Massive Attack - Saturday Come Slow Lyrics

Lost in the magic
From the last time
This town turning
My rose to desire

Saturday come slow
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Is there nothing there?

In the limestone caves
In the south ways lands
One time in the kingdom
Belief is on the stand

Saturday come slow
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Is there nothing there?

Saturday come slow
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Is there nothing there?

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Massive Attack Saturday Come Slow Comments
  1. ʇɥƃᴉl ǝɥʇ

    here because i saw this song in a webtoon

  2. MrTGTS

    Wonderful song !!!

  3. Nessa JP

    Massive Attack and Damon Albarn = perfection

  4. Emma Pearson

    Beautiful. so sad xx Works on all levels 8

  5. allie

    to think kwak woojin listens to this song...

  6. Project Luraz

    alright albarn

  7. Митцуку

    I came here from Unlucky Mansion manhwa

    *Subscribe or *

    Such an Amazing manhwa

  8. angry grouse

    Sounds like think tank

  9. Eligius Wachter

    This is not that good. They turned out to be fakes I feel having met them, believe it or not I don’t care.

  10. Mtv Punk


    lol sory i just had to make that joke

  11. staringeyes

    Surely I love you

  12. Patrick McLoughlin

    malevolence of god

    Patrick McLoughlin

    do believers understand

    Patrick McLoughlin


    Patrick McLoughlin

    i mean the whole impetus of the album is 'would a loving god let chernobyl happen'

    Patrick McLoughlin

    lost in the magic of the lost time

    Patrick McLoughlin

    arrows to desire = nuclear warheads

  13. Karely Salazar

    LOVE YOU DAMON ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  14. Sierra S.

    This song is lovely. Can't believe how few views this has. :(

  15. Euihyun9816

    Svetlana brought me here

  16. z00ts00t77

    And tonight Matthew, me and 2D are going to be Radiohead.

  17. Amberlea

    Everything I love in a neat package

  18. Agostina I. Medina

    Not available ? :(

  19. David Villa

    Damon himself shared this video on his Facebook page, LOL

    Frankyy Milkyy

    why lol?

  20. Victor Ruiz

    Damon himself brought me here (Twitter).

  21. Maria RB

    yes damon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  22. Mandoss

    no words, ok two.. epic song

  23. Victor shikh khamis

    I met my ex-girlfriend`s dad 3 days after I heard this song and the date was on Saturday, I've been listening to this song and waiting for Saturday to come, I wasn't Serious in my life like this before, this song means a lot to me

  24. Andrew Scott

    Sounds like Bowie.


    Andrew Scott David Bowie would have had another brilliantly fitting voice for this song.

  25. Michael Russell

    Exquisite song.

  26. Camila González Lepin

    Does anyone know the meaning of this song?

  27. Valistriant

    Unlucky Mansion.

    Samara Mendonça

    yeeeahhh me too ashuashuahsua

  28. Güneş Oğulcan Acar

    Furkan Topal'dan gelenler?

  29. pighati777


  30. Karmacoma

    holy shit 3D and 2D in the same song

    The Duke of Prunes

    So Damon Albarn is just a projection of Robert Del Naja onto a plane?


    dude youre wrong.. Damon Albarn hit this properly. It has the 2-D vibe.. plus the massive Attack Guys are good friends of Damon Albarn .. I personally dont know why 3-D's name significance. This song alone is a masterpiece


    @JACS1N1ST3R youre overthinking it dude

    Draco Volantus

    @Karmacoma nope, definitely 2-D sings this song, not some guy named daman albarn who i'm not sure even exists


    @Draco Volantus yeah who the hell is " damon albarn "

  31. Marcus HIll

    Afterglow genesis

  32. DJ São - Flash Back

    Massive Attack e Gorillaz?

  33. Jimmy Kerast

    The guy singing is from Nirvana... or Sepultura...I'm not sure...

    Jordan Powers



    it's John Cena

    Satanz Barz

    No it's the singer from no doubt


    No it's the main guy from Oasis.

  34. Brian Carmack

    blur gorrilaz tbtb&tq and his solo work. Mr. Albarn is incredible.

    Brian Carmack


    Donde está Carter!!



    + Rocket Juice & The Moon, Mali Music, Maison des Jeunes… He really is a genius.


    The lyrics seen on most sources for this song are incorrect, including what was posted below...
    These are the real words sung, taken from a well recorded interview of the singer reciting and singing the song:

    Lost in the magic
    from the lost time
    This town turning
    my arrows to desire

    Saturday come slow
    Do you love me?
    Do you love me?
    Is there nuffin' there?

    In the limestone caves
    in the southwest lands
    what sounds in the kingdom
    believers understand

    Saturday come slow
    Do you love me?
    Do you love me?
    Or is there nothing there?

    Saturday come slow
    Do you love me?
    Do you love me?
    Do you love me?
    Do you love me?
    Is there nuffin' there?

  36. Nvtive Productions

    The guy singing is from Gorillaz.

    Philip Obando

    +William Perry Nope, it's Trent Reznor from Jane's Addiction

    Nvtive Productions

    +alessansro alessansro or 2D

    Nvtive Productions

    +Philip Obando clearly states it's damon albarn in the description. Also the voice similarity is almost 100% identical. I honestly knew it was Damon off top when I first heard his voice on here




    Also from TGTB&TQ. People A L W A Y S forget about TGTB&TQ...

  37. Zeno Nella

    when I heard this song I thought the guy from the gorillaz sung it

    Vien 'Quitonm

    +Zeno Nella

    Because it is.

    Chilled Pixel

    +Vien 'Quitonm holy shit! that's awesome

    pedro faria

    form blur

  38. K-leb

    This is one of my favorite Massive Attack songs, or at least one of my favorite on their album Heligoland.
    This is Damon Albarn (or if you prefer, 2D) at some of his best!


    @Zeno Nella Just for this song (and another...but he's barely there).

    Zeno Nella

    ah I see. also if it wouldn't be too much trouble would you by any chance know if a singer called hindi zahra sings for massive attack as well 

  39. OmgllolxD D

    Always love Damons vocals

  40. Jon Wiliams


  41. monhern2

    love you Damon

    giusi tagarelli

    monhern2 v

  42. Amar AL-Shabbot

    thanks too you all 

  43. Klo Riley

    fucking lovely, I love Massive Attack

  44. Katy

    Love this song so much 

  45. Francesco Alzetta

    How did they come up with a song so beautiful I don't even know

  46. LeanDraw Arte y diseño

    Lost in the magic 
    From the last time 
    this town turning 
    my rose to desire 

    saturday come slow 
    do you love me 
    do you love me 
    is there nothing there 

    in the limestone caves 
    in the southways lands 
    one time in the kingdom 
    beliefe is on the stand 

    saturday come slow 
    do you love me 
    do you love me 
    is there nothing there 

    saturday come slow 
    do you love me 
    do you love me 
    do you love me 
    do you love me 
    is there nothing there

    Patrick McLoughlin

    'what sound in the kingdom' imo

  47. magicdust6

    I knew that was damon!

  48. biez71


  49. Kazzi K

    @MyEverythingBurrito That makes sense

  50. Abrionown

    Basically is a massive attack sound with the gorillaz's voice. Something beautiful...


    you ever heard of Blur?


    @janickak Of course I had, I have also their "the best of". I said that only because I prefer Gorillaz' music instead of Blur's and I like more thinking of 2D singing on a Massive Attack's base.

  51. Yep6803


  52. lafontainekookoo

    DO YOU LOVE ME ???

  53. Jessie Sun

    this is so beautiful i want to cry

  54. Giovanni Ortoleva

    Nice vid.

  55. Simona Molnar

    May I suggest something as perfect as this like Massive Attack and Horace Andy?

  56. Eki

    3D + 2D = welcome in the 5th dimension

  57. gulie

    Yes yes we love you Damon !

  58. hamham1313

    It's 2013 now, just stop complaining about the video and appreciate the music

  59. Mina V

    Got out of that 1D ad as soon as I could... How dare they get a movie. *shudder*


    Wait a second...a 1D ad on a song sung by a guy who also sings as 2D released under a band of which a member is 3D...

  60. ZiplocWonder


    But I do agree...

  61. Philip Andrews

    So beautiful song, and the "do you love me" make the chill run down my spine.

  62. Nancy Bisset

    The sounds are magnificent. Chillingly beautiful melody. Massive Attack a fave' of mine and I appreciate the share from my Angel Being once again. Enjoyed immensely. :-)) Now the art I would love someone (the artist to explain what his thoughts were as he saw this in his minds eye). :-) Must replay. :-)

  63. MyEverythingBurrito

    He's featured in this song

  64. renato64888

    it was uploaded in 2010.... -__-

  65. Charlotte Lewis

    thanks aladdin sane for the clip :)

  66. Dracolyra Vega II

    I didn't know that <:). Thanks dude :).

  67. Matthew Toro

    My friend, I thought the secret was out: simply take the URL for this track and add the word "repeat" immediately after "youtube" and before the ",com". Unlimited play!

    a.m. remorse

    Thank you for this. Five years later but still very useful.

  68. Dee Dee

    Loved it the first time I heard it. Damon & MA ... perfection ... indeed.

  69. Shadow47

    why not? i'm still prefer 360p until now

  70. Shadow47

    and Damon.

  71. Calvakins

    You're mistaken, it is Damon Albarn.

  72. john chatz

    thats the quality tha suits this music..

  73. lymer5

    And the guitarist is from Portishead, that makes it beyond perfect.

  74. Kazzi K

    I discovered this the other day and I was like....Damon Albarn?!?! I realize now it's not but don't they sound the same?

  75. anickamilujefilm

    Massive attack and Damon Albarn -) yes, PERFECTION!! :) My favourite music.

  76. Zebra5kyd

    They should really set up a repeat button on here. The 0.03 seconds of me pushing the replay button without music is brutal.

  77. Westlake72

    I don't like the greedy people.

  78. CydeFXT

    Damon and Massive Attack! It's like planets colliding!

  79. Jon

    2-D meets 3-D :D

  80. 23Tuv


  81. martina š


  82. Daniela Gomez

    Could there be something more perfect than Massive Attack and Damon Albarn together?

  83. Vurandal01

    Not anymore.

  84. Andres Jaime

    Great Visuals !

  85. Francisco Marujo

    This video was uploaded in 2010 :3

  86. iiimadmaniii


  87. Loladin Masterpowah Lammer

    In the digital era thats like 3 or 4 generations.

  88. CourageTheCoward Pidgeon

    :D you're a funny dude.


    well ... this changes everything ... that's a whole new era

  90. Loladin Masterpowah Lammer

    He uploaded it in 2010...

  91. RM Youtube

    Haters gonna hate!

    Frankyy Milkyy

    did you see haters?

  92. CH3MIS7RY

    bp eye @ 2:00 "we're sorry..."

  93. Davonna Brown

    What the HECK is dat on da album????

  94. Vixeycake

    Oh man this song is just amazing...

  95. Korvinus

    damn i cant sleep cause this song is on repeat in my mind

  96. Delfs

    Damon sings for gorillaz, blur and the good the bad and the queen.

  97. Itakaiya Purge

    I rely like this song. But watch people try and be stupid and try and take it down like most awesome videos. Either way I rely love this song. Thnx for posting it.

  98. thebrokenclaim

    Luv song.Luv clip. i like it!
    it's not"down".

  99. GodendtheDevil

    trollolol ;-)