Matchbox 20 - All Your Reasons Lyrics

Why dont you just go away
I cant seem to get my head straight
There's so much i need 2 say
It could take
All day

But what you got
I dont need it
I cant listen
To all your reasons
Wake up
I dont feel it
I cant listen
To all your reasons

Your bad mood just ties my hands
Turning cartwheels into headstands
I've done everything i can
Gave all
I had

But what you got
I dont need it
I cant listen
To all your reasons
Wake up
I dont feel it
I cant listen
To all your reasons

Tell me whyyyyyyy...

It dont have to me
So worn down
So torn up
Still your love

But what you got
I dont need it
I cant listen
To all your reasons
Wake up
I dont feel it
I cant listen
To all your reasons

I dont need it
I cant listen
To all your reasons
Wake up
I dont feel it
I cant listen
To all your reasons

Tell me why

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Matchbox 20 All Your Reasons Comments
  1. Topher Quick

    Still the best

  2. Nicholas Kovacs

    Aahh yes my favourite matchbox 20 tune😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. NaturalizerRs

    Yes mate

  4. Fabiola Elisa Bañuelos


  5. Jinxz


  6. Keiren Moore

    After 20min and searching "bah dah dah dah dah" in the Google search bar i'm finally here.

    victor alvarez

    i searched for 10 months :(


    I kid you NOT I tried finding this song passively for 3 years. I only found out when at dinner with my friends, my best friend randomly brought up whether I had found it or not, which broke into debate about how I still hadn't found it, and when I said it goes something like Baa da da dadadaada, one of my other friends ended up calling her sister and she knew it. I was so happy lol. This was only a few weeks ago.

  7. Jack Kelsey

    Whata banga

  8. Dr.Whiteboy

    hi Stephanie ☺

  9. Chase Watkins

    on the comment about Aussies, none of these guys are Aussies. Rob Thomas is German and the rest are Americans. MB20 are big in Australia though

  10. 777 bouncy castle hire

    i love matchbox 20 but only just heard this song and i don't like it :(


    +Mark W maybe you should write a song Mr. Perfect.

    Sarah Ward

    I like it okay but it's definitely not one of their best :/

    Jeff George


    Jeff George

  11. Rhodium Thunderbird

    I remember how all the radio stations played pretty much just this and one other song for a few months in 2005


    the song was released in 2007 lol

  12. London Blog

    jake bugg brought me here by my own mistake

  13. Satan

    Yep, especially the first line. He would play it every day in class.

  14. Savannah Gilmore

    One of my favorite Matchbox Twenty songs!

  15. kaden mccarthy

    badupupupupupu babapupupupupupu

  16. Satan

    My Spanish teacher played this song in class one day and said it reminded him of us. -_-

  17. ramos randy

    rocksss so much much much

  18. HeavensMisery

    You're bad mood just ties my hands,
    Turns my cartwheels into head stands.
    I've done everything I can,
    Gave all, I had.

    Not "You get old, i have." .... No!....

  19. j13i0nicle

    My Spanish teacher said he heard a song that he wished would come true, he played this to the class...everyone was surprised but me. But the ones I have ever seen.

  20. gbleather

    "Your bad mood just ties my hands...." I totally understand that line.

  21. TheMugge522

    This songs brings so many great memories to my mind, love this song! and MB20 reminds me of back when music was good!

  22. drwestm83

    Matchbox 20 is great and this song is one of their many classics.

  23. Jesus Fawgifs

    I sincerely thank you for uploading the original version =)

  24. Nate

    Awesome song. Thank you for uploading. =)

  25. ThenItsLove

    damn hes good!!!

  26. mytikitorch48

    This song is awesome!!

  27. Axel Lindh

    så jävla bra!

  28. gg st

    america doesnt suck and some aussies are dickheads. From an aussie

  29. Stephany Eduardo

    why would knowing where they are from change anything?

  30. SWERVE

    how about Earth rules. where's the globalization? and hey, both america and australia are the only two countries not in the kyoto protocol. so we're both reasons why there's so much air pollution from cars.

  31. sophiexoox

    hay! im aussie too!! and we do hear about people shooting each other!! and i bet HEAPS of people in australia do drugs but we just dot hear about it!! and there have been plane crashes in australia!! so stop ur whining cause if we didnt have america we wouldnt have very many things we have in australia today!!

  32. darthmimi I think I felt my IQ curl up and die a little from reading this. Way to make Aussies look like ignorant morons.

  33. Marc Sudholz

    matchbox 20 rule!!!! great song

  34. hompsan89

    i tink has had more views coz at the end som ppl might click off and i dont its couned as a veiw lov da song

  35. Stephany Eduardo

    learn how to talk loser

  36. a mindful cat

    i sent this video link to my now ex girlfriend over msn, blocked her after it. i felt so smart

  37. hompsan89

    matchbox 20 for president! great song love it

  38. kdonaj

    I absolutely love this song

  39. rangerdago

    this is the best song to play if you want someone to leave you alone!I LOVE YOU MATCHBOX 20!

  40. rangerdago

    matchbox 20 rox my sox! this is the best song is you want to tell someone to fuck off lol

  41. crapmadgig

    kewl good 4 u! :)

  42. ninyanya

    x3 Awesome song. But the lyrics are kinda funny. It makes me think of some guy singing this to his girlfriend who has PMS...

  43. DVDDVD333

    I Love This song so much!