Matt OX - Too Late Lyrics

Got the bread from the ref I ain't playin games
She say she love me but I know she hang with other lames
I checked her phone and all I saw was all these other names
I said ''baby''I said ''bae'' I said its alright peace...
I loved that girl but now she begged that she want me
Cause she saw me and my gang on the TV
I don't know you, you don't know me, I'm by my lonely
I can't trust you and ion trust nobody
Run up on yo hood I'm a madman, boy I came from dirt and a quicksand, now I'm boutta buy my mama a new mansion
Ima rockstar, Marilyn Mansion
You be fraudin, you got no bands
Yeah they call my bros, I got no friends, now I'm eatin, now I'm grubbin
I'm a youngin, but I'm up next

Got the bread from the ref I ain't playin games
She say she loves me but I know she hang with other lames
I checked her phone and all I saw was all these other names
I said ''baby''I said ''bae'' its alright peace...
I don't trust you, you don't love me, I get money, now you want me
But its too late, yeah I'm different
I gotta change my ways, in a new lane

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Matt OX Too Late Comments
  1. corey jervik


  2. Drown

    why is THIS song under rated 🤦🏻‍♂️


    Shit crank

  4. Kyle Hollenback

    He need stay on this flow



  6. silver wind8160

    I also have no freinds

  7. bitch am fly

    sosa influence all over it

  8. Brian Vaughn

    this is his best song

  9. Benjamin Ruiz

    Wanna be lil pump

  10. Miguel

    Someone reprod dis shit , beat go hard

  11. zavageking

    this a grown man beat bruhhhh

  12. Wilson Breckenridge


  13. BeachyDarko

    This shit slaps

  14. Samuel Estrelka

    This lit

  15. Jenny slime World

    I love u mattox

  16. Little Lama


  17. DeathOfAnt !!

    lil nigga on a come up

  18. sewshy

    This is Trap Daily's most viewed video..

    Trap Daily

    Craptinz no its not lol i got videos with millions


    Oh! Sorry didn't know.
    Can ya send link?

  19. eduardo gonzalez

    so cool

  20. Lil Iree

    Im the new matt ox

  21. ThugLifeMunchies

    white hood trappers 2018

    Jhonny Jagger

    ThugLifeMunchies we coming lol

  22. Ktag

    Ion trust you. You don’t love me. I get money. Now you want me. But it’s too late. Cause I’m different.

  23. Ktag

    lil ox be goin 👹🤟🏽🤘🏽

  24. Lope

    too lit

  25. D frost

    Instrumental would sound better without the rapper.

  26. AdiSk

    "Other lames" so hes callin himself a lame -.-

  27. Alan Perez

    I'm a rockstar... Marilyn Manson

  28. logged 4290593i42

    How does this not have a music video already

  29. Colby Battle

    Shit hard asf🔥

  30. ory.


  31. Cheif Sheef

    yo hit me up!!!

  32. murdoc's bath

    Lil bull

  33. Tonya Sankey

    this shit hard asf 💥💯

  34. LiL24FuGiTiVe

    Yoooooo he snapped! I swear OX next up!

    Dont watch My videos

    LiL24FuGiTiVe I know this is fire 🔪🔪😤😤😤

  35. Justin _that_one_dude


  36. Justin _that_one_dude

    It's only fore cus f1lthy woke up....duhhhhh, without the masters of sound this would be garbage. I want to get rid of this kid on the beats and spazz out to em. I'm working on dying. Where the forza

  37. Bentayga


  38. Max

    issa banger

  39. SoDope 2217


  40. GOzexx Feedz

    why this white boy say n*gga

    Marcus Shelton

    Because he can

    Helga Pavlov

    GOzexx Feedz where he say that at??

    Helga Pavlov

    GOzexx Feedz he doesn't curse g

    Bank rotz

    I don't hear it. timestamp?

  41. Iceyy Kaden

    this is garbage he just making up random stuff


    Beastmode gaming how? are you autistic? listen to the lyrics lil goofy

  42. DuckyPlays

    he go hard

  43. Rob O'Brien

    lucki flow

  44. Shut Cker

    delete this

  45. BasicHaddock4

    it's decent 🔥


    When little ox grows up he gonna b like tf ^*munch munch¤

  46. hamsterball67

    here bc his SoundCloud was hacked and all his shit was deleted I cri

  47. Noah Mellouk

    This deserves 5 million views

  48. GVSH

    this off soundcloud??

    Bank rotz

    GVSH yea it's on his SoundCloud & mixtape

  49. Andrew Møntana


  50. ツ33ediz

    this hard

  51. Shawt Bus

    he kinda got a cheif keef flow

    Jayy Finesse

    Shawtbusmikey trueeeeeee

  52. lolmad

    Beat hard asf he ok

  53. koby va


  54. fugmoney

    I came from dirt & quicksand 💪🏿



  56. carlos da goat


  57. hollasvm_

    wake up f:lthy

  58. hollasvm_

    Im a rockstar mariline manson 😂🔥🔥

    Helga Pavlov

    hollasvm_ * marilyn manson


    Helga Pavlov thanks, im not sure about the name so..

    Helga Pavlov

    hollasvm_ ain't no thang

  59. KyatchyTv

    I fuck with lil bruh

    Jimmy Crow

    RIP lil bruh

    reese Campbell

    lenae ovo fr


    I replayed this 15 times

  61. Tostitos Pizza .

    I don't give a fuck what anybody says .this is straight fire


    Mumble af tho

    Ben Dover

    K12 atleast you can understand what he's saying

    Jomal #

    Straight up garbage you mean.

  62. YellaBandanna

    Fye asf

  63. Majestic 12

    trash ass silly lil nigga another fake rapper.

  64. Nathan Williamson

    here before ox hits puberty


    Nathan Williamson lmao

    ody jam

    tbh lmao


    for real xD

  65. leonard sanchez

    she say she love me but i know she hang with other lames

  66. Polo Purp 420

    ima rockstar-marilyn manson

  67. VERMIN


  68. BurnAftaRollinENT

    baby bars jive did his thing