Matchbook Romance - The Greatest Fall Of All Time Lyrics

The hand of my clock strikes two
In times when I got the best of you
We made promises we couldn't keep
And every night we couldn't sleep.
I didn't know why, but didn't ask questions
because it was the first time in my life, yeah the first time in my life
Where I, did something right.

I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time
I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time

You pick me apart
While I search for witty things to say (In my defense)
"You'll never amount to anything anyway"
(Don't press your luck, don't press your luck)
And think that I'm impressed with your one night stands
and your contagious kiss
I'm trying to get this right
Yeah, cause I'm ridiculous like that

I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time
I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time

I'll keep this as
A constant reminder
Of the nights I spent holding onto her
And rest assured I'm moving on
I miss you less, with each day you're gone (you're gone)

I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time
I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time
I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time
[in EP it is repeated 2 times, not 3]

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Matchbook Romance The Greatest Fall Of All Time Comments
  1. Samantha Balsavage

    Omg its like high school and 2003 all over again. Adderall, screamo and wayyy too much weed

  2. Roy vincent

    very nostalgic. i used to listen with this wayback 2007.

  3. Being Alex

    The production on this is outstanding

  4. Stereo Monoxide

    The greatest fall of all time..

  5. AWOL TV

    lol riverside, ca

  6. nukka200

    SO SURREAL. just heard this on Pandora and it reminded me of this song I used to listen to it all the time back in high school before I actually undersood the lyrics or could relate to them. Shit is really deep.

  7. Justin Brew Sane's Country of A Better Palestine

    Come As You Are

  8. Achang Sangtam

    2019 anyone:)

    Felipe Díaz

    Achang Sangtam me :')

  9. Lucky C

    So good 💕

  10. Thais Agante Fernandes


  11. GR4V17Y

    2019 bitches

  12. K E

    Great Song.

  13. es verdad


  14. kyle style

    Geez. There is some nostalgia right here. Those base drums though...

  15. ssj50trunks

    Blasting this in my car in High School. Girlfriend in the passenger seat. Friends in the back seat. One of them doing the double bass with his feet. All of us singing and screaming along. Some of the best times of my life.


    I remember getting head to this song.

  16. Leo Leonardo III

    Can’t believe this was on Tony Hawk’s Underground website

  17. Jake Hernandez

    15 flooding all back in.. .god..☹

  18. Todd Wayde

    Matchbook Romance is severely under rated. ❤

  19. Rafael Xavier

    16 again

  20. delshaydevera

    2017 ya. cuz im ridiculous like that.

    Jason Kelley

    2019 because I'm ridiculous like that too.

  21. Jason Colwell

    cuz im ridiculous like that

  22. Akashic Samadhi

    I have the demo version, i will put it up some day here soon.

    Leo The Fourth

    matt karl the getaway

    Being Alex

    Yo wheres that demo

  23. mili V

    takes me back to 2005 high school days and first high school love. She made me a breakup CD and this song was up there... listened to this song on repeat for days

    Trae Parsley

    So you are around my age? I turn 30 this year.

    rare feline

    I think everyone here is roughly around the same age. I'm 28 next month. Crazy to think how long ago this was yet it seems like yesterday.


    Yeah I remember listening to this around 05 also but I didn't actually understand or relate to the lyrics. Now its like.. fucking shit. Deep.

  24. Tim Lundin

    Thanks to Atticus dragging the lake volume two I've been hooked to this song and album.

  25. Matthew Lehn

    One of my favorite songs in Highschool. Good stuff.