Matt Corby - Winter Lyrics

The winter is coming
Way too soon
Winter is coming
Way too soon

Oh winter is coming
Way too soon
Oh winter is coming
Way too soon

Oh summer we party
Way too soon
Oh summer we party, oh
Way too soon

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Matt Corby Winter Comments
  1. Sharon McCrohan

    Song perfectly placed in the Parenthood episode and then G.o.T. came along and every time I heard winter was coming I thought of this song :)

  2. suzanne stevens

    Oh Matt, your music soothes my troubled soul. Thank you.

  3. Siyabonga Nhlakanipho Mathebula

    Parenthood's the culprit!! Truly, sincerely and musically spectacular... SIMPLICITY made beautiful! WOW

  4. Liz Zy

    Winter is coming.... and so am I

  5. Jaskamal Mann

    I'm a Canadian and I feel cold, thankyou Mr.Corby

  6. Aimee Hodgin

    Have not seen an episode of Parenthood, but I love Matt's voice! Close my eyes & feel good song! Maybe I need to get with the music & watch Parenthood! LOL!!

  7. Suzette C.

    Matt Corby is a true artist with a heart of gold he pours out his soul in his music u can feel it it's beautiful 😍

  8. MyNamesNotJayla

    Ife brought me here

  9. Kuferek

    Niesamowite! Płaczę... I'm crying <3

  10. Kat Young

    my sister does a dance to this and the the first time i saw it I cried to much. she is a beautiful dancer.

  11. Alex Herminio AVILA

    wath kind of music is? heis like a blues man or wath? maybe that style should be called emotional soul music

    prison mike

    He is actually multiple genres of music I'll list them.
    Indie Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Psychedelic Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rythm. Yeah I'd say hes mostly Soul, Acoustic, Folk and Blues.

  12. snoopy dog

    noone is acoustically better... seriously.. legend.... out of this world

  13. Mahfoud Khoulani

    winter is coming

  14. Aaron Collie

    Man those vocals r off the rails love it

  15. Emily Benoit

    I finished parenthood last night. this song came on and hitt me so hard! I have bawled my eyes out for every episode, but the last two really got to me. this song didn't help, but I loved it so much had to look it up! upset it's over.

    R E A

    Oh my gosh SAME that's what brought me here...cried so hard when it came on at the end.

    Amaka Okafor

    I barely started watching Parenthood like 2 months ago and I'm already on the last 2 episodes of season 6! This song is for Joel and Julia (my faves for life) and Zeek. Those scenes, man it hit hard. But I'm soooo happy for Joel and Julia

  16. Geoffrey defossé

    The definition of beauty

  17. Writing


  18. George Kallikas

    what the fuck is parenthood

    Nicole Mayoros


    andrea lissette

    It's a T.V show. When this song came up, it hit right in the feelings.

    Megan Carter

    +Liz Um finished the season last night(4th time) both times the song came up it hit me😭

  19. Marianne Moulin

    This song was inspired by Ned Stark (and anyone else in Game of Thrones who said "winter is coming," .....but mostly Ned)

    Bank Alexander

    Matt and Ned were right all along.

  20. Skillet48

    I've been looking for this song for hours! I heard it two years ago and a line just popped into my today, you knows it's good when you can forget it:)

  21. Justin Lim

    "Winter is coming"

  22. Sarah Rodriguez

    "Oh, I'm sorry. You wanna get over that break up? Nah. I'm gonna find you the perfect melancholy song to make you cry bittersweet tears"
    - my brain on remembering this song

    Megan Carter

    Yessss it is 7 am and I'm sitting here bawling over this!

  23. Lulu Fox

    love that Parenthood has brought more people to experience the amazing Matt Corby!! 

  24. Jazzy S


  25. busterfly131

    Goosebumps... every time.

  26. Bassanomics

    I can't with that Parenthood episode.... Jan 8th Can't come sooner! T_T 

  27. Ivy McCoy

    i see that parenthood has brought a lot of people here and me too, its way too sad

  28. Tia Lloyd

    Very good song. With a little more lyrics it would be a hit.

  29. Lowell James

    Powerful song!!! Parenthood brought me here

    Isabella Manieri

    oh my gosh me too haha!


    +Isabella Manieri Me too! Cheers from Portugal!

    priyanka kathuria

    I know!! Way too melancholy!!

  30. samboukou

    Very beautiful  song that ends way too soon

  31. brianna bedore

    I brought myself here

    Emily Hale

    brianna bedore 😊

  32. Dee Danielle

    I've been listening to this song all weekend...Parenthood also brought me here. Worked so well with the two scenes in that episode "Lean In". 

    Isabella Manieri

    me too hahaha! soooo good - massive parenthood fan :)

  33. Dr. Dee Hill

    NBC'sParenthood brought me here!

  34. Kristin M

    This song just kills me. Whomever picked it for those last scenes on the "Lean In" episode of Parenthood, was spot on emotionally! Perfect song for it!


    YASSSS!!! T_T Perfect

    Taressa S

    @Bassanomics   I agree.  It was beautiful and sad and perfect. This song really struck me. 

    Michele at Lilacs & Rust

    +Kristin M I completely agree!!!

    Megan Carter

    Yes perfect feels selection.

    Amaka Okafor

    I barely started watching Parenthood like 2 months ago and I'm already on the last 2 episodes of season 6! This song is for Joel and Julia (my faves for life) and Zeek. Those scenes, man it hit hard. But I'm soooo happy for Joel and Julia

  35. Jenny Jurek

    Parenthood brought me here too! What a beautiful song.

    tara blue

    +Jenny Jurek same

  36. amber fuller

    Thank you parenthood for bringing me here 

  37. Melvin Walls

    What an Amazing song and most of all the perfect song for parenthood.

  38. thinking about it

    My God, parenthood sent me here. This dying was perfect for the scene and broke my heart. I'm a new fan.

  39. Damian

    Parenthood sent me here!


    Me toooo!

    Jackie R

     Me 3!

    Sans Yeux

    Same ;)))

    Ken & Sarah Brown

    Same here. Had me sobbing buckets.

    priyanka kathuria

    Me too!! Although I know I am quite late watching the particular season!!

  40. Daria Iwon

    Every Game of Thrones fan gasps loudly...

    Andreas Nøkleby

    Why? :| 

    Andreas Nøkleby

    Because "winter is comming"? Cmon.. 

  41. Cai Leplaw

    I love matt corby !!!!!!! oh my god !!!!!

  42. Cai Leplaw

    i love this so much, i love you matt 

  43. Sarah Louise Morphet

    This song is so unbelievably beautiful.. I can't even.. <3

  44. Janie Marie

    Can't believe I've loved Matt Corby for so long and have never heard this! This song is so beautiful. My feels......

  45. Eileen Rehu

    Beautiful Mr. Corby. Absolutely <3 <3 <3

  46. Dj Keelan

    Ohh winter is comming... Waay to soon..

  47. HadjaBgr

    Game of Thrones' song

  48. Papaver Somniferum

    I am pretty sure he didn't mean the winter outside...

  49. Ellie currie

    parenthood brought me here! best song could listen to it forever

  50. Lucas Xavier Cunha

    he must bee a stark

  51. Bernardo Lima

    I'm imagining myself sitting in my bed looking at the window in a cold winter morning, with a cup of hot chocolat listening to this awesome song...

  52. Virieno Zakiesato

    Lullaby on a cold winter morning..

  53. Atprick B

    aww, Parenthood.

  54. Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

    NEVER!! We are many :) :) :) :)

  55. Bryan Daly

    Here I was thinking I was the only one who watched Parenthood here... :)

  56. Jesschuckles

    Oh my. I just fainted when that happened. AMAZING!

  57. Jenny H

    indeed it did!!

  58. MoustachesAndMooses

    I wish that was the actual song, sounded so amazing

  59. chachi586

    Matt Corby + Justin Vernon = simply heavenly! I am putting this on my wish list

  60. Ash Grace

    i'm not religious or anything but he looks like jesus :D

  61. Spaghetti Girl

    Oh my gosh, would you mind sending me a RS link for this song? I need this in my life.

  62. Jenny H

    Oh my. I accedently put on 2 pieces of this trac and the timing was absolutely PERFECT. second one was 8 beats after (or 4) . oh the harmony that occurred.sweet baby jesus

  63. thedeathcabcutiee

    his voice is truly mesmerizing... beautiful.

  64. Maya

    Matt Corby must be a Stark.....

  65. unefillecommeparis

    noooo you wont get any thumbs up

  66. Becca Cameron

    Matt Corby, beautiful artist.

  67. KeeronMac

    I see what you did there :) and I agree.

  68. Jordy Kappella

    R.I.P Lord Eddard Stark.

  69. Synne SG

    me too :(

  70. Brocht Vasquez

    ...Jebus ?

  71. maritree

    :) yep well said ..have said similar things on matts vids myself <3

  72. Whitney Grewal

    I made reference to Jeff Buckley a few weeks ago when introducing a friend to Matt Corby.. I said to them that not since Buckley had an artist had the ability to make me feel as though I had experienced exactly what they had when writing the song. He has such a similar way of conveying his emotions that he gives me faith in new artists

  73. jayjaykind123

    Such simple words but the way he sings it its like nothing i have eva felt before <3

  74. Gabriela Vicent

    @Maaddss97 me too

  75. maritree

    i think the last time one artist made me feel this way was jeff buckley. <3

  76. Lavina Pham

    Matt Corby is an inspiration and one hell of an artist. :) Bloody amazing work, mate!

  77. Iva S


  78. Milk house