Matt Cardle - Hallelujah Lyrics

When I needed shelter
You were my shade
When I needed water
You made it rain
When I was calling
You came
You're the only killer
For the pain

And I won't be scared
As my heart is sinking down to the river bed
'Cause you're here, oh yeah

How did I get through
Before I knew you
How did I get through
Before I knew you

Tear me into pieces
I wouldn't care
Drag me into the fire
I'm already there
It's all snakes and ladders
Flying to fall
But nothing matters
When I'm above them all

I won't be scared
As my heart is sinking down to the river bed
'Cause you're here, oh yeah

How did I get through
Before I knew you
How did I get through
Before I knew you

When I needed shelter
You were my shade
When I needed water
You made it rain

You made it rain
You made it rain

How did I get through
Before I knew you
How did I get through
Before I knew you

How did I get through
Before I knew you

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Matt Cardle Hallelujah Comments
  1. Heather 17

    Love this dude ♥️🙏🏻

  2. Sunflowers Are Awesome

    I'm so hooked on listening to him sing! I watch his X Factor journey quite frequently and am constantly checking for any new videos! Matt Cardle, if you ever come to Texas...I'll be in the front row no matter how much the ticket costs (certainly less than a trip to the UK LOL) Love, hugs, and fandom from Dallas, TX!

  3. Nuta Chimigea


  4. Esther Stinton

    Effortlessly brilliant

  5. Ma. Luisa De Guzman

    He is an amazing singer.

  6. Angela Hill

    Omg this guy can sing so beautifully!!!

  7. Barry Stewart

    The Good will survive Matt x

  8. Clothilde

    Matt was too individual for soulless X-Factor denizens.

  9. Gerri berri

    So much talent come on Matt another album


    Another one? Can you please let him get his 4th one out this week? Thank you :-P


    His new (4th) album is due out this Friday (27th April!)

    Gerri berri

    mooominty thanks for letting me know that


    You're most welcome :)

  10. h m


  11. Krystyna Gaglio

    I want you here in the USA!!!!!!!!!

  12. makhmal najian


  13. Tracy Tomaszewski

    "It wasn't a bad thing at the time" ......glad he made it.

  14. Duke the meister

    Gotta love a song about valium lol!!!

  15. Duke the meister

    He has come a long way since that amy winehouse audition. This guy is a true and amazing talent. Just WOW!!!

  16. Josh Weaver

    Matt is awesome

  17. david Felix

    Wow, what a voice, didn't think much of the song,but with his voice, should be a top name, seems a lovely down to earth geezer too.


    This song's banging pop version rocks :) Try "hallelujah apex bury"

    david Felix

    I will do, thanks for the heads up.

  18. Getrealpeeps

    I guess the 29 peopled that DON'T like this, only WISH they COULD sing


    Nah... they probably think he was totally "off-key" because the only Hallelujah song they know is the Cohen one LOL

  19. Aphiwe Ndabambi

    just found out about this guy,my God he is amazing!.m in love with this angel,goose bumps all the way

  20. Jonathon Brown

    Great song Matt !

  21. maurice kist

    Ssssttt thanks gracias

  22. brama

    He's cute as fuck.

  23. TheMargaretfletcher

    Superb xxxx

  24. clarita anengyao r.

    Amazing and fun ...

  25. Dan Clowes

    great voice

  26. Robin Hood

    Btw, did you know the man that originally wrote "Hallelujah" died on the day we found out Trump won the presidency! erf


    Matt's alive and well. Thanks.

  27. Alex Palenzuela

    voix magnifique

  28. joy Remana

    Love this version If only it will stay like this really stripped back

  29. Allison Burwell

    what hallelujah song is this?


    He explains it at 1:00
    Perhaps listen?


    It's his own song.

  30. purewonka

    Such a beautiful voice.

  31. David Walsh

    I love his honesty and plain speaking. He is a great unsung hero of music. His talent speaks for itself. Simon Cowel should be ashamed of his treatment of this great bloke.

  32. Tina Camp

    'Real life' depth to this song Matt, a huge well done and thank you. I'll be thinking of you and supporting you, wherever you may be in your 'mind'. With love x

  33. Tina Camp

    'Real life' depth to this song Matt, huge well done and thank you. I'll be thinking of you and supporting you, wherever you are in your 'head'...true talent.
    Tina x

  34. Pal Minina

    Such a precious thing you are, Matt...

  35. i s

    sounds louis tomlinson and looks like paul rudd. im weak

    joy Remana

    Isla Salisbury oh hell no!!! Iouis tomlinson no comparison Are you using hearing aids??? Sings like Matt looks definitely like Matt

  36. Michael Ho


  37. Mariusz Woliński


  38. Jackie Reed

    What an amazing song and the perfect voice!!! Lov u Matt

  39. Linda Cromley

    Great song Matt! Wish I knew halleleuhah, (I have at times), you help me call it with this song, naturally.

  40. Xavier Sutherland

    Cant wait for album 4 mate!!!!!! its gonna be your best album ever!!!!!!! for now that is Happy 2016 Matt cardle youve done so well for yourself mate thanks for jsut being u

  41. Xavier Sutherland

    Hallelujah Matt is back awesome Tune!!!!! Acoustic ballad

  42. Peter Cleary

    Matt Cardie is a genius. :-)

  43. RLH CAT

    I have come to love Matt's music, but to hear him sing so sweetly a song called "Hallelujah". about something that came so close to killing him is hard.  I know it reflects a time of his life that is past, but I just can't enjoy this song.


    +RLH CAT This song isn't necessarily focused on how something came close to killing him. Rather, it is focused on what he found that saved him. So I guess what i'm saying is he's not singing Hallelujah about being taken down by drugs, he's singing Hallelujah to being brought back up from them. He's singing about a fire fighter saving your life, not about the burning house ;)


    +mdoe8 He clearly says "It's about how I found valium. It wasn't a bad thing at the time. It was f*** amazing."


    +Julia68yt oh crap! Just listened to it again, well that sucks lol. How about I could say above that I wish it was about the fire fighter lol. Bummer


    +mdoe8 With Matt you need to be on the balls of your feet everytime LOL. Sometimes his honesty is pretty brutal.

  44. Jake Johnson

    I respect him even more as an artist because he's so honest! Can't wait for album 4!

  45. Adam

    He is crazy talented. He deserves to be massive. I hope his next album gives him that. It's bound to be amazing.


    @Adam Gallon-Smart His little stint in Memphis gives him quite the exposition :) Not to forget he'll be out and about at "Proms in the Park", too.

  46. justharley7914

    Matt back in form. The rest of the [email protected]@@ is behind you...SWDWO :-)

  47. Peter Cleary

    Stunning song! I expect the last notes spiralling down represent the calming effect of Valium? Got this song on repeat's out of this world!

  48. Arwen Evenstar

    Goosebumps! Amazing control of a wonderful voice. wish him all success. He should be more popular than he is. A great many people are missing a fabulous talent.

  49. jaytwooh

    i took my best friend there for her birthday last night and im now a massive fan.he was amazin xxx


    @jaytwooh yay! that's good to hear - he is definitely amazing :)

  50. Bor S

    So glad you continued your plans. One could change some habits, but hands of from  inner motive! :)


    @Bor S Matt's vocals last night were truly insane!! I was totally blown away. Still haven't really "landed" LOL :)

    Bor S

    @Julia68yt The same with me; we had to wait so long, but it was worth it. Maybe it's better for him to take his time before releasing. We just didn't hear all of his new songs yet, but what we've seen these days is insane. This song only written last week, like 'Blue', incredible!!!!! But I'm not surprised. From the first time I heard him sing I knew (felt?) he was going to be special. And really:"I know nothing about music!". Other people have their soccerplayers or other sportsmen as their hero or politicians but to me it's Matt Cardle. I so wished to be a good songwriter, cause that's what he needs. Louis said:"He is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary voice". I agree. I will never forget Dannii's role. I admire her for her resolute manner.
    And sometimes I wished I had your emailadress, so I could mail you personally. Also vielleicht bis bald!!!! Ich denke ich liebe dich. Tschüs.:)


    @Bor S Thanks :) Maybe I'll contact you. But you better edit out that mail address before you start receiving insane amounts of spam :)

    As for Matt ... It 's unbelievabe how strong his live voice is.
    I experienced it last year in London when he sang for us in the bar. No microphone. Just his guitar. And still his voice seemed to come from everywhere as if it was going thru a surround sound system.
    The Lowry was the first time I saw and heard him up close doing mainly acustic songs on stage.
    You should have come. I'm sure there are lots of flights from Schiphol to Britain ;) The audience was all people from 8 to 80 :)))