this whole album. I'll rather give the other tracks a pass

  30. Robert Wells

    Come on the verse is just so catchy

  31. FaceTooBlender

    I can see a video coming for this song.

  32. Cole Cooper

    who cares if he's Cristian? don't like it, don't listen to it.
    hail satan.

  33. kody edwards

    I love rise they got almost all of my music

  34. Rachael Beaven


  35. juliet guerrero

    All these hating comments in every video like why are you here if you don't like the fact that he went solo! 
    Matty is awesome, some people just love to hate >.<

  36. Chace Campbell

    With the exception of a few bands Rise Records has basically turned into the 'new disney' of anything rock/metal related :/..


    I doubt you can get many people to agree with you on that.

    Riley Moon

    @Ian Reyes I sure as hell do. I mean some bands they have like dance gavin dance are the shit but for the most part. Yes. Yes they do


    Rise has always had a crap rep. But fact of the matter is, they're expanding their horizons to keep with the time. So many old record labels are either washed out or collapsed due to the fact that they couldn't keep up with the current genre flow. I think Rise is trying to recruit some new sounds in order to stay a steady business. It sure is about money. Screamo and post hardcore stuff sooner or later will lose their flavor and the people will go to a new genre, and Rise will probably have that genre in their lineup already. I can't say if it's a good or bad thing, but either way, I don't really care. It's never about the label, its about the sound.

    Vincent R Gilmore

    @Ian Reyes Exactly. I don't listen to as many harder bands as I use to, and it feels like Rise is changing with me. So it's nice to turn to them for whatever taste i'm feeling atm.

  37. Gabriel GC

    So perfect.

  38. Iske Zandbergen

    tbh I really like the sound of this but the lyrics ruin it for me 


    Same for me. Just a few lines being changed would do it for me.

  39. Jeff Giumarra

    this is the best song out of them all by far. this should have been the single 

  40. Ben Larson

    This is what worship is. Let's stop signing in church about waves and cliche metaphors when we can straight up call out to God in a song like this. 

  41. David Quirós

    Amazing, I love this album :)

  42. Alex Calabro

    stop thinking about religions, and just enjoy the music

  43. Kevin Ramos

    The way that Matty feels about the connection that he feels with God gives me hope. Nothing else at the moment brings me closer to faith than listening to these solo works. Thanks Matty.

  44. Dezzy

    this and Back to Square One are the better songs so far

  45. Никита Иванов

    Just great

  46. Aaron Pins

    nice man

  47. TheRaazberry

    Not a christian but I really liked this. It did "speak" to me. Weird but that's how I feel. Good work! Hopefully I'll be hearing a new MMF album next year as well!

    Blake M.

    Jesus has first loved you too friend.  Doesn't matter how much you hate him, or don't believe in Him, it's beside the fact that He loves you regardless.  His love is unconditional.  

    R.J. Leon

    That's awesome how it speaks to you man . It means there is truth to what matty is saying. That's why he does what he does .

    Angry Amy

    That's God reaching out to you man, hopefully you'll give him a chance :)

  48. Purgatory

    I'm super excited for this album!

  49. Benjamin Cowan

    Please be the nail in the coffin >:) lolol

  50. Blake Tate

    I would just like top say, I am going to love things album!

  51. Cruz Sanchez

    Amazing song! :)

  52. Flunkiii

    Very good :)

  53. PleadingtheCrutch

    Why do y'all have to preface your comments with what you believe? I'm just curious.

    D-Jay Sustaita

    Because people can't listen to music anymore without wanting to state what the believe in and what is wrong and what needs to be fixed lol. People can't accept anything anymore. It's sad.

  54. Tyler Thinnes

    I honestly love all the songs so far on this album. Yes it is poppy music but you can really feel the emotion that went into writing every song. Matty is a strong man of God and these songs announce it clearly. Keep it up Matty! God bless!

  55. lightningspeed719

    Compared to every other song I've heard off of this album, I'm happy that I found a song that I actually like.

    betito bad

    ojala yo encuentre alguna..mas en este canal, esta esta buena. pero no tanto como para escucharla en mi celular :D

  56. Troubled Shepherd


  57. PandaFuego

    lol what a christian

  58. sale ido4idea

    i love this song <3

  59. Conskar

    No.... Just no

    Matt Banner

    Yes.... Just yes

  60. Walter Maverick

    This is such a good song. 

  61. mattpechous1

    There should be a song with Aaron Gillespie on this record. Red Head Christian Rockers ASSEMBLE!!!!!!

  62. Makayla Baker

    serious chills, so rad my man.

  63. Matt Hill

    Totally love it! Let's hear what else you have in store Matty! <3

  64. Yea lol

    (DISCLAIMER: I love Matty Mullins so much) I feel like this album is AWESOME and I cannot wait to get it, but who is responsible for the instruments in these songs? There are drums guitar bass and everything Memphis May Fire would have. I just feel like there has to be some band behind this. It's just like Matt gets all the credit

    Troubled Shepherd

    I believe Cameron Mizell handled the instrumentals!


    That's how most solo albums are. The people who played the instruments will be credited on the album. Solo albums are just a way for a single artist to express and demonstrate themselves without direct association with the band. In this case, Matty gets to go more poppy and a much heavier Christian influence. The physical playing may be done by others but he's the one who came up with it all.

    Eli Horton

    Troubled Shepherd is right, Cameron Mizell did it all when he was out with them recording Unconditional. The rest of Memphis May Fire has no part in it as far as I know.


    Every single solo artist has someone do their music, be it them or another musician. Someone's gotta do the tunes!

  65. Vincent R Gilmore

    I've said it once and i'll say it a thousand times, Matty is doing great things here!

    Nutella Jizz

    I agree completely (:

    Scott Mars

    Yeas he is, Go check out memphis may fires "He Came With Love" its on solid state records

    TheRealGamer XD

    I'm with you on this...

  66. Dashia Lynn xx.

    Matty is doing so well with this album. I'm very proud of him, and I can't wait to hear some more of his own songs come out.

  67. Jared Lussiana

    Im not trying to hate so please don't hate on me, I just would like to say that I prefer MMF rather than his solo stuff, maybe its just because im not Christian which could be why I don't like this but yeah just sharing my opinion :3

    Jared Lussiana

    @Chris Hyndman ill check it out 

    Dylan Llewellyn

    Memphis May Fire has just as "Christany" lyrics has his solo stuff though....

    Chris Hyndman

    Is there anything wrong with that?? @Dylan Llewellyn

    Le DerpityDerp

    Well the genres are completely different as well. Although a lot of the MMF's stuff is Christian the music "type" is certainly different. So yes, it makes sense you would prefer one over the other. Not necessarily because one is Christian and one isn't, cus they both are. The genre is different. 

    Warren Vipperman

    Well no worries man, MMF is still where his priorities lie :)

  68. justaguy392

    I am not a Christian but this song Is alright


    Matty is a Christian?

    Paulol Bologne

    @ImNotClifford duuuh o.O my dear? And he have like bunch of tattoos from Jesus and all saint stuff c;
    Most of the bads bash on him because of that but Ithink its cool that he shows his religion with no shame :3


    @piercethe tonyturtle
    Duuuuuh. I asked because I didn't know. I don't much about Memphis May Fire and Matty so I asked. You make it sound like I'm trolling by asking a question.

    Paulol Bologne

    @ImNotClifford no I just can see threw his songs... but kay kay
    Sorry for making it sound like that

  69. Oaksoh

    So good I got chills.

  70. Icy ist

    I loved this :)

  71. Nick Mojica

    This song is so damn boring, Matty should just stick to MMF

  72. Brianna Crawford


  73. FeelsBovine

    No hater comments yet on this one lets keep it that way...


    I know right! I was shocked.... can't wait for the album!

    Special Bread

    Probably because we learned to stop clicking on these.... I'm not a fan of it, but I wont start fights about it. Also no matter how religious Matty gets he will never pull a Ronnie... 

  74. Ryan

    Absolute bullshit generic Jesus freak songs,everyone song on this album sounds the same and talks about the same topics.cant even differentiate this and an actual mmf record

  75. Michael Miller

    Meh. It's generic.

  76. Ashley Duran

    i cant wait for this album <3

  77. Jess Lee

    Really digging this, best I've heard from the album so far!

  78. kristine

    I actually really like this :D

  79. francisco fernandes


  80. Naomi Guerinier

    I'm in love with this song ! The lyrics are so deep and they will be my prayer. Thank you for sharing your faith and your love for Jesus. Good job Matty ! God Bless you. 

  81. Seth Foster

    MMF and Matty have really fallen off the board for me. I get the message he is trying to push out, but honestly.. the music is bland and the message is about following him in a way.

    Christopher Adam

    @Diddler Dave
    ok bud, im sorry you live a crappy life and all, lots of people do. but i see that you have many misconceptions about the truth of Christianity. the people who "blame" God for everything in their time of need are more than likely not Christians. Going to church doesnt make you a Christian, like being in a garage makes you a car. The Bible does not make our problems go away, nor does being a Christian mean we live perfect happy lives. The bible was written by many different people not just ramblings of a madman. Their are written works from back in the time of Jesus that confirm the writings in the Bible. Their are many written proofs that Jesus was a man that did exist, now whether you believe he is who he says he is, is the question. Now before you go saying im pushing my faith on you, im just trying to correct some lies that have been told to you. Catholicism is not Christianity, the west boro baptist church, is not Christian. true Christianity looks very different than what the world paints the picture of it. I get that you don't believe in it, and i cant just give you all the answers because i dont have them all, but seek and you will find. If you empty your mind of all you understand of Christianity, and research it, you might just find some life changing stuff. Jesus loves you, simple as that. Hope this helps, and if not thats ok too. :)

    Diddler Dave

    "Lies that have been told to you"
    I haven't been brainwashed in a fucking concentration camp.
    This is what I pick up in general knowledge from the vibe you freaks let off.

    Christopher Adam

    @Diddler Dave
    ok man, believe what you want about me. i can assure you i have not been brain washed and am a pretty normal dude. Want to play some games on steam together? perhaps counter strike? im up for talking if you want to.

    Diddler Dave

    >Didnt say you were brainwashed
    >implied you were acting like I was
    >never have or will own steam
    >counterstrike is aids
    >Talking is aids

    elizabeth 0

    No. He said he is not trying to push his religion on anyone. He just wants people to know about jesus and share his word.

  82. Brendan Gibson

    I need to get my church to do this.......


    Santa has horns!!!!!! O SLEEPER!!!!!!!! OH SLEEPER IN thezombeescreamo laungue means Oh gwd!!!!!

    Brendan Gibson

    @Thezombeescreamo wut


    @Levi Hartman didn't even realize two point were missing when i said that 8 months ago.

    Fulckkckc /

    Dude that'd be awesome


    i sing a lot of matty mullins songs at my church. ☺️

  83. Julie Shell

    amazing. <3

  84. james kerr

    Great song keep it matty!!

  85. Garik Wheeler

    Amazing song!

  86. Steven Lavigne

    Much better than the first single.

  87. Katherinne Valle

    I love this song! I live you because you first love me.

  88. Rodrigo Pitts


  89. jelmer van der meulen

    freakin awesome

  90. Lorena Gotopo

    love it!!