Mathis, Johnny - Play Me Lyrics

She was morning, and I was night time
I one day woke up
To find her lying beside my bed
I softly said "Come take me"
For I've been lonely in need of someone
As though I'd done someone wrong somewhere
But I don't know where, I don't know where
Come lately

You are the sun, I am the moon
You are the words, I am the tune
Play me

Song she sang to me
Song she brang to me
Words that rang in me,
Rhyme that sprang from me
Warmed the night, and what was right
Became me

You are the sun, I am the moon
You are the words, I am the tune
Play me

And so it was that I came to travel
Upon a road that was thorned and narrow
Another place, another grace
Would save me

You are the sun, I am the moon
You are the words, I am the tune
Play me
You are the sun, I am the moon
You are the words, I am the tune
Play me......

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Mathis, Johnny Play Me Comments
  1. Patricia Owens

    Oh, love this..

  2. Stephen Darts

    Stunning version from The Voice. Johnny Mathis. PS been following his music for 45 years, and never seen a photo of him with a beard, see 3.24

  3. Patty Bishop

    Beautifully done Johnny's voice is perfect I can here it over and over thanks for sharing he is so dreamy.♥️

  4. Mark S

    Great cover!

  5. pat robison

    Have to wonder what's wrong with the (3) people who gave this a thumb down!

  6. M Johnston

    One of my favourite songs by Neil diamond but really love JM version, great singers with the craft of song writing!

  7. Patricia Martin


  8. Pedro Sánchez

    Un millón de gracias por la música que me has dado durante toda mi vida.

  9. Mmagic37

    Love this just as much as ever!!! Love the photo at 2.05 thru to 2.25 xxx


    Thanks Carol;) I love those two shots of Johnny and Gil- from the uk concerts - enjoy x

    Mike jaques

    If you see his eyes there is a kind soul behind them.. he is so so kind. beyond belief

  10. gemeyes2

    Beautiful, Lenore, thank you.      Jane


    You're welcome, Jane ! Beautiful song

  11. Susan Wilson

    ADORE IT!!


    Another new song for me. Lovely.

  13. Pat Powell

    Lovely    this voice hypnotises me...  has done for many years .....

  14. David's Broadway Station

    I love this song! Then again, I love Johnny Mathis' music the most!

  15. Lois Pierce

    Great photos, lovely song.  Thanks, Lenore.


    You're welcome- very serene- hope it helps you to feel better. Again- Mr. M.- the musical healer. Enjoy.

  16. ReadMeReadYou

    Lenore, I can comment from Google account. So, that's it!!!!!!! Let me know if you get this. 

  17. lenoremewton

    Thank you very much- I appreciate your kind words. It's such a unique song- and as you say- delivered as only Johnny can do- with that intimate warmth. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy.

  18. 777Moonbeam

    Thank you for sharing, Lenore. A marvelous song by Johnny with a touch he can only bring to a song. Your photos blend in perfectly.

  19. lenoremewton

    Thanks very much- glad you enjoyed it. Yes- and what an addiction! Enjoy:)

  20. mimibella12

    Johnny is like an addiction! Super pictures!

  21. lenoremewton

    you're welcome! glad you like it - Enjoy!

  22. theredeemed1013

    Love It!! Thank you ...

  23. lenoremewton

    Thank you, Jane. I'm glad that you like it- it's such a wonderful song- and by no one better than Mr. M. enjoy.

  24. lenoremewton

    So glad you liked it Margaret- it's a wonderful song. Thank you for your nice words. Ah yes the beard- i love it! I enjoy:)

  25. MargaretD44

    That was wonderful, Lenore love it and the photos just great, I just love the beard,always have.x

  26. gemeyes2


  27. lenoremewton

    you are very welcome- i agree- Johnny's gifts are other wordly- and brings so much pleasure to others. Youtube is one great way to keep up with his music- not just my channel but others- of course nothing is better than in person. Feel free to check the channel for other songs. As well- i recommend 2 others if you're not familiar with them: 19rebel57 and readmereadyou.. I think you'll love those as well. Enjoy.

  28. MathildaAustralia

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with us. Johnny Mathis is one of the gifts of life. He makes life more beautiful. In France, he still have many fans like me but unfortunately we don't hear his songs very often and we miss him. So thanks again.

  29. Mark Dezii

    One of his best albums I've ever heard. Me and Mrs Jones is another great one. These albums were around 1973 or 74. Excellent!!

  30. lenoremewton

    thank you, Sandra, glad you like it! enjoy:)


    Love it Lenore great photos as well thank you xx

  32. lenoremewton

    you're welcome-. It's a wonderful LP and you can find it in MP3 versions online- I do wish it would be re-released and mastered to CD- i think this and "Coming Home" would be a fantastic CD duet set! enjoy.

  33. lenoremewton

    So glad you like it Sharon-- seems to be a special song to many- very pleased. Well- if you are a fan of Johnny during this 'beard' stage- (or moment!)- if you peruse the channel- you'll find others. They are taken from the live video- also on the channel of "Three Times A Lady"- on the Parkinson show in UK in the late 70's. Enjoy and thank you for your nice comment- i appreciate it.

  34. 581luvmusic

    Thanks, Lenore for this lovely rendition by Johnny. It is one I do not have in my collection.

  35. partridgelady

    Lenore, it's exquisite, just wonderful...especially the beard at the end, I hadn't seen that pic of him bearded. Thanks as always for sharing your talent with us.

  36. lenoremewton

    many thanks, Angela:) You never know-- very pleased it's touched a 'chord' with everyone. Ah- such pleasure trying to decide which gorgeous shot to use along the way! enjoy.:)

  37. ReadMeReadYou

    Beautiful song and beautiful man. Great job, Lenore. Every photo perfect.

  38. lenoremewton

    Thanks, Geraldine- glad you like it- such a fantastic LP. Do hope it makes it to CD. I think this is a "Johnny Mathis' that many people who only know of his earlier classics- are not aware of. Such diversity. You're welcome.

    Mike jaques

    you can always get a usb turntable or software to convert LPs to digital so oyu can burn the CD or put it on your ipad or phone etc. I take all of my LPs and put them on DAT tape. I love this song

  39. jmsgirlger1 always, Lenore. How can I not love of my favourite tracks and such beautiful pictures...and there's the beard again. Oh my! Thank you!

  40. lenoremewton

    that's ok- a little 'over the top' is not a problem! LOL:) fabulous songs on here. thank you for your nice comment. enjoy!

  41. lenoremewton

    you're very welcome. very sweet song. Always inspired by Johnny's interpretations. enjoy.

  42. lenoremewton

    it is great- I'm tempted to do each song! (not really- but they are all great.) you're very welcome. I have to say I prefer it to Neil Diamond's- but his writing is terrific. enjoy.

  43. serpentinecreature

    Beautiful,as always. Merci Lenore. Love to all.Thank you for sharing once more.

  44. pick4guy

    Wow I just came home, turned on computer and find this, what a great album, am looking to try to get my copy of this vintage album transferred to CD so I can listen to it. THANKS FOR UPLOADING