Mathis, Johnny - Calypso Noel Lyrics

Sing we Noel, sing we joyously Noel!

Joyously sing the news we have to tell!
Born to us in the little village of Bethlehem on this day,
Is the little Christ Child so pure and holy;
He's sleeping there in the hay.

Poor little baby, no other place was found,
Except in a manger with cows and sheep around.

Oh, sing Noel!
Oh, yet the glory of this wee baby was sung by angels so sing Noel!
Oh, sing Noel! fair;
There were Wise Men and shepherds to give Him honor and
Oh, sing Noel! bring Him presents so rare.

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Mathis, Johnny Calypso Noel Comments
  1. NoLegalPlunder

    So good. His singing at the end gets me every time.

  2. mike sutton

    Luca Stangl also sings nice Christmas songs ! He is 13 years old from Austria and sings and plays the accordion ! He has had a YouTube channel for 4 years ! Check it out Luca Stangl .

  3. Dywane Harris

    Calypso Noel

  4. R C

    Great song...

  5. #1gamer

    first and last