Mathis, Johnny - Small World Lyrics

Funny, you're a stranger who's come here,
come from another town.
Funny, I'm a stranger myself here.
Small world, isn't it?

Funny, you're a man who goes traveling
rather than settling down.
Funny, 'cause I'd love to go traveling.
Small world, isn't it?

We have so much in common,
it's a phenomenon.
We could pool our resources
by joining forces from now on.

Lucky, you're a man who likes children.
That's an important sign.
Lucky, I'm a woman with children.
Small world, isn't it?
Funny, isn't it small and funny and fine?

We have so much in common,
it's a phenomenon.
We could pool our resources
by joining forces from now on.

Lucky, you're a man who likes children.
That's an important sign.
You're a
woman with children.
Small world, isn't it?
Funny, isn't it
isn't it
small and funny and fine?

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Mathis, Johnny Small World Comments
  1. Valerie Harris

    When I was a young girl used to fantasize about Johnny rescuing me from my horrible family life taking me to some far off castle. I love this man sooooooo much. What a truly gifted voice. God bless you my love and thanks for being my hero. ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

  2. MTN Productions

    This song is from “More Johnny’s Greatest Hits” in 1959, and it was orchestrated by Glenn Osser and produced by Mitch Miller, which was known for his “Sing Along With Mitch” albums.

    Glenn Osser did orchestrations for other Columbia artists including Jerry Vale and Van McCoy for his debut album “Night Time Is Lonely Time” In 1966. He was previously arranged for Georgia Gibbs for her hits like “Tweedlee Dee” which was originally a hit for Lavern Baker, and “Tra La La” which was also originally done by Lavern Baker as well.

    I still have the 45, and mine is a promo copy which is rare.

  3. Joseph Lim

    11 people don't find anything 'Funny'

  4. Moo. John Ference

    There are pure professional artists and there are singers ...need I say more ?

  5. Randall Sundeen

    People talk about the big three when they talk about johnny Mathis Misty Chances Twelth of never this has to be number 4 the only other recording of this I could find was Pearl Baily can't believe Andy Williams never gave it a spin love it thank you for posting

    Stuart Weissman

    Bette Midler killed it...(in a good, no great way...wonderful orchestration behind her)

  6. Dawn Ramejkis

    Love this song my dad used to sing this to me happy memories x

  7. Mariposa Eterea

    q encanto de musica quiero seguir soñando q bonita voz y q bella cancion del sr jhonny mathisss excelent

  8. Robert DiMezza

    Wonderful wonderful Johnny Mathis!

  9. Jack Canfield

    Johnny --- Thank you for "Small World." We courted to it -- ahem -- 57 years ago. We used to rush home from high school to watch you on Milt Grant's show out of DC. My grandmother was 80. She loved you. I was 16. We did, too.

  10. Charles Ramos

    What a beautiful song by the great Johnny Mathis! It brings back so many great memories!!

  11. John Thrush

    They called it a boat

  12. John Thrush

    The car would float

  13. John Thrush

    I was only 10 but I remember

  14. John Thrush

    Paula stayed open just for us

  15. John Thrush

    We'd stop and get pizza pies with everything on it

  16. John Thrush

    It was Royal

  17. John Thrush

    The days of big cars nighttime rides into the morning. Over Bridges City Lights

  18. John Thrush

    Always on the holidays

  19. John Thrush

    Yeah what an era what a song what a singer

  20. Jackie Mcmeekin

    This is one of my favorite songs that Johnny Mathis recorded. He sings it with such joy and passion. The words are so meaningful! It is hard to find quality songs like this today!

  21. David Carroll

    That marvelous lithe final note.

  22. Michael Patterson

    My all-time favorite male vocalist. He is a master at work, and this is one of his most compelling pieces. Fabulous!

  23. Christopher Calder

    This is terrible. The song plays too fast and makes his voice higher. The record does not sound like this.

  24. Caroline Limone

    Luuuuv this man..
    Voice like velvet......

  25. paul simonton

    terrific voice

  26. Laurie Brooks

    A voice like caramel, just want to dive in mmmmm.

  27. Scott Carr


  28. fab42355

    Johnny voice melts and chills me.

  29. John Linzmayer


  30. Joseph Marciano USMC

    Hmm -----

  31. Cida Souza

    amooo todas as musicas dele !!!

  32. Dirar Hamdan

    For my future wife (Elizabeth).

  33. Carole Linda

    There is nor will there ever be anyone like him. When Johnny sings a song, any song, it becomes his. His voice takes those of us who love him into another world!


    A mind blowing voice!

  34. alan dvorkis

    No one could shade a song like Mr Mathis. He completes every note like no other. Not one hole in his repertoire. In short, simply amazing.

  35. Nellie Sky

    Beautiful voice !! ~ blessed ~~

  36. paris rain

    I think more babies were conceived to his music than any One singer that ever lived. He has one --if not thee most beautiful voices ever! I think he's unwell right now. sad!

    Milton Moore

    One of many eminent men whose name will
    live on through the
    still lapse of the ages who, for whatever
    reasons, produced
    no offspring.
    Song composed by
    Jule Styne who
    died age 88. Lyrics
    by Stephen Joshua
    Sondheim who is
    still kicking at age 86
    (as of February 2017)

    charlotte sylvia

    Son s of the pioneer s

    Joseph Lim

    Saw him in concert in Northern Virginia this past Saturday and he may not be able to hit all the high notes anymore but he can still perform and reach back and put on a great show.

  37. Elliott Topkins

    When you think about performers whose songs have had a life-lasting effect, JM come to the fore. His phrasing is perfect; his delivery unique

  38. elvis presley

    this could be his best song

    Stuart Weissman

    no. Misty...

    Stuart Weissman

    Wonderful, wonderful...

  39. Jeff Liss

    Romance never had a better voice to sing about it than Johnny Mathis.

    Jeff K

    My Mother just loved him to no end! I think it made papa mad,

  40. Marlene Black

    Love this man and his voice!

  41. Nellie Sky

    For my future husband

  42. Lala Ward

    Fell in love with this man when he was featured on NPR last fall.  I think he was on a jazz program hosted by Michael Feinstein.  I absolutely fell in love with Johnny's voice and this song in particular.  It is now one of my favorites.

    Timothy Brown

    All 8 of our children were conceived to I'll Be Home For Christmas!

  43. richiebear1969

    Please do not remove.

    Patsy Uyeno

    love it!

  44. jimmy page

    wow, I think Beiber should listen to this


    He wouldn't understandf it!

    jimmy page

    @PerryDeanfan Exactly!

    Jim Thompson

    @jimmy page Forget Beiber, Hell, forget all of today's, nothing will ever beat the originals.

    jimmy page

    @Jim Thompson you are correct sir

    bill newman

    Singing ability is not necessary to become a singing star today. Bieber is a good example of that. None of them can really sing, not like Mr. Mathis. He is a true living legend .

  45. Ronald Zelman

    Hi, LInda!