Matt Dusk - Wouldn't Change A Thing Lyrics

Here I go once again
Will I find the same end, or will I get it right
Will I change?
Will I make all the same mistakes?
O will I see the light?

Your friends said that we
Would never last that long
Well I guess your friends were wrong

We’ll still love kissin’, we’ll still refuse to listen
This got to be the world’s longest fling
We’re still hangin’ in there
So very glad we’ve been there
Even if I could
I wouldn’t change a thing

Maybe we’ll have a fight
That’ll mess up the whole night
It can even last for days
But they’re few and they’re far
In between the next star
Making up is always great
Yes it’s true on paper
We don’t look that strong
Well I guess the paper’s wrong

[Repeat Chorus]

[Ext Chorus:]
Even when you steal the covers
I wouldn’t change a thing
Even when I’m at your mothers
I wouldn’t change a thing
Even when you take me shopping
I wouldn’t change a thing
Even when you won’t stop talking

On a side note when I first met you
I never thought I’d get to share every single thing with you
And now you make me feel brand new

[Repeat Chorus twice]

[Repeat Ext Chorus]

Even if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing

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Matt Dusk Wouldn't Change A Thing Comments
  1. Upy 017

    get up....Make some sexy moves.....

  2. Shane Glackin

    #MattDusk just started following us on Twitter - and we returned the favour....very refreshing take on jazz...most enjoyable!

  3. MJ Knight

    Only just discovered him when he followed me on twitter and he's making me a fan already

    Guy Page

    me too! But he unfollowed me :(

  4. 桜田絵理奈

    I love his magic voice

  5. Trevor Taylor

    2 people do not know what good music is.

  6. M40SP33D

    who the fuck cares mormon

  7. Grace Fisher

    THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE SONG, and today is the first time that i have heard it!

  8. thumbthumbkitty

    This song should be a required piece for every wedding band and DJ.

  9. MyMusicTessa

    I love Matt Dusk!! When im in a bad mood i always listen to him! Such a great song.. and i hate to be one of those people who say this relates to me but it soo does right now :D!

  10. jaytee12394

    THANKS! I've been looking for this song for FOREVER!!!!

  11. K T

    this song is LOVE