Matchbox 20 - If I Fall Lyrics

When i get close to something beautiful
Then i feel low because i know
I'll never have it for too long
I've been everywhere
Im like an institution
I fell down on myself
Just to pray for sweet sunshine

If i fall

When i get home i swear i'm gonna
Change my ways
And i'll start dancing
Live a little
Live it up these days
I say all the words
But lack a real solution
I tell all my friends
Stick around to see who's right

And if i fall
Help me if i fall

Help me if i fall
Don't let me go
You just give me the strength
To guide me
Get me my
Get me high
Help me take over this city
Let it go
Don't let it go

Help me if i fall.

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Matchbox 20 If I Fall Comments
  1. Savannah Gilmore

    I want this cd!

  2. patrick duvall

    exile on mainstream is mostly made up of there older songs from there previous 3 albums so yeah its good lol.

  3. hiba chau

    y thank you

  4. Woven Angel

    well said =P

  5. hiba chau

    no bush sucks

  6. ThenItsLove

    love the awesome beat

  7. Muhammed Abdellatif

    gr8 song

  8. Max Brauns

    i kinda have to agree

  9. Oldmetalfan

    Very good album overall..

  10. babikia

    haha lol

  11. babikia

    sounds like switchfoot-stars

  12. Natasha Bone

    i would rather listen to any of MB20's songs than listen to 'bleeding Love' 'No One...'any day!

    Rob Thomas 2+2 ever!

  13. Dóra Varga

    yes, one of the best songs... i lowe it <3

  14. Danielle Earl

    How far we've the 1st song on the greatest hits album

  15. Jokester94n

    they rock! my fav song is ill believe you when

  16. Paco Watts

    so do i!!