Matty Mullins - Back To Square One Lyrics

In a perfect world things would have been different.
I wish it could have gone the way I planned.
I put my heart into your hands because I thought I could trust you.
I thought I heard you say you'd never leave.
I always stood by your side, I thought you'd do the same for me.
All the times I said I loved you, couldn't you hear my sincerity?
I always listened, you were always first to speak.
I guess I should have listened
When this is how they said it would be.
When did all my friends become my enemies?
All this time I just wanted to believe
that I found someone who cared enough to see the best in me.
Now I’m back to square one, scared to trust in anything.
I never thought I was above you, I’m sorry if I made you feel that way.
I'm sorry if I made you think that what we had was just a game.
I always tried to do the right thing.
I always gave more than I would take,
now I’m staring in the mirror wondering
if I’m the one to blame
And this is how they said it would be.
When did all my friends become my enemies?
All this time I just wanted to believe
that I found someone who cared enough to see the best in me.
Now I’m back to square one & this is how they said it would be
(I thought I knew you all along)
When did all my friends become my enemies?
All this time I just wanted to believe (somebody tell me where I went wrong)
that I found someone who cared enough to see the best in me.
Now I’m back to square one, scared to trust in anything.
I wish you the best my friend.
I pray success doesn't get the best of you in the end.
I hope you know I’ll always be here,
I’d love you even if you chose to turn your back on me again.
I guess I should have listened when this is how they said it would be.
When did all my friends become my enemies?
All this time I just wanted to believe
that I found someone who cared enough to see the best in me.
Now I’m back to square one & this is how they said it would be.
We're so busy taking sides, we forget to see the souls behind each others eyes.
If love is patient, love is kind, then why did we run out of time?
I thought I found someone, someone who cared enough to see the best in me.
Now I’m back to square one, scared to trust in anything.

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Matty Mullins Back To Square One Comments
  1. Marvin Bluntly

    The craters in the ocean with light in them ☺️

  2. Faraz zeeshan

    If you hear by MIST!

  3. Javali Azul

    This song is a miracle revelation of god for me !

  4. Shawn Erskine

    😁what was song at the end of the video

    Emily Williams

    Shawn Erskine im wondering the same thing and I've been trying to find it forever 😫 Im really intrigued I wanna hear the whole song

    Emily Williams

    I just found it!

    Release - Hands Like Houses

  5. Isabella

    I just wanted to say, Matty wrote this and all the other lyrics based on what he wanted and what he felt. Not to please anyone. He doesn't care if you think the lyrics are bad, because they were not made for you.

  6. จงรัก เพื่อนบ้านเหมือนรักตัวเอง

    Only Jesus

  7. True

    He's brilliant in Memphis and his album alone is awesome.

  8. Meghan Brady

    anyone else feel like this song is about kellin quinn?

  9. Cameron Jones

    Literally my situation right now. I need help

  10. Brock123253

    oh man throw back to 8th grade.

  11. Shan

    What's the song at the end ? X

    Seth Black

    Sounds like Hands Like Houses to me


    +Seth Black what song of theirs ?


    +Seth Black if it is HLH its gotta be from one of there older albums


    Hands Like Houses — A Tale of Outer Suburbia (it sounds like their reimagine album version of it though)

  12. Stephanie Stout

    Does anybody know that song that plays at the end?


    release by hands like houses

  13. Deborah Erskine

    Absolutely fantastic song. beautiful and relatable lyrics.

  14. Dylan Mcmichael

    can't play this loud enough

  15. coveringfir6

    Fuck all this god bullshit I'm an Atheist and this song is still good

    Daniel Griffin

    Im a Deist and and i love this whole album not because of the theme but the emotion that Matty sings with

    Angry Amy

    Glad you can enjoy his music despite being an atheist man. Many would just ignore artists with opposing beliefs :)

  16. Benjamin Kelley

    This song hits the nail on the head. One must put their relationship with God first before any other relationship because without Him first, sooner or later the other relationships will fall apart.

  17. Drew

    Amen Matt, Your music is amazing and you are so talented. God is our Lord and Jesus Christ is Lord and my savior shedding his blood on the cross and dying and raising back to life. I've been through my own battles with friends. You write what many believers feel. I am no hater I have always respected everyone. I am always a helping hand and friend to anyone. God bless you.

  18. Evil Brainz Angel Heart

    Wow I actually like this song, just typed in BACK TO SQUARE ONE... willing to play whatever showed itself, glad I heard this song!

  19. BreathingatLast

    Does anyone else think this is about Kellin Quinn? We don't see the Best Friend Posts anymore, and SWS mysteriously is now off of Rise Records. Matty is close to the owner of Rise. SWS first song had a lot of lyrics that could have been about Matty? I haven't seen much about that.

    Arthur Rivas

    BreathingatLastBand exactly what I was thinking. I think so because the line about hoping that "fame doesn't get the best of you" probably referring to sws huge come up to basically mainstream now.

  20. Yahshua THE CHRIST

    I don't know how but my faith is stronger  that it ever was before.I thought that for a month i was letting HIM down HE nerver left me and i called out to HIM and wow if your true never will the lord let go never!!!!!

  21. Chelsea Benoit

    Matt writes from his heart,he doesn't write to relate to other people,and I respect him for that. I adore this album it is so beautiful and gives me chills to the bone,I was never a huge Memphis fan but after I saw them at Warped Tour on the 1st, I've been getting really into them,and I must say Matty has earned a lot of respect from me and I love that he writes from his heart not caring how it will be perceived,he is a very talented guy and his lyrics are beautiful ,weather it be unconditional,the hollow,challenger,or his self titled.I am definitely a fan! And I just want to add for atheists who don't believe that it's the religious people who judge,who discriminate and who put our savior on the cross...I am not "religious" I am spiritual ,which just means I accepted the truth and believe that Christ shed his blood upon the cross for my and all of humanity's sins. Being humbled by this I confessed that I am a sinner and asked for forgiveness, it is as easy as that . I am saved and I will see my father again one day,and no person will say anything to change my mind .I know where I belong...and One day.Every knee will bow.

    Chelsea Benoit

    I don't really care what the worldly idea of spirituality is,because it's not realistic, according to my beliefs.

    Doctor Sir Lord Pablo Farquad pussy bacon Escobar

    TRUE spirituality is based around the individual and bringing the best out of that single individual and no one else. He will live a life different than anyone elses and will work a WITCHES CRAFT differently than anyone else simply because of his spiritual path. No, I'm not bashing you or talking down your belief in Jesus Christ, I'm simply clearing up the differences Religion and Spirituality have. It also involves working with the power that has been invested in ourselves through a craft rather than limited to prayer.

    Chelsea Benoit

    +John Hebert I am a follower of Christ that simply does not believe in the corruption of religion.

    Doctor Sir Lord Pablo Farquad pussy bacon Escobar

    +Chelsea Benoit No one said anything about corruption?? I was simply clearing up differences. As a priest of my craft, I hear many people talk about both and tend to confuse one for the other and not that I'm offended because I'm not lol I just want him to know exactly what he's talking about. Others like me don't tend to be as forgiving and may laugh at you and make you out to be a fool .-. I've seen it happen and didn't like it one bit. It makes us witches look bad and not all of us are. Many of us just want to help out but you have these inconsiderate powet hungry witches making the good guys look bad. lol sorry for getting off subject

    Doctor Sir Lord Pablo Farquad pussy bacon Escobar

    +Chelsea Benoit that's fine. Not to sure how that ties in with me clearing up differences but for the 3rd time that's what I was doing

  22. Skyline Drive

    mini heart attack at 1:54

    Javali Azul

    Skyline Drive me too

  23. Ahoy Jess

    Awe man I thought 1:53 was a lead up to a scream . Great song though 10/10 would buy it again

  24. Jess Freeman

    I love Matty so much he's such an inspiration <3

  25. Maya Ligon

    How bout this example... people bash Matty b/c he's a Christian and he shows it through his music. What it he was like Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist and showed those religions through his music. Would anyone bash him then? No. That's what makes me think. People hate Christians more than they hate other religions. Think of all this ISIS killing Christians, Christian massacred in the middle east-- would there be Hindu's massacred? Or Buddhists?

    Maya Ligon

    Christians aren't all bad people.... it's just people are scared of the truth and punish those who are living in the truth because they aren't. I am always challenged and insulted and punished because I'm a Christian.... but why? What did I do? I didn't do anything but give my life to Jesus Christ. What if I were and atheist talking about my theories or Hindu talking about how much I believed in Vishnu? I wouldn't be rebuked then because im so called "in my own world" and "that person is just that way."


    @Maya Ligon I hate all religions.

    Dj Johnson

    @Maya Ligon You keep doing you, proud to be a Christian! ✊

    Justice Kesner

    It's true haha

  26. Alexa Styles

    what's the ending song??

    Evelyn Barría

    Hands Like Houses - release (A Tale of Outer Suburbia) Official Music Video

  27. Rojeiris B. Casado Luis

    Pretty good job.... Keep working in it ...!! Im from Dominican Republic and I just in love with this album....

  28. bailey schwartz

    What's the song at the end?

  29. Larry Leonard

    Wait. So. This means no more MMF or still MMF but this too??

  30. Bunaigh

    I decided to look at the comments... Bad decision. I get so tired of people saying that others are idiotic for their opinions. Why can't we all shut up and follow our own way? Is our species too ignorant to leave someone's opinion alone? Everyone has their own taste, and not everyone likes others' because they feel the need to convert. STOP! Atheists shove their non-religion down Christians' throats just as much as the "Christians" shove their religion down Atheists' throats. Truth is, a true Christian will not shove anything down anyone else's throat, or we're going against God's will for us to be a loving people. Everyone is a hypocrite, but not everyone forces their opinions on others. I'm a Christian. I'll admit it. I also love Matty and MMF... Does that make me biased? NO because I also enjoy other bands like ISSUES, Set It Off, Crown the Empire, Hands Like Houses, The Early November, etc. Look, religion can't be as idiotic as people say it is, if there's so many different religions, but there's only one religion that everyone seems to hate on, and it's the largest in the world, Christianity. Honestly, we Christians must be doing something right, if Christianity has as large of a population as it does. Stop the hate. If you don't like it, click away. If you don't like it, and stay on to comment how much of a disgrace you think it is, then you're the one that's wrong.

  31. Blake Ferguson

    Perfect song <3

  32. Sarah-Lou Pellicci

    Absolutely beautiful <3 powerful lyrics <3 wonderful track <3

  33. Kris Owens

    humbling [for me]

  34. jtoulson

    He sound's like the the vocalist from issues

  35. Martina Caltabiano

    His voice is so beatiful *-*

  36. Marc valley

    Whats the song at the end that plays when the song is over at 4:23???

  37. C G

    Love Matty but he is definitely better suited for MMF. 

  38. alberto gonzalez

    How is called the song of 4:24 minutes?

  39. Zak Vreeland

    so did not cry during this

  40. XxBloodNHeartxX

    "If love is patient, love is kind, Then why did we run out of time?" Wow :/

  41. klarr mink

    Story of my life lol

  42. Jordyn Puzsar

    his voice <3

  43. Jordon Downey

    What's wrong with someone expressing their religion through music? Sure you don't have to like it, but he is doing what he likes!

  44. Hunter Larsen

    I really like Speechless and need to be off  Memphis may fires album unconditional but this is good to I'm glad that he is very honest about Christianity instead of trying to hide it in fear of scrutiny and judgment

  45. N. Asthaerus

    This songs explains exactly how I feel right now... especially these lines:
    "I wish you the best my friend.
    I pray success doesn't get the best of you in the end.
    I hope you know I’ll always be here,
    I’d love you even if you chose to turn your back on me again."

  46. Jessica Adams

    This song = My life.
    Its kinda sad actually.

  47. Kat Layman

    this song describes my relationship EXACTLY

  48. Lequante Abbott

    What's the song at the end

  49. Lequante Abbott

    What's the song at the end

  50. DeadPhoenixDown

    I like matty as a vocalist but this is a little to soft for my taste. But hey every band has ideas the rest of the band are like "Hahahaha no" And then solo albums are made but this is not me saying its shit...Its only kinda shit :P half poop haha

  51. Haylee Hughes

    This is the best song on the album tbh.

  52. SlayerOfLegendz

    It's not like the lyrics even mean anything. It is just like he was writing this and said "Oh this will sound good". He hardly wrote from the heart when he is married last I heard.

  53. Thorn O'Dell

    This song is amazing.

  54. D.O. Esquire

    Does Matty still sing for Memphis May Fire and releases his own stuff or did he leave them? Legit question. 

    D.O. Esquire


  55. Beaniemac

    All of his fans became his enemies because he just wants to believe and nobody is supporting him FUCKING PEOPLE

  56. Alex Gilmore

    Matty always writes about the most cliche subject matter. That's why I kind of gave up on Memphis May Fire. While the instrumental part of the songs were great, the lyrics made it seem like I was listening the same song over and over.

  57. Brock123253

    Chills.. His voice gives me chills😍😍

  58. mariah johnson

    These lyics hit home...thank you matty this whole album gives me Hope.

  59. Dexter Quinn

    If people were to focus more on the amazing work which Matty has made rather than the inspiration he used to create this work, then i think I could actually respect the music community. People who don't like his religious lyrics should consider why they are here. We're here to support Matty's debut album, not to question his choice of album inspiration. We're meant to be fans not critics.

  60. Syukran Jazil Rahman

    Keep support for matty !!

  61. Syukran Jazil Rahman

    Surely, this one is my favorite song on his album, and im waiting for the clip for this song..ya hopefully..

  62. AeLy Quietly'Hurt

    I listen to this song and it's just so happy. MATTY ^_^

  63. TurnTables

    OMG you gotta love all of his new shit

  64. tristananvilcaster

    This album is perfection

  65. Where's Waldo

    Matty Mullins will forever be my favorite singer. This album sounds great so far I don't know why people, who call themselves fans of him and MMF, bash him for being a Christian. If you listen to some MMF's songs, I mean actually listen, you can tell he's a Christian. Why does it matter if he's a Christian anyway? That shouldn't change why you're a fan of his & if it does then were you ever actually a fan in the first place?

  66. Christopher AJ Silva

    Matty, this album is flawless! I love how you're expressing yourself and your faith. From a fellow Christian to another, I love you. Thank you for making a difference :)

  67. al3x124

    You can go double myrrh!

  68. Sabina Garzon

    Omg. I love this! :D

  69. Sabina Garzon

    Omg. I love this! :D

  70. Caleb Straley

    Matty thank you so much for such a rich album! Full of faith and pure awesomeness! Preach on man!

  71. DecapodianR

    Fuck. I decided to check this out, it's only a couple of hours after my gf broke up with me...

  72. Amy F

    Who cares if his music has changed because of his faith. I support it. His lyrics are fine. If you don't like it, go listen to something else.

  73. juliet guerrero

    I love this song. Words cannot even explain. ;-;

  74. Rescue22

    That freaking chorus, so addicting!

  75. Wonton

    Just amazing and beautiful (: kudos Matty

  76. mrwabie

    Loved it ):
    I can't wait to hear more

  77. stephanie estrada

    i love this song 

  78. Gustav Gjerstad

    Lol, you can really hear at 1:08 how obvious the autotune/pitch correction is...

  79. XxLilKandiRaverxX

    Give Matty a break, he's doing what he wants. Support him instead of trash talk him.

  80. Mike Stankovich

    so far, this is the only song I could say it's not bad

  81. Tayler Stewart

    I get the feeling that from the second verse, this song is referencing Tyler Carter and Issues calling him out on the song 'Personality Cult'..... interesting

  82. Friend KJ

    Just listen and enjoy why care what its about.

  83. Jorelle Dancel

    Probably the best song in the album so far

  84. Dave Morais

    Memphis may fire singer?

  85. Fabian Castro

    Im not fan of this new stuff from Matty, altough i love MMF, I really respect him for stepping out in a scene where almost everyone claims themselves atheists and bash him just for speaking his heart out. Great job! 

  86. Steve Rodriguez

    Been an MMF fan for a while, I really like how Matty is able to produce such amazing music no matter what the genre. His music and lyrics have always been more on a religious stance than most. Glad to see he has an amazing range and ability. Truely a talented artist.

  87. OwlSperm

    I like it. 

  88. Mahbuz

    he's a great singer but this album is so bad

  89. daniel vides

    men back to MMF ok. this no your style. well i dont like 

  90. Undead45433

    Is it just me or did 1:53 sound like a great lead up for a scream


    It would have been nice if there were a scream 

    Dzimka Bujiashvili

    There is.


    well, a soft one :c

    Nick Suson

    @DanielEBM98 There isn't really any such thing as a soft scream. Haha, He just layered his singing volume over the scream and definitely edited the volume of his scream track to be simultaneously lower.
    Or rather someone else did by his order.


    @Undead45433 I fucking waited for it XD

  91. Emmalee Mims

    Love it

  92. lulu munjiroh

    religions didn't break us apart. i still admired matty even though he's a christian. he is a great guy. respect others, man.

  93. Tyler Harman

    So good !

  94. Paulo Azevedo

    Favorite song so far

  95. Dezzy

    best so far

  96. SteeZ TV

    "When did all my friends become my enemies." All the people who trashed Matty Mullins with your comments on his other songs should really focus on the chorus of this song because its messed up how his best fans are now hating on him because he made a song that they don't like. Not every song an artist makes is going to be a hit in your eyes but it help to trash the artist because you don't get what you want every time. Just Sayin

    Emilee Pappas

    thank you for saying this.

    Ciena Valle

    Couldn't agree with you more!! You are so right!!

  97. livvy elaine

    This is amazing. But are all lead singers having a side project along with their band? I'm not saying it's a bad thing. But it seems to be happening a lot. But I love matty. His voice is so powerful. And I thing people can really relate to him. Good job Matty

  98. Mackenzie Mulder

    This describes my life right now ♡ it's perfect I love this song

  99. TheGhostlyGlow

    Can relate to this song right now :/