Matthew West - Live Forever Lyrics

86,400 seconds, 86,400 seconds, 86,400 seconds
Make 'em count, make 'em matter
Make it now, live forever

Is this all there is?
Seconds and minutes and hours and days?
That's all we get and when it ends
Do we faint like the flowers they put on our graves
Am I just a dash
Between the numbers that fate will decide
Is true that nothing lasts
Or is there a way to outlive my life?

I don't wanna live for now
I don't wanna live for now
I wanna live forever
I wanna live forever
I just wanna make it count
I don't wanna live for now
I wanna live forever
I wanna live forever starting now

86,400 seconds
Make 'em count, make 'em matter
Make it now, live forever

They say you get one life
Go on, do whatever feels right
There's no consequence
Here and now is all that counts
But I know this is not as good as it gets
There's more to life than what my eyes can see
I want my song to sing for eternity
I wanna live like I know the life
That waits for me is something heavenly


Gotta keep my eyes on the prize
There ain't no change in my mind
More than a moment in time
I'm gonna live, live forever
I know I'm just passing through
To the other side of the blue
This world's got nothing on you
I'm gonna live, live forever


86,400 seconds, 86,400 seconds, 86,400 seconds
Make 'em count, make 'em matter
Make it now, live forever [x2]

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Matthew West Live Forever Comments
  1. Patricia Hock

    My Favorite Song -by Matthew West
    I Wanna LIVE ,FOREVER ♾ ♾

  2. Patricia Hock

    My Favorite Song Is :By.Matthew West
    I wanna Live Forever ♾
    View Rely 2019.
    Matthew If u Listen 👂This Is my Favorite Song

  3. Debbie Smith

    His music is my church. He ministers to me like nothing else. Love that he uses his gif from God for God!

  4. Daughter of the 1 Tru King

    What was your inspiration for the lyrics to this song?

  5. Daughter of the 1 Tru King

    What was your inspiration for the lyrics to this song?

  6. Kasper-Kat Armstrong

    Ummm...I think the stations missed sumthing Here...ore did I just miss them playin' it? Love it!

  7. Carolyn Elsie

    This song touched me heart. It reminds me again about Christ's second coming.

  8. Greta Cuc Maria

    Îmi like this

  9. Carolyn Elsie

    bro, your songs are spiritual, meaningful and musical!

  10. Michelle Mejia

    I love this song

  11. Felipe

    You remember me to for King and Country

  12. Arkanian

    I recently bought this album. It has really good songs ! Thank you and i love it.

  13. Zayda Hodge

    Best song eva and the concert was great!!!!!!!☺😀😀

  14. KER MIT

    Am I the only one who thinks that he's one the best vocalists in the world?!?(not exaggerating at all).

    Lydia Mack

    He's my FAVVVV

    Hudson Law

    I agree!!

  15. Sloth Motions

    Do you think I could use this song in a stop motion movie im working on It would fit in the video perfectly i will leave a link in description to your song and i will mention it in the credits Merry Christmas please respond if you can

  16. Pam Lasater

    Really enjoy your ministry. That's a word people don't use or do much today. I love that you take life experiences and find scripture to put it to music and give people that answers they need from God's word. I have been put out of my ministry for no other reason than respect of person and my age now. Please pray for me that God will not be through with me yet because without ministry; life has no purpose. God bless you Matthew.

  17. Scott Wolfe

    Hey Matthew West thank you for your inspirational music! I have been trying to find a song that you played at soulfest 2017 in New Hampshire that you sang for someone who requested it. Something about hearing the truth through the television. Thanks. God Bless.

  18. David Kebede

    Matthew I was so happy to see you on the bible tour in phoenix az this year

  19. Joshua Wilkinson

    you are an inspiration to all Mathew! I absolutely love your music. Its given me faith.

  20. Bri

    Love This Song Live Forever

  21. jtk7607 Gaming/vlogs

    my dad and mom are divorce i'm sad so I listen to mehded

  22. NOV

    Such a nice beat.

  23. apostolico23 lopez

    i hate you

  24. Just2 Arcaders

    I love this song Matthew, what inspired you to make this song? Also I am typing with my arm that just got a muscle problem yesterday (5-2-16) and I went somewhere to go get it checked out somewhere and they said it was my muscle, they told m to rest it but I just had to say something about this song :D. Love the song and keep being awesome.

  25. Joshua Orjinta

    Not bad🙂

  26. Lary A.

    any plans for Brazil?

  27. Emily M

    Hi, Matthew! My question is: When was the last time you had a headache or migraine? And what do you do when you have a headache or migraine?

  28. Ian's Channel

    Hey Matthew! You did awesome in Greenville last weekend! I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me! I want do what you do. That'd be my dream. I want to make catchy music that inspires people and fires them up.

  29. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    My stomach is in so many knots right now. When you are nervous or upset about something what do you do? (P.S.) I know you have possibly looked at my other comments. That is why I am nervous.

  30. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    OK here it goes sometimes I wish you were my father because 1. You wouldn't laugh at me, 2 You would care about what others said about me, 3. You would console me and tell me that things are alright.

    Matthew I know that all people are not the same but I hate when things change or are different. A lot of the time I wish you were my father. (This is not a question.) Please don't hate me for this.

  31. katrina8133

    What are your label meetings like? Fun? Serious?

  32. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    I am so sorry for getting emotional in the comments over here. But the story about my father really tears me apart. Please let me know if there is another way that I can talk to you.
    Thank you

  33. Jordan Phillips

    How do the lyrics of your songs come to you? And keep doing what you do for the glory of God! You're awesome! Thanks and God bless!

    Matthew West

    +Jordan Phillips The job of songwriting is seeking out and finding inspiration in the ordinary. My job is to see things that someone else might just skip over. The average person sees a concrete sidewalk but a songwriter sees the flower peeking through the cracks. Sometimes I'll say something in a Q&A like this and may be inspired by what is said. You're always searching through inspiration as a songwriter.

  34. katrina8133

    Any way you could add another TX date for WinterJam?lol ;) Houston just isn't enough! I can't wait to come see you in a couple of weeks! -Katrina

    Matthew West

    +katrina8133 ha! That's out of my hands. Hopefully I will see you in Houston!


    +matthewwestmusic I'll be there for sure!!

  35. katrina8133

    What is your favorite beverage?

    Matthew West

    +katrina8133 I like coffee and water! My favorite coffee drink is an americano.

  36. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    Matthew, Remember when I gave you the story binder at the November First concert? I just wanted to tell you that I was very scared to hand it to you. The one story that was and still is important to me is the one about my father. I'm still pretty emotional over it. Can I contact you some way? I feel as though I really need to pour out my feelings about this. But not on Youtube! Please help me. :(

  37. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    Any remedies for headaches for me? I'm having one now and it is driving me crazy!

    Matthew West

    +Matthew West Fan Jamie when I have a headache, I always take a nap!

    Matthew West Fan Jamie

    +matthewwestmusic Thanks! I will try. But we have a new puppy coming to the house today so I don't exactly know how well that will go. But I'll try it.

  38. Faith Noel

    HIIII okay first off I love you and your music! I was at winter jam last night and you were so great🔥🔥 Second, how do you get through you're struggles in life/what Verses do you go to during hard times??

    Matthew West

    +Faith Mullen Psalm 46:10 is an important verse for me. It reminds me to be still and remember that is he God. Your tendency is to move and do as much as you can. This verse reminds you to be still and he is the one in control.

  39. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    Any plans to come back to Michigan in the Summer?

    Matthew West

    +Matthew West Fan Jamie I was just in Grand Rapids, but I'm not sure about the summer yet!

    Matthew West Fan Jamie

    +matthewwestmusic I know you were. That was on my birthday too. But weather was bad.

    Lps Taylor Love

    +matthewwestmusic Aren't you gonna be in Birmingham Alabama for winter jam on March 19its gonna be rainy but we are still going

  40. Andrew W

    Hello again Matthew. My question to you is when did you decide to put your girls on the end of every cd? It's an adorable bonus to the CDs and how do you come up with what you guys sing?

    Matthew West

    +Andrew W As they started getting older and showing the love they had for music, they would come visit me in the studio and one day we were being goofy and for fun brought them behind the microphone. So I just thought it might be cute to include them as a hidden track. A lot of people tell me that's their favorite part of the album -- when they start singing.

  41. Kathleen Gilbride

    What was the inspiration behind your album title 'Live Forever'?

    Matthew West

    +Kathleen Gilbride It actually came from a conversation I had with the guy who was telling me his story. This album is really dominated by his story. He became a successful business man who had everything he could ever want -- the American Dream. But he was sharing with me that the things he was accomplishing in the business world were not all they were cracked up to be. He wanted something in life with more eternal value. Not to live for now but to live forever. He said he didn't want to be so caught up in things that matter here, he wanted to be involved in things that matter forever.

  42. katrina8133

    Hi there friend! :) I know it's early to ask,but are there any plans for a fall tour? -Katrina D.

    Matthew West

    +katrina8133 right now our focus in on the Fall Storytellers cruise! We are talking about maybe doing some acoustic shows.


    +matthewwestmusic Oh that would be amazing!! I hope so!!:)

    Cindy Scapellato

    +katrina8133 I absolutely love the acoustic shows. I maybe willing to take a long road trip to see another acoustic show.

  43. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    Matthew, How long did it take you to learn how to play the Guitar? I have had mine since I was 9/going on ten. I haven't played it in about 7 to 10 years. I just now picked it back up. LOL! :) Why can't I play as good as you? My fingers have a hard time with cords. How do you get your fingers stronger?

    Matthew West

    +Matthew West Fan Jamie I'm still learning! I really didn't start until college so it's been a process! But I love it!

    Matthew West Fan Jamie

    +matthewwestmusic Thanks Matthew. Can you please give me some encouragement? It feels like when I've just begun I want to quit because I get frustrated.

    Matthew West

    +Matthew West Fan Jamie I always recommend working with a teacher! But I did buy a poster that showed you how to play chords. I would take my favorite songs and try to learn to play them. Just finding ways to motivate yourself!

    Matthew West Fan Jamie

    +matthewwestmusic Thank you!

  44. Cindy Scapellato

    Thank you for giving your fans the opportunity to ask questions again. I love hearing the stories behind the songs and love what you have done with the last 3 albums. I know you write several songs every year for other artists. Have you ever a wrote a song about a storytellers story and allowed another artist to record the song?

    Matthew West

    +csninny78 No that process is a pretty personal one for me. The people who are trusting me with their stories are special to me so I'm always the one to tell it and record it. I have thought of bringing other artists into the process to have them share in the story though so there may be something like in the future.

  45. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    Hi Matthew It's Jamie,
    If you ever get a really bad headache what is your go-to remedy? I'm just wondering. Also pretty much everyone in my family has a cold. So I'm trying my best to keep my distance. Another problem I have been having for a few days now is that my nose is stuffed up. and It won't go away. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  46. Kelli Scoggins

    I've been trying to think of a question to ask you, but I couldn't think of a good one. I would just say thank you for your music and the impact it has had on my life. It's been uplifting and encouraging to me the past few months while I've been struggling with things. I appreciate you so much, and I cannot wait to see you again next Friday.

    Matthew West

    +Kelli Scoggins That is very sweet. Thank you for the kind message. I make this music not only for me but to share with other people. It's very encouraging to hear how it has touched your life.

    Kelli Scoggins

    +matthewwestmusic You're welcome. It's one of the reasons why you're my favorite and I support you. Thank you for all you do. Praying for you as well.

  47. Matthew West Fan Jamie

    Hi Matthew, I really miss seeing you and i wish I was going to another Winter Jam. Ha! Are you planing on coming to Michigan in the Summer?

  48. Abbie Eunice

    helllloooooo matthew! im like your biggest fan ever! im a Christian singer and ur like my biggest inspiration ever! I won 2 talent shows singing hello my name is and I love u so much! question: how did you first get discovered? what was your first major gig that got u to where u r today?

    Matthew West

    +Abigail Eunice I first got discovered at a place in Colorado that was like a summer camp for Christian music. It was a sort of songwriting competition. This is what really started my career, first as a songwriter then as an artist.

    Abbie Eunice

    @matthewwestmusic that's really cool! I am a songwriter and I play guitar sort of. I was so happy to see u on wnterjam grand rapids! I really wanted to see u in backstage but I never did. ur like my biggest inspiration ever

    Randal Armstrong

    In my opinion he really blew up after he began The Story of Your Life Tour. So around 2010 even though he started in 2003.

    Randal Armstrong

    Yes he does respond to some comments or someone from his Staff will on his behalf. Normally when he types he will add ~MW~

  49. Funmi Akande

    I don't want to live for now ,but forever. Lord the grace to make it count I pray🙏🏾

  50. Sue Fogl

    Love this song, I saw it in concert!

  51. King David RUSINGIZA

    go on we re your FAN

  52. brainofBrandon

    No way is this the making of my day... Kiddin' of course; it is! I found the scripture like inspiration in a modern anatomical bipedal man. His name is #MatthewWest and he's on the verge of letting us all let go. Let go of your inhibitors! We are gifted infinity, let's find a dirt road and cement it into a message for those of tomorrow's road traversing beings!

  53. Tiffany Addison

    YOU THERE, you can live forever in ether heaven or hell so do you choose God or satin?

  54. Christian M

    That's pretty cool

  55. Ice berg

    We all will live forever. Ether in heaven or in hell

  56. Lucky Man

    i forgot,who else did this song? someone please tell me

  57. tiffany copley

    Hey Matthew I am part of the Light House I loved your concert last night thank you so much I had fun listening to ur music and I will contuine to Love Tiffany Copley

  58. Bernard III Angga


  59. Matthew Wearing

    I am not Christian or religious but I got to admit I love Matthew West and all his songs!!

  60. Tanja Joska

    Please make a music video for this song. It's great.

  61. Maricel

    Very good song. Delivers inspiration to each of us.

  62. Ana Cabrera

    We can all live forever if we do what God tells us what to do and we can live forever because when we die we can go to heaven!!

  63. 8s Miii

    this kind of music is bettrr to listen...its so positive..unlike hiphop,rock noisy and full of sexual content

  64. Jennifer Lynn

    Love this awesome song!!!

  65. Tim Noll

    Can't get the song out of my head!! I pre-ordered the album from Life Way bookstore and I can't wait to hear all the other songs!!!!

  66. luvmocha14

    Really great!

  67. Andrei Christian Pawaan Balaguer

    Excuse me, what is the meaning of 86,400 seconds in the song? :)

    Isaac Treadway

    @Christian Balaguer The number of seconds in a day.

  68. Emmanuel T

    make life count by honoring GOD

    Sarah Mahammad

    +Emmanuel T 👍🌟

  69. Cignus777

    when does the album come out?

  70. Carlos A. Capeles

    You sir, have an awesome voice for singing. Have you ever thought of singing with the babd Tobymac or Brandon Heath.

    Srujith Vanganuru

    He has quite a few times lol

  71. WyeSun

    Very nice song =)