Mathis, Johnny - Watch What Happens Lyrics

Let someone start believing in you, let him hold out his hand
Let him touch you and watch what happens
One someone who can look in your eyes, and see into your heart
Let him find you and watch what happens
Cold, no I won't believe your heart is cold
Maybe just afraid to be broken again
Let someone with a deep love to give
Give that deep love to you, and what magic you'll see
Let someone with a deep love to give
Give that deep love to you. and what magic you'll see
Let someone give his heart, someone who cares like me
Let someone give his heart who cares like me

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Mathis, Johnny Watch What Happens Comments
  1. grooverunner

    Mr. Mathis also had the good fortune to work with a world class arranger, Ernie Freeman, who understood the strengths, the innate abilities, and just how far his range could go. D'Arneill Pershing was another arranger, who worked well with Mr. Mathis, albeit for a short time.

  2. Patricia Ebdon

    His voice is so dreamy I could listen to johnny all day as I have done for ,years keep going mr mathis xxxxxxxxx england

  3. David King

    Thanks Leonore :) The very best:Johnny Mathis singing the very best: Michel Legrand!


    This is the first time I heard this song.  Johnny always sing with all his heart.  What a beautiful song, the lyric and the voice of romance. Thank you for sharing this  Lenore Mewton

  5. Gail Briggs

    thank you Lenore Mewton.

  6. Gail Briggs


  7. Susan Bixby

    One of a kind. He truly feels his music.

  8. seledge

    Oh and thanks lenoremewton for posting it.

  9. seledge

    Have listened to a lot of versions of this song and this is by far the best.  It really brings you into the words.  Thanks Johnnny.

  10. Mmagic37

    Oh wow! Just been reminded of this video,,,love it as much as I did before,,,those eyes are still mesmerising at 1-21 and 2-01 xxx 

  11. lenoremewton

    it's a wonderful piece, Wendy, so glad you like it. I love what Johnny does with this song. So often he takes a song and slows it to a whole other level- and it truly becomes a different song. This becomes a ballad. There's a really nice rendition by Sergio Mendes- but this is beautiful. enjoy:)x

  12. wendywoo52

    this just sends chills down my spine, fabulous x x

  13. lenoremewton

    you're very welcome,Carrie. Join the 'masochist' club:) we are many in numbers. I'm very glad you enjoy them. This is a beautiful song...and who else? enjoy.

  14. lenoremewton

    You are so welcome, Maureen! So glad you enjoyed it. Sigh!:)

  15. maureen1938

    BEAUTIFUL.....THANK YOU for yet another gem from Johnny Mathis. I love it.

  16. lenoremewton

    thank you very much- I appreciate your nice comment . I am always so pleased when a particular song touches people (so many songs, so many people....:-) I was reminded of the song recently when peruses this CD ("Raindrops")- and it's such a vulnerable delivery - par usual. Please enjoy - and thank you once again.

  17. mimibella12

    I listened to this one just last week and have to say - "it's one of his best" - and with your presentation it's "amazing". Thank you.

  18. lenoremewton

    Maggie-, dear, thank you so much- I always appreciate your sweet comments- Yes- that lingering photo--- it lingered for me all through working on it! I knew it would hit the spot with JM fans! please enjoy. :) x

  19. lenoremewton

    thank you, Geraldine- so glad you like it- I love it and it slipped by me until a few weeks ago- so glad to have refound it. You're very welcome-!!

  20. lenoremewton

    oh thank you for such a nice comment- i love the song as well- hard not to be moved my it. You're very welcome and I do appreciate your kindness. Enjoy:)

  21. jmsgirlger1

    This is wonderful, Lenore...and what a beautiful song you've chosen. I love it....thank you!

  22. flodigarry1

    Fab, Fab, Fabulous! Love it all, the song, the pictures and the voice. We are all so blessed to have this man in our lives and to have great people like you making these videos for us to enjoy. Many thanks Lenore.

  23. lenoremewton

    Now, why did i think you would all LOVE that photo!! Great that you do- you're welcome. Enjoy.

  24. lenoremewton

    Yes- it was for me as well- I thought I had listened to all of the songs from this great original LP. I've put a few up as have others- this one was waiting there.Thank you for your very nice comments- I appreciate your appreciation a great deal! all the best.

  25. lenoremewton

    thank you, Carol- i KNEW that shot of the 'eyes' was a keeper and one to bring out the 'ahhhhhs' in everyone. That's a shot by the way - from the liner notes of "Because You Loved Me' CD done with Diane Warren's compositons. great when everyone who puts up videso with songs we've either not heard before or are reminded of. Enjoy!

  26. beweau

    You certainly know how to find the right photos! I had to stop the video when the "look into your eyes"-photo came! This was just beautiful. Thank you Lenore.

  27. serpentinecreature

    This is new for me.It speaks volumes,as if it is just for me.As always,Lenore,thank you for helping to start my day.Johnny's facial expression of emotion blends with the lyrics in such a magic way.Your artistry definitely does much to set this forth.Blessings to you.

  28. lenoremewton

    many thanks for such a lovely compliment- means a lot. I am thrilled if a video offers a a full experience of Johnny's gifts - just as you are in your creativity- we are inspired by what he shares. merci, et tu. x

  29. ReadMeReadYou

    Love the song and you have that "Lenore" talented way of making us feel, through your videos, that JM is right with us, as we are listening. Thank you for another wonderful presentation. We appreciate you. : )