Matchbox 20 - Girl Like That Lyrics

You think this life would make me bolder
But I'm running scared is all
I hang on everything about you
You think I'd settle down cuz I'm older
But I roll with the changes is all
I'm same old trailer trash in new shoes

She gets sad when there's nothing going on
She says it makes her feel damn worthless

[chorus 1]

Well you got to think with a girl like that
Any love at all, is better than nothing
It's better than nothing

I put my hands around your shoulder
You're saying you're scared is all
I think I know too much about you
You think this life would make me colder
I'd give in to the alcohol
I put my loving arms around you, child

You knew damn well there was nothing going on
Is that what makes you feel damn worthless

[chorus 2]

Well you got to think with a girl like that
Any love is better than nothing
It's better than nothing
You got to think, with a girl like that
Any love at all, is better than nothing
It's better than nothing
Yeah she drags you down and she pulls you up
She pulls you up
Says that she's sorry now but it's not enough
To pull you up
She's sorry

I wake up quick just like I want to
Yeah but I stay out much too late
You think this life can get a bit unkind but she stays
Down till the worth is gone
And pulls you up, she pulls you up,
She pulls you up and over, over

[chorus 2]

[chorus 1]

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Matchbox 20 Girl Like That Comments
  1. Wesley Mitchell

    Writing a story
    Based on a playlist

    Attack has to leave P'oz for a while
    " I am being deployed," Attack explains
    " What will you have to do?" P' oz
    " Not sure," Attack Sighed
    " Probably a coward area to secure or a rescue , maybe worse"
    P'oz " what can I do?"
    " Pray for me," Attack stated
    " Till we meet again dear friend" Attack left with a whisper and a gentle kiss

  2. Sammy Berg

    I liked this as a kid, but as an adult, I understand it

  3. Michael Bell

    Same old trailer trash in new shoe's..... Love this song band CD

  4. Jessica Harper

    Love it

  5. Luis Sauceda

    They should've made a video for this one and released as a single. I always liked this track.

  6. gavin hardy

    more views please guys.

  7. Springyplush64

    Love Matchbox 20!

  8. D Grossi 1999

    You said lyrics, but you meant in the description. Do you want to know an easy way to put lyrics in the video if you're using Windows, which is put multiple Captions in the video timeline at the right time using Windows Movie Maker or otherwise use Adobe Premiere somehow.

  9. hyperdeath84

    This album is pretty spot on pop-rock. They're talented dudes but I think they never quite got the vibe of this album again, it became too cheesy.

    Mary Kelly

    Agreed unfortunately

    Michael Bell

    I think your cheesy the lyrics are too deep for some people the more life experience you have the better these lyrics are but you probably think that's cheesy lol

  10. Kimberly Smith

    They are touring this year (2017) .. Got my tickets!!! ... Hope they play every single 'old' song or this whole entire album :)

  11. Dale Smedley

    Every song off this album could've and should've been a single

    Mary Kelly

    Dale Smedley agreed!!


    My fav:. "Busted"

  12. HSimon1981

    This was one of the underrated songs off the yourself or someone like you album

    Rachel Rock

    Along with "Damn"

  13. Victor Hahn

    anyone else notice the photo in this video was moving

    Aaron cash

    Pretty sure you're as stoned as I am. Defiantly an illusion

  14. azapro911

    Can't believe this wasn't a proper single.

  15. Libertarian Jaguar

    One of the most underrated rock bands of the 90s


    Libertarian Jaguar *anymore (and true, today's music is just pop tho)

    Benjamin Stevens

    I saw them this past summer; they're still phenomenal.

    Wesley Mitchell

    Libertarian Jaguar

    you knew.damn well there was nothing going on here

    i hate when people ask me repeatedly how ya doin
    i aint doing nothing
    there is nothing i could do that would please you anyway

    Scott & Lori Hasting

    Ummmm, I think they had pretty great ratings lol

    Benny Melman

    Ironically, they were one of the most overplayed rock bands in the '00s.

    Their mid-late 90s work, OTOH, underrated and underplayed for sure. Especially this tune.

  16. steve lehman

    fav 90s band. their best record. myself or someone like you. 

    Chaston Hall

    steve lehman *Yourself* or Someone Like You

  17. Just another John

    DAMN it's better than nothin!!

  18. Eridan Ampora

    grew up listening to them! love them!

  19. aarondoestrix

    thanks i love matchbox 20 so much. been listening to them since i was a child. now i'm 20! :D

    Timan Petty

    aarondoestrix shoot I’m 25 and I’m still listening!