Matt & Kim - Cameras Lyrics

sun’s going down let’s get together
on the bridge we’ll meet up tonight

black pants red sweatshirt and brown bags
above the East River’s northern lights

you see what I see
I thought it make believe
watched the sun rise
on my street

old cement makes for
a solid place to lay
bed of light grey
my bed of light grey

while I know it’s letters
that can spell
I hear now it’s words that can say

I decided to start writing less
and I’m talking more everyday

sixteen of our friends
a five seat bright red van
curbside view
turn off of grand

pound my steering wheel
we yell to the windshield
I’m finally home
I’m finally home

no time for cameras
we’ll use our eyes instead
no time for cameras
we’ll be gone when we’re dead
no time for cameras
we’ll use our eyes instead
I see flashes of gold

every single car alarm we hear
we’ll steal and throw through their window
my water comes straight from the tap
and those bottles are all just for show

I see that we’re made of
more then blood and bones
see we’re made of
sticks and stones

don’t forget to breathe
need locks for your keys
don’t forget to breathe now
forget to breathe now

no time for cameras
we’ll use our eyes instead
no time for cameras
we’ll be gone when we’re dead
no time for cameras
we’ll use our eyes instead
I see flashes of gold

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Matt & Kim Cameras Comments
  1. Robert Lewis

    So edgy. Yawn.....

  2. delius521

    The hipster answer to "Mr and Mrs Smith". 💀💀💀😂

  3. ShloKing

    So.... what if you just filmed a couple cage fights for a music video? I mean, this is close, but it'd be interesting just to use real footage of people beating the crap out of each other.

  4. Mason Kane

    the most unrealistic part of this music video was the inclusion of the electric guitars.

  5. Chris Christi

    You guys SURE you're not married ?

  6. Will M

    How dare you hit kim...
    Kim did right, in kicking your ass Matt.

  7. Ed Ventures

    That escalated quickly.

    Another great video!

  8. Jay R

    I dont like this music but its better than todays rap.

  9. marek K

    Jeden z najlepszych teledysków według mnie (uwzględniając przesłanie) ;)

    marek K

    polecam również:
    do kompletu :)

  10. Nessa Braxton

    She’s kicking his ass

  11. Ashley Elise

    Still my favorite video! Cant wait to see you guys in feb!

  12. Belia Luedke

    Truly enjoyed watching this. :D

  13. jordan chaske

    damn Matt and Kim you both are incredible and I just came from A pow wow that was in Bismarck North Dakota it was amazing

  14. Senor Furioso

    Whats the song at the beginning?

  15. SaoirseMorridanes

    2:04 HAHAHA!! Ouch!

  16. William Stevens

    Not one mention of 2:03¿¿??

  17. Rexosaurus Ness

    Not what I was expecting when I looked up this music video.. BUT, not disappointed...

  18. David Brown

    Love the songs!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anthony Macias


  20. Collin Morris

    Kim is not smiling. That means she means business.

  21. Nizzy903

    Whats the song at the beginning

  22. Isaac Hairston

    is this real?


    Isaac Hairston no

  23. Jiggly Carollo

    So unrealistic: Kim would clearly kick Matt's ass.

  24. Krogan Popy

    Conclusion; Matt and Kim are the children of Superman.

  25. Krogan Popy

    Ah the making of music reviled.

  26. Eileen Dana

    you are cool

  27. Ryan MacLachlan

    Hahaha love this video!

  28. Rustified Squeaker

    Oh, god! Not the marochas!

  29. cookie king of the birds

    when you wreck your studio to make a music video.

  30. isly 420

    no one watches this anymore?

  31. Stella Stapleton

    I'm not condoning domestic abuse at ALL, but being familiar with matt and kim's work, that's what makes this video funny..i think i watched too many bugs bunny cartoons when I was a kid...or maybe ren and stimpy...or was it The Simpsons? Sorry, can't keep my gratuitously violent forms of entertainment straight some days. In any case, I will admit to the world that I find matt and kim duking it out as funny as all of the above. KIM, I said DUKING not DOOKIE.

  32. Justin

    Damn in one video you guys are dancing almost naked in a bed together and now you're beating the shit out of each other

  33. Brian Bridges

    This has better fighting than Iron Fist.

  34. Spilled Curry

    I was 10 when i watched this, i liked matt and kim and understood that this is a music vid. However my aunt never paid attention to the music and said "What the fuck are you watching?! Do you hate women or something?" I tried to explain but "Adults are always right".

  35. Hugo Contreras

    That's an interesting mating ritual

  36. striker

    I showed my girlfriend this and she was only okay with it when kim started beating the shit out of matt

  37. PLANETearthLIVE

    you can try to fight or listening music....your choice...either way you probable win...sort of.... I think you did anyway!!!

  38. VAgoodvibrations

    They have been together for so long, they must get tired of being referred to as such a "cute couple", lol

  39. Adam Fletcher

    Would love to a Venture Bros Style . W all ya characters!!!!

  40. Adam Fletcher

    Thank you, all of you, good music, and fun visuals! I'm just zoning and loving the fun I see!

  41. R. G.

    Facebook just reminded me that five years ago on this same day I was listening to this song. It feels so weird it's been so long, I still love it. Even though I don't like Facebook very much, thanks you.

  42. GrayWay

    It would be funny if they used the same studio for the song.

  43. Andō

    feminists gone crazy

  44. Castania Monet

    2013 O2L rise

  45. Ricky G

    yeah, I would not wanna scrap with Kim...

  46. 1Lbof flesh

    currently on tour with Ellie Goulding saw them last night they were great!

  47. Bane

    They should be in Mortal Kombat Dang

    awesome pwreps

    mortal Kimbat

    Beth Fraser

    mattal kimbat

  48. D Costello

    domestic violence much?

  49. Sam Fernandez

    This reminds me of the chicken fights in Family Guy

  50. Mark Keaveney

    the new ufc 200

  51. Angelique Lee

    the funny part when the thing hit his balls

  52. francisca roman

    watchOS ever

  53. Charlton Christian

    whats the name of the song in the beginning?

    Megan J

    +Charlton Christian Block After Block I think.

    Charlton Christian

    +Megan J thanks. i found it

  54. Madison Wilson

    school fights be like

  55. Madison Wilson

    what i see when people tell me "music expresses your emotions"

  56. Madison Wilson

    aww cute couple fights
    matt: shes so cute when shes angry
    kim: bitch
    this is how it all started

  57. John Ferguson

    the mashup with Shutterbugs (Big Boi from outkast) is just as good maybe better

  58. Joey Macre

    this vid = relationship goals

  59. Stella Stapleton

    this is my "go to vid" when I'm every time

  60. Huey

    I feel like in an actual fight, kim would destroy matt

    Ryn Sawyer

    +Ace Knight I agree. He wouldn't stand a chance

  61. Blicious

    Sexual tension, much?

  62. Heriberto S.R.

    what is the name of the intro song? is another song right?

  63. tokenblackaspie

    This is a relationship: we may fight sometimes, but I'll always fight for you. :-)

  64. Allison

    when you have cute fights with bae

  65. HoneyNutKendioos

    This video is pretty much me and my sister when we start to ''play fight'', but less blood more like tiny scraps and bruises........................ XD

  66. Vishva patel

    I'm actually crying because o2l

  67. Cassie D.

    Follow @mattandkim and @aquamystica
    Matt and Kim will obviously post about music and shows and such, while I post inspirational tweets, horoscopes, facts about different zodiac signs (Astrology) and amazing retweets.

  68. Cassie D.

    Ppl who are fans of Matt and Kim.. you should be on Twitter. They've liked three of my tweets and I know it's the real Matt and Kim because they obviously would share a twitter for their music & they've confirmed their identity.
    It's pretty neat.

  69. Shaunte Armstrong

    needs more cow bell

  70. molly a

    i've listened to this for 5 years and always thought it was 'beacons in mid air' not 'be gone when we're dead'

  71. Alvaro Escalante

    I like these guys

  72. Jade Simonsen

    love this video.... everything from production directing and of course the brilliant song.... high five ya'll.

  73. bear of cinder

    relationship goals

  74. elijah dominguez

    what song are they playing before the fighting.?


    +elijah dominguez it sounds like block after block

  75. Yelas Rose

    "no time for cameras we'll use ours eyes instead" - great lyrics - hilarious video

  76. maynardburger

    Everybody in a band who played in a garage storage place but had another band next to you will totally understand this video.

  77. Jack Johnston

    i love this

  78. ChozoSR388

    Kiim wins with the bass mallet to the nuts! Kim Wins! Instrumentality!

  79. Human Being

    The other day I pooped this interesting trapezoid shaped device. I poked it with a toothpick and it began to play this song. I like it now.

    Slider Turtle

    +ndnprct 3 Your profile pic and your comment go so well together.

  80. Larissa Wood

    Kian and Jc have this in like, basically all of their videos, and I finally found it!

    Audrey Ledbetter

    same!! that's why I came here😂😂

    Johnny connors

    why are girls attracted to them. imo theyre ugly and annoying and childish

  81. Abby Budny

    .. I hate it when Mom & Dad fight .. :/

    Brad Redundant

    Abby Budny fuck.. Me too

  82. jt24817

    Might be time to lay off the bath salts

  83. MeanForNoReason

    that perfect circle tho...

  84. MeanForNoReason

    That was a bit of an overreaction....

  85. Michael Datuin

    Well that escalated quickly

  86. Devon Satchell

    musical mortal kombat

  87. Ricardo Alvarez

    wtf how r you dying n kim beat Matts ass

  88. skyday

    Hey, it's all my relationships. Sweet!

  89. Amber Mai

    sounds like kian from kian and jc or o2l

    Taylor and Cassie

    +Amber Mai it is LOL

  90. J. Dallas Brooks

    Kim's biceps are bigger. I think she's holding back a bit for the sake of drama.

  91. Thomas Fletcher

    This is just hipsters having a gluten free zero calorie no msg no sodium fat free orgy

  92. Thomas Fletcher

    This is fucking dumb

  93. Abbey Dawn

    I remember this from along time ago love it

  94. thePixelBeast

    They must've have the time of their lives making this video... Throwing around stuff, Breaking stuff....

  95. alexander love

    this is so sweet

  96. Bopa McNaine

    Lol my brother showed this to me when i'm little and i forgot about this then i found this now thanks to Brennen Taylor.

  97. Let's Ask Max!

    Love that tambourine throw at 0:42

  98. Unleashed Assassin

    this is what friend ship is about

    beating the shit out of each other until one is thrown through a wall and then you beat the shit out of every one else in the room

    happens every Saturday with my family and the neighbors