Mastodon - Welcoming War Lyrics

Lost in a world
A guided eye to strengthen weakness
Throat in noose pain
Feel it constricting a lost love
Welcome to war
And it grows
Ocean lure
Fire of mankind
Throw it away
Destroyer of worlds found pain
Welcome to war
And it grows

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Mastodon Welcoming War Comments
  1. Bhuttar Igmili'Isad

    Dailor's performance in this is insane

  2. JanjayTrollface

    undisputed attitude

  3. Michael Wright

    The Hunter sucks ballz. Tragically bad

    Who - What When - Where am I ?

    AND SO DO YOU PHUCKTARD -- or do you want bands to only play what you consider to be Metal -- Arrested development has a name on this post and it's you -- stoooopid Dirthead , music is for all ; not just your ipod.......


    @Who - What When - Where am I ? wtf 😂

    Andrew Mystic

    No it isn't dipshit

  4. rodrigo lopes THE SPY Z

    good... great song... Death / prog ?? ...modern metal and best line of drums !

  5. Phlottephyr

    Stereotypes like you made me hate metalheads.
    Appreciate the damn music and the depths of it instead of being so narrowminded.
    This song is great and so is The Hunter.

  6. AntonDoesMusic

    @MrSetAbominae Hahaha Listen to Reign in Blood and then listen to Christ Illusion and tell me I'm wrong. Slayer is awesome though, don't get me wrong.

  7. Eden Prime

    Their ep is the best

  8. XxTrathielxX

    Fucking sick!!! \m/

  9. St. Bimbus

    Mastadon \m/

    Graham Buscombe

    St. Bimbus mastodon :)