Matches, The - Scratched Out Lyrics

Wake up and waste a day
Chase away
A day at a time and waste away
Clean-faced today, clean taste of yay
Toothpaste makes my orange juice sour
Waste an hour or so
My shower is slow
The flowers that grow
Outside of my window
Are blooming I'm assuming
That you're comin' over soon
It's almost half past four
And you called here at noon
'Cause there's a picture that you wanna see
Now I'm not even good at being me anymore

She got nicotine-basted lungs
Wasted thumbs
And one of them asphalt-tasting tongues
She wakes up to alarm
Her make-up is still on
And she can't remember why she set the damn thing
Her heart is a machine
Art is meant to be seen
Not felt, not heard
It's just paint they're just words
And fingers are for feeling
Fists are for beating
Scabs are for healing
And blood is for bleeding
That's just how I used to be
But I'm not even good at being me anymore

I wake up and waste an hour
Pace and glower
At the TV set wasting power
And aching in my head
I'm banking in the red
And compulsively charging cd's to my account
So come out Jenny
It's getting late
You Jersey girls like to make boys wait
Now it's too late in the day for a matinee
And I ain't got the money to pay for you anyway
What should I say?
I know it ain't how it used to be
But I'm not good at being me anymore

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Matches, The Scratched Out Comments
  1. Brian Eckert

    Just realized that one line about jersey girls references a billy Joel song

  2. Summer DeHaven

    Still kicks ass

  3. Timmy Benson

    What the fuck? Who is Virginia? She’s catholic? All I know is Jenny and Jersey girls liking to make boys wait!

  4. Scout Playz

    dude my buddy ryan has met these guys

    Stevie LaBoy

    They're awesome guys. We used to watch them at the L3s in Oakland. A lot of great bands played with them.

    Elbert Thomas

    I went to their first concert in Oakland CA in there garage tf these niggas go crazy

  5. Katie Sandridge

    Qish more people knew

  6. Bree