Matthew West - Homecoming Lyrics

Baby had a smile
Stretched from ear to ear
She'd been counting down the days
Friday night was almost here
Baby's first homecoming

Daddy took her shopping
To find the perfect dress
Like a model on a runway
He watched her twirl
Said, "My girl you're growing up too fast
Not ready for homecoming"

There she goes
There she goes

She was driving down the highway
Probably dreaming 'bout her date
Lost control around a curve
And everything would change
On September 28
The night before homecoming

Next thing the doctor's saying
"There's nothing we can do"
Family falls down praying
Right there in the waiting room
God say it isn't true
All of their tears running

There she goes
There she goes
There she goes
There she goes

They laid her to rest
In that pretty red dress
I swear the clouds rolled away
When her mama stood to say,
"This was her homecoming"

Well the way I'll always see it
You said goodbye too soon
But these days you're the reason
Why I'm living like I know
We're all just passing through
On the way to our homecoming
On the way to our homecoming
Our homecoming

Welcome home...

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