Matthew Good - All You Sons And Daughters Lyrics

Netted dolphin in the deep
little coyote, shame on me
a new horizon, no memory
didn’t know it then but I want to know it now
it’s time to get up
rub your eyes and set off into the sun
you know we don’t get enough around here

All you sons and daughters gotta hide yourselves away
before they burn it out of you, hide yourselves away

Used to call me late at night
locked in your car trying to hide
from one disaster to one in line
didn’t know it then, shouldn’t have to know it now
it’s time to wake up
rub your eyes and set off into the sun
you know we don’t get enough around here

All you sons and daughters gotta hide yourselves away
before they burn it out of you, hide yourselves away

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Matthew Good All You Sons And Daughters Comments
  1. tazztower44

    just like fine wine and age....only gets better

  2. Lil’ Dino

    This band deserves more attention

  3. angelicacsanabria

    2:00 "Does your wolf bite?"..." No, it´s worst, he judges you!" huhauhahaa

  4. Vivian St.Claire

    I love this video...i like the shots of him in the to b able to talk to him...he's so interesting..and of course love the coyote??? 🐺

  5. Anhedonic Lake

    I needed to rediscover you at this time in my life. Thanks man.

  6. Nigel Klemenčič-Puglisevich

    this was all filmed in bowmanville and oshawa and im shook

  7. Ryan Shordee

    nothing beats sitting at a table with some bros having some drinks on a weekend listneing to this guys music!!

  8. Gruvonya

    Mike Smith Aka Bubbles had your shirt on in a photo on Truro Daily News Sounds great

  9. Gordon Dyson

    Can't wait for the next live show!

  10. chibilua1

    I love him

  11. Crystal N

    My absolute favorite musical artist of all time. Come to Portland Oregon, I need to see you live. I'll make the pilgrimage someday, but shit's expensive man. I found you on Much Music in 1997 in a random cable package and I will never look back. Through severe mental illness, you've always been there for me. Through crazy tumultuous times in the US, you were there for me with your lyrics and music and I will always be there for you too.

    Matt Good, thank you man.

    Joey Mayes

    Much music in the 90s😍

  12. Crystal N

    Matthew Good has been my muse since 1999. And I'm a US citizen, please come to Portland, Oregon. I need to hear you in person. I discovered you while I was 16 and secretly had Much Music in rural Washington.

  13. Adnan Alam

    Matthew Good's creative well runs deep. This man's artistry has no end.

  14. 89gymratt

    keep up the good work man ! \m/
    ive been listening to you since 95!
    everything you produce and pump out is absolutely flawless
    so good it brings a tear to your eye

    fellow B.C BOY here!

    rock on your an absolute Canadian legend ! \m/

  15. Davld Crawley

    hello man is a genius better than Bowie

  16. Holzmann

    I never thought Raine Maida would be less washed up than Matthew Good.

    But here we are.

    MK CAT

    lol i bet this thumbs down offends you

  17. Sandra Carstairs

    Love matthew good band such good tunes deep thought provoking haunting crazy good LOVE LOVE LOVE😎✨🎶

  18. Rebecca Lade

    he's still got it... ! fuggin love this man.


    great gong as usual for matthew. i've listened to him since i was a kid but i only started listening to all his albums recently but they're all great in their own ways and the all have his signature sound that is just awesome.

  20. Jonathan

    Heard this live in Halifax 3 days ago, from about 4 feet from the stage...Unbelievably amazing...breathtaking

  21. joey sarts

    God Bless your remaining days on this earth good brother. You my friend, are a genius to music. Last nights set at the Danforth was unreal. Thank you ......

  22. damien

    this is the first time I've ever heard his music and this is amazing I'm going to look at more of his songs.

    justin soucie

    You won't be dissapointed! My favourite song of his is Apparitions. He's pretty consistent with his music and it's a shame he isn't as big as he should be

    Steve West

    Dude, you won't be disappointed. I know it's been 3 years since you posted this, but I'd be interested to know how many of his songs you've added to your collection. Matt is one of the most underrated musicians in the last 25 years. A handful of his songs would be recognizable to most people, but he's one of those rare musicians where you can pick up the whole album and find yourself a half-dozen new favorites and listening to the whole album front-to-back is totally doable. Very rare these days.

  23. dojOdRiFTeR


  24. MrJimmyTide

    My God does he look old as fuck. I love him, but he did NOT age well.

    Todd Devlin

    He put on a lot of weight from the meds he takes for bipolar disorder.


    I was talking about the aging, not the fat. He's actually lost quite a bit of it.


    MrJimmyTide The struggle of mental illness can do that to you sometimes.

  25. Kar Dar

    Same on me!?

  26. Tami C

    still got it after all these years. i relate. I'm still here too matt. <3
    good to connect with the vibes in vancouver/unceded coast salish territory friday the 13th of nov.2015.
    fucking awesome and so inspiring.
    purchased your album on iTunes and will review it now.

  27. Patrick Bergeron

    Great to hear Matthew in this video. Awesome sound and for those of us that have an unexplainable love for wolves, great video !

  28. Shakydrummer

    Grew up listening to you. Got to hang out with Ian Brown too and talk drums during Vancouver's Jazz Fest...then saw him play live with you a few years ago!!
    God bless you man, you're one of the best damned lyricists and song writers out there

  29. Tubby_Custard

    I wish me and him didn't share the same name. Why can Canada not produce good music.

    Scott B

    +senorMckenzie its not that our beloved country can't produce good music, but possibly it's because it sometimes produces half on hearing, grammar-resistant, art-obtuse individuals like someone we know...

    Alex Jamieson

    +Scott B this response was so great.

  30. Dai S.

    Feeling lucky as hell to be seeing one of his shows live next week.

  31. carl glaeser

    it`s amazing.adele`s new song hello has almost 50 000 000 views in just 3 day`s ! this song has a little over 23 000.fucking stupid.canadians need to step it up when it comes to our own artists.get with it people !

    Bryan M

    You can't compare mainstream music to Matt Good. Mainstream has been junk since around 2000.

  32. Annie theMese

    Another genius release from Matthew Good.

  33. Dave Leblanc

    damn right awsome epic as usaul

  34. Dave Leblanc

    epic as usual

  35. carl glaeser

    great cd.n.a.c in november

  36. whosnkn

    Probably one of the most underrated song writers ever.

  37. smurfinit48

    I have grown up with Matt's stuff attached to many of my life events, important life events at that. He has been influential to the development of myself and my taste in music. I feel like his work has been a great reminder of the simplicity of music, and yet the beauty in the depth of his lyrics.
    I'm glad to see that after years of not broadcasting any new music that Matt has decided to stay close to his roots and what he does best rather than branching off into the mainstream electronica era.
    Matt, you are consistently wonderful. I love you and your music. ❤️


    smurfinit48 exactly

  38. turnoffthetv

    4 people clearly need to be fed to these gorgeous wolves in this amazing video.

  39. Billyshead133

    I can't get enough of this track and how he sings on it. I've pre-ordered the album so I've received 2 free downloads of "Girls in black and " No Liars and they sound really really good. But I really can't stop listening to this. This is yet another beautiful ballad by Matthew Good a true artist. 💯%

  40. Kar Dar

    Im Kar Dar!!

  41. Kar Dar

    Thanks Matt!?

  42. Mutant Baby

    Not bad.

  43. Green Hawk

    wait ... was that the rainbow restaurant in oshawa/whitby?

    Green Hawk

    @Candice Dawson
    i live in ajax and i can never be bothered to remember which order oshawa whitby is in lol. or which is which lol. they just blend together :P

    Green Hawk

    @Candice Dawson
    agreed lol. now if only ajax could get some love :P

    Overkill Motorsport Superchargers

    In Oshawa. The wild dogs roaming the streets picking at garbage and sitting on restaurant table tops is also a clear giveaway.

    Rebecca Lade

    +Green Hawk I was just gonna say it looks like OSHAWA!

  44. Lucas Jaszka

    Good stuff

  45. Parker Hatcher

    I've been listening to this man all my life. Always loyal. I wouldn't be the musician I am if not for him. He saved me without trying. I'm glad he's still making great music. It's the only thing I know will always be there.

    Vivian St.Claire

    Parker Hatcher that's such a nice thing to say💖 I feel the same way 😊

  46. TheNearFantastica

    Matt. Thank you for being a part of this world. Soul mate and love of my life music-wise, full stop.

  47. suzy joe

    missed ya keep it coming you inspire the writer in me

  48. Alan Hinton

    Greatest singer/songwriter of all time IMO

  49. R L

    I agree with Omar. your music gets me in the heart as well. Happy to see a video. Going to the show in Peterborough-can't wait!

  50. Omar - Cat

    really know how to get me right in the heart with your music man

  51. Richard Martyn

    Hopefully this one ends up more shades of Vancouver/Lights of Endangered Species than Arrows of Desire. I love it when Matt gets really progressive... unlocks a part of him that only a handful of people in the world could duplicate.

  52. Ann Trim

    Soundtrack of my life too

  53. andy

    dining with wolves :]

  54. Kayla

    0:40 it's Matt Gump: "JENNI !!... ..killed her dad with her car and now she's a millionaire 🎶"

  55. enjoythesilence2

    Fantastic song and video!! Very excited for the new album!

  56. iamunderground

    This guy's music has been the soundtrack to my life for over 18 years.

    D GW

    +iamunderground Same here bud. Love the good man.


    Me too! Became a fan in grade 5 1995. Met him a couple years ago, nice guy.


    +iamunderground Word. Shame he's been so underappreciated. Instead we got Bieber and Nickelback carrying our torch into the new generation...

    Alan Hinton

    @iamunderground There was no question  mark in my comment because it wasn't a question. I was sincerely agreeing with you, or on the same page, so to speak :) In any case, glad you enjoy his music and appreciate it as much as I do!

    Mārtiņš Bērziņš

    I have to add that for me its a 13 years soundtrack, and I absolutely know how you feel about his music! :)

  57. ZygmanFroid

    I've been listening to Matthew Good for years now. I'm only 21. I've been listening this guy since I was like 5!! Fucking love you dood! This new album is going to be brilliant!! I just know it XD

  58. Jay Laxdal

    1:57 that is a look

  59. Chad Cassidy

    Matthew Good delivers again! Can't wait for the album!

  60. Jennifer Andrews

    Perfect. Amazing. Breathtaking. Your work cannot be matched... it gets me every time.

  61. Kris H

    You still got it Matt. Bravo!

  62. James Ricketts

    Holy fuck, watched this video after watching the video of "Load me up" weird seeing him so old.

  63. brenski3

    Love it, Matthew! It seems I will forever be a fan of every piece of music you create.

  64. Lee Marsh

    This has to be one of your best music videos yet Matt. This song just grows and grows on you like every single one of Matt's other songs do!!

  65. Ilias Givelas

    Great video, great song! And watching it being filmed in Oshawa and being able to meet the man behind the song only made the experience that more special!


    Louie G liar

    Vivian St.Claire

    Louie G wow so lucky!💖

  66. Tony Pierce

    Long live Matt Good!

    Ryan Shordee

    fcuk yes

  67. Billyshead133

    Love Matt singing into the camera. Fantastic.

  68. Brian P-C

    Matt, you are the the man. Your music and the visual style of this video is awesome. Can't wait for the album!

  69. Elaine Morrison

    I like the pics, the fog, the darkness, and the wolves (when they didn't look awkward and staged) in the foliage although I'm not a fan of the song. I guess that was a hard song to lip sync to, being slow. I don't understand the storyline of the wolves but it doesn't matter because the shots described were the pretty part of the video. I would suggest zeroing in on the wolf/park/fog/darkness pics more and in slow motion and make a beautiful wolf video just on that. That would go around the internet more, I think, purely based on the prettiness of the wolves if it was edited well and looked almost wild. Youtube says this video is unlisted, which may mean it will randomly circulate through Youtube and the google search engine less. Don't international entertainers selling music want to be seen? All PR is good PR. Don't worry. It would have also been good to film the animals playing and running naturally as you mentioned they were already doing.

    Sharon K

    +Elaine Morrison Nope. You're flooding his pages with useless crap that has nothing to do with Matt. Can you tone it down a notch? It's starting to annoy the heck out of me. Thank you kindly, and have a great day.

    Elaine Morrison

    I'm sorry "First L." but I don't know you and I don't care about your requests of me. Maybe you should try people who actually have to do everything you ask. That's what they're for.


    +Christopher Paine- nothing wrong with someone respectfully posting a different opinion or viewpoint. It's art and as such different people are going to have different opinions. If you take a look down the comments here almost everyone is praising the video. One dissenting opinion is not going to make the internet implode. If anything I get tired of people brown nosing everything Matt does, but hey, it's their right to do so if they want. Personally, while I love the cinematography and slow angle shots in the smoke, I found the video a little too abstract and directionless to say I thought it was great. Doesn't make me right; doesn't make me wrong. Just an opinion.

    Elaine Morrison

    Just when I say to myself "oh shit, it's another Youtube response on that video" and wonder if I should open it, you go and get all adorably sweet and overturn once again my faith in mankind, Julie. Hey, if it was one of my Spanish faves no one would ever find my comment in the millions. Those huge videos get praised, slammed, and spammed and it's all numbers of hits going to the owner's pocket.

    Elaine Morrison

    It's that trigger-happy moment when we know (and I know!) something's up with us and although a voice might say "don't do it, don't do it", before we know it we're responding and thinking "oh boy, this is not going to turn out well...oh well".

  70. WarpedMindDogma

    Just beautiful stuff. Can't wait for the album!

  71. octobermidnight

    Man, this is fantastic.