Matt & Kim - Block After Block Lyrics

Now this is all me, now this is all me

Watch out for late phone calls
Wheat paste and concrete walls

Go too far, live too long
Time's too short, right and wrong

Block after block
Block after block

Roll down gates look the same
Different trips, different trains

Hey friends
Break in the back door
And turn it up
While the lights are out
Eyes closed and shouting right now

Lights turn on
And dark turns up
Side by side
Dream bigger
Next in line
It's late
Now this is all me
Now this is all me

Eat when you're hungry and
Sleep when you're slipping like

Tired dogs rest their paws
Today we show our flaws

Block after block
Block after block

It's one way, now on Wythe
What was left now is right

Hey friends we'll jump the turnstiles
And cut it down
While the lights are out
Eyes closed and shouting right now


I think it takes a pile of bricks
For us to make a home
And I'm not sure but I hear
Mountains grow from just a stone

Block after block
Block after block

Everything I've learned
Every step I took
And street I've walked


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Matt & Kim Block After Block Comments
  1. Jim Romesadouche

    Kims so hot

  2. Robert Lewis

    Dumb ass hipsters wrecked New York.

  3. MAXjammingMIXmaster.1

    nov 1st up in here!!
    ready to get a'little rowdy!!

  4. Dr Recoil

    Saw them open for Blink back in 2011 (the real blink). 2 things about this song. 1- the echoes remix is fucking superior to this and 2- Kim is HOT

  5. Ash Dudley

    Can't wait to see them in February 2019! Who's still here, years later?!

    Brian Levanti

    Matt and Kim are the best. Saw them in Chicago this week


    SSDs matt And kim

  7. Grandpa Dallas

    Some one's gonna title a Minecraft song after this.

    That makes me upset.

  8. matt marshall

    This had to be the best on site video

  9. Milan Barlow

    New fav song


    back when everyone got along. ):

  11. Krogan Popy

    Five stores were robbed during the making of this video...

  12. Kel Sey

    i honestly love every single thing about this video. lol

  13. Sharon Scinta

    You guys live in the greatest city in the world. I'm so glad you often feature it.

  14. spider heads

    This video looks like a happy riot

  15. spider heads

    Lol the guy tried to
    jump the fence

  16. Herodanger89

    this really does make me think of valuing time with friends and just getting up to crazy things while your young

  17. Brandasorus

    I definitely didn't think that black people liked Matt and Kim


    they like being in videos

    spider heads

    Brandasorus why?

  18. Kel Sey

    n lollllll @ the guy at 1:47

  19. Kel Sey

    look how much fun these people are having so happy n free i love it ♥

  20. scoochie goon

    how come they use drum Loop instead of Kim's actual drumming makes you wonder huh

  21. Darien Brown

    God Damn , Matt & Kim

  22. What_could_possibly_go_wrong ?

    10,000nth like.......... Looks like I'm late 😢

  23. OhYouKnow_XRP

    RIP to the guy at 1:47

    Kel Sey



    He purposely did that, and landed safely on a mattress out of the camera shot

  24. Joshua Newby

    Super cool video...only in NY.

  25. Brody Zombie

    Best song ever!

  26. Able Archer


  27. cooljammer00

    Yikes, that one fence jumper ate it. Hard.

  28. Sam Naokwegijig

    Matts chair just going crazy there.

  29. Sam Naokwegijig

    Look at 1:48

  30. Sketchylemons

    2:23 that moment when you want to tweet, but you have no service

  31. Ross

    are they sitting on...


    Bobby Cline

    Ay cap'n

  32. Tao Lu

    Added this song to my "All Times Favs"! Sweet tune

  33. mew

    remember watching this on mtv good times

  34. NaingCM

    I just love this:)

  35. Christopher Mastronardi


    BTTF2 YEAR TO U (..)

  36. Stacy McClelland

    My all time favorite Matt & Kim song, can't get enough of them!

  37. Chipotlee Plays

    I'm sorry it wtf why does he have to sit on a dude
    Get a chair Bro

  38. Phillip Hall

    There music is fantastic. They just need to produce better music videos.

  39. Salim Bhabhrawala

    Sad they are not playing this song live on their current tour...

    Sam Naokwegijig


  40. JaeRodd Comedian

    Flash mob moving music video

  41. Curt Burgess

    Did I see Ninjasonic in there?

  42. dannyowashere

    This makes me want to live in NY.

    Tao Lu

    +dannyowashere I wanted to skateboard down the street.


    +Luyen Dao Me too

    Mike R. Celis

    +Delaney Sudlow That's for sure...

  43. Myles H

    hottest beat in the world.  love the passion - you two are having the fun we all seek!

  44. Myles H

    talk about love for music... come do this again soon in madison wi. 

  45. Nick Cardinale

    Ok so hes definitely gay but is she a lezzie? Shes super hot in a weird way....

    Nick Cardinale

    Hahaha busted! no just this one and one other, I couldnt get a straight answer, no pun intended....

    Dante's Lime Inferno

    @Nick Cardinale bloody f-ing lies, that pun was intentional. That's the only reason you asked. Just for that pun.

    Nick Cardinale

    @YoloToTheMax104 you should see the ridiculous response to this same comment on another video I posted. Someone was none too pleased that I even asked. But that was an excellent pun eh?

    Dante's Lime Inferno

    @Nick Cardinale It was excellent

    Tao Lu

    +Nick Cardinale Well happy people are technically "gay" so you're not wrong, kinda !

  46. Benjamin Flanagan

    I feel like some of this was lipsynched.....

    Lillian McCausland

    It's a music video of course it is

  47. Brandon McGinnis

    did anyone else the asshole trip over the gate?

    Marion Yoder

    Yeah XD love it everytime haha

    John Cleary

    did anyone else the asshole a word?

    Rogue Stalker

    @John Cleary Those are words, just not a complete sentence.


    you can't exactly miss it can you. what with it being in the music video quite clearly at the centre of shot long enough to process what's happening

  48. BlackTuxedoes

    love this song :)

  49. Sasuke Mutsashi

    They do a good duo :)

  50. MBannon14

    Is this song about legos?

    Samuel Wilson

    yes.. yes it is 

  51. Timothy Dalbeck

    Best band that more people need to hear.  Catchy and upbeat without sounding saccharine sweet/fake.   I'm glad to have discovered both them and their music! 

  52. WowHereIAm

    ok..............................So I live in NY and I didn't leave the freakin' city or STATE for the years of 2010/2011.... where the hell was I during this filming?


    You know how big the city is right?

  53. Blue Dragon

    You can just tell that these 2 are happy together. They really are the definition of music & love.

  54. Tim Leininger

    Is that the dude from The Roots?

  55. m. n.

    there's no place i'd rather be than in this video in that moment.

  56. Marisa78

    That poor drummer who I guess is Kim, totally looks like a dude.... 

  57. Albert Manrique

    Matt & Kim! ♡♡♡♡♡

  58. Raul Tapia

    Boss song love it but does anyone noticed that matts chair is a guy

  59. Xen

    So is matt gay?

    Mathew Stone

    @Kevin Triolo How do you know?


    @Mathew Stone look it up on the internet.  they are married and live together!

    Team sprint

    Dude matt and kim are a couples

    Jyn Suzuki

    And what made you think he was gay?

  60. Sebastian M

    Matt and Kim are fucking awesome! :D

  61. XxTaco-BellxX

    i love matt and kim ^.^

    Bobby Cline


  62. Irvin Gutierrez

    I love this song!!

  63. Jayla

    Did anyone noticed theres a guy being carried up the stairs?

  64. ShaunP Griff

    Love Matt and Kim!!!!!!

  65. MyBeautifulillusion

    did anyone else notice that kid fall at 1:47?


    how could not somebody notice that?


    ahahha that is the best part of the video xDD


    did you also notice kim plays the drums and matt sings the songs?

  66. Jake Wolf

    Anyone knows where I can find an instrumental of this?

  67. caitlin rodriguez husband Caitlinrodriguezhusband

    I won!!!!!!!!!!

    -Little Nemo

    Apart of Occupy Wall Street
    West Park Church
    The School of Visual arts Church of Silver tiles Day 1105/8 P.M. nirvana

  68. Gisela Arroyo

    What said the Zoe

  69. pdoll96

    Wow this vid almost makes me homesick...almost ;)

  70. ricatick24

    I absolutely LOVE Matt and Kim <3

  71. Angellica Norris

    This is epic! All I got.

  72. ScottishSimmer

    Richard wants you to go back on Skype

  73. Júlia Koole

    Matt & Kim, i need to thank you guys to make me happy, and made me and my girl deaf *-*

  74. Elodie Puraye

    Loving it. Soooo catchy!

  75. Ian Valero

    omfg, i want to go to new york

  76. David Frausto

    Lol that guy fell tryng to jump the fence

  77. DarthBilboGamers

    :D Just delivering the news.

  78. MattGL21

    this guy gets it

  79. DarthBilboGamers

    Breaking News, Matt and Kim can do whatever they want.

  80. Jon Shanahan

    In other news, some people have dead souls and can no longer have any fun.

  81. MickFuzz Zee

    I didnt know youtube alowed snuff videos

  82. Neil M

    I'm sure most people find this video fun and carefree, but having someone force their buddies and annoying behavior in my personal space while on a train or driving to work is extremely annoying.


    Then new York City is probably not the place for you to be lol...

  83. Quincey N

    Kim is sooo sexxxxyyyy

  84. jlovebirch

    Amusing hit and run filming idea. I doubt they got permits for any of those locations and seem to be mostly on the run. Will be thinking of this video next time I see the Brooklyn bridge. And Kim is like the happiest person I've ever seen.

  85. antisky73

    *their........ go hate somewhere else

  86. what to say

    does it count as hoping turn styles if you're leaving the station ?

  87. MattGL21

    Oh man I love Kim's happy face

  88. GoshBrittany

    LOL pause the video at 1:48. That was hilarious! :'D

  89. Jarmaine Hughes

    This is one my all time favorite videos and songs

  90. MrGaMaRaYz

    And how aren't u guys millionaires?

  91. m. n.

    This video makes me smile man i love mat and kim and newyork ❤

  92. MrGaMaRaYz

    Best flash mob ever

  93. Erica Hernandez

    I freaking love you guys, Matt and Kim. <3

  94. Sky K.


  95. SuperCannabis420

    i just realised this is the song at the beginning of their song cameras, right before matt gets the mic to his face

  96. Donny Frost

    Saw them live loved every min of it

  97. Sky K.

    I can't. I just can't. :'D

  98. BattleTuba


  99. Nate storm

    yes it does...a lot actually

  100. Ariel Jones

    1:47 made me say, "Oh shit!" for him. lol