Matt Maeson - The Mask Lyrics

Well, I felt the burn
Since the day you departed and talked from the tomb
I'm still healing those wounds
And it holds me down
But made me a man that says, "Fuck all those rules
I will be who I choose"

It's a lonely road
With one grip on several psalms and one grip on the gun
And it holds the rope
It spins me in circles and dizzies my head
Then says sleep when you're dead

Were you ever here?
Or just lost on the surface that at the first touch
Just evades in the dust
And it pulled me down
And showed me my demons lined up in the secrets
Forming a crowd
It was so long
With a piece of happy home that they stripped from the bone
I did not react
I settled my grievance by crafting a mask
And I never looked back

Tell me what you know
I'm in deeper than I've ever been
I will never grow
While this anchor is chained to my feet
Tell me what you know
I'm in deeper than I've ever been
I will never grow
While this anchor is chained to my feet
Tell me what you know
I settled my grievance by crafting a mask
And I never looked-
I will never grow
I settled my grievance by crafting a mask
And I never looked-
Tell me what you know
I settled my grievance by crafting a mask
And I never looked-
I will never grow
I settled my grievance by crafting a mask
And I never looked back

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Matt Maeson The Mask Comments
  1. Isaac Crawford

    Personally don't really need but where's the plug on the lyrics yo

  2. Wolffiee1223

    I swear i hear dreamons instead of demons 😂

  3. Raquel Larios

    I felt that burn my friend. We hugged each other during those hard times.We just feared being alone. We found comfort even for the most toxic moment.We both cried as a child, we just wanted comfort. As we grew, we demanded to tell us what we know.

  4. gafnyms

    Which genre is this?

  5. DeWeese

    Can someone please tell me where I can find this picture

  6. Nehir k

    Türk +1

  7. Strawberry Cheesecake

    It's Matt! His music is art <3

  8. Jason FOX : JF

    Lobo de Mateus

  9. NY Aquatics

    This song is such a bop

  10. ALAZEZ Tv

    i love this song ♥ 2020

  11. iVeggie :3

    reminds me of the killers

  12. Mycka Sta.Maria

    I clicked cause of the art

  13. SpicyIcey

    kim Kardashian lips boi

  14. Kentleigh English

    This is fantastic.
    It's got all my favourite elements of indie music, and its introduction of new elements are brilliantly done.

  15. Just Some Music

    We need more Matt Maeson!!

  16. Love Tata

    Please please tell me who's painting is this

  17. Matt Maeson

    Whaaaat no one told you Mr. Suicide Sheep posted this!! Thank you!!


    Can you hurry up and come to Canada already? Thanks

    Just Some Music

    Rubixx yes agreed


    Thanks for this Matt Maeson.

  18. Gloryious Tyrone

    This is his most pop song but I still like it. I will always prefer The Hearse and Cringe but I’m super happy at least one of his songs is being featured!

  19. Sean Roach

    This song hurts, not because it’s bad, it’s really good, it just hits a little close to home

  20. Akshay Golchha

    Soooo goooddddd ♥️♥️♥️

  21. Captain Soap 600

    This is on Repeat. Thank you MrSuicideSheep

  22. Diachronic Phoenix

    MrSuicideSheep this one is, without a doubt, the best of your recent uploads. Such vibes <3

  23. knight - نايت

    Very good song but i wish i know the genre of this song i am kinda confused

    Elijah Budd

    It's from experimental week, so it's not designed to fit neatly into any one genre. It's a blend of a few genres.

  24. Cristian Alfonso

    Where is The comment with The lyrics? I need it !!!!! So bad

  25. Christina

    omfg, I love the buildup at the end, damn.

  26. Amy Ford


  27. FlareBot 2.0

    I have a slight obsession with this song. Matt Maeson is perfection.

  28. Burai


  29. Farrel Ghoissan

    Where is the lyric guy?

  30. RoyalQinx

    Finally he's getting recogonized !!

  31. XtremeMaskedGaming 3xprience

    2:28 kind of reminds me of FLCL soundtrack

  32. ⦅PICͥODͣOͫUX⦆

    Was I the only one who really thought the guy on the thumbnail was at first a girl ?

  33. Julianna Forrai

    And this - is why I'm on this channel. My ears are bleeding with joy right now. This song is pure magic.

  34. Cole


  35. Captian TimeCanary

    Matt Maeson.. A true gem.😍

  36. Alexis Porret

    This voice !

  37. UltraXee

    I'm sooo upset! Matt Maeson opened for Jaymes Young a few years ago and I didn't know who he was so I didn't get a picture with him. But now I'm obsessed with his music!

  38. ssharizardd

    This is awesome 💕💕

  39. DrSoul8

    That piano section at 1:40 is so beautifull

  40. scottish Scotman


  41. Perry Kaljareuk


  42. Akasha Skyraine

    This is something cool.. On a repeat mode!

  43. Amjad Alsoliman

    You've touched the wound right now...thank you..💙

  44. Dragon

    This was awesome.

  45. FaithKomTrikru

    I love matt maeson so much

  46. The Windwalker

    Getting some older imagine dragons vibes and I’m absolutely loving it.

  47. Near

    What a great song :)

  48. Quinn Abeles

    This song made me cry

  49. D G

    this one created some feels.

  50. Yarnycat

    Why does this sound like a Twenty One Pilots song?
    That's how good it must be.

  51. Laur


  52. Billy evan utama

    So great

  53. Daniel Sebastian

    piękne :)

  54. Claas G.

    Amazing track 👍🏻

  55. wildcard.edits

    my favorite artist!!

  56. Calix Leonel

    The song relates so much to my life
    thank you 'the best music channel ever'

  57. Bianca Figueiró Alves

    que ilustração linda

  58. William Elliott

    This song. There is a level that I love to see achieved when it come to expression, and this resonates with me as I know it does with many. This artist has caught my eye. Such power in these words. I'm in love.

  59. pro Kar98k / محترف كار

    Can any one tell me how i get like this photos in the video ?

  60. Parn

    What a voice.. I GOT GOOSEBUMPS! DAMN

  61. Belladonna Von

    Love the gems you bring with experimental week! It might not all be too my taste, but it really opens up my mind to new styles. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  62. Tomasz Mro

    Thank you for sharing my artwork! I loved working on it :)
    Hope you guys are enjoying it along this beautiful track! ✨

    Christina Corretjer

    Question..... Do u sell your art? Id love one of myself. Single mom now with new 🏠. Need some great art to surround me!

    Tomasz Mro

    @Christina Corretjer Hi Christina! I do indeed! I have prints, originals and other merch available on my website:

    Christina Corretjer

    @Tomasz Mro awesome. Thank you. XOXO


    i recognized your art immediately. Truly beautiful 💕



  63. Luuk W

    The artwork makeS me feel everytime someone makeS me feel sad and I just want to close my eyes and focus on that moment that made me happy

  64. Sara Martinez

    Ay Matt Maeson!!

  65. lukasculy

    So fckin awesomee O:) reaping the play button ;)

  66. Mask Paint

    Tomasz Mro YES I LOVE IT

    Tomasz Mro

    Thank you! <3

  67. MaNU_ZID

    Come on sheepy, I took a short break from this chanel because Ive been listening to this kind of music for a long time, and I just come back to see whats coming up new and I find this jewel

  68. Mandaloolu

    Surprisingly good sheepy... Especially at 424 am

  69. Simon Bay

    Nice one!



  71. SugerlessTie55 Cam

    DUde i love this guys voice. Like an angel!

  72. NoUp Music

    Wow, immediately fall in love with this song! 😊

  73. Kymberly Abbe

    Omg...grief to a T

  74. Michael Thomas

    This one speaks truth!

  75. 탁이스쿨YouToube

    예술적인 일러스트 멋지다 🔥😎😍👑👍😎😍
    신나고 즐거운 음악 최고다 🔥😎😍👑✨👍✨💞💖💓💘💋👍😍✨😎👍🎵🎶🎧

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    Man this song 😱😍💓

  77. Ünifang

    yo i just dropped a track. a check out will be appreciated Ü

  78. pipeofmagritte

    one of the best tracks i've seen you post Mr. Sheep ❤

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    Kinda reminds me of older Twenty One Pilots songs

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    This Experimental Week is getting better and better. :3

  83. Blythe Majors


  84. Luna -

    Dat voice <3

  85. Jesse Adler

    This song is amazing <3

  86. Lonely Potato

    I love this! His voice is so gorgeous and soothing

  87. foxxrider250r

    SHeep used to play cool electronic music :(

  88. hamburgerdog25

    I've only ever heard Hallucinogenics (heard it over on Insomnia's channel) so this is a nice refresher with Matt Maeson for me. As always, featuring some bangers here sheepy

  89. Nervouss Rex

    Matt Maeson is still my favorite artist :)

  90. Martu Buu

    Nice'sik bardzo 💙✌️

  91. Cameron Denny

    Finally Matt is being seen as he should!

  92. Phil Thalhammer

    farted on a packed train listening to this...good times

  93. ange

    2:15 this part tho, so good

  94. SuccessMenu

    The drawing looks a bit like James Charles 🤔

  95. Humans Are Retarded Creatures

    If only I can sing these at my videoke

  96. MrSuicideSheep

    'Experimental Week' Day 4! 🙂
    Who else puts an emotional mask on when you go out?

    Christina Corretjer

    Never. And funny.... My circle is so small it's a dot... Maybe because I don't wear the mask....

    Christopher Ogden

    My meds help 💊

    SirWinterFox Gaming

    id be lying either way so ima just say tis wat it is

    Christina Corretjer

    @SirWinterFox Gaming 😉


    I think I’m not sure