Matt Cardle - Human Nature Lyrics

I heard you crying in the shower
I'm feeling so powerless
We've been here before
I think we're getting used to it
I know you want to be a princess
But diamonds ain't enough for you
You need protection
You need somebody close to you

So hold me tight like a sword
Hold my body like a shield
I'll be your armor
And loved is all you'll ever feel

It's just human nature
Where there's love there's danger

I heard you crying in the shower
You try to wash you hands of me
There's nothing ugly in what's underneath
It's beautiful it's all I see
Just let me save you from yourself
From your worst enemy
I've given you the air to breath
Come and lie close to me

So hold me tight like a sword
Hold my body like a shield
I'll be your armor
And loved is all you'll ever feel

It's just human nature
Where there's love there's danger

It's just human nature
Don't blame her

So hold me tight like a sword
Hold my body like a shield
I'll be your armor
And loved is all you'll ever feel

It's just human nature
Where there's love there's danger

It's just human nature
Don't blame her

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Matt Cardle Human Nature Comments
  1. brian lee

    This is brilliant live

  2. Judy Hancock

    Love this guy`s voice.

  3. joy Remana

    I've said this b4 his voice N vocals are N instrument in it's self Absolutely Stunning

  4. jae a

    Thought you were doing a cover of MJ's song...but nope...Great song....very sexy.

  5. Philip Roberts

    Favourite X factor winner by a mile

  6. The Gobshite Kopite - LFC News and Views

    what happened to this guy

    The Gobshite Kopite - LFC News and Views

    My question wasn't about the future - it was about the past and why I (just a general person who listens to the radio on a regular basis) haven't heard from this guy since he won X Factor...


    Because you listen to mainstream radio and charts, and still think they'd actually care for giving artists a plattform, that's why.
    In reality they controlled by major labels and get stuffed with close to nothing but the most insanely promotionally stunted, hyped, indistinct, streamlined, autotuned pap, and have been for the last couple of decades.

    The Gobshite Kopite - LFC News and Views

    Cheers Geoff.


    That said, xfactor/syco was kind and insightful enough to allow Matt to
    write his own winner's album AND leave his voice completely untouched
    in production. Both a first in their history. They even handed him over
    to Columbia. But then they totally went control-hog on him, restricting
    Matt's&Coulmbia's say regarding arrangements, barring him from
    playing instruments on his own tracks, and then scrapping his first
    agreed upon single "Starlight" in favour of crowbarring a Gary Barlow's
    track in as a promo stunt for GB taking over from Cowell that very year. Matt ditched their management over this.
    After that they only did the most minimal promotion for him. His album still went #2. His tour was a success. But when it came to his 2nd album they refused to have him let any more control than on the first. That's when he left Syco alltogether, and only 6 months later he had the album out under his own name and it still charted Top10, plus #1 indie for good measure. Same with the 3rd album.
    Without any help from Syco, mind you. The all but erased him from their show's history, and thusly from their partially owned media. Says a lot about how much they actually care for giving upcoming arstist an actual platform, eh? Don't you just dare doing good on your own.


    He's now on his 4th album, which he, funnily enough, alredy toured and of which this clip is a live recording.
    Oh, and he had an award winning lead role at the West End, too.

  7. Alexandre Santos

    He will still get where he deserves, at the top of the charts !!! I'm Brazilian and love the songs of this guy. Hugs to all. I do not know English, I use google translate, then .....

  8. Xavier Sutherland

    Love this guy cant wait to see him live again and see him live a whole lot more in the future :)

  9. Xavier Sutherland

    he has a great voice!!!!!! :)

  10. Maple Tseng

    This is a great song, and so new created soul of Matt Cardle. Perhaps the real sould of Matt Cardle.

  11. Shelley Tarasinski

    It would be terrific if Matt would compile an album of all time favourites such as Sounds of Silence, Time in a Bottle, Danny Boy, House of the Rising Sun etc. Can the readers suggest some more titles which would suit Matt's unique and gorgeous voice?


    Among all the 80+ songs Matt has recorded so far, there are only a total 5 cover tracks, and that's counting his recent Live album which has 4 of them... and that's _because_ he only does covers at live gigs. So I'd say there's little chance recording more of them is his top priority. Plus, let him get album4 out FFS LOL

  12. Evelyn Done

    What the hell? I forgot about this dude 😂

  13. Fakhrizal Rizal

    hes back ...! I love this song 😍


    Very nice song !! thank you for sharing ..

  15. Mariah Carey Vevo

    :) i think people have forget him :)


    The people that are going to see him and selling out his concerts have not "forget him".

    Xavier Sutherland

    that's partly true but a lot of people are going to be familiar with him and remember him again he went off a bit of the rails in 2013-2014 but now hes coming back!!!! hes gonna do what James Arthur did they both messed up X Factor winners who sort of wrecked their careers at some point but come back with massive success in the UK that's how it works not sure where u from  Mariah Lol :)


    +Xavier Sutherland "Went a bit of the rails", "messed up X Factor winners", "wrecked their careers"...?? You are not talking about Matt. He was in rehab and was very open about it. It did not 'wreck his career' in any way, shape or form. And DO NOT compare him to James Arthur. He is nothing like that. James Arthur did wreck his career and had to climb back into the bubble with Simon Cowell before he could get any songs or albums in the charts. He could not do it on his own because he needs the big money to buy his way. Matt does not need that. Matt has been successful on his own.

    Xavier Sutherland

    yeah i used my words wrongly I'm a fan of matt cardle used the wrong wording

    Maud Kennedy

    drhouse1100,agreed! James Arthur is a big haded ass.

  16. Martha Mcfadden

    i listen to your songs nearly all the time. your magic voice takes me to heaven. ty baby

  17. V Bennett

    If he ever performs this and 'Lately' at the same gig we're in trouble. I think the world might implode! I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT.

  18. Maxine Price

    Just class! Can't fault it, it's so heartfelt, I love it!

  19. Brigita Svoreňová

    excellent.. I love his music

  20. Mary Padron

    Looove looove loooveee!! OMG soo beautifull soong!!

  21. Helen Hannam

    Sublime song - especially wonderful when listened to up loud through my headphones 👌

    Mi Picasso

    Amazing voice, amazing song. Love this guy's smoothness in his voice. So calm, so collecting, so beautiful. Also love the accompaniment in the middle. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this!

  22. Tamás Szabó

    Yes, a new song from Matt Cardle! :)

  23. Edines Camilo

    As coisas acontecem na hora certa e inesperadamente. No início de sua carreira, Matt, eu ouvi você cantar WHEN YOU WERE MY GIRL na MTV e tentei descobrir seu nome, que não foi bem sucedida na busca. Passaram-se quase 4 anos. E por acaso fazendo uma pesquisa sobre outra pessoa... naquele exato momento que eu descobri que você era o dono daquela voz que me encantou. Só posso te desejar muito sucesso e agora estarei acompanhando seus trabalho. Claro, não tão perto quanto eu gostaria. Bjus

  24. Jacqui Crawford

    Stunning live vocals Matt. Love the production, the balance and the way it builds - perfect!! Can't wait to hear more. <3

  25. Magdalena Bojarska

    Brilliant! ♡

  26. Jaye Moseley

    Love love love this Matt. Can't wait for album 4. so proud of you

  27. Janshaa K

    Beautiful!❤️ Really can't wait for new album😉

  28. Amanda Pearson

    I love this song so much! ❤

  29. 2hislopa

    500 views lol

  30. Éder Gomes


  31. neblinka 1

    Excellent .... you are genius Matt ... your voice is unique. LOVE YOU xx

  32. despairingleonardo

    what? two hours with 378 views...

  33. Sophie Bone


  34. Butterfly12

    Nice song.

  35. Elle Ohwelle


  36. siranmg

    I love you matt! Xoxo from México 😘😘

  37. 8736loll

    A big favourite from the new tracks we've heard so far! This was a stunning live vocal. so looking forward to Matt's 4th studio album 🙂

  38. santana val

    i love matt

  39. Tracy Hollowood

    Stunning! <3

  40. Luka Georgia

    like if matt is thr best💜

  41. Julia68yt

    Love it! Keep'em coming, Mr Cardle :)

  42. myecox

    Niiiiiice 😘😍

  43. mooominty

    Fabulous Matt! Love the photo too! :)

  44. Rowan Davidson

    What?!? New Matt Cardle song! 2017 is starting to be a good year.

    Olivia the human

    Rowan Davidson yes it is!

    Xavier Sutherland

    yes but no his album comes out next year in 2018 I think he said but this is him in 2017 yeah!!!! no new music from him till next year I think!!!!! and a new Tour next year I think also

    Cynthia Kessler

    because harry styles' album