Matthew West - The List Lyrics

Write 'em down one by one
Every single mistake that you've ever made
Every single wrong turn you wish you didn't take

Keeping count, you can't let go
In for life behind bars, but you're holding the key
'Cause the list tells your heart that you'll never be free

But love keeps no record of wrong, no, no
Love keeps no record of wrong, no, no
Love keeps no record of wrong, no, no
Listen to me, love keeps no record of wrong, no

So let it go
Let it go

Love tears the list in million little pieces
Cast your sins as far as the East is from the West
Say goodbye to the list

Love tells your heart it's time to start beating
History will not be repeating anymore
Yesterday is closing door

Love keeps no record of wrong, no, no

Let it watch over you
That it doesn't mater what you've done or where you've been
You don't have to keep going back there again

And write it down one last time
Go on and raise your hands, let the list fall down
You know that you are a new creation now

Love tears the list in million little pieces
Cast your sins as far as the East is from the West
Say goodbye to the list

Love tells your heart it's time to start beating
History will not be repeating anymore
Yesterday is closing door

Cause love keeps no record of wrong, no, no
Oh, love keeps no record of wrong, no

Come unto me
All who are weary
And I will give you rest
Your debt was paid
Your cross was carried
Love's hand has wiped away the list

(Say goodbye to the list)
(Say goodbye to the list)

Let it go (Gotta let it go)
Let it go (Love tears the list in million little pieces) (Gotta let it go)
Let it go (Love tears the list in million little pieces) (Gotta let it go)
Let it go (Love tears the list in million little pieces) (Gotta let it go)

Love keeps no record of wrong, no

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Matthew West The List Comments
  1. soru bee

    Kudos to the anti-gay orginization that introduced to my next gay amv video music

  2. Rd Pacis

    Ironically these past few days, it feels like I always feel sorry for what I have done against the Lord. It's been like this for months now for me, and today I was about to ask the Lord who I'am in him. Before I read my Bible I always listen to christian music, it could be contemporary, praise or worship songs. I got this song on my recommended and I started playing it. This song helped me a lot and I just realized that I have been dwelling on my past and the Lord already forgave me. I remember something from Revelation where Jesus waited for Jezebel to repent for her sins but she did not and I searched it on the internet about it and the first thing I saw from the internet is the parable of the lost son from Luke. I began reading the parable. One of the sons left his Father and their house but when struggle came upon him, he came back to his Father. The thing that hit me so hard when his son told his Father, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’ but the thing is, The Father was filled w/ compassion and he opened his arms wide and kissed his son. And as I continued reading this parable tears suddenly came to my eyes. Then as I began to pray I said to Lord that I'am not worthy of your compassion and love. He showed me great love and kindness and I'am not worthy of it. And as soon as I believe that I'am a new creation and a new beginning awaits me, my heart felt joy and peace. I gave thanks to the Lord and everything to him.

    So I shared this to you guys because it felt like there are a lot of people who always felt sorry for their past. not to mention they dwell as well. Believe and a new journey w/ Jesus awaits you!

  3. C.J.C


  4. worm on a string

    I’m gay and also waiting for homophobic comments ;)

  5. Gideon 27N

    This song just made my day!! 🙌🏻😇🙌🏻 Thanks for sharing it!! 🙌🏻😇🙌🏻

  6. Dary Stefanus

    You’r is the best Matthew God blees you

  7. Maga Ramírez

    Beautiful ❤ Dios eres tan bueno!

  8. Akio

    Who's here from the extremely gay anti-gay interpretative dance video

    Blitz Wolf

    I just found it and I love it


    It's honestly great. I can't say I agree with that organization in any way, but they've got some fire music, ngl

  9. Alex Yee

    Here because I had to find the original song from that anti lgbtq group’s performance video that just went viral.

    This song is so good though!


    Hahaha, me too 😃


    Same. I thought that he might've been trolling because I thought the song sounded really gay but turns out he's a Christian singer. It gets more and more akward.

    Oli Cansdale

    +silverwolf919 IKR! love keeps no record of wrong *EXCEPT IF YOU ARE LGBT* apparently :/

    Luke Rich

    I really hate that someone who used one of Matthew West songs for an anti LGBT dance video or whatever. I didn't see the video but that sucks Matthew West is amazing and doesn't deserve that

  10. Human Being

    Why the infinity symbol?

    Smither Todd's Forge

    Because God's love is infinite, God bless

  11. Daniel Johnson

    I'm currently working on celebrate recovery 4th step principal 7 the moral inventory, just listening to this brought me to tears, the Holy Spirit ministered to me through this song. what a blessing, thank you Jesus


    I got the CD for Christmas and I was going to see my dad with the CD playing in my car . I was murmuring to God about how my girlfriend was treating me ( even though I had the CD playing I did NOT HEAR it until) then I heard this song and these words " BUT  LOVE KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONG , NO / SO LET IT GO ."  God does not quit when He is at work in you .... He told me about 6 months before this to love my girlfriend with His Love not mine ........ again thanks Matthew for such powerful songs ...............

  13. Kai Shieng

    My favorite part is the end when the children say what love is. Love does not boast, love is kind, etc.

  14. Jessica netzer

    Wonderful song. Awsome video.

  15. Cindy Goyette

    Was working on my bible study of Isaiah 59:9-15 when this song came on.WOW Thank you Matthew for sharing your gift with others.

  16. April_Faith Forever

    please... I want the chords of this song.... :(

  17. Cierra Lara

    I have been suffering from Severe Anxiety and Depression, I have had ADD my whole life, and have been struggling with self harm lately. I have done and said unspeakable things, that would most definitely be unforgivable. But God's love has given me a better future. I have been blind to what he can do. God is all I need. I hope to tell my story one day.

  18. Eli Razcon

    one's childhood keeps no old list of your wrongs, a new start.

  19. Tracy Waters


  20. Just2 Arcaders

    What inspired you to wright this song? Love it took me only 3 times of listening to learn :D

  21. 88Mobius

    This song reminds me of the book i am reading called feels like redemption. I have been dealing with porn addiction for many years, and God's love has set me free from my prison of shame and loneliness. It is a good book to read if you struggle with this.

    Kai Shieng

    88Mobius same. I deal with the same thing.


    I'm still on that journey.

  22. sarah obeid

    Okay. Pray.
    Good. Misc.

  23. Bella Kue

    Let it go

  24. Bella Kue

    Love keeps no record around no, no


    ..coz love keep no record of wrong...nooooohooo...
    awesome lyrics

  26. MusicMusicMusic

    03:09 sounds a lot like Charlie Hall's type of songs

  27. C.J.C

    i Love this song alot. My man Matthew West did it again.

  28. Edw Leo


    Peter M

    +Edwin Leonardo Loominaty confirmed...

    Sing Talk Laugh Li

    Yes! Triangles confirmed! 🙀

    Sing Talk Laugh Li

    Yes! Triangles confirmed! 🙀

  29. peniel yohannes

    I like the song but only one comment, he said the cross has been carried for you, I think this statement is wrong in a sense we have to carry our cross daily, not Jesus, he paid the penalty for our sins but not for the cross we face in daily life persecution.


    +peniel yohannes I think when he says the cross was carried for you he means the literal meaning. People tend to look at everything in the bible symbolically but forget to notice some of the literal detail. As you recall, Jesus had to carry the cross to Calvary. He had to carry his own cross that he would be hung on. He eventually couldn't carry it anymore and Simon of Syrene carried it. So in a sense the cross was carried for us. Jesus had the choice to die for us or not. We didn't deserve Him taking away our sin by going through all the horrible things he went through. It should have been us carrying our crosses to calvary because of our sin but Jesus did so. Now that is why we choose to follow him and worship him all our lives. You are correct in thinking we must take up our crosses everyday. Jesus did say so in Matthew 16. He said this in the fact that we truly love him if we give up all for him because in the end he gave up everything for us.:)

    Belltrixe _

    God took our shame at the cross

  30. Grace Kumolontang

    Thank you for this powerful message. I'm sure there's many people that will be blessed by this song (and all your other songs) like it did to me. God bless you.

  31. MaKayla Burns

    Absolute favorite song in the world! This song in concert is phenomenal.

  32. TheOliver6114

    I cried to Becca Fickel I was like God really really DOESN'T care about my sins and my past doings

  33. tabitha noel

    God spoke to me through this song... !! Thank u so much for beautiful lyrics. .

  34. happystrongpure

    Hi my name is Anna I am 19. I have never done drugs, self harmed, or been abused, I have a family and a few friends that love me and care for me very much. But I feel lonely. I struggle with an addiction similar to one I had in the past. I am in college but stay at home instead of in a dorm. I am struggling with school because I lack the motivation and self confidence. I was homeschooled for 8 years so that caused me to do less work and develop more social anxieties. Whenever I am in public I often break down or avoid everyone. In public I am always the Wallflower. No one comes to me and I am just in the corner alone. I'm afraid of what the future holds. I know there is a bunch of people who have it a lot worse but will someone pray for me?

    peniel yohannes

    +happystrongpure OK Anna will pray, remember this God loves you so much, more than you think, you are not alone, he wants you to have fellowship with him in heaven for eternity so he gave his only perfect son to die instead of you to join him in heaven for fellowship, read his word, the bible, much truth about life and how to handle with things we face in life is reveled there.

    Jo Lewis

    +happystrongpure you are so precious to GOD that when you weep, He weeps. you are so precious to GOD that He knows how many hairs are on your head right now. you are so precious to GOD that when you weep He collects all of your tears and saves them in a vial. you are so precious to GOD that He knew you three hundred years before you were born and He thought enough of you to bring you into this world. you are so precious to GOD and you are precious to me. <3


    +happystrongpure It's okay to be an introvert. look it up on google.


    Hey Anna , I was shy as a child but God changed that . I could talk to you one on one but in front of a crowd / yuk. Then one day I had a testimony to give . I went to the front of the church and at first just stood there thinking now what I am here . I decided just look at the top of the people's head instead in their eyes .Now I can take the mic and look the people right into their eyes ( thank God , because God has put music in my heart to share to others ). YOU WILL BE OK ( if I did it anybody can ) . JUST TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME , BEFORE YOU KNOW IT .....

    Anna Nicholson

    happystrongpure its anxiety. There are medications and therapy that can help

  35. Austin Turcotte

    I've struggled with sexual temptations the last 5 years and felt just so much guilt and shame like I couldn't stop and God would turn His back on me, but this song has just really encouraged me! Love The List! We can say goodbye to the list!

    Romelu Lukaku

    3 years later are you still struggling?


    be gay do crime my g

  36. Josh The Emoticon

    great! just great!

  37. Sage Fontaine

    I am in love with this song ♥

  38. Angeln Garcia

    Cool song i"m so glade for the song in me

  39. Becca Fickel

    This song brought me to tears at the concert and it still does listening to it at home. This song is so, so powerful. I've learned to let my sins go and forgive myself because of God's love. Wow, what a beautiful song.

  40. Isaac Hammer

    one of my favorite songs from this album

  41. Michael Delaney

    Just what i needed today, good message!

  42. Toa BionicleFactory

    For someone who doesn't like messing up and learns from those mistakes, but still cringes at them, this song is perfect.
    God Bless,
             Toa (Garnl) BionicleFactory

  43. A L

    God wrote this

  44. A L


  45. Cel Samin

    That's Jesus' love right there! Amen!

  46. Lisa B

    This song brought me to tears at the show when he sang it. It is something that I have struggled with for YEARS. After the show, I came home and destroyed my lists!! <3 Thanks for this song. Means so much.

  47. Matthew Licht

    I love that song his music really changed my life

  48. Michael Wallace

    Got to the let it go part with all the triangles and I came down here just for the frozen jokes and illuminati people :P however, I was pleasantly surprised :) beautiful song

  49. IncorporatedGamer

    i love his music:):):]}=)
    i  watch it all

  50. Kokoro 『❤』

    Wow this song is just perfect for me and others who are having a hard time letting things we feel sorry about go~!! T.T Amen.

    Christina 27

    @o0_Kokoro♥Beat_0o yes , Amen!!!

  51. DocHart

    Amen brother!

  52. Dinesh Kakulla

    Inspired by Frozen :) Nice song


    @Boss Swag wouldn't be surprised he has two little ones! he has to have watched the movie hundreds of times

  53. Drew Perkins

    Amen! Your music has been a huge encouragement and blessing to me. It was great to see you in Fort Wayne 2 weeks ago. Love ya brother! - Drew
    P.s. Hope the Fight Club shirt fit okay