Matt Wertz - Over You Lyrics

It's been 10 months since July seven
You closed the door, I left it open
Holding out for what might be someday
so you lingered, I took you with me
through the country, every city
Thinking I'd be better off this way

I guess I don't wanna get over you
I've tried it a thousand times
It don't matter what I do
I guess I don't wanna get over you
I can't get you off my mind
I thought it was time you knew

So bittersweet I still remember
Every part of your phone number
Tempted, you're just 10 digits away
I've gotta tell you, go down firing
leave the darkness, cease the striving
Knowing that I'll never be the same

It's so hard to let you go
With all the spaces you still roam
You're everything in between

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Matt Wertz Over You Comments
  1. Monika Biernat

    @an4olka WOAH! i got with my ex bf July 7th! xD

  2. Garland Davenport

    this song describes my life......

  3. Emily

    Ohmygoodness...story of my life. xD

  4. pryscillabq

    mto foda ;)

    july 7th is my first and the only guy i ever loved birthday ;)

    this song rocks ;)

  5. Ana Sto

    ah poor you, my ex fucked her ex and then left me for them. fucking shits. hahaha. you learn to laugh about it ;)

  6. IncensedGiraffe

    hey me and my gf broke up on july 7th too then she fucked my best friend dont ya just love it

  7. David Ikard

    Good story.

  8. CrAZychicke

    YAY!! :)
    love it

  9. jbold21

    This is the song that will make him famous! Such a great song for radio!!

  10. BrittniAlex

    umm, try Itunes =]

  11. Zara Noreen

    wow, i have never heard of Matt Wertz before i looked on the super hug thing on myspace.
    oh well i love it!

  12. Ting -Ting

    what the hell