Matthew West - A Christmas To Believe In Lyrics

It's a house full of noise 'cause the family's all in town
It's an attic full of toys so the kids won't find out
The smell of cookies in the oven, it's a slow dance in the kitchen
Oh, ain't it somethin', it's a Christmas to believe in

It's in the snow making angels, it's a mistletoe kiss
It's an empty seat at the table to remember who we miss
It's a candle light carol, it's a grateful choir singin'
Oh Hark! The Herald, it's a Christmas to believe in

More than just a Merry Christmas
I'm wishing you a Christmas to believe in
Where the moments turn to memories
And years from now you'll close your eyes and see them
More than just another busy season
I'm wishing you a Christmas to believe in

It's a blanket by the fire watching all our favorite movies
"It's A Wonderful Life" in black and white just like it should be
It's Salvation Army bells, hear them ringing to remind us
There's a world that needs our help, may compassion come and find us

More than just a Merry Christmas
I'm wishing you a Christmas to believe in
Where the moments turn to memories
And years from now you'll close your eyes and see them
More than just another busy season
I'm wishing you a Christmas to believe in
A Christmas to believe in

Hallelujah, we believe in Christmas

It's grandpa's Bible opened up to Luke Chapter 2
It's the greatest gift of love being born for me and you
It's a heart returning home to the One who is the reason
Every Christmas is a Christmas to believe in
May your Christmas be a Christmas to believe in

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Matthew West A Christmas To Believe In Comments
  1. Tonfan 77

    Only heard this beautiful song for the first last month. It was playing in the background in a christmas movie, which i cant remember the name of. Now the song is a favourite.

  2. cynthia rabell

    Beautiful Song

  3. Rebecca Russell


  4. Snowflake


  5. joe burtone

    This song touched my heart and inner soul....”For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

  6. Itsella

    I’m singing this song on Friday :)

  7. Jack Brokaw

    Just listened to this song for the first time again this Christmas season. I love EVERY SINGLE THING about this song. Every word captures what Christmas is about just perfectly.

  8. Julie Mallinson

    Sitting here in floods of tears. What an amazing song. Matthew amazing!

  9. Piaohsiu Wu

    Amen happy sweet December Jesus Christ love you all Amen 🙏🏻

  10. Achu Chang

    Dec.2019 anyone listening along vt me ???


    🤝 Merry Christmas..

  11. Tina Gayman

    I miss you Aunt Doris ! Enjoy your first Christmas in heaven! Thank you for showing me how much you loved Jesus ! Thank you for loving me and my family and excepting my husband into our family! Thank you for those memories and moments!

    Tina Gayman

    She always greeted us with a smile and a hug! Oh how I wish I could have that hug one more time! But your having the best Christmas ever! Jesus hold her till we get there! Merry Christmas!

  12. Chelsea Smith

    The first 12 seconds reminds me of some country song. Can anyone help me figure out what it is?

  13. Mike Stock

    This Christmas song reminds me of my Dad, and my younger brother who have both passed away. Christmas without them is not the same.
    My Christmas wish is they both are in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. And one day we will be reunited

    Sofia Faith

    Mike Stock they’ll take your hand and say “ive been waiting for you” 💕💕

    Mike Stock

    Sofia Faith Thank-you my friend. That brings comfort to know that.

  14. Patricia Cochran

    The treasure of Christmas started in a manger ..

  15. Pamela Kaliher

    So needed this today!!

  16. brad renfroe

    No Christmas is about Jesus, plain and simple

  17. MaryJane Scott

    This song reminds me sooo much of Christmas's at my grandparents house😭💗💗

  18. Deo volente 1987

    God bless you Matthew West!

  19. them vai

    Are you my friend? Then, you have to be a friend. Not love me, but more than love. Ha ha...i am happy to be an important friend of you and you are in my life. Do we create troubles?

    them vai

    Ha ha.. Still alone, especially in Chrismas. What is life?

    them vai

    I feel strange and i am disappointed. When is everything back to be normal?

  20. C. Martinez

    terrrble "song"

    Christian Music Rocks Official

    Why do you say that??

    Tomas Navratil

    cuz hes starving for attention

  21. jesus my lord

    Beautiful song. That describe the true lord jesus birthday. Merry Christmas to all the Christ followers

  22. Brandon Cruise

    This song is stunningly beautiful in all it's thoughtfulness and meaning :) There's many people who have lost loved ones, while others are coming back "home". There's a lot of memories of which we hold in fondness and want to hold onto forever, hoping one day to create those with a family and others. One of my favorite things to experience was my Grandfather reading from his bible as warmth filled the air with each word he spoke. For me this is especially powerful because my family dealt with a lot of troubling issues, but love, understanding, forgiveness, and grace pulled us through over time. I can't thank my grandparents and other family members enough for being my guiding light by showing God's love and what the true meaning of Christmas is. This song echoes that in many wondrous ways :)

  23. Ben Cowan

    merry Christmas

  24. june porter

    What an awesome song, sure to become a classic.

  25. Bill W

    One of my favorite songs.

  26. sherry m

    A Christmas to believe in - an answered prayer

  27. Emmanuel Abarawa

    I have to listen to this song because I am singing it in church lol.But this song is actually pretty wonderful.Also I miss you grandma rip.This song is wonderful very cool,amazing,and just so touching

    Emmanuel Abarawa

    Lol I am liking and replying to my own comment

  28. Emma SophiaLynn

    best christmas song ever

  29. Jean Poteau

    I like this song. It's Beautiful

  30. Rock g

    I use to help my grandpa decorate for Christmas.he is the one that helped me get over my fear of getting off the top step of the latter to get on top of the house to help put up lights around the edge of it.each year I inched my way further and further till I was leaning over the edge helping him hook the lights with no fear at all.and i use to have fear all the time of the top of the house. Christmas makes me sad because I miss him so much.he passed away in 2002

  31. meya glover

    I love this song

  32. Chris Holbis

    The essence of christmas🐑

  33. Tena Wiebe

    Love this song 😇😘❤️

  34. Reggie Leonard

    Very good song😀👍🏾

  35. Lucky Man

    November 1st already

  36. Rodrigo Ibarra

    Love this meaningful Christmas song!!

  37. Lia 20

    5 month to😇

  38. Edye Nicole

    This song is beyond beautiful! Thank you so much Matthew West!

  39. Carol YOUNG


  40. Margarita Pantoja

    I love this song, thank you Mathew West!  I do believe in our Savior Jesus Christ! Happy Birthday Jesus!

  41. elisabetta modena


  42. ponyo cries

    Love this song so much!!


    Thank you Matthew!!!

  44. Aj Jolly

    i love it, makes me smile... a Christmas to believe in 😍😍😄😄

  45. Courtney Hall

    Every Christmas song or holiday season make me cry and wish my Grandpa was still here! 💔😢😭 RIP I love you so much Grandpa

    Courtney Hall

    I will never stop listening to them though ❤

    Edye Nicole

    So sorry for your loss! God bless.

    Grace Guetschow

    Sad! I know how you feel. My Grandpa fought a 2 month cancer battle and then died in the end of November :( We thought we would have just one more Christmas with him.

  46. Keerthan Karkada

    Song reminded me of my childhood Christmas.. I just heard it in the K Love Christmas stream and bought tears with mix of joy.. Wanted to hear one more time.. Thank you for the beautiful song and the hope which it can give to the broken hearts... Merry Christmas Sir..


    Keerthan Karkada It's such a beautiful song, so moving and so meaningful as indeed are all of Matthew West's songs. I suggest that you also listen to his songs The Heart of Christmas and Give This Christmas Away.

    Aly Fraga

    Keerthan Karkada it reminds me my childhood too and the people that I lost 😭

  47. Lucky Man

    radio stations where i live starts playing christmas music november1st.

  48. rierie713

    Beautiful song :)

  49. Lara Chatman

    I am sure not a lot of people listen to Christmas music in August, but man I can't wait for Christmas!

    Andrei Cacior

    I do :)
    I love this song !

    Elly Trinh

    Lara P Dude!!! Your comment is from 2 years ago, just saw it and I’m listening to this in August too!

  50. Melissa

    I heard this for the first time the other day on the radio. I work for the Salvation Army and not only was I touched by the mention of it on the song, but because I was driving around town collecting kettle money. It deepened my joy that people give! Also, all the things in the song teared me up and I remembered all the good things of the season that are hard to enjoy because of stress and busyness. Thank you for this song, Matthew West! God bless you!

  51. Gregory Syiem

    found this yesterday............. love it...... 

  52. Firestorm

    Why did I not find out about this until Christmas Eve?? I love this song!!

  53. herlinda lumbantobing

    amazing song. makes me cryyyy. merry xmas from indonesia

    Lucky Man

    +herlinda lumbantobing wow your pretty

  54. 2269tah

    What an awesome song.

  55. Rodica K. Hansen

    I heard this on the radio, i love this song

  56. Leahy Leahy serchom

    Beautiful songs

  57. Kristin G.

    Sitting here with this masterpiece on repeat. Tears streaming down my face as once again Matthew seems to be singing directly to my heart and soul, just when I truly need it most. On so many levels this song touches me. In both happy and sad ways. Bless You Matthew West! And each of you here taking in and appreciating this God given beautiful gift among gifts.

  58. Radu Camelia


  59. Elisabeth Silhavy

    Its like he looked into my life and found out everything I love most about Christmas...amazing. Love love love this song. (:

  60. James Tenorio

    merry christmas to you..i wish i could have  an original copy from you with a signature

  61. Barbara Brandon

    What a lovely song.  You touched all the Christmas traditions in one song.  I'll play it again and again this Christmas season and think of you and your girls.  Aunt Barbara

  62. musicgirl14ml

    Beautiful song. God bless you all :)

  63. iRoCk97

    Luke Chapter 2: The Birth of Jesus :)

  64. Tom Cheek

    Beautiful new song! JUST what I was looking for. God bless you, Matthew West!

  65. Braian Rodriguez

    Thank you Matthew!!

  66. Del Noel

    believe in God Son & Holly Spirit,,, everyday i see Jesus Grace in My life

  67. Christina Persico

    Just a beautiful song.

  68. Kathy Riffer

    Love it!

  69. Barnabas Chonjo

    Merry Christmas

  70. Susana Queiroz

    Thank you, it's a besutiful song and a Merry Christmas to you all.

  71. RANCHES1000

    Huge.  Gonna be Classic

  72. Ester S

    This is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for this song!!

  73. Jax Diacono

    It is not about Santa... It's about the birth of our God, Jesus Christ :')

  74. G's Girl 1

    this song just made me cry, so beautify touching, Merry Christmas!

    Kody Hollingsworth

    Same it was just to beautiful

  75. Endi Teodorescu

    ...aand now we can all safely say its Christmas season :)

    Radu Camelia

    IS TRUE!!!!

  76. Britney Moldovan

    This is great 😍 merry Christmas everyone! God Bless!

  77. Sean Ross

    This makes me think of my father... RIP papa

  78. ㄹauㄹa

    Thank you. That's all I can say. For the music, for the words. Thank you.

  79. Remmy Lawson

    You never fail to release incredible music! God bless you Matthew West!