Mat Kerekes - Direction Lyrics

I need direction for all of my callousing
Standing, screaming that "the time is now"
Spend your money when you're rich in a way you don't need
A bare perfection all of the way down
I need substance, spit me out into the street
You're heavy, almost continually
You can take it but you better give it back to me
Spend your week searching for a way out
I need direction, feet first into me
Where do you find yourself when you are out?

I dive in quick then I stand in the wind until I'm clean
I owe you everything until now
I need substance, give me a time and place
Seed my everything until I'm sound
Nothing is worth it unless you stay put when it's set free
You are perfection all of the way down
You're my perfection all of the way down

I could be anything that you want
I wouldn't mind if you handed me a loaded gun
Crack a smile while you turn the safety off
I'll destroy anything that you want me to
Help me try and understand what you're going through
Crack the door as you turn yourself away

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Mat Kerekes Direction Comments
  1. Junior Scarpa


  2. Ciaran Dowdall

    I wish I had this much fun getting dressed

  3. Alexa Quinonez

    Damnnnn ryland

  4. berenicetoknowyou

    It is @pewdiepie???

  5. berenicetoknowyou

    It is @pewdiepie???

  6. Colin Brown

    Whoa wtf!? Where have I been?? Epic collaboration between Mat and Anthony! Well done!

  7. mike banda

    I'm 2 years late damn

    tommy w

    mike banda I'm 2years and 4 month late damn

  8. Backward Entry boyz

    Nigga said 🕺🏽

  9. Dylan Kirby

    Wow this is like a religious experience for me. I came up on juturna, and on letting go. I got a circa tat on my chest when I was 18 so needless to say I’m an AG fanboiii. I gave Citizen a try a few months back, sadly it just wasn’t for me sonically. But the song writing was great and I loved Mat’s voice so finding this actually brought tears to my eyes. Musical emotional release I guess.

  10. Bracken Yardley

    Got to the end of video and just realized it’s going backwards!

  11. J Bowzur

    lordy lordy this tickles me soul. too dope

  12. survivor geek

    hey look its pewdiepie

  13. Lorena Zuluaga

    If I have to be really honest...I always thought the second voice was a girl.

  14. lime

    This dropped the day I went into hospital. Damn

  15. s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n

    Citizen/Circa super band right now.

  16. Christian Zhinin

    What brand is that shirt, I would really like to buy some ;P

  17. Meghan Routledge

    That dude is hot

  18. Wuggerups

    Someone please reverse this video, as it's already in reverse

  19. Jeremy Huhn

    listened to this song 762857692874598721945 times in the past 30 days. WOW!

  20. Brian Ciatti

    Beautiful music

  21. Slug Nasty

    That's PewDiePie

  22. MichiKohai

    Just found your music recently Mat and holy shit Im in love with it. i tell everyone i can about you.

  23. Kakashi Kev

    Still can't believe I met you at warped still one of my favorite artists to date.

  24. Gabriella Ryan

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA respect on not giving a fuck

  25. Javonie Marbury

    I like guy booty

  26. Jake Smith

    Is this Anthony Green featured on this?

    Lainey Nae

    I love your profile picture 😂

  27. Jordan Kanner

    How can music be so beautifully and nostalgically composed

  28. Jordan Kanner

    Every time I show anyone this song and Anthonys verse comes I'm like "annnndd there's my boy Anthony! Lol" this song is phenomenal and then Anthony Greens surprise vocals top it off. One of the most spirit inducing songs I've heard in years

    Jordan Kanner

    I saw Mat touring with Anthony in Philly this past year, fell in love with his sound

    Jordan Kanner

    Anthony came on stage to sing his part it was so pristine

  29. Ted Edwards

    if only it was a longer song and maybe added one more verse and chorus from Mat after Green's verse

  30. Osmara Morelos

    I fucking love this song

  31. Emily Batista


    Jordan Kanner

    Emily Batista I don't know you but I love you hahaha!

    Emily Batista

    Love you too


    haha same af

    Alex Galloway

    Emily Batista same!!!!!

  32. christina windham

    god damn I love this.

  33. BennyBoy

    Beautiful man..a damn beautiful song. :) Love it

  34. Sully Dunn

    Most important song of 2016 hands down no competition

  35. Briana

    This song and video always makes me happy 💙

  36. krisna aditya

    Hahaha silly Ryland.This MV is so simple yet it's so epic!

  37. Rey Solomon Rodriguez

    His voice reminds me of Like Lions - Sweetside & Cheapseats where Anthony Green was also featured

    Sunny Landon

    I was just thinking of Cheap seats and being sad that Like Lions isn't still kicking... Make it Better is seriously one of the best songs I have ever heard, but I love Anthony's vocals on Cheap seats

  38. Freddy Cervantes

    Matt and Anthony killed it! What a great song! Glad I got to see both of y'all live!

  39. Christine

    i love citizen and mat kerekes

  40. poke smot

    can somebody please tell me where i can get tabs

    Jonathan Avila

    poke smot have you found them?

    poke smot

    not yet homie

    poke smot

    not yet homie

    the will project

    check my account for a playthrough, gonna post tabs soon

    Magus of Sorrows

    please do mate, its a little bit hard to see your fingers placing notes from your video. it would be dope, the UG one doesnt sound right to me

  41. Mack server

    Damn it I let this slip under the cracks

  42. Daisy Pacheco

    he's so good live omg


    Fuck ya just saw him last night

    Daisy Pacheco

    you lucky soul I saw him and citizen at chain fest and took a quick picture after the show :)

  43. Jason Espinoza

    What's Conor Mcgregor doing here man?

  44. lekvaroskilincs

    Hi mate, one question: do you have hungarian ancestors?

  45. PetFamily777

    This song gives me life

  46. Irene Mican

    Listened to this song about 100 times already so good!! 😭❤️

  47. Lucas Franzolin

    any chords for me to play it?

  48. jokzz zz.,.


  49. Brianna Smith

    dis me gettin ready to go steal yo girl

  50. Jessica Foulger

    no dislikes, that's what I like to see :) great song Mat!

  51. Paul Andrew

    this video makes me wish i had more chest hair

    Paul Andrew

    or just hair

    Paul Andrew

    im bald

    Paul Andrew

    as fuck

  52. Stevie Cardona

    skinny conor mcgreggor

  53. jackbaradog

    this video is so tight

  54. Boecafzdobu

    lol this video is awesome

  55. Natalie Baxter

    this album is so underrated

  56. Nathaniel C.

    I know for a fact that this album is going to be great! Just pre-ordered it.

  57. Tim Oehlers

    as Ryland's father (and fellow artist) i would like to praise and commend him for his creative brilliance in putting together this simple, but excellent video for Mat and Anthony.. Ryland is a pretty shy type of guy so seeing him artistically expressing himself like this just makes our family LOVE him even more.. great job Son! :-)

    Jordan Kanner

    Tim Oehlers well he has some nice flowing moves! I feel so silly when I move like that he's like perfect

    s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n

    Your boy can boogie!

  58. RomanK

    So i'm still having an orgasm from My Lucky #3, and you release this?
    I got problems, yeah.

  59. perkyoranges 2

    i really love this song, unf so good

  60. Daniel Mihaylov

    This is the least expensive music video ever :D

  61. acoldflame

    Im not feeling the drums,it makes it seem dull, but that my opinion.but i love everything else soo much.

  62. BlackFriday242

    Pre-ordered that new album in vinyl version two weeks ago. Also ordered your other solo about on vinyl.

  63. Marcos A

    Anthony Greens lyrics and vocals were fucking clean and perfect for this song.

  64. toomuchdetergent

    I love this song and video so much

  65. Snvw

    the last two videos have felt really lackluster, I'm absolutely in love with The Club/The People's Attention but the releases after the initial just aren't up to par in my opinion. This is a really good song though, fun to hear Anthony as a feature too. can't wait for the album Mat, I'm so stoked!

  66. Eduardo Carbonera

    infinite replay

  67. Noah Jimmy

    This album is gonna be dank.

  68. Isaac Read

    Is that Ryland Oehlers?

  69. Cody Goble


  70. Alexandra Cochran

    amazing video and song. very inspiring to see change in style of both music and talent.

  71. DarrenBunt

    Holy crap Anthony Green is in this! I was already digging the song and the video before he started singing, but he just made it so much better!

    Solid State Workshop

    That's Ryland Oehlers, guitarist from Citizen.

    Santiago Nieto

    nope, he means Anthony is a singing guest, which is correct. Ryland is the one in the video tho

    Solid State Workshop

    +Santiago Nieto lol how did i not notice that. good looks

  72. Alex Tucker

    Featuring Anthony green

  73. Mrsuckitable

    Hello Mr. Green- Mr green please keep your shirt on- no please don't- oh gosh


    that's Ryland Oehers...

  74. Emlyn

    Obviously nvm

  75. Emlyn

    is it going backwards?

    Lainey Nae


  76. ChasingRainbows

    Amazing song!

  77. feel small

    Just what I was hoping for

  78. Andrew Osborn

    This guy is me.

  79. stallfishy


    David Robinson Jr.

    This song live with Anthony... is amazing.

    Matthew Rangus

    it's super effective

    Colin Brown


  80. nesracProductions

    Good song, what the fuck is this video

    K AK

    Carsen Hookings oh nothing just a rip off of the intro to Good Time Max

  81. kepazamybroly

    peroooo que canción ♡♡♡♡ saludos desde Chile

  82. darkmasterchief227

    This song is great! Them dance moves though 👌