Matt OX - OH DAM Lyrics

I just left Tina for Gina
I got the racks in my Visa
Mm, I might just leave her, don't need her
The block so hot, it might give you a fever
I take off the bag like I'm in an arena

Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh) oh damn (I get my work from the Narco)
Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh-oh) Oh damn
Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh-oh) Oh damn
Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh-oh) Oh damn
Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh-oh) Oh damn
Oh damn, oh damn
Oh damn, oh damn (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh damn, oh damn (Yeah)

Moving the pot in a pan
I got to feed my whole fam (Fam), oh damn
I'm finna cop with the cat (The cat)
Dripping that work in the RAF (The RAF)
Yeah, I'm popping tags, yeah, I'm rocking that, yeah yeah
Bags, racks, stack, facts (Count up, count up)
Count it up way too quick (Too quick!)
Counting them big ol' strips (Them strips!)
Count it up while I'm making a flip
Run it up, that's like sixty G's (-ty Gs)
How is he flexing like this? (Like this)
That lil' kid got too much drip (Drip)
I ain't got no stylist (Stylist)
But I still mix the RAF with Ricks (The Ricks)

Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh) oh damn
Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh-oh) Oh damn
Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh-oh) Oh damn
Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh-oh) Oh damn
Oh damn (Oh, oh, oh-oh) Oh damn
Oh damn, oh damn
Oh damn, oh damn
Oh damn, oh damn

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Matt OX OH DAM Comments
  1. nigga

    do people actually like his music ?

  2. Jeremiah Ugbine

    Yooo this kid going hard!!

  3. IGBA

    He looks like young Marilyn manson

  4. Xxxastic X

    Damn, this one of his best songs. Tho dude should fix his hair ya dig

  5. Tylar kreidler

    This shit hard 😭

  6. 24HR MOB

    What is this Riff Raff son?! Nigga I'm dead 💀

  7. MARS 222

    Dude def got a middle school hoes

  8. MARS 222

    This kid got too much drip bro

  9. ChubbyGlock

    oh damn!

  10. Evo Wolf

    I used to laugh about this kid a long time ago...
    not anymore though.

  11. Hate Dnashnot10

    Tina: I like someone else

    Matt ox: ok bye then

    The next day:

    Matt ox sings:

    Tina: :0

  12. ShadowClone Jutsu

    This shit corny

  13. T Broski

    Matt ox is the future. Lonewolf is a genius.

  14. sleepyiguess

    This shit slaps

  15. Gabe Icc

    Gotta keep it kid friendly

  16. teneriffatane

    matt ox next song: *oh frick*

  17. Vivir Por Dieciocho

    Bro, Is it me or does he look like the kid off Hereditary...

  18. shan castro

    Chief kief copy clone ass

  19. James G

    i remember my first time listening to Boosie,,,

  20. Edward Williams

    Or need to do a remix wit moneymarr on this

  21. Edward Williams

    Need to do a ft wit moneymarr

  22. Nasty Red

    Real fans hre

  23. Wem Oz

    GOT DANG DIS SONG EVEN HRDER SLOWED DOWN (put tha playback speed on 0.75)*^!! 👾☮️🔆

  24. Kaden Olivia

    Matt Ox is my age and I'm glad I get too see him grow up and mature he's really a G.O.A.T in the making

  25. Jughead Johns

    А голосок то прокуренный)

  26. Gabriel Prieto

    Bro playboi carti must’ve showed his son some metal

  27. Kaydevil 125

    He and nle chool is 17

  28. Saliva

    shoulda gotta a feature

  29. isaiahflow Tyler

    Isaiah Isaiah Isaiah Fuller Isaiah Fuller

  30. AvoCapple

    Carti and Uzi had a white love child

  31. D U D E

    Mat ox is the next playboi carti

  32. Kaden Olivia

    Here before 1 million😊

  33. Bryce Perala

    Bro this wild lol

  34. EyezWideShut *3

    Sound like GLEEECHIE!!

  35. Daniel Oliver

    Matt Ox: Oh Dam Oh Dam Oh Dam Sam I Am2x 🎼🎵🎶😁😂🤣

  36. DigitalFire5000


  37. Michael Jr5040

    Look up Matt ox cursing and watch the gram live video...he been cussing

  38. Playboi Chink

    How old is guy

  39. XtrA Echo

    Matt ox: oh dam

    Children rapping: yes ma’am

  40. Bouttabag 31

    Apple Music this please

  41. Team Axleari

    that one emo kid in class who watches a tupac music video and thinks he can rap

  42. Janessa Draws

    *Me when puberty starts to hit*

  43. 416th

    The ox go hard

  44. Glo Goated


  45. SketchyMyles

    This shit just hits different

  46. Sunset msp

    i love this man alot,he is like my future husband frfr

  47. SwaddY


  48. Faya fox

    cool video clip!♡

  49. MrBluYoshi

    Mom: you can say damn.


  50. DJ Cole

    Who is Matt Ox REALLY

  51. sully

    what shoes is he wearing? help

  52. Doclorian Rin

    Why this only has 100k views?

    Edries Gardezi

    Doclorian Rin cuz it’s hella short

  53. El KHALIFA

    Lonewolf really making me like songs

  54. James Lee

    Lil pump remix

  55. scampist den

    🐐 🐐

  56. Cew

    Sounds sampled from a lil boat song with playboy carti but still fire mat

  57. SOUTH EA

    Stfu matt ox

  58. Carlos Bans

    chief keef white son

  59. Empire Rules

    Me when I first learned bad words 😂

    Btw the song was 🔥🔥🔥 though

  60. Eddie Valentin-Zayas

    And this is why we have trash music. Cause all you on here commenting like this is fire. Seriously

    Reality Check

    I swear you not lyin

  61. SxarMak

    This gone pop

  62. Yung Cøry

    hey say the no no word

  63. UnTitled

    Matt ox looks Aracely the same as the homeless guy across my street

  64. lia

    Matt ox: is damn a bad word

    Mom: no

    Matt ox:

  65. Lofi Boi

    (Literally everyone)

    “They grow up so fast”

    “Wipes tear from eye and smile”

  66. XKingVictorX

    *Does Anyone Know Why It’s Called* *” LoneWolf”* ???

  67. Matt Mora

    H2oh! on all platforms babyyy!!!

  68. Lofi Boi

    I saw this video by accident but it’s 🔥🔥 so I subbed

  69. Абдул Орзаев

    Выпускай больше клипов

  70. Max Thiel

    He more lyrical than pump😂😂

    Luke Tschida

    Max Thiel u not wrong😂

  71. PlayBoy Teo

    Emo look a trend again?🤣

  72. Melovn Frack

    Подстригите этого бомжа

  73. MLGestMemes GGetReKt

    It’s damn my g

  74. Daezzed

    The next lil pump?

  75. BeatsBy Faraz

    *One hit wonder*

  76. CypherZ HD

    The label changed the title to “dam” instead of “damn”

  77. Shamon Lee

    This is fucking 🗑 🗑 🗑

  78. Nate

    once his voice matures he should be good

  79. loskii self

    Whip up the pot in the pan 😂

  80. FDQ_jayYT

    Omg he so trashhh😂😂

  81. Born

    who made this beat yo? this shit fire 🔥

  82. 4XFighters

    This song clean

  83. king D

    When you parents come to school and you got in trouble

  84. Аккаунт


  85. Zak Smith Shelley

    Needs a hair cut

  86. Ronald Mata


  87. Cew

    great song

  88. Tali

    You should be rapping about going to bed on time and eating your vegetables

  89. Randomness Gamer

    This beat is sik

  90. Saint

    U can lie 95% of this song is doodoo , but the 5% where he says “oh Dam” that go hard.

  91. notjaredd

    * plays shadow the hedgehog one time *

  92. Sirflexalot

    I thought it was "i just let tina fuck gina"🤦🏽‍♂️

  93. Juice Mob

    Famous dex : Oh man got damn

    Matt ox : hold my fidget spinner

    Matt ox : oh dam

  94. Максимка З

    What the yeet?