Mat Kerekes - The Clubs / The People's Attention Lyrics

A picture hangs on my wall and hears what I talk about
I'm drawing circles and I'm getting dizzy now
Oh, how have you been? I haven't seen you around
All is fine if you believe it, just don't talk about it
Sit in a phone booth to act like you don't exist
I'm prescription-less but I'm making it

There's a hole in my window if you want to sneak in
There's a crack in my windshield and I'm waiting for it to cave in
My reflection is looking a lot older now
The wind is singing again
Carrying me with it

Glitter eyes from the drinks
We are so important
All of the lights from the clubs and the people's attention
All of the snakes sing their songs
We die for all of them
I'm not even your friend and I died for that
All of our selfish time spent
Hoping no one will notice
Fragile mouth's in our hands
Didn't you notice?

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Mat Kerekes The Clubs / The People's Attention Comments
  1. acap thunder

    Wow real wow

  2. Ivan Lira

    Esta chida la rola ✨

  3. Marcos Vinicius

    god damn mat

  4. godhandkiller

    I love this song so much, it reminds me a lot of early Bright Eyes.

    John Ricotta

    I got that vibe a lot from this album.