Matty Mullins - Come Alive Lyrics

I think I need a change of scenery.
I'm becoming like the rest of the walking dead that I see around me.
I think I’m starting to lose my memory.
I can't remember the last time that I was on fire for anything.

I think it's time I come alive (time to come alive, time to come alive).
I don't always need a reason why (don't need a reason why, don't need a reason why).
I think it's time to break through, break through tonight,
take a risk, take a chance for once in my life.
I think it's time I come alive, & this time I don't need a reason why.

Roll the dice & say goodbye.
I'm leaving town with two empty pockets & no alibi.
Maybe I think too much but that's alright.
I'm not afraid of being paranoid, I’m afraid of losing my mind.

I think it's time I come alive (time to come alive, time to come alive).
I don't always need a reason why (don't need a reason why, don't need a reason why).
I think it's time to break through, break through tonight,
take a risk, take a chance for once in my life.
I think it's time I come alive, & this time I don't need a reason why.

I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid of losing touch with the meaning of my life.
I'm not afraid to die, I just need to come alive!

I think it's time I come alive (time to come alive, time to come alive).
I don't always need a reason why (don't need a reason why, don't need a reason why).
I think it's time to break through, break through tonight,
take a risk, take a chance for once in my life.
I think it's time I come alive, & this time I don't need a reason why.

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Matty Mullins Come Alive Comments
  1. Retxed Neerg13


  2. İbrahim Talan

    His voice sounds like chester bennington

  3. Retxed Neerg13


  4. TheRealGamer XD

    Wish i could put 50 likes on the video......

  5. TheRealGamer XD

    Why you guys fight on the video of a Christian song? XD


    This song was playing at my local Chucky Cheeses and I'm still confused lol

  7. Jazmine Rose

    "I'm becoming like the rest of the walking dead around me." Thats how I've been feeling. Like I'm just walking in a haze with no direction. Life without Jesus isn't living. It seems like I'll never learn...

  8. Hailey Kay

    he sounds like etf lead singer :/

    Hailey Kay

    but not

    II MaLyStyK II

    +kay burns you're kinda right

    II MaLyStyK II

    but not.

  9. sdabeatz

    It's simple folks, if you dont like this, there's a button in the left and right upper corner of this window that you can press and get lost. No one cares if you don't like it cause no one is asking.

  10. Jess Freeman

    So beautiful <3

  11. otto

    he actually screamed a little in this one

  12. Sydney Mcclain

    I adore every song on his album, screw what everybody else thinks.

    And to everyone hating on this whole album:
    You don't like how he writes about a faithful relationship with his wife? Too bad, he loves Brittany with all of his heart. You don't like that this album has a lot of religous influences? Too bad, he is a devout Christian. You don't like that this isn't a heavier album? TOO BAD, go listen to something heavy.

    My point is, if you don't like the album...don't listen to it. Nobody is holding you at gunpoint and forcing you to. Does it make you feel better to be hateful and rude? I truly hope it doesn't, because if it does you need to talk to someone. Leave Matty alone and let him preach about his love for his family and his faith.

    I personally am Christian and admire how much he has put himself out there in declaring his faith, because not many people are doing that. He has dove head first into a world that can be VERY hateful towards Christians, and I am honestly so happy for him.

  13. Chris Cartwright

    Kinda reminds me of Imagine Dragons tbh

  14. ZombiehKitten009

    I can totally see a Walking dead video to this song. >.< Invisioning the result in my head T^T would be so amazing. 

  15. Julia M

    Is anyone else obsessed with Matty's whispering in his songs? Because I think it's the coolest thing ever.

  16. prismajane

    OH He is Christian so he can't make good music.Just stop Matty. You're too religious and Christians can't make good music.

  17. Sean Dalton

    Potatoes, everyhwere. 

  18. DanielEBM98

    At the 2:55 i was waiting for a scream :c. Anyway, nice song

  19. Meghan Marie

    Tbh, I love MMF and everyone in the band... but I prefer MMF rather than just Matty. It may just be because I am more for the heavier stuff but I don't know. Its still great, don't get me wrong.

  20. Kimberly Rooke

    Amazing song

  21. Kimberly Rooke

    Amazing song

  22. David Anderson

    SIIICK! Love it!~

  23. CrownTheUndead

    Does he still sing for Memphis may fire??????

  24. The Frosted Llama

    Love at first sound. Urrgghhhh I can't handle it. I heard this once, loved it and woke up with my brain singing it to me. Great Monday If I do say so myself.

  25. ImprovSongs

    I respect the path he chose to take with his music. It was ballsy. I just personally don't like it. I think he is better in MMF

  26. tristananvilcaster

    So good :) Matty ftw

  27. TK Motorsports

    Everyone is bummed about there being no screaming, but I think this is progression.

  28. James Whiteley

    From what has so far been uploaded, Matty's solo stuff seems too much to me like he's producing really generic and safe variations on Miles Away... Too similar to a better song he's already released (with MMF)...

  29. sophtimelow

    I always defend non believers, or ppl that practice other beliefs from cristian bashing them but it seems that they bash cristian the same way or worst. Let me tell you that you haters are fucking dickheads and it's okay if you don't like this, but be fucking respectful. And that means just shutting the fuck up bc is really tiring seeing everyone dissing everyone. Let's be fucking mature. Matty won't change his album or the lyrics or mmf or anyshit just bc of you.

  30. FeEdThEmAcHiNe23

    Holy crap, this is amazing.

  31. Lauren Sabino

    It's good but sounds just like MMF..hear no difference

    Lauren Sabino

    @Justin Bryant Yeah, but that was years ago.. The album they just released and this go hand in hand

    Justin Bryant

    i would say that matty's album is similar to song like need to be and speechless but the style is different then sleepless nights

    Zach Reed

    @Anime Addict Not true, take Blink 182 for example none of the side projects Mark, Tom and Travis were in sound like Blink 182. 

    Lauren Sabino

    @Zach Reed exactly! haha blink-182 is my favorite band, but +44's album is my all time favorite record!


    +Lauren Sabino Hey it's the SourceFed girl

  32. Dustin Nuttall

    One of my favorites from the album so far. Very inspirational.

  33. Anamaria Sanchez

    this song is actually good.

  34. Kenia

    This and My Dear are probably my favorites :3

  35. Ashley Salmon

    @MegaReaver MickeyBot, this would be perfect for the ending of our show

    MegaReaver MickeyBot

    what happen to the note on return of the queen did you ever get that back?
    I'm sure I sent it but I kind of don't remember getting it

    Ashley Salmon

    i replied it

    MegaReaver MickeyBot

     hmmm strange I can't seen to find it though. supose we will just have to continue the Avdenture on a new note starting on the charecters entry into Thet Stypalian capital

    MegaReaver MickeyBot

    verry well then.

  36. Abel Wróblewski

    Nice shit! Matty has got an awesome, original voice

  37. Wasting Time

    Needs more screams.

  38. Victoria Potter

    Fantastic and I really hope that good things like this keep on coming, for the benefit of all of us

  39. Victoria Potter

    Haters need come out of their own generic bubble and realize that not everything that they're going to listen to is going to be their cup of tea. Just shut your mouth and deal with your hate for it silently. No need to taint someone's own hardwork, sweat, blood and tears for your own personal fulfillment. This is what he wanted to do, and if you have a problem with him expressing his religious beliefs and his feelings than you honestly should search up the meaning of "expressions". This song is

  40. UnleashNick

    My favourite so far! love it.

  41. Chris Hyndman

    did people honestly not know he is Christian??

    Chris Hyndman

    I thought he might be when I first heard of MMF but I wasn't sure until I googled it

    Hanabira Kaosu

    everyone has a different view of Christianity....some more traditional, some more liberal....I'm thinking this guy falls in the latter

    Kay Jones

    One is either a true Christian or a fake one. I believe he is a true Christian. I do agree there are different degrees when it comes to standards in the Christian community.
    I only have one thing I want to mention about Matty. I wish he didn't have all the tattoos. God made us special and I don't think we need to add or take away things from that. I don't want to start an argument that's just me. But I love that he is Christian and that he's vocal about it. God bless you Matty!!

  42. Suburban Records

    We are very excited for this release!

  43. jon howell

    So basically the majority of people that hate his solo stuff because he talks about god would love it if he screamed and it was MMF on the cover. At least like the guy as an artist whether you like his solo album or not.

  44. あきら

    Love this song 3

  45. bratz angel

    Yeah, you lost us with the last Memphis album mate...

  46. Adam Emsley

    The lyrics are awful, but the song is decent and fairly catchy, saying that, the production makes me want to be sick

  47. Amy F

    I don't care what people think. His songs have been great. I've been seeing people write how they hate his new songs because they are "religious", "emo" and "sounds more like pop music."
    Just because a song has little to no screaming, is sad, or has a different up-beat doesn't make a song horrible. Religion isn't a bad thing either. And being non-religious is fine toi. That's what's wrong with people these days. People are different and have their own beliefs and some choose not to believe in anything and that's fine too. Who are we to judge? I think it's great what he's doing. No matter if he was screaming or writing religious lyrics. Talk crap all you want about this man's music and choices in changing it, but I will always 100% support people's choices to change, believe and to do what they want. If you don't like his music, dont freaking listen. Plain and simple.

    Sydney Mcclain

    Bless this comment

  48. Kristýna Adamková

    Just great song. I love his voice so much!

  49. Christopher Adam

    I like how basically every song released, the first bit of people love it, then the haters are already late to the party. #sticksandstones

    Vincent R Gilmore

    Even though they already know what to expect.


    @Vincent Gilmore well  im guessing most of the "haters" are like me and like MMF and are trying to see if he actually has one good song on his solo album 

    Ronni Desjardins

    +UNDEADGENERAL41 I don't even listen to Mmf but for some reason I've been really into this Christian Rock stuff, so here I am, I really like this song

  50. TheHipsterVlogs

    i adore this song !!!!!!!!!! 

  51. ali sheikh

    He's really living his dream honestly, and I'm proud of him for sticking to his goals. So damn proud of this dude.

  52. Cody Eversole

    Meanwhile in ego city..

  53. Kacey Rose


  54. ashley778909

    I hate finding a good song that hasent been released yet! FML i want this song

    Dustin Nuttall

    @Diddler Dave I'm on vacation dude. I work for G2 Global. And I still need a social life, moron. You seriously need to grow up & stop being a Sumbawa. Peace

    Diddler Dave

    >Im on vacation
    >I need a social life
    Dude you need to realise bragging about your imaginary life to a seventeen year old isn't a social life.

    Diddler Dave

    I'm homosexual so I really don't doubt the authenticity of that. :L

    Dustin Nuttall

    @Diddler Dave I'm not, 90% of my friends are, but they're also on Broadway as well. Although I don't agree, I don't judge nor talk trash upon it.... not a boundary I cross because you have your freedom. Have fun.

    Ashley Lake

    its on Itunes and has it for $10 has it for $11. 

  55. ulises gonzalez

    The fuck is this emo shit religious fuck. Generic ass pusssie music.

    Dustin Nuttall

    @Chris Cartwright You just can't deal with the truth, go ahead mute it because no one wants your ignorant words to be typed onto this post anyways. Its quite obvious you've already had a lost of braincells before you even attempted to comment. Opinions only mean something when you are not abusing it by talking down on a group of people. Learn truth. Peace


    @ulises gonzalez Damn someone shit in your cornflakes

    Tim Kearney

    @ulises gonzalez ur subscribed to lionfight.....-.- but not like thats any of my business

    ulises gonzalez

    You guys are slow as shit. Im being sarcastic -.-


    displaying sarcasm over a keyboard is quite idiotic.

  56. juliet guerrero

    The Best 4 minutes and 21 seconds of my life! :D 
    Thanks for everything Matty <3

  57. Kevin Bowers

    Best of his solo album yet for sure. A lot of haters, but I can dig it

  58. el webo

    I love this song<3

  59. ThiVids

    "..i 'm becoming like the rest of the walking dead.." had me hooked

  60. Riley Moon

    I hope he does a solo tour

  61. SteeZ TV

    1.) Love The Song
    2.) Haters Gonna Keep Hating

    Dustin Nuttall

    @Matt Rucker You're annoying.

    Dustin Nuttall

    @Matt Rucker You're annoying.

    Oki Oki

    Why are you capitalizing every single word though?  You do realize that you don't do that right?  Save the capitals for band names, book names, the name of a person etc.  #thirdgradeislegit

    Dustin Nuttall

    @Cody Henaire Why does it matter? He is probably doing it to show how important they are to him.

    Matt Rucker

    @Dustin Nuttall Makes sense.

  62. cello silverstein

    PERFECT !!

  63. taylor0367

    This is actually really cool

  64. Osshaigah

    Thanks for "coming alive", now i hate your new music. Gonna have to hail satan after this album releases.


    The humor (Sarcasm)? It's over the fucking internet you obviously can't hear the tone of your voice over typing. Also the band wouldn't be the band without Matty. If the band was without one of their members, just because his fans hated him because of his religion the band would be different and you'd just hate it. I'd strongly suggest you just never comment on a Matty song again if you actually hate it enough to fucking insult religious people.


    You really sound hurt. God have mercy on your soul :c


    @EvilBunny™ Electronic are you so dumb that you can't read sarcasm in writing ?


    Keyboard warrior...

    Diddler Dave

    Hardly, I see no keyboard warrior's here. Being a keyboard warrior is genuinely talking about fighting someone while on the internet.

  65. Nicolás

    easy the best one, but 99% 

  66. Owen Greer

    Honestly really enjoy the lyrical content in this song ^^ not big into the pop & Christian views in this album, but this song has a more Memphis May Fire lyric content in it.

  67. Leofer Estera

    NO haters yet yeyy!! good song tho matty for life :D

  68. Silvertooth

    he almost did some screaming, almost. :'(
    still love it though dont get me wrong

  69. Dashia Lynn xx.

    Oh my hot pickles. This literally has to be my favorite song off this album. Oh gosh. I swear, Matty is doing such an awesome job. I'm really amazed by his work, and I can't even describe how incredibly proud I am of him. Like, really. He's doing very well, and I just think he should keep doing what he's doing. Love you Matty(:
    #mattymullinsarmy ♡

  70. Dashia Lynn xx.

    Oh my hot pickles. This literally has to be my favorite song off this album. Oh gosh. I swear, Matty is doing such an awesome job. I'm really amazed by his work, and I can't even describe how incredibly proud I am of him. Like, really. He's doing very well, and I just think he should keep doing what he's doing. Love you Matty(:
    #mattymullinsarmy ♡

  71. Ali Brock

    Although I love every song so far, my favorites are definitely "Come Alive" & "Back to Square One". :D
    Matty Mullins is my baby. He's my fucking cinnamon apple! xD

  72. Jose Ignacip

    This album its awesome.. But i need a song with screamo. Please

  73. Adam DeGiusti

    so good...

  74. Andrew Scott

    Perfect song for my life right now. Uploaded the perfect song at the perfect time

  75. Vincent R Gilmore

    Probably my favorite.

    Paulol Bologne

    @Ethan M. Me too xd hahah and this song is just soo ^---^ just wait till tomorrow and all song are out omg omg omg

    Vincent R Gilmore

    @piercethe tonyturtle Waiting on my bundle XD

    Paulol Bologne

    @Vincent Gilmore hahha lol but like srsly every mattys song I see your comment xD I preodered album when I heard my dear and 99% soul its just perf

    Vincent R Gilmore

    @piercethe tonyturtle Same and I'm horrible XD

    Paulol Bologne

    @Vincent Gilmore hahahshah xD I think people think we are staljers ir somethin hahah

  76. Rescue22

    Dem screams tho. Good song. :)

  77. david ramirez

    Oooo Matty Mullins *3*

  78. Sharese Stribling

    I was pretty much addicted from the first 30 seconds. Then his voice is just... omigod!

  79. Holden Williams

    Can't wait to hear the rest of the album #mattymullins

  80. Daniel Ocañas


  81. jesus david

    hell yeah XD

  82. Shauna Garrett

    I LOVE this! This album's gonna be great. ♥