Master P - The Ghettos Tryin' To Kill Me! Lyrics

[Master P]
I don't know where I'm going to
but selling dope is the only thing God knows how to do
Damn indo you got to handle that dank time tonight
I'm deep in the game I can't sleep at night
And mommy praying cause she know her boy ain't living right
And when I die they say I'm going out in gunsmoke
Cause I refuse to be broke up in this ghetto
See I been tripping all life cause life is a damn trip
And when I leave the house you know I'm carrying an extra clip
See in the 90's things all gone change
I never thought I'd grow up to be the dope man
But in reality I guess I damn lost it all
just the other day i put my brother's name on the wall
rest in peace, yeah they killed him G
I know one day somebody is going to try to kill the P
and if they do I guess it was my time to go
But if they miss me you will be reading about some dead folks
In other words can you fell me and if you from my hood
you know the ghetto's tryin to kill me

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
The ghetto's trin to kill me
they might send me to the pen but doing time doesn't scare me

[Master P]
I'm selling dope and my baby mommy she wants me to quit
but i can't because the game gives me dividends
see in the game my hella partnas depend on me
So when I go out I'm going out like my dead homies
Forty G's two keys in the crackhouse
Po-po's on my trick, you know the P is going to smash out
Never trust nobody, can't even trust my chick
And when my kids grow up they know daddy's a lunitic
Driveby's in the ghetto happen all night long
Call me Master P, killer call me Al Capone
Because when I die they probably won't remember me
But while I'm here those marks can't fade the P
You seeing fatal when you mess with this dope click
But if you run on the P you get your wig split
For the jealous suckers that's out to kill me
I'm going to reverse the game partna, can you feel me

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

I lost 2 brothers in the gear and I can't cope
I try to go straight, but I still end up selling dope
Reminiscing on my childhood, but it ain't the same
I never thought my occupation was going to be the dope game
Two keys a day, you never see so much coke
Three o'clock in the morning chopping up dope
Reaching for my gat soon as I hear the slightest noise
Just come from a funeral, and it got me paranoid
Having flashbacks of this fool I smocked with my gat
He living, if he's real he'll be coming back
But if I'm going out I'm going out with a bang
Suckers jealous because Silkk riding on those thangs
having visions on how I'm going to die G
Will I die up in this game or will I die in my sleep
That's why i'm packing a P, y'all should feel me
I ain't paranoid, I know this ghetto is tryin to kill me

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

Yeah like my partna Too $hort said
"Get In Where You Fit In just remember Life Is Too $hort"

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Master P The Ghettos Tryin' To Kill Me! Comments
  1. David Miller

    1:40 lil Romeo cameo lol

  2. 777

    low key....Richmond is just as grimey as NO.

  3. P Real

    "from Richmond California all the way back to New Orleans"

  4. Bobby Zlatevski

    The Ghettos Tryin To Kill me (94 and 97 version) is one of the greatest albums....CLASSIC!

  5. ray hanes

    Damn P was young. Never seen this

  6. Inner Space

    2019 this still relevant.... and its mad nostalgic

  7. Ron Thompson

    Haven't heard this in years. Got that Kenya Gruv Top Of The World sample joint goin on.

  8. Thomas harvey

    Why this ain’t on Spotify 😭

  9. Bobby Jones

    Silk a beast fucc watchall talm bout

  10. Zaria

    love p’s first verse

  11. Pablo Tarantino

    Silk went hard on this track wtf

  12. Liquid Swordz

    Those early P n TRU neckbreakers man...

  13. Shane Haughawout

    One of my favorite beats ever

  14. Luciano Rosel

    1st time listening to this im so upset with myself i thought i knew Master P's stuff but obviously i dont!

  15. soid drone slayer

    Master P and Sillk killed this one of their better songs. P opened up alot of doors for rappers in the NO.

  16. Darrion Reed

    Silk killed this y'all better stop sleeping on him even tho I know this was before No limit

  17. Ty Jones

    No limit need a TV series

  18. Gee Cee

    That real No Limit throwback

  19. Son' Zai OSRS

    Silk the shocka look like tyler the creator if he really was bout that street shit

  20. Son' Zai OSRS

    Im in the army and hearin bout the homies in the south dyin this shii gets to me G rip kingston Twhite manemane ebo jojo etc.... sad

  21. farronA mccloud A

    warm up

  22. Joe Young

    Silkk wrote that verse. It's tight. The rest got to be free style.

  23. On Da Map Entertainment TV

    Lil Romeo at 1:40

  24. Austin Edwards

    No Limit Forever 💯💯💯💯💯💯🎤🎤🎤🎵🎶🎹🎹🎹✊👐

  25. anansi bey

    P.s. fir all you girls and dudes bored down south reading posts yeah the south stinks gotta walk 50 minutes to get a beer while i walk less than two minutes I lived in multiple states down south peace out you country sneeze juice drinkers

  26. anansi bey

    Not even a fan of no limit but im defintely hooked on the ghetto D this is real good music no matter what genre

  27. Trell Russ

    My old summer vacation city as a youngster; Richmond, California.

    - PAC NW

  28. Tam Dawson

    This was really really real....💯

  29. Dejuan Oneal

    Pure southern classics!!!!! SOUTHSIDE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Entity Edge Network

    Even though Pac was the hardest out, you can never forget that Master P was putting shit out as the same time a Pac and Big, never sleep on a real g's hustle - No Limit 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!

  31. Drudeezy Dru

    This was the song to ride to

  32. BonifayJay Shop

    2019 I’m here

  33. Dre gaming security take out mo

    This when master p lived in Richmond California

  34. Goldenaxe Chuck

    Realest in the rap game.

  35. Tony Spruce

    Look at lil Romeo no homo he was a baby

  36. Mario & Luigi

    I haven't heard this in years!!!
    This album 99 ways to die and the first T.R.U. are the shit.
    Before he went all M.T.V.

  37. Jamal Parker


  38. TownBizz510

    Silk on beat wtf ? Mandela Effect 😂

  39. mike Lowry

    That first dude must be c murder son or something

  40. Billy Klaklas

    Master P wearing his MAGA hat we back then

  41. Dante F

    2019 still going slim

  42. olds aurora

    Someone gave this cd out at club. Me and my boy listen to it. Fast forwarding to next track. Relaxing no good some on cd. We chucked that garage out the window. Rip to master p first cd along I 10 new Orleans.

  43. CL. Life

    Y'all young niggas better put some respect on this men hustle and come up.

  44. Shawn Williams

    All these years hearing this song and I'm just now seeing the video? Man, good looking out! 😎

  45. vgs pfl


  46. Ty Macklin

    still boomin in 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  47. SATAN

    Whole album was hard I actually like this one better than "Ghetto D". "Bastard Child" is a deep ass track too.

  48. Smooth Criminal

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  49. Gabriel Soto

    Damn p did some matrix shit when they lit up the house no limit 4 life

  50. gets187

    Master P wasn't gangster , tbut the times were

  51. Edward Knowles

    1:54 the moment when master p knew he was the one from the matrix looking ass boy 😂😂😂

  52. zacuhboss

    I can’t find this album on Spotify. Smh


    zacuhboss shit so hard to find on Apple Music Too

  53. Jerra Maurice

    Young Master P

  54. Tim Ferris

    Richmond Ca


    Back when Master P could really rap

  56. ChiefDaMan

    P Is The Truth


    The only song silkk The shocker is actually on beat 😩🤣😆👏🏾🙌🏾 I still always fucked wit silkk though 💯

  58. Paul Cornelius

    Y'all don't understand the impact P and No Limit had! If you was a teenager or early 20s, you felt No Limit cause they came with that Real!!! If you was from the ghetto or hood or had your favorite love ones from them areas you felt P!!

  59. Marc Jackson

    Free C-Murder!!! TRU for life!!!

  60. Marc Jackson

    Master P was the mfkn MAN!!!!!!!


    If Death Row was Jordan with the Bulls, Master P is Curry with the Warriors...

  62. Adaryl Fisher

    Rip Big Ed! Salute King George! Free C Murder!

  63. Disciple of The Way

    They was repping Richmond, California on this.

  64. Raheem Cannon

    Dis is when RAP was real still bangin dis shit in 2019

  65. Sergio Rodriguez

    Richmond CA

  66. Alex Jones

    Shit go hard ASF. Replay value

  67. Rupert Plum

    1,2,3 A,B,C

  68. John Mongelli

    No Master P P Miller was Born (April 29 1970)

  69. Sir Kedz

    I’m still in love with that chick in the red bra

  70. DaBachaleor

    California Music Channel used to play this video all the time in 94. BAY AREA. Richmond, CA 💯💯💯

  71. Ferd Isaacs


  72. datboyphil

    The young master p !!! And silkk. Definitely shouldnt of switch his rap style this is hard

  73. willie joyner

    Silkk now that’s the flow I like homie.

  74. Keith Sonatra

    silkk best verse

  75. Dennis Bridgewater

    No Limit Soldiers

  76. Jones206

    P is the Goat!

  77. Mike George

    Master p use to sell out the trunk in seattle on mlk by mid k and at the columbia plaza by skippers he shouted seattle out bet journey he was like seattle caught him off guard becuz there was hella bloods and crips up there lol dat was like 92 93

  78. Keith

    That girl was cold!!!

  79. Curt McGirt

    P with the Richmond hat. I remember when No Limit had an office on 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland early on. He got his money in New Orleans but got the game in the Bay. #salute

    Patrick Barnes

    Also Master P was wearing a hat that read "The Ghetto's Tryin to Kill Me" on it as a promotion ad

  80. Jack Marsh

    Get the grill, a few 40s No Limit on the speakers and you got a great day.

  81. Lucas Hammond

    Still got this album

  82. Son' Zai OSRS

    Silk the shocker killed this shii osrs

  83. Terrence PERKINS

    Fake is p

  84. M. Abram III

    The game spitta not a lyricists..Pure Game for Survival

  85. ddaydagreat1page

    I hate how they try to play slikk like he can’t rap or was off beat nigga killed dis shit

  86. Jimmy Jimmy

    P was that heat in the 90s

  87. Big Mac

    The ghettos trying to kill me and the icecream man was master p's best work!

  88. Al Capone

    Forgot how wack they were

  89. V 0

    Nipsey brought me here ♥💙💜

  90. James Gotti

    2019 in the ghetto stell trya kill a nigga that's crazy I love master P a fuckin G

  91. Ab Abrah

    RIP nipsey hussle

  92. Smokey McPott

    Silkk looking like Tyler the Creator doppelgänger


    uno de los grande

  94. Eric T

    Damn I've never seen this video

  95. 20ZZ20

    produced by nate fox

  96. jt cooper

    Before p moved back to New Orleans

  97. MR. HAHA

    This is a Master P song I actually like