Mathis, Johnny - Since I Fell For You Lyrics

When you just give love and never get love
You'd better let love depart
I know it's so and yet I know
I can't get you out of my heart

You made me leave my happy home
You took my love and now you've gone
Since I fell for you

Oh, love brings such misery and pain
I know I'll never be the same
Since I fell for you

Well, it's too bad and it's too sad
But I'm in love with you
First you love me then you snub me
But what can I do? I'm still in love with you

I guess I'll never see the light
I get the blues most every night
Since I fell for you, since I fell for you

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Mathis, Johnny Since I Fell For You Comments
  1. Elcio Robertoni

    O bom interprete nunca envelhece para nós apreciadores, estou falando desse magnífico Johnny Mathis, o eterno, aos 84 anos, encanta multidões!!!

  2. Irene Kent

    What sadness we all know

  3. bsc nyc

    Sublime! JM. Said.... Sorry don't know his name.... 😜🐵🍌

  4. cultfan 52

    fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Helen Hedrick

    I just love love love this song by Johnnie. I'm seeing him in concert in a couple of weeks and I hope he still sounds this good!

  6. grooverunner

    As big a fan of JM as I am, I still prefer Barbra Streisand's version. I think it's the arrangement that doesn't work for his voice.

  7. Betty Joyce

    Only Johnny can make this song sound so beautiful.

  8. Joe Martin

    No matter what age you are, you'll always be so special to my husband and myself. Now that he is gone , life is not the same, but I can always bring back beautiful memories, just hearing you sing so many of our love songs. I had them play your recording of 12th of Never at his service. He had a beautiful service. I was given the American flag, in honer of being a Vet. On the "Wall" was written The 12th of Never". This was for my dear husband and yourself. I shall go on, but our love will last forever. Thank you, John, I feel you are a dear friend to us. Joe's Wife

  9. Jay DeLuca

    What a great singer! He has a signature vibrato that helps his voice resonate in a distinct way. An artist.

  10. Joe Martin

    It's foolish of me to think Johnny Mathis would ever read these comments, but it's filled with love and thankfulness for all the years he has given me. You are so loved, your talent will go on Until the twelfth of Never.

    G C Renoir

    Wish he did, but he never looks at a computer. Doesn't even know how to turn one on.

  11. G C Renoir

    Love this song, and no one sings it like John.

  12. keith ellison

    The most beautiful voice ever put into a human being.


    keith ellison there aren’t enough adjectives to describe this awesome, fabulous, humble, darlin, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, gentle loving man. A talent the world will never see or hear in years years ahead. Love Johnny

  13. Ariete Costa

    My goodness!!!Such a marvelous voice coming to my ears!This beautiful song I Have loved for a long time! Voice and song going together!!And it's you,my Johnny Mathis ! FOREVER in my heart and my soul!!!!!

  14. Susan F Nelson

    He is just the best there is name a better singer there is none

  15. zeher Edit

    Wondwrful song !!! Thank you !

  16. Manny Rodriguez

    In a class all by himself....JOHNY MATHIS !!!

  17. Linda Bell

    Love him always

  18. Vixen Via

    what a voice

    wonderflo 949

    What a face!


    When I was young and in college he was just my FAVORITE. now that I have time and really listen to his music, I am so obsessed and I listen every night, and amazing how a 77 years old woman can fall in love to this wonderful guy. He is pure Magic Mathis.

  20. UncleMike43

    Probably the greatest "Torch " song of all time.


    B. J. Carr, I love both, his looks and of course his great voice.

  22. Bob Rule, Jr.

    This is a perfect mix of a great song and a great voice.

  23. Ray Giammarco

    I can only say FABULOUS Johnny.

  24. John Mueller

    I think there isn't a woman under 70 who hasn't fallen in love at least once to the sounds of Johnnie Mathis... Elvis, Frank, Tony, Mel...all wonderful...but Johnnie's music is made strickly for love....

  25. lenoremewton

    Isn't it ?! True- he is as we often say- in a class by himself- a gift . Lucky us.

  26. mimibella12

    Beautiful! No one sings a song like Johnny!

    Gaile Zimmer

    Oh Johnny, there is rarely a night that I close my eyes without listening to a song from you. You are a pure joy to listen to and watch and your music is pure magic. If you look up the word "romance" in the Dictionary your picture should be there. And I have rediscovered " Since I fell for You"which I discovered with my first love in high school. You are a dream. Thank you for many magical moments ~

  27. lenoremewton

    :-) we're all here for the same thing- sharing and appreciating Mr. M.! Cheers.

  28. wendywoo52

    you are welcome and THANK YOU Lenore x

  29. lenoremewton

    thank you, Wendy- just wanted to let you know again- how much I appreciate your sharing these- of course- that's always wonderful- thank you . take care. x

  30. lenoremewton

    thank you, Geraldine- so glad you like it- I love the song- and finding the right photographic moments are a joy. You're welcome, enjoy.

  31. jmsgirlger1

    I love the way John sings this song, just fabulous, and the photos are sensational! Thank you for sharing, Lenore!

  32. lenoremewton

    lucky you! I'm a newbie when it comes to concert going- and I love to hear people say now- that JM is bringing back songs from the past to his concerts. This would be a more than welcome addition. Johnny sang it on this album, Special Part of Me- and on The First Time Ever I saw Your face. - it is a treasure. so glad you found it. enjoy.

  33. Mathisfantoo

    Having seen Johnny Mathis in concert over twenty five times, I though I had heard everything that he had recorded. I missed this one. It is beautiful. Thank you, so much.

  34. lenoremewton

    thank you, Berit, so glad you like it- it is a wonderful song- vehicle - for Johnny's voice, emotional expression and ranges- . I love matching the photos- so I'm glad they fit! enjoy.

  35. beweau

    Such a lovely song. And you certainly know how to pick the right photos! Just lovely.

  36. lenoremewton

    You're welcome- one runs out of superlatives after a while about Mr. M- but they are always worth repeating and repeating.... . Enjoy:)

  37. lenoremewton

    touche- so right. And a perfect word - "sublime". Enjoy.

  38. Lulu Leninha

    Fantastic voice ! Johnny makes me so happy ever. Thanks Lenore!

  39. Jay DeLuca

    If this doesn't fan a woman's fire and passion, than I don't know what does. Johnny Mathis is sublime.

  40. lenoremewton

    you're very welcome- .please enjoy.:)

  41. Sandy Rubbins

    So beautiful - thank you

  42. lenoremewton

    you're welcome, Jane! Enjoy, enjoy!

  43. lenoremewton

    thank you, Geraldine- such a wonderful song- you're very welcome! enjoy:)

  44. lenoremewton

    You're very welcome- i am so pleased that people like it- that it resonates- Johnny has that very special quality that sends his audience to another 'realm' when listening/experiencing him. Merci et bon nuit!

  45. lenoremewton

    thank you, Carol- so glad you like it! like heaven, eh? enjoy, enjoy:)

  46. lenoremewton

    thanks very much, Angela, I appreciate your lovely comments. It is a wonderful song- and Johnny always brings his absolute best- i dont' think he knows any other way to approach a song.- enjoy:)

  47. gemeyes2

    I like it..thank you!! Jane

  48. jmsgirlger1

    Very nice, Lenore...thank you!

  49. serpentinecreature

    The very essence of perfection,to really put me in the mood,he does it every time! Merci Lenore,et bon soir.

  50. ReadMeReadYou

    Beautiful video of JM. You always capture his expressions perfectly. I love this song. I think he does a perfect job on it.....the tortured soul. : )

  51. lenoremewton

    so glad you like it- yes- "romance' might was well be his middle name:) enjoy.

  52. Susan Clark

    Wonderful post. He has just a damn romantic voice!~!

  53. lenoremewton

    - thank you- sure- that's fine- as I don't post there- i'm always pleased if someone likes one of them enough to share it. Thank you for letting me know and asking- appreciate it!:) cheers.

  54. wendywoo52

    i have shared it with the Mathis pages and groups on facebook so everyone can enjoy, hope that is ok x

  55. lenoremewton

    oh, thanks Wendy, i'm so glad you like it! sometimes i get so close to these - I can't tell how they come out- so I appreciate it! Enjoy- and your'e very welcome. Great that we all share our JM goodies . :)

  56. wendywoo52

    heart melting, so wonderful and the pictures are just great, thank you so very much x x x