Matthew Good - Sicily Lyrics

Maybe we're okay
Maybe we're not the problem
The sun came out today
But I just gazed at the outline of the moon
Go on Sicily
Go and get your ragtime
We can dance in the street
Way past midnight
And we can kiss like we mean it
And we can mean it all the time

It's something you get over
It's something you get over

Oh, Sicily
I, I feel so obvious
Maybe I'm just bad at things
Maybe I'm just better off camera
'Cause I feel everything
And you know, maybe it's time I oughta

It was always a longshot
That we would make it all this way
It may be cold outside, baby
But you know it ain't every day

It's something you get over
It's something you get over

It's something you get over

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Matthew Good Sicily Comments
  1. atRISK youthTV


  2. Liviu Stefanache


  3. MTPK

    Would be better titled as Society... yes I will make jopker memes, but still great song.

  4. 1ThousandRoads

    Matt's music has been like a constant companion to me for over half my life now. It's always there guiding me on, and no matter how it evolves with each album it somehow always fits what's going on in my life or thoughts at that time. That's the magic of his music. It always sounds like coming home.

  5. Torvus Bog

    Turned the shit off after 45 seconds.

  6. Luca Jesse Apel

    My favorite artist of all time. Boy and his machine guy is still my favorite song in the world, and its been that way for as long as I can remember. Cant wait to see you in Victoria!!

  7. Harlo Racist Bear

    Gord Downie would approve!

    Harlo Racist Bear

    Also thank you Matt.

  8. Francesco Zappala'

    I'm from Sicily and I appreciate it, I like this song

  9. Miss_KinkyCat

    Amazing, just like so many. I can’t wait to see you again in Nanaimo BC Canada

  10. tazztower44

    im 44 and the first concert i am going to see in my lifetime is matt good...cant wait until march when you rock moncton matt

    Everett H

    tazztower44 wow - first concert is MG...prepare to have the bar set pretty high after this. He’s just phenomenal playing live. I’m 43 and have been going to his concerts since 1998. 😊


    @Everett H thanks for the kind words friend...its too bad they never picked a bigger venue for the show,im pretty sure matt can fill the new 8800 seat rink

  11. unconscious creator

    thumbs up if you're a person of beard

  12. Cole G

    Another masterpiece from a one of a kind artist 🇨🇦

  13. Razor Blade Records

    An unsaid tribute to gord perhaps?

  14. Gahan2Vox

    I am truly struggling, as an American citizen that supports my current President, to forget and forgive the tragically horrible "Bad Guys Win" track... Especially since the Russian hoax has been proven false, and his administration has had zero complaints of confrontational or sexist/racist actions. Not to mention, Black American unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, Asian unemployment, and Caucasian unemployment, essentially *American unemployment* has reached record lows, the GDP and Stock Market reaching historical highs, and hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities returning to America owing to major industries coming home to our country! I can go on and on, but the results replace the fiction of "Matthew Good's Bad Guys Win". It is embarrassing when someone intellectually, intangibly talented takes on a topic he knows absolutely irrefutably nothing about, and it was a low point. Write about what you know - do not parrot "Fake News" CNN, respect does not work like that. However, *Sicily* is an amazing track. Stick with emotionality Matthew Good, because you truly have no comprehension in regards to politics.

  15. Michael Clarke

    you are always perfectly saying the right thing

  16. ElleEmmeBee

    This song came up on a youtube ad, took a good 30 mins to find, I gasped when I did. Loving this video, loving this song...the combo is intense. Thank you!

  17. Glacier Dodge

    This is not a bad song 😏

  18. Poorly Dunbar Videos

    Wow. I really needed this.

  19. Wonder Muffin

    Matthew is more than good.

  20. Seb Ebalios

    Love this song so much!!! Truely is a beautifull masterpiece!!

  21. Ramon Tomporowski

    Great video and your voice sounds as good as ever glad you're still making music

  22. Clay DeFeo

    Thanks Matt, haven’t felt this about a song in awhile.

  23. A G

    Only 6k subscribers to this channel WTF- seriously.

  24. jonnyaudio

    Amazing song and video.

  25. Rock Girl

    See you soon Matthew 💗

  26. Reilly Turner

    4 am on a Sunday morning - sitting here binge listening to various Matt Good songs/performances from over the years on YouTube. Continues to be one of the most underrated artists in Canadian music. Entering my fourth decade of listening to his music, and I am positive that I will never get tired of this sound. Matt Good has gotten me through many tough periods in my life, and continues to do so. T

    Thank you. Not only for your amazing music, but your openness and willingness to shed light on mental illness. I don't look forward to leaving the house very often, but I am counting down the days to seeing you play live in Ottawa in March.

  27. Rachel Romero

    no more ads of this please


    Looking forward to another magical evening of Matt stripping everyone's worries away including mine. If you've never seen him live, it's something you'll never forget and even if you don't have anyone to go with you, go anyways!
    See you there Alberta fam!

  29. Alex

    Thanks brother! I needed this today more than you know. Your music has lifted me up since your first album dropped. Much love!

  30. Jeff

    I can't think of a better songwriter or singer than MG

  31. Jerrod Ber

    Your music is terrible and it comes up as a paid advertisement on YouTube WHICH IS SO SAD your music is SOOO BAD CRAZY GARBAGE Please... end your own life

  32. David Levy

    La strada

  33. Chad Cassidy

    I've followed his every move since Everything Is Automatic!

  34. Frederick Bouari

    Pure Legend, Pure genius, Pure Musician


    Am I the only one going crazy just desperately waiting on another album

  36. Colin W

    Needing this after some devastating news just then. #fuckcancer


    amen bro..lost my dad on xmas eve of coach,my mentor and my best friend...fuck i miss,.time dont heal shit,just makes you forget so keep those memories close my friend and you will never lose touch

  37. Michael Romano

    Matthew Good is the last great poet in rock music.

  38. Robert Rollamd


  39. Daniel Beaudry

    THIS IS VERY GOOD! Made everything clear again!

  40. Adam Chubocha

    Great song!!!!

  41. 46ixtynin9

    Heard of Matt's band from the 1st beg. on Y95.3 in the Hammer w the 'Haven't' single before they changed frequencies later in the 90's.Took almost ten years later to hear his first, best work on demo. Dude's a genius & this is improving. Thank God for bordertown's or all there would be is dreich post malmuz b cardus I, terrestrially.

  42. RickyBubblesJulien

    I feel it all, I feel it all

  43. Brit Can

    My man !!! funny thing is I took a trip to Sicily ( Agrigento) my G/F said she travelled all over Europe and what she saw and experienced in Sicily was the best... so we took the trip last June and WOW ! yeah majestic beaches great food and awesome people ! But the thing is we played this tune on the beach in a place called Scala Turchi, and couldn't believe these 3 girls next to us and 2 guys started grooving and at one point started dancing ! seriously total nirvana ! they spoke some english and french and we went out that evening, they showered us with compliments on Canada and the music we where listening to, lol wooooooooo ! what a feeling THANK YOU MATTHEW !! that song was SPOT ON M8 !! Cheers !

  44. Guy Roadhammer

    One of Canada's hidden gems....... been a fan from day one I had the privilege of working his show at the Kee da bala 2 yrs ago

  45. Durin

    Matthew Good, I love you. Don't ever change.

  46. Haley Adee

    Matt, Last of the Ghetto Astronauts helped my dad and I bond and reconnect after my parents' messy split. Will always be one of the most important albums of my life.

  47. Yahseq Gookler

    How come they don't play this on the radio.

    Vivian St.Claire

    Most of the good stuff is never played on the radio, i don't even listen anymore.🦄💖

  48. Shelby Drope

    Fuckin nailed it Matt!
    Sincerely Thank You!!

  49. Billyshead133

    Sounds great.

  50. Think Harder

    You know the man still got it after 30 years of this , when this come out and you want more, more , more because its so just dam good, i wish i could time travel to hear it all , please dont ever stop man, we love you so much , your music is my road companion and i love it since you started

  51. Daniel Barnes

    What the fuck happened to this guy? Terrible song.

    Marco Almeida

    The fanboys of his keep his act going. He thinks he's the Van Gogh of music.

  52. Barry Misener

    Matt, you're consistently amazing. Can't wait for the album!

  53. Angelina Kennedy

    Thank you Matthew Good.  Your music has been a life changer for me.  It's helped me process so many bad times and has given me the courage to keep going.  You really are my hero.

  54. Tyrel Gross

    I cant stand this shit anymore from Matthew goods music.......


  55. Lee Gibson

    Been a huge fan for many years. Beautiful song Matthew Good, another masterpiece. I remember as a teenager in the 90s all I wanted for Christmas from my Dad was Matthew Good Band's Underdogs Album. Great Memories and music.

  56. James McCullough

    +1 album sold when it comes out. Missed you, my man.

  57. itkojecockot

    Matt Good, Brand New and TOOL...... my all time fav alternative bands

  58. Jared Sabovitch

    Great artist and all, but guy must have a big ego. Like Matthew Good quits a band called "The Matthew good band" to go solo.

  59. Ozla Tube

    seen this in an ad and usually I skip that shit, but this is good af.

  60. Uber Dude

    Boy i miss the old old matt good lol.

  61. Coop111

    Great track Matt. Looking forward to hear the album. Hope all is well.

  62. SianRM Zombiepops

    I Love you!

  63. Lisa Shears

    I am angry at the music industry for the way they treated our fellow Canadian superstar/who impacted and still impacts lives to this day with his honest and often painful lyrics/songs... they've helped me purge, weep, think deeply and dance.. but when he was making a lot of that music he was dark; depressed; he was anorexic and couldn't sleep for days; yes; bi polar. He would have died had he not been treated and we cannot control our emotional state; only our brains do that... when he finally got treated of course he began putting on weight/the music asshat he spoke to said to him" people don't want to see a fat singer" that isn't verbatim but why we've not heard from him aside from some small concerts he played here in Canada but no new music; he said that on Strombo; but then shortly after put out an album... I would love him and his music no matter how big he got or small... he's ours; and we can't see someones' appearance while listening to a song.. keep it up Matt; we love you and if you get fat that's all the more for us to LOVE.......

  64. 404NotFound ; Lamb Sauce

    Seem like this song comes at the right time for a lot of people including me. Use to love his music as a kid, I just started to listen to beautiful midnight recently. I swear he’s criminally underrated.

  65. reelkena

    Truly the most underappreciated artist of the last 30 years outside of Canada. Carry on Matt. Maybe someday the fools will realize what they missed. Until then, Their loss. Our gain.

    Henrik Petersson

    reelkena Been doing my best to spread the word here in Sweden for the past 20 years. I know that there's at least one MGB tattoo because of it ☺️


    @Henrik Petersson Is there a single Swedish person that isn't the greatest? You guys are the best. Keep it up.

  66. Nerds united brian frumps

    Well this doesnt suck ...... 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  67. Vicious Feline

    Yasssss im so happy to see you back 💜🙌🙇‍♀️🇨🇦✊

  68. Rich Giroux

    Beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Either way I love Matthew Good!!!

  69. Dave L

    Thank you Matthew

  70. Arnold Juniper

    This is so good. Your acting is great in this Matt!

  71. Golden Alpaca

    This is the first and only music video dropped into the ad rotation that I genuinely love.

  72. Garrett Stuart

    bahahaha all you hipster idiots sound the same. by the way dude, ur shaky voice sounds so fucking stupid, you might think it sounds like ur singing with passion...but i got bad news for you buddy. this is flat out garbage, do everybody a favour and quit music.

    Rocky Oyam

    Garrett Stuart tell us how you really feel.. sheesh.. harsh. Go listen to your soulful drake or Bieber.. no one asked for you opinion here. Hipster?? What does that even have to do with Matt good?

    Garrett Stuart

    @Rocky Oyam dude if you like this garbage song, garbage band, garbage person you are a fucking stupid hipster clown. where were u fucking born? jupiter? u must be if u think this trash is music. listen to his voice...jesus christ just shutup

  73. weatheranddarkness

    always upvote Matt Good

  74. Ryan Ouwehand

    Matt, you do so much with such a little bit. The throughline of your music is simple and your words and melodies make it beautifully unique. Your chorus progressions provide the anthemic tones which allow the simplicity of the music, means that much more. Stay true to you my dude!

  75. Seb Ebalios

    What a beautiful song!! Love it!!!!!!!

  76. Chris P

    So much good!!

  77. Nigelrioux1

    arcade matthew good.

  78. Sandra Carstairs

    Great great song Matt Good does it again every time ♥️🇨🇦♥️


    He has never made a bad song

    Sandra Carstairs

    Jeff Totally Agree he’s a master at his craft and a treasure to 🇨🇦♥️😍👍🏻

  79. dustything

    I'm glad you're back to putting some oomph into your voice again, the last few albums were way too breathy and wavering for my liking. The mixing on the instrumentation here is a bit muddled though. Where's the bass?

  80. Chris Hughes

    Thank you Matt.

  81. Jessica Collins

    So damn beautiful, [email protected]$%ing epic...a true masterpiece that me BELIEVE in love,life,and rock n roll. Thank you,Matt!

  82. RedandBlue Bulldog

    HUGE fan here in Louisiana!! Been down since the release of Underdogs over 20 years ago, and then backtracked to earlier works, and have kept up to date ever since. I can’t wait to hear all of the other new music forthcoming!!

  83. J Str

    Love the song, best part of video was sending it to people i know hate clowns

  84. Shawn Pederson

    maybe we'll be washed away
    maybe I just need a holiday

    Kellee Jean

    Shawn Pederson Vermillion 🥰

  85. Rob Easterday

    Good song. Stupid video. From a guy that has listened to thousands of hours of good and good band.

  86. Tyzen

    Phenomenal! 👌🏻👏🏻 Love everything about this.

  87. StiNKY McFLY

    You said recovery day uptown new west that you guy weren’t doing that anymore ... it’s good that you changed your mind...

    StiNKY McFLY

    hope you got more songs coming...

  88. Lee Merasty

    Been listening to him since I was 10 and load me up came out never knew what good music was until that day every album he does there's not one song I'll skip thanks matt cant wait for the new album

  89. Chad S.

    The opening sounds similar to another of my favorite songs "Fell in Love Without You" (acoustic) by Motion City Soundtrack. Both are awesome though, glad Matthew made some awesome new music for me to listen to on my 8 hour drive to see the folks for the Thanksgiving

  90. MsPotatobag

    Your music always tugs at my heart strings


    Thank you Matt. NEVER stop! 💜 #musicalgenius

  92. NotAtAllRelevant

    thank you so much for making music, matt. i cant really put into words how much yours has meant to me over the years

  93. Adam De La Hay

    Finally :) love it matt.

  94. Trevor Landry

    Thanks Matt..again

  95. zeusvalentine

    gear down SJWs, he is only in blackface in the bearded areas

  96. J. Snider

    Song is terrible. Matt, common. Think back to Edgefest 97, 98. Get back to your pumped up ways. This, it's not you.

    Marty McFly

    Are you high? That was over 20 years ago. Just because you’re stuck there doesn’t mean he needs to be too.

  97. Winkberry

    Woop woop!

  98. Marco Almeida

    Irrelevant drivel.

    Matt looks scary in clown costume.

    Since when did he start smoking again.

    Can hardly wait for him to make a Christmas album.

    I haven't spent a dime on his music since Avalanche. He lost his way in making himself pretentious. His best album is Audio of Being and he is passed his pedigree.

  99. P.M.Télé

    oh wow! :)

  100. Greg Stewart

    I missed ya man. Great song.