Matt Dusk - Good News Lyrics

I’m here, it’s clear
I’m in the moment
Back with a better view
Not a clue where I’m going
But going all out for you
Tomorrow’s not promised
What the wise man used to say
So let’s seize each day

No ties, we’re just happy-go-lucky
Don’t you blow the surprise
So nice like I told
When I hold you

It’s like falling in love for the first time
It’s like waking up fresh in the sunshine
Like having nothing to lose
Baby you’re good news, you’re good news
It’s like dancing all night ‘til the light’s gone
It’s like singing along to your favorite song
It never gets old with you
Baby you’re good news, you’re good news

You can come as you like
As you want to
Love’s a revolving door
Let it spin let me want you
I want you to come back for more
Now easily we could be madly in lust for life
But baby why ask why

No ties, we’re just happy-go-lucky
Don’t you blow the surprise
So nice like I told
When I hold you

[Repeat Chorus]

Now if you love something you’ve got to let it go
If it comes back it’s yours, and it means that much more

[Repeat Chorus twice]

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Matt Dusk Good News Comments
  1. shane upham

    I heard Matt Dusk and ya i grew up with Frank Sinatra Rat pack but fuck micheal bubble

  2. Dennis Derr

    Love your Music Matt! A Fan Forever!

  3. Splaticus Blah

    I grew up on Led Zeppelin, Golden Earing ZZ-top etc but my parents always played Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin etc...I love Matt dusk's voice it is very close to Frank Sinatra's and I love songs that tell a story.. Matt for doing these songs, they always make me fell better. :)

  4. Edyta Ewangelista

    Beautiful song :-)

  5. Graciete Barbosa


  6. J Herrador

    Beautiful music arrangements, lyrics, voice and song!
    Congratulations Matt!
    All the best!

  7. gleenobly

    I was trying to find his song Miracle and I came across this one. I absolutely love it! Top of my playlist :-)

  8. Becky Gomez

    Matt followed me on twitter

    Amina B

    Me too haha

    Aman Surani

    he is following me to

    Colleen Nel

    +Aman Surani Same here


    just followed me yesterday...but this is the first time I've ever heard of him.

  9. Hugo Roth

    Amal, he is

  10. amal shibli

    you are amaaaaaazing 
    I dont know whay you are not famous ?????????????????????????????????????????!!!!


    beacuse most of people listen shit it's obvious :)

  11. meg rayan

    miło by było w tłumaczeniu na Polski

    Radek PL

    O, ktoś z Polski!

  12. meg rayan

    ten swing
    ..przypomina mi głos pewnego sympatycznego mężczyzny ,ech...

  13. CobaltT9

    If Buble and K-os can get attention through late night talk shows and variety shows, this guy should get the same attention as them.


    CobaltT9 yes