Mastodon - Battle At Sea Lyrics

Wage no war thou brutal sea
I laugh at you
You can't have me
You will calm and carry me
Wage no war thou brutal sea
Wage no war
Brutal sea
Laugh at you
Can't have me

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Mastodon Battle At Sea Comments
  1. Miguel Gomes

    Ahhh timeless drumms here holy shit

  2. Steven S

    Brann sang on the demo, not this version

  3. les paul

    Isn't it a 5th band members doing the growls?, there was another vocalist that left early on after the lifesblood ep. This album is songs from the lifesblood ep and a couple of songs were added, bill was talking about it in an interview on loud wire and the rest is from the workhorse chronicles

    J Graves98

    les paul brann did all the singing in this song he did all the vocals here

  4. SplinteredX

    insane drumming

  5. Miss Azul Music

    That Brann vocals in this one... Fckn hell. Mastodon. 🔥 ✌

  6. Johnny Tsunami

    im just going through all of early mastodons stuff and god damn they really started out obscurely progressive

  7. K McK

    I love Call of the Mastodon, fucking great album.

  8. Chris Roberts

    Why does Spotify not have the original version of this song?


    It’s rare, usually bands wont release demo stuff on Spotify

  9. Eric Pfister

    How did they go from this to curl of the fucking burl? 😤


    Great fucking song too.

  10. TheFlowerPeople

    This song makes me think of pirate wars similar to the show Black Sails.


    I keep thinking of Jutland.... having this blaring out over the horns while they have a crack at each other seems appropriate...

  11. Nathan V

    there's no way this is brann singing...

  12. Emi Grant

    Foreshadowing of Circle Of Cysquatch right here 2:39

  13. Axwage

    14 years after first hearing this song, I learn that Brann is the one singing. Awesome.


    In the BTS for Emperor of Sand, brann said he had to record every part of this song by himself cause no one showed to the studio.

    J Graves98

    jamesgriffyn which episode was it


    @J Graves98 1 hour, 5 mins, 30 seconds in


    @J Graves98 forgive me, idk how to paste time code links thru mobile. You should reach a scene where brann is driving and discusses the song


    I should also correct myself in that brann recorded every vocal part, not every instrumental

  14. Justin Widle

    I can't believe all these vocals are just Brann. Crazy. I always thought this was Troy, Bill, and Brent.

    Shane Hellyer

    Justin Widle haha I came here after watching that video too!

    Mike G

    so did I

    Receding Gums

    Same but I still think the last bit of the song has got to be Brent singing

    Receding Gums

    S7 VolTagE you don’t know what you are talking about

    Receding Gums

    S7 VolTagE he says he sang it on the album

  15. What the Fuck Did you Say ?

    that's so the progression from stairway to heaven