Matt Maeson - I Just Don't Care That Much Lyrics

My teeth are rottin' away
I've leathered all my skin
And my blood is getting thin
And my whole fucking character's changed

I don't know who I used to be
But it certainly isn't me
And the more and more I drink
I am afraid

That I'm just killing myself
Got me fearing for my health
I'm scared that hell is just a place on Earth
And I pray to god I leave before
Satan pours another drink

I'm just living like a man
I'm just living like a man on fire
I just don't care that much
I'm just living like a man
I'm just living like a man on fire
I just don't care that much

Combustible, confused, and free
I no longer see that coast
That I always used to see
And I think it drifted far from me

Why am I talking to a ghost
That I've never even seen
When I haven't even heard you speak?

You said the months go by so quick
Maybe you're just full of shit
You're never last, I'm sorry I just said that
Maybe life was just a bet
That I lost to drugs and cigarettes

I'm just living like a man
I'm just living like a man on fire
I just don't care that much
I'm just living like a man
I'm just living like a man on fire
I just don't care that much

In my mind
I will wander that way
Till I see
The fire escape

My teeth are rottin' away
I've leathered all my skin
And my blood is getting thin

I'm just living like a man
I'm just living like a man on fire
I just don't care that much
I'm just living like a man
I'm just living like a man on fire
I just don't care that much

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Matt Maeson I Just Don't Care That Much Comments
  1. Molly Cadogan

    * replay *

  2. Hrad B

    Me SE78AY

  3. Autumn Smith

    414 comments and yet none are about the incredible Pink Floyd reference? Shame.

  4. ricky

    This one deserves more recognition!

  5. Amber Williams

    Hallucinogenics was the first masterpiece and damn baby you are amazing

  6. Amber Williams

    Why not Columbus Ohio damn

  7. Leah Yates

    Omg this is fire

  8. Duckys Lair

    the billy goat though for the goat ...
    love this guy

  9. Scruba_Dub ///

    This song is sick!

  10. Kaila Jones

    Break those chains ❤

  11. Sara Skeptical

    Dude, you gonna play in NC anytime in the immediate future???

  12. Michael TheDragon

    Wait is this not 21 pilots featuring Oliver Tree??

  13. Aron Que Marr

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. "Man on Fire" would be such a better title.

    Molly Cadogan

    I think man on fire is the album name...

  14. Andrew Solle

    I felt beezy on chorus and I even don't know what is means. Anyway I don't care that much.

  15. Jason King

    That is how a music video is done.

  16. Ju Bowie

    Muito foda 🇧🇷👌❤

  17. Lightskinnnnn


  18. Ashy Larry

    Song reminds me of the proclaimers.

  19. Cody Short

    Dude don’t let other people fill your music videos with fucking garbage. Direct it as you saw it when you wrote it....

  20. Daniel Pearcy

    WAKE UP.

  21. Daniel Pearcy


    OH YEAH.

  22. Yuzuru Otonashi

    I think Sharon Van Etten is trying to steal your life. All your songs and albums on Google are now credited to her

  23. JessIsTheS

    An absolute banger

  24. terri broussard

    he should collaborate with yungblud!!

  25. Anthony Lombardi

    The last thing I did before my semester started was drive a couple hours to see Matt Maeson and Yoursmith, but I had never heard of either of them before! My old bus buddy from elementary school that I see maybe once a year or so still reached out to me and told me Matt Maeson was his favorite artist and he wanted me to go with him. Honestly, what a great show to go in blind to. Call me a fan now, what an amazing performer. His songs truly hook you, I've never been able to pick up a chorus and start singing a long to a song mid concert until that show. Such a great experience! I expect to see Matt booming as the years go by

  26. Caitlin Conway

    Love your songs -- so refreshing you dont sound like everyone else or sing about the same things !! Love it and good luck with your music! Im sure you will go far cuz your like a breathe of fresh air! You rock homie !!

  27. Amanda West

    Matt!! Just saw you @ Maha. I'm feeling lucky! I love the intimacy between a new artist and a smaller crowd. 😍😍 best of luck on your ascension!

  28. Ruby Mckellar

    First verse sounds a bit like TOP

  29. Laura Grebel

    I Love you mattymatt in your glitter boots♡

  30. Sierra Jennings

    I can't stop listening to this song

  31. Seth Michael

    You make really good music. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  32. Hilunka

    i really like it.
    the video looks so old and its awesome

  33. Gage Hamer

    Noah and the wale 2019

  34. Kyla Burdick

    God why is this relatable

  35. Keri Blank

    Omfg!!!!! I identified with this so hard, every word.... well besides man, I'm a woman lol

  36. Saltwaterbottle

    I love your music man

  37. Chris Young

    My brother showed me your music and I’m really glad he did.

  38. Boobi3 cloud

    Thank you

  39. RedRiddin Hood

    Matt Maeson - enough said 07/14

  40. Glen Davies

    dezzy lol just remember who showed you this legend

  41. kerrystolcenberg

    *maybe life is just a bet, that I lost to drugs and cigarettes*

  42. Raul Colenbrander

    Nice voice, his voice would be beautiful at other genres. I personally think this genre and this song didn't fit with his voice.

  43. Shannon Sexton


  44. Cloudy G

    does anyone understand this verse? I'm guessing this 2 lines him talking to God
    why am talkin to a ghost that I've never even seen
    and I haven't even heard you speak

    but here what does it mean???
    and several months goes by so quick
    maybe you're just so full of shit
    you never last I'm sorry I just said that

  45. Dexters Story

    Im surprised your not the next Shawn Mendes. THIS is coming from a BOY

  46. Sean Bannon

    757 anthem I lived this song for years

  47. alwaysuseless

    Who else is here because of Seth Meyers?

  48. Shannon Hopkins

    U are my favorite now

  49. zach ludwig

    This song so fucking relatable all he’s missing is my drug addiction

  50. Triumphala Darkshadow

    This song resonates with me way too much

  51. Dogen70

    I like you, kid. Your music speaks to me in an authentic way and that I appreciate it. Thanks

  52. Immortal Potato


  53. Robin Gilbert


  54. Mariem Gabriel

    James Paxton tho 😍

  55. Slither Puff

    How ive been feeling here lately this like spot on hits me

  56. Jae Bee

    Let me hold you, Love.😳❤

  57. Lexi Albin

    We switched from Sparkly Boots to Cowboy Boots eh? <3

  58. Strikerach

    Can I go on tour with you haha, I wanna see every damn show. Your voice is heaven.

  59. Blanco

    Fuck this would have been perfect on Californication

  60. Storm Johns

    There is literally just something about his music. So much passion. I literally can’t.

  61. micah whitefeather

    Absolutely hit me somewhere deep down. I love the work Matt.

  62. Volunteer Sherrifonweekends

    What did matt ever do to colonel sanders?!?!

  63. Ra¿hel 09

    mat😤ur music is my multi vitamin

  64. Dale Yeager

    Can’t wait for this guy to come through town

  65. Lps Vika

    Just found you and fell in love

  66. avi chazin

    Looks like the guy from coldplay

  67. wallpaper42

    music videos going fucking insane with the aspect ratios lately

  68. Oscar Rowley

    Damn, youtube recommended sending me straight bangers again.

  69. Flabby Tabby Panda

    mono no aware

  70. Livingstón

    New big fan. Rowdy vibe unique edge.

  71. Ashleigh Abbott

    Who else is here from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2?

  72. MoonMan

    This is so gooooood

  73. Heather Elizabeth

    he always has such amazing visuals

  74. Logan Queenan

    Sounds like modest mouse

  75. Randomcontent Productions

    yall wanna listen to my music?

  76. Denise Cannon

    Before my son passed away.
    .he sent me a song by him...he connected so much with him...only difference is he let it consume him...i get it..and I will forever love matt maeson for bringing things into the limelight!!! Nobody knows what demons are inflicting ones soul and that battle they are trying to concur....its exhausting and never-ending!!! Shout out to those dealing...its hard..but not impossible

  77. Flying Pigs CO

    I just don't care that much is my response to everything.

  78. tedd

    this is so good

  79. Devy Project

    This is like the classic oldies, 70s style, this man is valuable, treasure him.

  80. Retard

    YouTube recommendations on point this is so good

  81. TeeZ

    man youtube recommendations got some bangers huh

  82. Seb Dos

    Ey look its Sid from Ice Age

  83. greyғoх555

    Where are your subs wtf

  84. Grambo the Great

    Your music is so fucking powerful, I can feel it in my nutsack.

  85. rat

    you look like a really british version of that guy from scream

  86. Tels DerNerd

    Damn I love this song

  87. Smüth Opheliac

    I appreciate the shape of your skull

  88. Hunter Gair

    Dude what just happened

  89. Crayz

    pretty good!

  90. Maxxxcore Allencore

    So original. Absolutely fuckin love this song.! <3

  91. bearhilfiger

    That intro looks like something off of a shakewell video.

  92. Bumb a

    Just remember that I was here before it got famous✌️


    So damn glad I clicked on the video

  94. 2 Deviant

    Reminds me of New Politics a bit

  95. TaylorTealerTaylir

    Wow thoughts put into action

  96. Chris Crider

    Finally, a good YouTube recommendation! 🔥