Massive Attack - Name Taken Lyrics

I see

Open rooms

Pictures may
Faces may
Fade away
Fade away

Brothers then
Get close to them
Step outside
Gunmetal sky
Peel away

Children play
Fade away
Where's the scars
Fade away
Fade away ...

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Massive Attack Name Taken Comments
  1. theo smid

    brexit does not mean the end of your artists . Brittania waves the rules but we still enjoy your music
    Thanks, Theodore.

  2. Ulises Amaya

    GOOD MUSIC. Thanks giving, all day always. Stay Strong people.

  3. MrIgorek13

    I can listen this beauty infinite! Peace

  4. Jack Vanderhyde

    Hallways I see
    Always icy
    Open rooms
    Contra zoom
    Pictures may
    Faces may
    Fade away
    Brothers then
    Get close to them
    Step outside
    Gunmetal sky
    Peel away
    Children play
    Fade away

  5. John Lau

    wir sind mit dem tod gegangen. nicht zwingend zweckmäßig. mal wieder legion. leben kann einfacher sein. soldaten sind gestorben. streicheln wir,

  6. John Lau

    du erzählst mir was vom pferd, ich kann dir viele sachen erzählen.

  7. John Lau

    tad und nachtgleiche haben wir und austrainiert. sechs stunden reichen schon! - ihr habt uns zu der zeit ganz schön in stellung gehalten! reden wir nicht drüber!

  8. Bunimovich Sofia

    Listening to this band since 2009, their style is so distinctive, the sound is mysterious, sometimes even frightening, but calm at the same time.


    same year for me :) I was 14 then!

    Bunimovich Sofia

    juliazwei yeah me too, I’m glad we had a good taste from the early age :)))


    @Bunimovich Sofia High five to you :)

  9. ceefe

    intro sounds like WestWorld soundtrack

  10. Allan Douglas

    Linda música

  11. Fatima Llama

    I see

    Open rooms

    Pictures may
    Faces may
    Fade away
    Fade away

    Brothers then 
    Get close to them
    Step outside
    Gunmetal sky
    Peel away

    Children play
    Fade away
    Where's the scars
    Fade away
    Fade away ...

  12. maja741202

    Genialne! Kocham cały album od zawsze, odpoczywam.

  13. Carl


  14. K-leb

    This is such a weird song. And I love it.

  15. The Hummingbird

    It's funny but I enjoy listening to this song while I'm writing my stories.

  16. Liam Evans

    very Aphex Twinny

  17. Karmacoma

    This perfectly captures what winter feels like.

  18. Maxime Collins

    This is the best album. Best song. Sooo loving it!

  19. Lodovighi Massimiliano

    Je ne me lasserai jamais....Cet opus est prodigieux....L'âme de 3d est  la seule à mériter de poursuivre le flambeau...Heligoland est très, très faible à coté de "100% window".... Et dire que les dit "journalistes spécialisés" sont passés littéralement à travers...En descendant ce chef d'œuvre. Ils n'étaient pas prêts, cet album , cet album ,cet album......................

  20. Igor Poletaykin

    On 6.12 i start to have orgazm since 2003 year!)


    Mine from .58 sec ! Double line

  21. gianis666

    music to fuck at

  22. herman hauregard

    ultra planant

  23. Jean camille Dupuits

    extra !!!!!!!

  24. DewittHD

    This music is so depressing. 
    I love this song.
    I love Massive Attack.

    Brian Tejada

    Dream, believe, create

    Tyler Durden

    Depressing? Instrospective maybe, not at all depressing


    UPLIFTING... depends on your outlook

  25. Renoult Jonathan

    #NP *Massive Attack - **_Name Taken_*
    Excerpt from _100th Window_ (2003), an album I inexplicably don't like when I was younger.
    #triphop #electro  

  26. Rodrigo Barbosa dos Santos Lins

    O melhor disco do Massive Attack! Uma obra prima, ainda não entendo como fizeram um cd tão legal.

    Gregory Yanez

    éste album foi feito por 3D nada mais porque Daddy G ficou com sua familia um tempo

  27. James Hutchinson

    Was this song used on an old game? maybe playstation 1 or something. I recognize it

  28. Emma Martínez

    This entire album.

  29. linglingjr

    This is awesome I wish it didnt have any vocals though. Seems more emotional without any lyrics.

  30. Lukáš Kašpárek

    words can't describe this music.. just full heart of emotions..

  31. alonso salazar


  32. dahMusicDude

    great song

  33. Jacob Alonzo

    I love Depeche Mode. :D

  34. dahana De narvaez

    extasis y armonia poco a poco

  35. ray mc

    You could get lost in this,,,,

  36. Villain of the piece

    Is it just me or I Fuck only with Massive Attack :D just kidding im a virgin :P

  37. DeadlyDollNJ

    Greatest drop in music history

  38. Ana Guineo


  39. maor malik

    One of the Great Album in 2000's

  40. ponchoyo

    I was driving with a bro, in my old skool Datsun around in some no name town. started to rain and the windows were getting foggy,heat didn't work, so i put the ac on. Helped a bit, it was also misty out with the drizzling rain. The whole time this song was playing, my friend was like "this is so suuuuuuurreallllllll"

  41. destiny66


    I'm right there with you on that. I remember getting this and at first listen thinking it was better than Protection.

    That's right. I said it.

  42. Gennaro Speranza

    hallways I see always icy

  43. angelizer999

    massive best album ever!!!!

  44. SolKyoshiro

    @NCSUVPIfan Wow someones being angry and stupid. Regardless of if you like CSI or not, it is far from cookie cutter. It is THE mold upon which other forensic shows are made from. CSI's concept was not original but its execution was damn near perfect. It delivered a thought provoking show during a time when it was all comedies and fluff. Say what you want but a band like MA is a perfect mesh for CSI's tone.

  45. Chel Bunny

    @BuckeyeSquadron yep that was it!

  46. BuckeyeSquadron

    I think you mean Everywhen

  47. Chel Bunny

    I noticed that too, I believe they used them in another episode too but that was a while back so I forgot which one it was.

  48. Chel Bunny

    they used this song in CSI. I was shocked, but I think it was cool. This song is so amazing.

  49. Anthrash Alfaro

    again, a not comercial Jewel

  50. carlos0259774

    Massive Attack is the best band ever !!! Cheers mate

  51. Andreas

    this album owns so much! and this song is just beautiful... <3