Matt Dusk - Feels Good Lyrics

I used to think that I wouldn’t
Take that long to get it all figured out
Never asking why. I thought I knew
What the whole world was all about
I think I jumped the gun
Cause I can’t explain how I feel
I’m having so much fun, it’s hard to believe it’s for real

Here I go, talking in your ear
We’re just friends I know
Don’t you think that’s so last year?

Who cares if it don’t last forever. Feels good! Feels good!
Who know I say never say never. Feels good! Feels good!
No one knows what the future’s holding
Somehow! Somehow!
Hanging out with you and only you
It feels good to me right now

I thought I’d never find
Somebody who likes so many things I like
Always a step behind. To tell you the truth
The whole thing used to psych me out of my head
Some would say I’ve lost the plot, I offer this instead
I know you didn’t mean it but you hit the spot
There I go moving way too fast
I should know that good things were never meant to last

[Repeat Chorus]

Well if the clothes on your back go out of style
I feel good

And if my friends skip town for a while
I feel good

Well if all of your money gets stolen from the bank
I still feel good

And with the million dollar question and your mind goes blank
I still feel good

[Repeat Chorus]

It feels good, feels good to me right now!

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Matt Dusk Feels Good Comments
  1. Lucy Sterling

    This is swing music I love it, dear lord.

  2. Kai Geddes

    A bit douchey.

    OddBallDaddy O

    The meaning of that word changed since president douche

  3. Jacob Tarantino

    Why his music isn't more popular I will never understand

  4. TalA 123?

    Who’s here in 2019 cause this is such a good and old song

  5. Boom Stick Nation

    why you stop upload 7 years ago

  6. Splaticus Blah

    I found this song a couple of years after my wife and i split. I was a devoted and faithful husband. This song expressed what I finally found. :-)

  7. Betina Pérez

    I love your singing style. Congrats, and the best!

  8. Brenda Marshall

    Dam that man can sing,holy cow!

    Boom Stick Nation

    Brenda Marshall you say Dam but not shit aka human kind

  9. Abir Moaso

    Lovely song. My morning kick.

  10. Alicja Wozniak

    Good morning my dear friends I wish for all beautiful , happy,sunny day with joy and love in hearts and always with respect for feelings,kisses for all ♡♡♡♡

    Olga Pieper

    i nawzajem

  11. Bouazza kilo

    Just waw *-*

  12. BombWarning

    UNF. Love it. He's got such an old voice, but he brings modernism to swing jazz.

  13. Merlin Dragons

    me too !

  14. Ro Tam

    I love it!!!!!!

  15. Agata Hinc

    Uwielbiam tę piosenkę ;))
    I love this song ;))

  16. joenewman1981

    This should be his next single. It has a lot of cross over potential

  17. Dany Rubio

    Bonita canción si señor

  18. luis duenas

    Matt Dusk, way better then Michael Buble.


    you must be delirious