Master P - Always Look A Man In The Eyes Lyrics

-If we was owned by the white folks it will be all good
-But we independent, black owned and making scrilla
-We a threat to society
-They ban our movies our videos, but we still #1 in America
-You see a coward can talk shit behind a nigga back
-But only a man can tell you what's on his mind
when he look you in the eyes
-In other words, don't judge a book by its cover
-See we successful black businessmen
but we also mercenary soldiers

Always look a man in the eyes before you kill him
Even if he's a coward or a motherfucking drug dealer
(My pops say)

[Verse 1 (Master P)]
I sell stones out, I'm breaking them got damn phones up
Niggas they popping them keys, Master P he fucking ??
Besides them g's, I'm ?? them keys but they didn't know
That I could go gold
platinum and still slang keys out the record store
This caine got me sick
These niggas they talking that shit
Don't make me load this M16 and split your fucking shit
I caught the game from some old g's
Niggas they slanging they fucking keys
Got the game from New Orleans
Now the world know of me
I'm down south hustling from the west
To the east, in the midwest yeah ya'll niggas know of me
Trying to slang this ghetto dope to the world
Every woman, man and boy wrap these cd's up like furls
On the corner posted up with them ballers
Slanging that yella, niggas ya'll can't hold us
Gone for 15/5 when you see me its no drought
I'm the nigga on the corner with the fucking gold in my mouth
Got every fucking club bout it bout it
Got every nigga that you see rowdy rowdy
Cause I'm down here hustling putting the ghetto on the map
Independent, black owned and ain't scared to bust no caps

[Chorus x3]

[Verse 2 (Mystikal)]
Nigga tell me what you gone do
its just me and you, you and I
Scrap and scuffle then grab them things mano a mano
If we did the mix
flury gone smother it leave your ass studdering
tell your fucking boys don't move
cause like a rug I got them covered
Niggas ain't like they used to be
back in the days they were playing the dozens
These days niggas will kill ya
Talking shit, say it to the end of my muzzle
We don't want no trouble, black just as subtle
Tell you what you gone fuck around and find
if you disrespect my hustle
None of you niggas fuckers, young niggas fuckable
Some niggas ??, dumb niggas suffer
Before you can even think about making a move I'm already on it
I'll have to beat your ass to the punch cause the stong survive only
Hold on bitch this shit bout to hit the ceiling
The interference started from the ground up the building
Behind mine's I just don't give a fuck
Ain't no closing my eyes
I'm gone look in your face and tear your ass up

[Chorus x3]

[Verse 3 (Silkk)]
Aaahh its murder
Do or die, killed or be killed
Nigga who am I
Silkk the Shocker, do or die for a mil
Don't you see I be counting money like a machine
No how I'm saying I got to buy my green
For every fiend equals money like ching ching
My dream, know what I'm saying, got to get the cream or triple beam
By it for 15/5 and I sell it for 18
You know what I'm saying, you know what a nigga like known for
Nigga kill himself before he caught the bad one,
you know what we known for
And its all good in the hood, but I still stay strapped
Keep my hands on my 45 cause these days niggas will try to straight jack
And you know how I'm saying, 4 g's and I run it
Never seen a nigga retire from the dope game, until I done it
And its cool I gotta reach eight digits
Any nigga in my way I gots to kill him
Got a look a man in the eye before you drill him


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Master P Always Look A Man In The Eyes Comments
  1. Terry Taylor


  2. Kartier Debonaire

    This when P was talking that shit! 💪🏿

  3. Sincerelyyourzzz

    When dis dropped i was in 3rd grade drawing the no limit tank on papers, tradin tapes and cd's. Shit was everything back then. No Limit changed the game, changed me fr.. #TRU

  4. Leonard Rayner

    2020 still banging 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. T.S. X

    The beat is Creepy! Needa 2020remix

  6. Craig

    Silkk was slept on frfr...You can tell he freestyled his verse.

  7. All wight all wong

    Swear C-Murder kills No Limit Hooks

  8. Smiley Joe

    1st time hear damn p this a classic

  9. Borzoi Coursing 2

    I had intended on getting this album but never did. Mac and Fiend would have ripped this for sure.

  10. Team Slyce

    Are them keys sampled from sum?

  11. Texas Blows

    This is my jams way back . For sure

  12. Mario Meekins

    I'm banging this s#@t rite now! I still love no limit.

  13. Whitney Fleshman

    Still bumping it in 2019 and til I'm dead no limit for life rap now days is soft 90 was the best and the realest

  14. T Climpson

    So we just gonna ignore that j prince was dropping knowledge at the beginning 🤔

  15. Willie Johnson

    No limit soulja 4 life

  16. Matrixer MAA

    2019 december

  17. Darius Williams

    I remember this song, this beat really caught my attention! #Always Look A Man in His Eyes Before U 🔫⚰ Kill Him!

  18. CHICO DA1UH8

    Mystikal a damn fool bro

  19. Mannwel Anderson

    One the first joints love it

  20. Chilo Gladney


    Chilo Gladney

    Nigga tell me what gon do it just u and me u and I 💯💯💯💯heat rock

  21. Leo Evans

    Str8 album was no such thing as a mixtape 🔥🔥 🔥

  22. Robert Johnson

    Behind mine I don't give ah fuck Ain't no closin my eyez I'ma look in yo eyez and tear yo ass up💯💯💯💯


    BYRON spins earth ok you can do anything you want too.


    BYRON one million years old MASTER P.


    This was re-released around holidays 97-98. Bonus tracks were so ⛽️fire

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    If u don't hav this disc u wasn't wit it

  32. Amazing Amy

    They are weak and sickly too foh

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    behind mine... i just dnt give a fuc... aint no closing my eyes... im gne look u in the face... nd...TEAR YO ASS UP!!!!...😎😎

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    '97 But '94 Bound Fasho

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    “Tha Shit”

  36. CALICOTV301

    😂 classic but I just noticed he was kind of copying Lil J on the Intro

  37. Quincy Harpe

    My plan under sex death curiosity bed the mere brick blank of last heaven the healing of the body grilling natural born Killa willing got me walking desim alone

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    P needs to put beats by the pound back together and yeah im on bout ten videos saying the same shit

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    Ninth Street King

    P need to Fuk wit in ninth street king on YouTube


    I have never looked at a man in his eyes and killed him because I haven't killed anyone.

  45. Fifth Child82

    Master ps old crazy killer type voice lol

    After the ice cream man album it wasn't used much, maybe on a few songs on ghetto d

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    Use to get high and drunk to this shit in the 90s

  47. Omar Sharif

    Tell ur boys dont move just like a rug i gottem covered

  48. Omar Sharif

    Mystical murdered this track...not up4debate 💪

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    I ain’t gotta look in your eyes I’ll just watch you die that’s gangster watch the life leave the body that’s real 👁🖕I’m upright


    UUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!...MFZ!!!!!2019_2099..IM DAT NIGGA WIT DEM GOLD'S IN MY MOUTH!!!..NC!!!

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    Still Da number one label til this day

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    This not his bonus track this like 1996 1997 think bout listen master p 1991 1992 1993 1994 see different flow just mystikal listen 2 different flow

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    Fannin St
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    Generation x knows nothing of this

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