Matt OX - This N That Lyrics

I be rockin' that, I be rockin' this
I'm young and too hot, I get that money quick
Diamonds on my neck bluer than a crip
I'm young and made it out, now I'm feeling rich
I be rockin' that, I be rockin' this
I'm young and too hot, I get that money quick
Diamonds on my neck bluer than a crip
I'm young and made it out, now I'm feeling rich

Mason with that top, yah
I be on that block, yah
Pull up drop that top, yah
Diamonds never hot, yah
Young guy who shot, yah
All these girls they flock, yah
I run to the guap, yah, these haters 'bout to stop, damn
Ima flick that wrist (wrist), diamonds were like piss (piss)
All my sauces drip (what), Monte hittin' licks (damn)
Boy you best not trip, pull up like a crib
Mess around get hit, or you might get flipped
All my homies drop, pull up on yo' block
I'ma run it up, all these haters fake
Pull up on his face, my homies are chasin'
Chasin' to that bread, it's stuck in my head
My rubies, they red, Jumping out the trap
My homies they shred, yeah they copy this
Yeah they copy that, I need a new wave
Nobody can have, all my stacks are fat
And that is a fact, mess around get checked
Chilling at the rec, diamonds on my neck
At the park I flex, 'bout to get them checks
They tryna be like me, they might be obsessed
Haters get addressed, when I drop the guap
I'ma make a mess, they gon' get finessed
I do not rest, always been a clique
You just might get tripped, all my homies hit

I be rockin' that, I be rockin' this
I'm young and too hot, I get that money quick
Diamonds on my neck bluer than a crip
I'm young and made it out, now I'm feeling rich
I be rockin' that, I be rockin' this
I'm young and too hot, I get that money quick
Diamonds on my neck bluer than a crip
I'm young and made it out, now I'm feeling rich

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Matt OX This N That Comments
  1. Pillz

    The auto tune has auto tune

  2. Fabian Govea 360

    ""Try to be like me"" 😂😂nobody want to be like you 1:22

  3. FaZe BOY!!!! FaZe BOY!!!!

    Matt ox on god I will beat your a** just send the addi n****

  4. Colin Ferdinand

    Why does he have a machete and he’s like 10

  5. Ffw. Jayy

    Oneway corey is that you?

  6. NomAd J

    The autotune ....

  7. Avoidkingnate _Yt

    He uses the same money stack Everytime

  8. Raidzy Szn

    When your mom and dad make a cup of noodles for dinner 😂

  9. ItsACaiCaiWorld


  10. Kixx Hittin Lickz

    Did this kid just say "BLUER" than a crip.

  11. Trainzer Train Fan

    Your 13 and u have hummer girl hat auto tune and in another vid a cat puked on u 🤔 what’s wrong here?...

  12. Roman Serrato

    Bruh i bet that machete is made out of plastic

  13. R4gaming 123

    With his last song of Michael Myers and then this one I don’t know if he was going through a phase or something but he was definitely obsessed with machetes and knives this kid has something wrong with him

  14. R4gaming 123

    I think it’s funny how your mom always tells you not to run with scissors but this kid is wielding a machete like it’s a toy

  15. R4gaming 123

    And the girl is bigger than him so it makes it even more weird

  16. R4gaming 123

    I think it’s hilarious where you just see Matt ox just singing and dancing and then below him you just see a huge girl Twerking out of nowhere

  17. Marcus Guillen

    Whoever likes this kid rapping must have mental problems, I cannot understand or relate to anything he says he’s a horrible rapper!

  18. Janessa Draws

    so ur telling me that mattox is pretty much holding money, holding a sword, dancing on a car with his older friends, and drinking gallons of auto tune at 13 for hundreds of dollars? ok so now I know what industry im going to be apart of.

  19. lil godtheproducer

    looks like a meme rapper

  20. Rebecca Andrews

    This kid literally says the same thing over and over and over again


    so does cyndi lauper in girls just wanna have fun

    p.s. "ok boomer"

  21. Marvin Portillo

    This dude has like 300$ and hes wearing converse

  22. Lemon Lime Chan Plays


  23. No videos but still got subs duhhh

    When you vape and don’t cough

  24. fire 火

    Producer :How much bass

    Matt ox: you say something

  25. Tammy Michel

    fuckin yungins

  26. yeet yeet

    that autone bro

  27. hahayoureabot

    Damn Matt ox been thugging 🤯🔥

  28. Egot Martynov

    When you find amphetamine and cocaine and take both at the same time

  29. Egot Martynov

    If I did not get sick I would be like him and get killed for drug trading in my teenager years

  30. Egot Martynov

    When you talented in acting

  31. Egot Martynov

    Does not matter if you get girlfriend or take any amount of drugs or have tons of money, you are not gonna be more happy than him

  32. ashuvi_

    0.5x and 0.75 thank me later

  33. s w a y s u c k s

    Producer:how much auto tune matt:huh

  34. bruhman of the bruhs bruhman bruh bruh

    when you cross the street without holding your moms hand

  35. bob

    when u get to sit in the front seat

  36. OneShortKid87 _

    When you get in an X song

  37. keiron Walker


    Not a single soul

    White kid listens to rap one time:

  38. Uziel Terrelonge

    This song is Litt 😘

  39. Dorky Dorky

    Shut up you white ass

  40. Dorky Dorky

    Your ass

  41. lil Food

    When you find out ur dad is 1%african

  42. Melony Beal

    When you say you are a gangster

  43. BMS Action News

    This is 🔥 no cap

  44. Davaugh Crawford

    This nigga that

  45. qtClxpz-

    son look like the kid who b like “aii ima fucc witchu”

  46. Deven Miller

    It must be someone’s first Halloween 🤣🥴

  47. Lil Dumb

    When your parents say that you're allowed to get on the Disney website

  48. EmptyGlobus

    When u signed up on penguin club without parent’s permission

  49. Matt Hugins

    A gram vape at 0:07 of Idk

  50. Matt Hugins

    I don't see no diamonds in dat chain, did you get that chain on wish

  51. Matt Hugins

    Nice $400 BMW M1

  52. theletterk

    dude what the fuck is this and what the fuck is an oogie mane

  53. Leo

    Oogie mane from working with Matt ox to drake


    Leo yal better put some respect on matt name


    JRDAN AJ what did I say wrong ??


    Leo nun just saying it in general

  54. Xboxone videos

    Working on dying is a stupid label name

  55. Fijiboi

    they be pushin that car from the back

  56. svmmo

    mans flexing 8 years of allowance lmao

  57. svmmo

    1:01 no no no there's just no way

  58. Caylen playz

    Lol acting dangerous now in prison. Well thats a bad part dosnt make since 1:22

  59. __Adorno__

    when u get a gf on club penguin

  60. Neurotic Sos

    Shoutout to pipus the wise!

  61. Neurotic Sos

    Beat so fire but u know he's lying

  62. Abdou Dz

    الي من القافلة يضغط لايك

  63. Joaquin Cachonegrete

    When you stay up to watch adult swim.

  64. Sonny

    *what am I watching?*

  65. Kxng x

    When your mom buys pizza rolls

  66. M. C.

    wehn you Doc is dead

  67. Bad -

    Nigga is 12

  68. FlymoreOften

    She busted in socks with sandals on..... 1:02


    Did this kid drop out early from elementary!?!? Stay in school kids.

  70. HAYDEN

    Still fire tbh lmao

  71. Peter Griffin

    When your in detention with the black kids

  72. Kostas Iraklis

    Why the fuck does everyone like this kind of retarded song fam???? This kid is gay af and yall watching some gay ass rap that a kid made... .

  73. susana duque bolivar

    algien en 2019

  74. Clorox Bleach

    That suicide jump at 1:44 tho

  75. wormboy 1

    This kid is like 7 :)

  76. TrashVxsion

    1:00 they got the homies dressed up ?


    🤣🤣wtf is this

  78. helloblack 123

    This was the worst music video ever

  79. Kristen Brown

    0:33 0:34

  80. LIL J

    wtf is this lil' white boi doin'?! *2:25*

    LIL J


  81. LIL J

    the poor black people in this vid... RIP

  82. Walmart

    beat so hard

  83. Jensen Diaz

    New matt ox is way better he sound like carti and uzi had a baby

  84. Perzix

    When u drink soda past 1 am

  85. Ya Dig

    When u finally get the chain from the gum ball machine

  86. InvisibLe Kliip

    the quiet kid in the back of the room when he gets noticed by a bad kid

  87. Itz Flamezz

    When you find out your 2% black

  88. sikachu



    old is better than emo

  89. A friend

    When you realize you can escape roblox jail by

    LeAviNgg tHeE GaEmME!

    nome ne

    the streets prison

  90. A friend

    Who is this kid?

  91. Relay Gaming

    This song sucks butt hole

  92. davi z

    Sou fã de matt ox vi ele em 2017 e já tá famoso

  93. MrClickBaiterDude

    You Should go flex a Lamborghini than a Toyoya LandCruiser .-.

  94. Marvy MillzTM

    👏👏👏👏 nice art work

  95. Meanoledaddy Avery


  96. gabrielcarti

    Shout out F1LTHY

  97. Spideyy

    ima flick that wrist diomamds look like piss

  98. Gxnng

    When you watch nick jr after 8pm