Matty Mullins - 99% Soul Lyrics

One percent body, ninety-nine percent soul
I want to look like you, talk like you, know you more
One percent body, ninety-nine percent soul
Make me more like you, come on and make me

I remember a time when I never thought that I'd believe
A prisoner to myself like everyone else
Thinking life was about me, but then I figured it out

One percent body, ninety-nine percent soul
I want to look like you, talk like you, know you more
One percent body, ninety-nine percent soul
Make me more like you, come on and make me whole

Every day is a new chance to be the man you see in me
So I'll live life one mistake at a time
And trust that grace will guide my feet
I'll never look back knowing that everywhere I go you'll be
I see the truth of your love shining bright through every part of me
So I just want to be

One percent body, ninety-nine percent soul
I want to look like you, talk like you, know you more
One percent body, ninety-nine percent soul
Make me more like you, come on and make me whole

I'm standing on solid ground cause I know
I'm one percent body, ninety-nine percent soul

Now I am not my own, I was bought with blood
Once was lost but now I know
I've been found by love, your love

One percent body, ninety-nine percent soul
I want to look like you, talk like you, know you more
One percent body, ninety-nine percent soul
Make me more like you, come on and make me whole

I'm standing on solid ground cause I know
I'm one percent body, ninety-nine percent soul

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Matty Mullins 99% Soul Comments
  1. BlackbeltPrincess

    Anyone else getting TobyMac vibes from this?

  2. Makaya Bell

    I love this song.

  3. Gok asi Sihombing

    To be honest, I see jesus in you matty, I believe jesus use you in His works.use you to be bless for all

  4. Jawon Ryan

    All glory to God

  5. Angelo James

    God bless you matty <3 see you at the gates!

  6. Vince 777

    Chester is proud of you 😎

  7. Rynzoo Kharnongrum

    do what you love,right?

  8. Chris Blarsten

    I am atheist but i like this song so much, and Matty too, dont understand the hate... i think he is a really good man, so why so many hate him? he believes in the good... thats nothing wrong. keep your course Matty! :)

  9. Tommy Anderson

    There were so many things trying to pull me from god awhile back I just had to break through and say no! I am gods I was lost but now I’ve been found by YOUR LOVE THE BEST LOVE!

  10. WestContent

    His voice like Him in Linkin park. I don t how call him

  11. Caitlyn Connor

    dad, i lOVE him

  12. Roger Frye

    Big fan of Matty ..he's either finding himself or he signed with someone.

  13. Sadie Grasse

    This song is so catchy! I cannot get enough of it!

  14. Janeth Martinez

    Love it ❤️

  15. El Rojo

    Silly ginger, souls are for kids

  16. afrob2


  17. trina

    your music is SO inspiring and SO reassuring and SO VICTORIOUS!!! because you are singing TRUTH friend i love you thank you <3

  18. Zeke

    I really love this song, but I really would of loved Memphis May Fire to do it some screams would of been really sick in this, still good though.

  19. Death Cats

    1% body 99% plastic
    Stay away, ur just a basic whore
    1%heart 99% slut
    I only came to fuck you


    This is beautiful

  21. (The Weird British Guy)

    I'm atheist and I love this! :)

  22. Brad Ford

    One of my favorite songs. This has helped me so much in my relationship with God and is currently my prayer that in everything I do to be more and more like Him until I'm 1% body and 99% soul.

  23. Jonathan p

    1% eh 99% gay as fuck

  24. micaela schmitt


    Concordia Vilauniao

    Micaela Schmitt nada haver

  25. DeTox

    Truly who wouldn't want to be like him, knowing that he is forever almighty and that he loves us despite the mistakes we've made in this life..

  26. Miss ROC

    What an awsome music!!

  27. Vine Siqueira

    Cara fica só no Memphis May Fire mesmo

  28. TurnerUp Streams

    matty actually has soul in his music and that's a very rare commodity these days there is alot of band that are in if for the money but matty does it be cause he wants to change this fucked up world we live in and help people that are hurting in life emotionally and he also tries to make everyone see what is really going on so wake up people don't be blinded by the lies you belive don't be sheepeople!!

  29. TurnerUp Streams

    I'm jewish and I love matty and mmf music he has a harmonic voice keep up the great work !!!

  30. MCR459

    love this song! praise God!

  31. Brandon Jackson

    I'm an atheist but i can't help but loving any thing with Matty because I have so much respect for him


    I don't agree with atheism, but I'm glad you're hearing truth.

    Kay Jones

    I am glad to hear you respect him. I'm a Christian, but I can discuss things with those of a different belief when we have a respect for each other.

  32. DUDES

    that shit is amazing, fucking Matty ur the best

  33. Stanley Perez

    i may be atheist but honestly i like matties music

  34. KD Walters

    i am officially obsessed with this song

  35. KD Walters

    boring church library mornings are always made better by matty mullins

  36. Jaktin82

    wish he made a acoustic album. this is good tho.


    I really want an acoustic version. It would be great ❤

  37. Juratory

    I'm an atheist, and the amount of hate on here from either other atheists or butthurt fans is ridiculous.

    jaime orendorff

    thank you

    Vince 777

    God bless even if you don't have faith I really hope you discover God one day. Matty reminds me of Chester here.😎

  38. beahbeahful

    Praise the Lord

    Anker Gutten

    +beahbeahful Hell Yeah! :D

  39. Marissa Kelly

    I found Matty Mullins from Veridia! I really love this song now

  40. Y69shadesofgreg Gaming

    That last comment is fucked up because my phone glitches when it's about dead

  41. Y69shadesofgreg Gaming

    Seriously who mine craft saved my life is serious tard 1st off its minecraft no space 2nd matty Mullins sings about real things in his videos of people it's only one girl proving his loyalty so he's got something rappers don't, loyalty

  42. homeless pizza

    LOL looks at all these butthurt atheist faggot basement dwellers. Hilarious

    Bullpup Shotty

    +Андрей Павлов Hilarious indeed

  43. Josh Duran

    To all of the people hating on this. I believe there is a function on your hand that allows you not to click if you so desire. seriously, it's kind of childish to complain about something if you're 100% able to refuse to listen to it. Why do you guys always hate on something someone is passionate about? mattty loves doing what he does, whether if be for his fanbase, himself, or God. He doesn't write his music to offend anyone. He doesn't do anything to try and offend anyone. But when it's something you guys don't enjoy you attack him with hate comments. C'mon man thats not cool. I would encourage you all to respect someone for doing something that makes them happy.

  44. Azzie Molla

    1% body 99% corn


    i wanna hear this version

  45. Simona Bart

    fck ya haters

  46. Victoria Katyleen

    Why do atheist people see God everywhere? Daaaamn, just chill the fuck out. I am atheist and I can apply these lyrics for many things that not God or religion. For me is just about someone I admire and wanna be alike. Like my idols. Like Matty itself.

  47. Jspau

    1% body, 99% corn!

  48. Kat Nesbitt

    one of the best songs I've ever heard!!!!!

  49. when2033comesyouaredone

    omgoodness look at all the fools in the comment section ... i guess some people enjoy the idea of burning FOREVER .. free will is an interesting thing .....

    S Taylor


    Provide evidence of a deity, and I will believe. A book written by a bunch of men thousands of years ago is not "evidence". Until then!

    Ben Miller

    +abe rombie provide proof of your brain. Until Then!
    just because you don't see something does not mean it does not exist

    Kateri Gensler

    All these fucking God botherers are kind of amusing. They think we're the ones who don't think clearly.

    sir nimbus

    It is not as simple as it seems.
    It's something you must be willing to seek. I don't hate you not do I wish harm to you. But if I know what I believe then let me believe that. No one is forcing you to convert or to be baptised. We only wish well on you. If you have looked and found nothing I pray you look again. Jesus is real God is real. I tested God over and over to prove he was imaginary but when I stopped testing him and asked for his blessings he blessed me. And a few near death experiences with a bit of ptsd later I know he is real.
    I learned the hard way. I do ask that you look however that choice is yours and only yours

    Heavy Heaps

    +abe rombie it's called FAITH for a reason

  50. Steve A. Santamaria

    Ignorant people hating on him and his music because it's religious, do any of you listen to Memphis May Fire?? Listen to any of the lyrics? It's all about the lord and you people are just too ignorant to hear their message.

  51. Lekia Nueh

    I'm still amazed by his voice 😲

  52. Mickey Grandia

    What soul?

  53. JoshelleyEdits

    Marty Mullins Worship Jams.

  54. johnpaul domingo

    Matty mullins your the insparation to all Christian metal band. to all haters of matty and Mephis May FIRE Respect =)

  55. Gissela montañez

    love ♥♥♥♥ eres muy talentoso tu voz es especial ven a peru por porfavor eres blo maximoooo

  56. Rick Masterson

    I happen to really like this song. praise Jesus christ. you go Matty looking forward to hearing more of this style of music from you, God bless my friend.

  57. The Vidiot

    All the people saying this is too preachy his entire self titled is basically a worship album don't like it? please listen to him on MMF.

    Dyllan Tausch

    amen to that

    Dyllan Tausch

    but even then most mmf stuff has an underlying message about God, but I guess those who don't worship catch on to it just because it is a heavier style of music

  58. Bam98

    Matty Mullins I respect you for who you are and how you are going to put out music you want not everybody else for that I bought t his album!! I respect you and keep going my brother..

  59. Ive Paytuvi-Pieterick

    More and more of Christ and way less of me. I want to talk like you, choose like you and walk like you.

  60. lenajn13

    that hat though...

  61. SilenceInDenial SiD

    Matty. Stop. Gingers have no soul.

  62. CocoChip3000

    i acually like this why all the hate

  63. Amir Croes

    People must be stupid if they only care of heavy
    If you dont believe in god then why click on the video and start hating that literally makes you look like a moron
    If you want non - god lyrics then just go listen to another song cause Im pretty sure singing about sex drug party etc is way much better than this for you guys

    I really dont know why people hate on things
    People should learn to respect eachothers love eachother have faith in theirselfs being yourself and not some idiot

    That will make you a better person

    God bless you all..

    (Sorry for bad english)

  64. Clyde Calamity

    Sounds like Mike Posner.

  65. Kortney Olesky

    This is the best song

  66. RedBlade ninja

    why do you u hate this tho ??? i like it tho its nice

  67. Melissa Neves

    Matty Mulins :3 <3 amoo essa música! Me da vontade de viajar, ficar brincando com os animais, curtindo a vida, dançar *--*

  68. Frostbyte

    Thank you God

  69. Sydney Denton

    amazing song :)

  70. R Maas

    Why is everyone so negative about Matty Mullin's his album? Like it's an awesome album.

  71. Nikki g

    So much judgement. Just let it be

  72. Genesis De la Luz

    Why does this get hate? Only because it's not "Heavy" or because it's about God?? That's RIDICULOUS!! Honestly my favorite song though

    Rachael Meador

    Same here. I don't get why everyone is hating on the song and him.

  73. maggie arnold

    Different than what I'm used to hearing from him, but I couldn't respect this man more. He's the perfect example of a good role model, and also does what he loves without a care in the world about what anyone thinks of him, besides God.
    I love and support you, Matty!

  74. DiTzZ

    Matty, please stop >_>

  75. Repent

    I can appreciate this type of music, despite my beliefs. All everyone else knows how to do is just bash people. This is what the human race does...Matty, your voice is amazing, keep it up despite all the haters. Do what you wanna do, not what others want you to do :)

  76. Juliana Gomez

    One of my favorite songs of Matty Mullins, It´s just amazing, i love his voice!! XD

  77. Mle5b B

    This song is great I think it is 

  78. Jess Freeman

    Beautiful song by a beautiful man I love it <3

  79. Army4TheKing

    (Please note the sarcasm) Oh no! The song's religious! Run! They come to shove their beliefs down my throat. Even though I chose to listen to it, I'm offended that it's all about God! It shouldn't be like that! That teaches bad bad things like how to be a horrible person. He's so rude as a religious singer for making s religious song.

  80. Sydney

    I just love Matty for this.

  81. Maddy

    Matty Mullins is like the hottest man alive~ along with Kellin, Vic and Trent ^-^

  82. Joseph Cesar Ilaga

    I just love how Matty Mullins always insert bible reference into his masterpieces! Great job! And God bless you and family Matty! P.S. My daughter is a crazy fan of yours.

  83. Maya Ligon

    Oh really? Then why do you care that his lyrics are about God? If u didn't care about God and didn't care if others thought he existed, then you wouldn't be making a huge fuss, now would you?
     Reply  ·

  84. Pansy The Human

    Alright, it's his music career, is it not? You don't have a right to judge him for writing a song about God. He made the song and puts effort into a career, you don't, and if you do, make your own damn music.

  85. soulXmusic0

    His voice may be very "basic", as some of these comments say but, there's something special with his videos & lyrics that make him special <3

  86. Andrew Johnson

    Why do people go out of their way to attack someone else's beliefs? What point is there to prove?

  87. Dan Jacobs

    1 % Memphis May Fire 99% Justin Bieber

  88. Jorge Porras

    This music puts me in a great mood! :)

  89. rachel

    this song is so catchy man im athiest but this is fun why so much hate guys
    if matty wants to go solo let matty go solo

  90. hannah day

    So he can write whatever he wants to write about. and personally i like this song. Good job Matty :)

  91. Alexis Olivier

    Okay let's get one thing straight right this instant Matty specifically said that "I'm defined by God and not by anybody else. You can take that and run with it or stop listening to my band." So therefore what does it matter what all of you people think so if you have hate for him then just leave it in your own ignorant little idiotic minds.

  92. DudeImAPatato

    1% soul 99% ginger xD jk I have nhoting against ginger people.

  93. Sammi Clifford

    It's stupid that dumb ass people take time out of their days to say mean things about this. It's amazing and I love it. I understand it's going to be criticized. Don't be an ass to someone who does what they love.

  94. Jorge Porras

    I don't know why everybody is giving him so much sh*t, he is doing what he loves.

  95. Romantic Innkeeper of Gran Soren

    0.99% body 99% soul 0.01% good

    Sorry Matty, but watered down pop music isn't my favorite sound when it comes to music. Still, keep doing what you're doing, I guess.

    Heavy Heaps

    It's not pop. It's Christian Rock

  96. Anna Zajac

    I don't think this is cheesy at all. It's funky AND meaningful, rather than singing about money, cars and bitches...