Matt Maeson - Straight Razor Lyrics

Hey Mr. Stargazer
Give me a straight razor
Don't let it all faze her
When minors gets so major

'Cause it don't stop
No, it don't end
Oh when the seams, will start to wearing thin
Oh and we'll see, if the same thing goes for them
Oh and I tried to start caring like you and like them
When you said that I was killing myself
I've killed everything but my shame

Hey Mr. Trailblazer
Spare you a joint paper
It's strange how the days layer
And weigh on you years later

'Cause it don't stop
No, it don't end
Oh when the seams will start to wearing thin
Oh and we'll see if the same thing goes for them
Oh and I tried to start caring like you and like them
When you said that I was killing myself
I've killed everything but my shame

Oh and I'll try to convince myself I'm worth it
Oh and you'll lie with your strange and fitting purpose
Oh and I'll try to convince myself I'm worth it
Oh and you'll lie with your strange and fitting purpose

Well I swore I would never go there
Oh, I've killed everything but my shame
Shame shame shame

Well I swore I would never go there
Oh, and healed everything but my shame
Shame shame shame

Hey Mr. Stargazer
Give me a straight razor
Hey Mr. Trailblazer
Spare you a joint paper
Hey Mr. Stargazer
Give me a straight razor

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Matt Maeson Straight Razor Comments
  1. Ryan Eberling

    I’ve never felt like someone could reconcile with their words every situation I’m going through from hallucinations to grave digger I feel like we’re walking in line on this journey and thanks for giving me music that lets me know I’m not alone on this journey.

  2. Sena Ç

    Plz stop making stupid people famous, make him famous

  3. Megan R.

    All of your music is absolutely astounding! Lyrics are so so deep and beautiful! You are one talented artist! 😭❤️

  4. Steve clynick

    When I first discovered this is real music

  5. Social Nightmare :D

    Why did it take me so freaking long to find this dude?

  6. andrew claxton

    Hey mat. Huge fan. Dont do anything reckless now. Theres a bunch of people out here waiting on your music. Keep it up and dont be so hard on yourself

  7. Nancy Leblanc

    I need help..

  8. cyanea parsley

    This is the kind of music that cures depression
    Thank you🌿

  9. ruthmatoes

    I dont know why but ure making me cry rn matt, ive just been listening to cringe to beggars song to hallucinogens---now this. Im tearing up

  10. Zachary Addi

    is that khalid in the background?

  11. Thombo GD

    I found this song on spotify while playing random songs and i swear to god... that's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life and i just love it... I can't stop hear it
    First I thought this is a famous radio song but everyone I asked never heard this before, and honestly, I'm glad it isn't famous... If it was the whole world would hear this to death so I don't like it anymore... so fuck radio

  12. Sofia R

    favorite matt maeson song by far. this one really got me through some stuff. when I see him in november I MIGHT lose it

  13. Ayesha Zubairi

    I discovered him today...Wow his vocals are outstanding and the music too.He is now going to be my favorite artist for ever....His eyes are I think everything is beautiful in him..

  14. Cody Small

    Seriously, how does this video not have 1m+ views? 62k at the time of Writing this.

    Last edit: 2019 July 30

  15. Stressed bøy 21

    2:54 when I win Anything

  16. lost in Translation

    He sucks and he is a bigoted Christian.. I personally hate this jackass kid. His bio is fake. He's a Christian kid that grew up doing shows with his racist mentally ill parents

  17. lost in Translation

    This dude sucks

  18. Shannon Hopkins

    June 2019 just getting tu ry ne on to Matt and I'm hooked he is so awesome his voice is so what I needed in my life right now.

  19. Brandon Powell

    His young self takes his hand and leads.

  20. Strikerach

    Your music literally saved me. Never stop. Never quit. I love you, man.

  21. JTA

    Dude, just found you today.....Hard like!

  22. Alyson Powell

    Why is he not my boyfriend? I swear we're soul mates <3

  23. sus trash_


    you dummy t h i c c

  24. Stressed bøy 21

    This ties to cringe

  25. Michael Cowan

    An achingly beautiful song

  26. Guinevere Pendragon

    All of Matt's songs are amazing, but this one, this one is #1. 😍

  27. Las Nor

    Продам гараж

  28. Brandon Shotwell

    This song completely encompasses how my depression and alcoholism feels

  29. Hamza Aribi

    Oooh so good

  30. Lyza336 LAF

    Is that ur lil brother, u look so much alike

  31. Lea Corsetti

    A friend of mine introduced me to your music while were working in a rural part of kenya for 5 months. Our evening routine was literally to make tea, sit on the front steps of our house, put on one of the songs from the EP, light a cigarette, and sit there...

  32. mags.

    lowkey thought he had a khalid cameo in the choir

    Elizabeth Corkins

    I thought for a second too lol

  33. Alexis Wuolle

    this man is literally a god. how has he not blown up??

  34. Adriana McKinney

    He seems to depict a lot of religious themes in his music with churches and pastors or bibles.

  35. Yohann Haro'eh


  36. Shinigami Kitsune

    Sequel to "Cringe?"

  37. Daniel Maneveld

    most underrated artist, lets make him famous.

  38. George Lopez

    I know it's No Nut November but I think I just nutted...

  39. Sand dan Glotka

    This guy is so good!

  40. Vvgx c

    I'm sad that he isn't as famous as he should be but I'm also kinda happy that I have his music all for myself

  41. Victor Gyoshev

    1:24 sounds like csgo finding match.

  42. Alexandria Cartwright

    Hey can someone help me find the underlaying message in this song. I love it so much and I really want to know what he was thinking during this song. I would really appreciate it.

    Matt Maeson

    Alexandria Cartwright It’s about the Gushers

    Amberjean Goodman

    They are all always about the Gushers**

    Alexandria Cartwright

    Like the 90s fruit snack gushers? 😅😂

    Vicky Dp

    MR: One of the songs on your EP, “Straight Razor,” has a video release this week. Do you have any stories about the clip's recording and the song’s story? Who’s idea was it to have everyone on Planet Earth sing at the end?

    MM: Haha! That's actually only me and my producer James Flannigan in that choir section. We just went crazy with it and stacked the vocals. “Straight Razor” is a song about desperation and how when you try to so hard to   better and still fail it makes it easy to look at people who are doing well and feel discouraged.

  43. John Bamburoski

    1.5 Speed is fucking crazy

  44. Manuel Lessi

    I'd love a collab with NF

  45. leigh !

    does anyone know what this song about?

  46. Nova and the Ghost

    Your art is beautiful and important 💖

  47. Rebecca is Ace

    Just found Matt Maeson this morning when Spotify recommended his song "Me and My Friends Are Lonely".
    Immediately got stuck in my head, so I checked out the rest of the album (Who Killed Matt Maeson). My favourites so far are Straight Razor, Me and My Friends Are Lonely, Grave Digger, and Twenty Twelve

  48. Sarah Luckiecharm

    This is so amazing you deserve to be famous, your music is fantastic! even the music video you put so much thought into every lyric too it’s beautiful. thank you for the great music please don’t ever stop you have an amazing talent

  49. Zaraerae Smith

    I was waving my arms along with those extras haha

  50. Zaraerae Smith


  51. Laura FisHet

    Matt's music speaks to a part of myself I want to bury and forget most days because it will always hurt looking at all the wrongs and the hurt I inflicted on other people when I was young and so self destructive. It's raw and beautiful and true and I love it.

  52. BlurryFace

    Wow such a beautiful song man..

  53. Zero Smallz

    this dude is unreal currently ignoring my problems jamming the bops

  54. Emily Aguilar

    Hi, I've never commented on a youtube video before, but I just wanted to say this song is beautiful. I've gotten through a lot of rough nights listening to this so thank you for such a gift. Please keep writing and singing, I've heard every song of yours I can find and there's not one I don't love. :)

  55. Ayse Topcu

    your music saves me, you are spectacular

  56. abi kuotsu

    hey mr stargazer🎧😊☺️... love this song..

  57. Valarie Burns

    Hey Mr StarGazer

  58. Brandon Hollings

    He said “I was killing myself” ... so Matt Maeson killed Matt Maeson... ok so what do I when .? Free tickets plzz 🤔😊

  59. Whaler Sailor

    Here’s a new follower of you, great music. I’ll be sure to recommend you to whomever I can

  60. Mary McNeill

    Ooh!! Would definitely recommend this man to people who like the slower twenty one pilots songs. I love this guy!!!! Just started listening to him

  61. flower power

    I really really love your voice , you're so talented and I love all your songs

  62. Noopy Bear

    Matt, you are the brightest star I can see❤ voice of an angel💞

  63. please go away

    I don't know why I'm crying rn ...

  64. Lena Grace

    Such a wonderful song

  65. Léa B.

    can someone explain the clip?

  66. mands

    You are a truly talented phenomenon. Never stop.

  67. Daniel Kennedy

    Will you please come to Ireland soon

  68. Alt-Cub

    his voice kind of reminds me of AJR

  69. 김해거간의부동산


  70. Hack -Boy

    Alguien me puede decir a que se refiere esta canción?

  71. Liam White

    What do you guys think this song is about? I'm having trouble interpreting it

  72. r u good?

    Wow You are incredible!! Your music is fanatastic!

  73. Kailey Miller

    He’s so so so so good. His songs are the kind you could listen to on repeat for years without getting tired of them.

    Cheyenne Goff

    Kailey Miller literally me rn

    George Lopez


  74. Grace Edwards

    That moment when you realize the end of Cringe’s video is the beginning of this one...


    Congrats you looked at both videos

    George Lopez

    Wait, wha...

    B. McAllister

    They all link.

  75. Sam Wallington

    0:35 damnnnnn that highlight 😍

  76. ThatBird

    Yes Matt, you worth it !! M A E S O N A R M Y

  77. Shanyl Morris

    Bless this

  78. nahid lakricha

    Ur songs are just sooooooo amazing !!!!!!!!!

  79. Fry Munchkin

    Is that khliad in the background

  80. Andrea Jaramillo

    Your music is sooooooo amazing and unique!!! Love it ❤️ it helps me a lot ...

  81. Camilla Belli

    the bridge from ambassadors hoping is pretty similar

  82. Matthew Travis

    Awesome music

  83. Marina DU

    the end of the chours weirdly reminds me of a S.O.A.D song....

  84. Seleiny Rodriguez

    You're a fucking artist, FUCK

  85. monika petrovik

    I love his work, because i think he speaks from his heart and every word that he says it's try.

  86. Lena S

    this guy deserves more attention

  87. CanYouDyeAChickenGreen

    Finally at 60k views❤

  88. sai garcia

    I want to see him live !!!!

  89. preshum

    I have been replaying this for months. Still don't understand how you don't have more views.

  90. Myria Leray

    Your music is gold. 👌🏻

  91. baloney sandwich

    bitch im crying

  92. Barker cherry

    Is my nigga Khalid in the background at 1:14 ??

  93. Vicky G.

    Lol the dude with the shinig eyes looks like the weeknd