Mat Kerekes - Bosque Verde Lyrics

Here's the start of a familiar theme
But it's still new to me
My sight is vivid three nights and oh
Oh, I don't want your pain
I don't need anything
Though you're the reason why I feel alone
I hear your silent scream
Your weaving memory
The lines across our faces change, you know
Stuck in a solid state
Your grip is just in case
Yeah, everyone has felt that way before

Fluorescent dream, you mean more than you know to me
I'll sew you in to this vacancy

I feel your spreading fire
Your soul searching eyes
My hands are up and they are empty
An ocean painted red
Thrashing your arms in it when you want to make it but you think you won't
My picture is plain and dull
Fill it with what you want
I feel the best when I'm bound to the floor
The glow is bright and loud
But I'm better written down
We are here standing with our bare feet in the snow

Fluorescent dream, stay close to me
I'll sew you in to this vacancy

Paint the sky with this familiar theme
Then we can wipe it clean
You won't ever have to be alone

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Mat Kerekes Bosque Verde Comments
  1. Julia Ramirez

    I love ur songs🤧♥️

  2. KᖇIᔕTIᗩᑎᑎᗩ ᖇᗩᑎᗩᒪᒪI

    This needs more recognition. This song is so beautiful 💕