Matt Cardle - Porcelain Lyrics

Some people walk blinded to the light
Head down just dragging their shadow behind
Some people don't wanna seem to ever change
But it's people like you
Who make it through the rain

And if you don't break
It's only gonna make you stronger
Only gonna take you closer

All the things in this life
That you thought you just couldn't bear
It's the pressure inside
Makes the diamond that's shining there

All the pain and the heartache
Can break you and chafe you like clay
Now you've come through the fire
And that makes you Porcelain


Some people make a diamond out of glass
Some people still win all though they finish last
Some people shine through the darkest night alone
Yet there's people like you
Who always gonna see the dawn

All the things in this life
That you thought you just couldn't bear
It's the pressure inside
Makes the diamond that's shining there

All the pain and the heartache
Can break you and chafe you like clay
Now you've come through the fire
And that makes you Porcelain

You're Porcelain

All the things in this life
That you thought you just couldn't bear
It's the pressure inside
Makes the diamond that's shining there

All the pain and the heartache
Can break you and chafe you like clay
Now you've come through the fire
And that makes you Porcelain

And if you don't break
It's only gonna make you stronger
It's only gonna take you closer

Now you're Porcelain

I won't break
Just make me stronger
Just take me closer

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Matt Cardle Porcelain Comments
  1. Barbara Foott

    Great video with such a great Artist. Just love playing Matt's song's and roll on the 5th December. x

  2. Ninji Review

    Rest in peace, Toby Smith (composer).

  3. Nuta Chimigea

    Thank you, înger drag! Matt Cardle❤🙏

  4. Lisa Drury

    Love this totally different from your other songs fast upbeat well done Matt.xx


    How many songs of his other songs have you heard tho?

    Lisa Drury

    Doesn’t matter how a song is no song is the same I watched Matt cradle on the X factor he has an amazing voice he won the X factor uk bk in 2010 av u heard all his songs too n I av his albums x

  5. soulofmyheart21

    One of the Best voices and artists ever Love ALL he shares!

  6. Marimilitarybrat

    Great video. Fabulous song.

  7. Deborah Dennehy

    You're the best Matt & certainly deserve it.

  8. Nuta Chimigea


  9. Nuta Chimigea


  10. Mahnaz Couture

    Of all the songs I have heard from Matt my fave is " when u we're my girl" it sounds nice and like Matt's true voice 😍😍😍

  11. mark couture

    Love this song ,sexy,up beat😍😍😍😍

  12. Elin B

    Det ligger alltid sanning i det förbjudna videorna. Som alla instrument han spelar.

  13. Mahnaz Couture

    I love Matt's ( when u we're my girl )

  14. Hab A

    Can't wait till I hear the new album 😆😆

  15. Abbie Hinesman

    He got wonderful sexy voice

  16. Ayrious

    I feel like I'm shopping at express lol 😂

  17. Chanell Hernández

    I'm happy he is doing great! 👏

  18. RalGrad1

    very nice song. I wanna buy you a beer Matt.

  19. Official Gooch

    Why did he stop he is amazing or did he not stop??


    Why don't you type "matt cardle" into the search bar and sort by date?
    For over a year now Matt's been previewing and also touring his 4th album. The studio version will be released in early 2017.
    YOu can also go to my channel's featured playlists for a little overview of Matt's work.

    Official Gooch

    +Julia68yt thanks

  20. cathy ann

    Hey...just found this! Nice one!

  21. shearon brashear

    Love him BEAUTIFUL VOICE Just let him run with my

  22. Ly Ly Dang

    Where is he now?


    In 2014 he toured the "Porcelain" album.
    In 2015 he had an amazing award winning 4 months run as the lead in West End's top original shows "Memphis".
    Just las week he finished his pre-release tour for his 4th solo album "Higher Power".
    And let me tell you, right now he's off the scale performance-wise.
    A couple of days ago he did a well-received set with the Trevor Horn Band. Which he will repeat in a couple of weeks.
    Over the course of the next months he will also have performances with a Broadway Orchestra production and several own gigs.
    By the start of next year he will finally release the then recorded 4th album and then do another post-release tour.
    Good enough?
    Just do a search for his name, filter by "this month" and you'll be inundated with videos.

  23. Qassim Zainal

    Wow Matt, Your voice shakes the soul of the people !

  24. Maria Valencia

    love it love it love it!!!

  25. John Watson

    YES! You freaking rock!


    Have you already seen the clip of Matt and his band doing it live at Shepherd's Bush Empire? The guys got all funky and totally channeled The Doors half way thru it LOL :)

  26. NerdDoesMCPE

    anyone else getting the same FRICKING SAMSUNG AD EVERY VIDOE YOU watch I'm basically talking to the iOS family I don't want to offend the Samsung users

  27. Francisco Rojas

    Bloddy fantástico!!!
    why un this world he isn't mire famous.


    Because he keeps his head down while doing his thing as a musician, and let the people find him and come to him on their own volition - instead of cooking up a hype. Keeps the vaccuous vandals away and builds a maybe smaller yet very strong and diverse fanbase.


    one direction is more famous than him
    they finished xfactor 3rd while matt finished 1st


    @Anmol Dixit
    I hate to break this to you but you might have missed the part where, by now, 1D is literally finished for good. Already started to disintegrate over a year ago cos one guy couldn't take it anymore how they were run around, churning out tours and albums at the same time bc, like every artificial boy band they came with a best before date, while being deprived of their private lives. That's what fame gave them. How enviable.

    Matt on the other hand is ploughing on more passionate and energetic than ever, has personal control over what he does and does not do regarding his professional and personal life, and shows no sign of letting up.

    joy Remana

    And he is stronger than ever doing what he wants when he wants N goes where it wants He is surrounding himself with people who recognizes the amazing talent he has Oh!! just a quick note Harry Styles has gone into movies N he actually smashed his role It's war movie not 100% I think it has something to do with Dunkirk

  28. August Leon

    love it..

  29. Gohan Omar

    Excelente cantante, una gran voz. Felicidades brother!!

  30. Jackie Reed

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  31. UnitedForBetter.


  32. Ldr Johnson

    You have to give it to the boy, he is better than great!

  33. Daren O

    Dang Matt, that was awesome!

  34. ImmaLovvaNotAFighta

    I think he's good but i guess One Direction were the celebrities that made it from that season, it's sad because he won but I don't know if it worked, personally I like him


    +Imma Lovvanotafighta I find reasonings like these very very strange indeed. It's like saying you're unsure about your relationship because your girl/boyfriend isn't popular enough with the whole town ... do you understand what I mean?
    If, for you, "working" is directly connected to the amount of artificially stirred up and maintained hype then you'll be better off with 1D ... Interestingly enough they already fell apart a year ago because one of the boys just couldn't stick it anymore, which is f*ing revealing regarding the input they were allowed on their line of work, and are officially over and gone by now. Just saying.

    Matt on the other hand still does what he loves and loves what he's doing with the added bonus that it now also pays for his living - and the double bonus of not having himself, his personal affairs and daily life promo-stunted all over the media.
    His 3 albums went Top10 nevertheless, he had a massively well received West End debut with "Memphis", and now his 4th album is almost ready. The intimate pre-launch gig last Friday sold out within hours, so he did a double gig that evening. He's doing his thing and it works out for him the way he always wanted.

  35. Phi Long Trần

    i love this song

  36. Yillo Kimo

    He's dead, where is the next album mate?


    +Yillo Kimo Out #soon ;-) He'll be doing a gig (already sold out) in mid February which description hints at more new material.

  37. Joey C

    He is simply Sexy his voice pulls you and soon we will hear more jazzy funk sexy Coming back as we all want!

  38. G Nasty

    what happened to this guy? please come back lol


    +Gabe Hunt A lead role in London's West End happened to him :) Currently he's starring in the musical "Memphis". And in about 2 weeks, he will start launching his 4th album.
    You can find details on both on my featured playlists.

  39. sinuorette

    where is he now??


    +sinuorette Right smack center of your radiooooo diaaaaaal #Hockadoo ;-)
    Matt's currently starring in the lead role of Huey Calhoun in the top West End musical "Memphis" up until Oct 31st.
    After that he'll be releasing his 4th solo album. He already performed some of the new tracks live. Blue, Don't hold back, Higher Power, Halelujah.

    Jess Leeman

    +sinuorette he's playing Huey in Memphis the musical and will be bring out his fourth album soon

  40. Marissa Ibarra


  41. Eugene Willsey

    Matt this is awesome I liked in the first five seconds..that would fill a dance floor.

  42. Eugene Willsey

    this will do great at the club/pub.

  43. Eugene Willsey

    I love the Funk vibe in this song. Outstanding


    +Eugene Willsey You should listen to the live version he and his band did at Shepherd's Bush Empire :) Bloody incredible. The band is totally channeling The Doors or something starting at 3 minutes in [ 1r8gKt2vkCk ]

  44. Judith Burns

    Love this song..a bit "done up" with the dancer, but still love it!

  45. nuimaleko7

    From listening to the various male actror/singers who have starred in 'Memphis', I think that this is close to the voice he will be using for the role of Huey. I wonder if they will try to use his upper register in some way though?


    @nuimaleko7 I did exactly the same - listening to all the other productions that is - . I'm afraid I have too much time on my hands LOL :) I'm wondering if they'll be fiddling around with key changes so Matt wouldn't have to put too much strain on his voice cause his "comfort zone" resides slightly higher than those of his predecessors.

  46. margarita buenaflor

    love it...................more album please


    @margarita buenaflor He's recording his 4th album right now and will be premiering the songs on May 20th.

    margarita buenaflor

    wow great news......happy me 


    @Dylan Harrocks
    The album? It's still in production and will be released "about October time". But you can find the live previews on one of my featured playlists ("solo albums"). Songs are "Blue", "Halleluja", "Don't hold back", "Higher Power".
    Come July, up unitil October, Matt is a bit busy with some West End singing&acting, too, so the release date won't be much earlier than that.

  47. Cesar Alvarez Carrasco

    el es un genio; me gustaría que fuera mas famoso, tiene una voz que no muchos tienen; increíble matt ! xD

  48. Susie Snowcap

    There is little doubt that Don Whiteman IS tone deft and badly too.. Anyone who has listened to Matt Cardle and who isn't impressed by his pure tones and down-to-earth, humble attitude is not quite 'all there'.. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just cannot understand anyone who says 'he sure ca'nt sing' about this amazing man and his God-given talent..

    Lynn Lynn

    Susie Snowcap who is Don Whiteman?

    ted evans

    @Lynn Lynn lol , I agree , seriously , who is don whiteman ?

  49. Mariam AlSaad

    Love the tune, it's really catchy and well produced. Also the fact that Matt wrote it from a personal place just shows how great of an artist he is!

  50. nitram namloc

    Great song, great singer and a cracking bird too !

  51. nuimaleko7

    Matt has never done just one kind of music. He may love 90s Grunge, but he also loves folk, country and R&B and has never been afraid of pop. He may not have a difinitive style, but I think that is because music is as much about exploration for him as it is about anything. I love the fact that you never know what he will do next.  

  52. Glitz

    I mean shes really good here ;)

  53. Glitz

    Damn jessica richens!

  54. Kansas Jack

    This guy is just amazing!!!!! glad I found this...thanks to all.

  55. Don Whiteman

    Thank God he has a "look"....he sure ca'nt sing.....singers like this you can find anywhere....sheesh... its unbearable to listen to.

    Bor S

    @Don Whiteman So sorry, but there we go. I found out about this man long after the show, because of my youngest daughter coming home, long after the show. She said:"Come on daddy, we go on you tube. I've some artists to show you". One of them was Matt Cardle. You talk about his "look". I think it's not only his look. I think it's more his complete being, his complete appearance. His open face, his awkward moving, his smile, the emotion he is singing with.
     We started with his first audition, and he immediately captured me. Look at Simon Cowells eyes at 3.55.  Eyes don't lie. He immediately understood Matts possibilities. 
    Matt isn't acting, he is pure, enjoying what he is doing. I liked his first audition, but was excited about his boot camp.  I prefer this performing of First Time above all others, .....but I'm most excited about his "Live at Koko -  performances. "Uninvited", "Stars and lovers", "Letters", "Slowly". I love "Walking on water","All for nothing". He does "I put a spell on You ". It's the way he does "One more time", "Nights in white satin". His quiet songs "For you", "All is said".  What to think about "Millionaire" and not to forget "A little too late", with so little views.
    Don, I hope I didn't bother you, but this is why I admire this person. To me an artist pur sang.


    @Bor S You've summed up Matt's appeal very well there Bor :) 

    Bor S

    @mooominty Well, I dont know him personally. All I know is what I saw on you tube. I saw a man with that hat, in his daily clothes. Just great and then you hear that golden voice doing that songs, unbelievable.  An open face expectantly. He hears and sees the reactions of an enthusiastic audience. And then the still somewhat restrained, but positive comments from the judges. Simon was in it still most clearly. After each performance the emotions on Matt's face. He realises he has his breakthrough after so many years. Who can not imagine those emotions!?!?! To me Matt is a clearmusic revival. :)

    Redki Редкий

    Он интеллигентно поёт. Он интеллектуал. Я думаю, что вам не нравится его тембр голоса. Фальцет не всем нравится

    Val Horn

    you are not many singers do you know that use the falsetto like he can?

  56. Sarah Huck

    Aissa H. 
    Your joking ,Right?  And yes he does have the look! Oh! and buy the way I live in the US.  He has only been in the business Four Years. He has pulled off some of the most Amazing accomplishments In the shortest period of time. Four albums. Three under his own label. Back to his look............ You need to go back and look threw his
    pictures again...... He is flat out, Fine As Hell. I just looked down and realized you posted this 5 Month ago. I didn't mean to jump...But I do bite (^^^) When it comes to  giving him, his due. I'm not worried about him at all...He is going to get everything he ever wanted in life and the girl too!!

  57. Chur Bum

    1D fucked you up

    Christian Chen

    Why 1D? Matt is a solo singer and not in a boyband. Go to listen your sh1t.


    Like most artists under a music contract, 1D have no power to do anything. If Matt had a conflict with any party, it was with Sony.

  58. ruankh

    why for a god sake is so underrated?! i'm ready to believe that's nothing more that some error or something. such a great song, such a tasty video, such a fresh voice! don't get it, really don't :(


    If you dont get it I will explain it to you. Its very simple. He refused to sign his soul to devil. Hope you know the devil right ? There you have it.

    LMA UK

    If you don't let 'Simon Cowell' shove his cock up your arsehole then you tend to disappear just like 'Leona Lewis'. Are you getting it now?

  59. heyymyohlove

    You and your song are horrible!!

    Sam Wright

    Erm inapropriate and you don't even know him

  60. heyymyohlove

    You and your song are horrible!!

  61. Moon Leah

    Jessica richens <3

  62. Moon Leah

    So you think you can dance season 11 winner right here!!!!!!!!

  63. Marie

    hes not usng them ..they fall for him  Melanie sure needs him tho

  64. Julia68yt

    Matt did a f***ing incredible 6 minute live version of this song on his latest tour. The band was jamming their socks off!!! :D Watch their performance at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire in this clip "1r8gKt2vkCk" :)))

  65. Jakedene Loveridge

    great song from a great man. so catchy!

  66. lyndeelee

    You are good !!

  67. amy lloyd

    I love matt cardle

  68. ProvocatuerBarbie25

    Matt: trust me: u said u were into 90s grunge style & Nirvana. You need to be embracing what you grew up on & make more gritty, soulzy, anguished love songs & life songs. Grunge guitar & u will be where you should be. Simon saying pop n Bruno Mars. that's not YOU. And I know u could be the star you are meant to be right now. Theres more depth to your voice than im hearing in this & I think Blind Melon, Alice in Chains, Nirvana. get together a band. or just you but lose this pop bs- girls fell in love with u before they tried to readjust ur style of singing & music that Brittany spears cover was the best u did.


    I find Matt as an honest poerson, and... Once he was asked about his roots and kind of music which he`s making. His answer was as simple as that: he dedicate own existence to making music, making music means that you need to earn money some how - to be able to do music (and eat, pay bils for example). So the best way out is making music which give him money to... making music and exist. He had to find a compromise. It`s also my big wish to see him only in rock genre but... you know ;) All i can tell: Matt`s ex bands like Darwyn and Seven Summers are only about grunge and rock - and I strongly recomend you! And belive me or not, he`s live shows are only about rock, pure rock - I experienced this firsthand :)

  69. Hana Knavova

    Perfect song from fantastic Porcelain album.Matt is absolutely gorgeous live, so can't wait Porcelain tour in April!

  70. Aissa Hussain

    hearing him annoys me so much because he is amazing and has one of the best voices for a man however he is not huge after x factor even though he won because he doesn't have the 'look'  he is much more of a better person than miley cyrus and 2 chains. he is down to earth not a fame whore has meaningful songs and writes them. deserves so much more MUSIC WORLD SUCKS ATM

    Shemelis Aragaw

    reading the first three words I was ready to punch you ;P


    Doesnt have the look? He is a sexy mofo :3

    Florin Iancu

    @cat liu I am a beautiful personalised who is in no idea how iiujjnjuuiii

    matthew mac

    not really there are some like:
    miracle of sound (and a whole load of youtube songwriters and singer's)
    and a few others i couldn't remember properly :P

  71. Eurovision19

    Average singer

  72. Fairytale1261 S Geary

    Great song, great album! Can't stop playing the Porcelain :)

  73. 4Kisso

    Is he writing this awesome songs? If he is he is going to be huge! Great job


    Written by Matt Cardle, W. Talbot, J.S. Baylin, T. Smith, JC Chasez, J. Harris
    Produced by Matt Cardle, T. Smith, J. Scott
    Plus, Matt did the guitars and bass, too
    This was quite a combined effort. usually there are fewer co-writers and co-producers :)

  74. william mclaren

    best video i have seen in years. super cool..................

  75. ruankh

    brilliant video, brilliant tunes - have never enough :)

  76. The Honcho of All Spearheads


  77. Elizabeth Murray

    why isn't he more popular?


    Because Matt is an independent artist and puts his money where it counts instead of wasting it on mindless promotion. He's popular enough to get his albums into the charts (two Top10 and one #11 albums in 3 years, #1 & #2 on the indie charts) and selling out his concerts :)

    Elizabeth Murray

    @Julia68yt   txs I hope he continues with his success.  Im new to his sound and I think hes surprisingly great


    @Elizabeth Murray Check out his earlier sound, too :) ... which isn't all that different actually. Real instruments with a real voice. Proper stuff. Type "seven summers" or "darwyn" into the search.

  78. Briony Bond

    I love the clap :-)

  79. John Strachan

    Does anyone know the Lady in the video?


    The description says "Dancer: Jessica Richens"

    John Strachan

    Thanks Julia, i`m a bit thick.


    @John Strachan Or using the wrong mobile browser. Some versions have a crappy yt frontend ;)

  80. Wellnesswarriortv

    Was wondering what had happened to Matt Cardle? Fantastic to discover he's better than ever. Brilliant song Matt! Well done. Keep cool.

  81. June Iparis

    oh, and fuck that Simon Cowell prefered stupid One Direction and crossed out Matt, fuck that all, 'cause Matt is fuckin perfect ! Love this song so much! <3

  82. Brigita Svoreňová

    the best musician for me :) I can't wait for the Porcelain tour  :)

  83. June Iparis

    he's deserves to be a number 1 in all the UK playlists, 'cause he's got fuckin talent! 

  84. ryan thang

    Daft Punk's Get Lucky?

  85. Gloria Harman

    Great song :D! love it !

  86. Iris Enamorado

    Matt is a great musician!!!!

  87. Brian Upton

    I can't reach you or you're EU support group I just get unable to deliver. I love Porcelain, every song is great.

  88. Joyce Hopkins

    Love this song and the album Porcelain is stunning


    I love all of Matt, and whatever people think. He is the best  !!!


    Thank you !!

  90. Marie

    wow wo wow sexy

  91. Gloria Harman

    Love Matt Cardle :))))))

  92. Gloria Harman

    Algún latino aquí q viva en Camberley :)??

  93. nuckgirl

    Anyone know if this is going to get a North American release?


    I'm afraid you know as much as the next cardle fan :-/

    Peter Cleary

    Porcelain album is available worldwide. Try Amazon.


    Nope, not in unfortunately.


    @nuckgirl Unfortunately North America is the only region where it hasn't been released. Not sure what Matt is going to do about it. You can always order the complete "Porcelain" album directly from Amazon UK, though. Shipping costs are very moderate.

  94. Safiya Benmeriem

    The beginning sounded like Get Lucky by Daft Punk ... but great song Matt...

  95. Jack North

    Trying to understand this song, what I hear is really cool. It seems that Matt is playing the role of an abusive or messed up boyfriend making his girl cry but doesn't see it as wrong. Upon hearing rumors from friends he uses them as an excuse to turn events in his own favor and to make himself feel better for the things he did. He's lying to himself pretending not to see what he's doing, and is really insecure about the relationship he destroyed. What did you guys think it was about?

    Bor S

    I just think you feel much better now.

  96. Nina Pham

    Jessica is my teachers daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Lone Ho

    Well, I don't know what to say, Matt, without doubt, is a great singer, but his song can't be a hit. If it is the song to blame, the singer himself should also bear the responsibility since he should give the song life and soul. However, Matt is a good singer that he can sing perfectly. But why??? why??? I'm in a vicious circle!

    Bor S

    @Julia68yt It's just like Julia says. One of the biggest examples for that is One Direction. They are nice-looking guys, but I went back to xfactor 2010 and listened to each mernber of the group during their first performances. And those were not that good. And they didn't survive the second round. I also watched Matt during his tours. He always sings live and it is still great. The voice is flawless. His tours are sold out, so why wasting so much money on promotion. I think Matt and his team are doing it the right way:).

    Bor S

    Listen to his song (no) Millionaire. The song has a meaning (to me). Anyone can break ones heart, but that doesn't mean he/ she/ they will be a millionaire. Btw Good wine doesn't need a bush. Matt (and many others) will be glad you think he is a good singer. I agree with you:).

    Lone Ho

    @Julia68yt @Bor S yes, these are all ture! Also, what is more fascinating is to have you guys with me that Matt is really a good singer! Many a time, I am worried that such a great performer like Matt couldn't be buried. However, from what you guys have mentioned, I see Matt is doing well😊😊😊


    @Lone Ho
    A few weeks ago Matt announced his tour for April 2014, and some dates are almost sold out already. It will be with a full band just like in 2012. His last 4 tours were completly sold out. I guess there will be no problem with this one either :)

    Lone Ho

    @Julia68yt  I wish one day I could watch Matt's live performance in person. Just to imagine is exciting enough to make my day :)

  98. John Tavener

    This should number 1